Ongoing Project List … and a CONTEST!

DSC02991.JPGIt’s time to update my lists. I keep adding projects. It’s not my fault. I have to walk by shelves and shelves of yarn every single day at work. It’s a job hazard. But I decided something. There are some single socks that are going to stay single socks for a long time. That’s just the way it is. I like having them up on display and if I make the match to it, I’ll just have to knit another single for the wall. That’s my theory. But there ARE some socks that I want to wear instead of having on the wall, so those are on my list.

Do you keep a list of ongoing projects or “soon to knit” projects? And do you update it? Mine looks like this:

DSC02520Need to Finish – in no particular order:
1. Malabrigo Silky Merino Green Grey scarf
2. Shibui Knits Ivory Cable Rib Wrap
3. Schaefer Anne Girasole shawl
4. Noro Silk Garden Worsted sweater (just one sleeve left – come ON!)
5. Zoe Cardi in Universal Cotton Supreme (worked on it all weekend. Still not done.)
6. My Sunshine Socks in Lorna’s Laces Butterscotch.
7. Froot Loops in Spud and Chloe Fine. (I initially typed Froot Loopy – my fingers work independent of my brain sometimes and I think I’ve typed out “loopy” too many times…)
8. My second sock in The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga. (we have more of this yarn going up next week – another big order for you!)

Need to knit: 4 different yarn lines that I’m contemplating adding in at the moment.

Want to start, not necessarily in this order:
1. Tesni Shawl in …. undecided. Maybe the new Cascade Eco Duo?
2. Seaside Shawlette in one of our new Loopy Line colors (coming in June!)
3. Clothilde in a gorgeous skein of handspun that Lynn from Denver gifted to me at the Fling. (And she is the best spinner I know. I am tempted to just save that handspun skein and put it on a pedestal, but she made me promise to use it, so I will.)
4. Ishbel in Blue Sky Alpaca Silk.

(Please note that anyone with 8 things on the *To Finish* list and 4 things on the *Need to Knit* list, has no business coming up with a *Want to Start* list. I know.)

And this is why the quote above the Cascade 220 Wall is so appropriate for me. You, too?

Here’s the blog question for you to answer in the comments (to be entered into the contest. Prize? Wollmeise. Awarded? Next Monday.) When do you do most of your knitting? For me, I knit more on the weekends than at any point during the week. I’d probably double my output if I could find more time in the evenings to knit.

Just in case you need to add to your *Want to Knit* list, tonight’s update included: Cascade Eco Duo (new!) and 5 new Eco Alpaca Twist colors, new Cascade Heritage Solid colors, 8 more coloways in Madelinetosh Vintage (including Tart – your favorite), Sajou Scissor re-stocks, Dream in Color Smooshy re-stocks, HiyaHiya needle re-stocks, as well as more of those cute Puppy Snips, Needle Gauges, and Interchangeable sets, and finally, a re-stock of Marie Mayhew patterns, including a new Woolly Sheep and a new Woolly Sheep Kit. Β Enjoy!

Sheri myknittingprojectslistwilllookcompletelydifferentinaweek


  1. I knit any free moment I have. Most of my knitting though gets done on the weekends when I have the most time available. I take my knitting everywhere, doctors appointments, in the car waiting for one of my children, waiting for the car to be fixed, work and almost anywhere you can think of. I love to knit and it keeps me happy anywhere I go. The only time I’m not knitting is when I’m on the computer.

  2. Most of my knitting happens on weekday evenings just after dinner, but weekends are good too – especially if I have a big chunk of free time and some TV to catch up on!

  3. I get most of my knitting done early in the morning. I wake up much earlier than my significant other & before the day officially gets started, & life is still quiet, I sit down with my knitting, a cup of coffee and ease into the day by knitting for an hour or two. πŸ™‚

  4. Prefer early morning knitting. But I don’t really need an excuse to knit anytime, anyplace ……

  5. I do most of my knitting either in front of the tv or when I am waiting for someone. I always have some sort of knitting with me just in case. My travel knitting is usually a sock and tv knitting is bigger.

  6. I try to knit everyday – 10 minutes minimum. I knit on my lunch hour at work, at night after dinner, and anytime in between that I can squeeze it in. I always carry my knitting with me so I’m prepared for unexpected opportunities to knit.

  7. I typically knit several hours a day — in late afternoons, evenings (while watching a movie), any time I’m a passenger in the car, and while waiting in doctors’ or dentists’ offices. I also belong to two knitting groups, and we knit for about two or three hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. One of the many luxuries of being retired is having extra time to devote to favorite things — like knitting!

  8. I knit in the evenings. I keep two of the sweetest grandsons in the world during the day, so I knit to relax at night.

  9. Hey Sharon! I knit on most nights while watching PBS and Glee in my pajamas. I call my bedroom my woman cave. I also knit on Wednesday mornings for knit-together and coffee with my BFFs. This usually goes on to Thursday morning knit-together then sometimes Friday morning knit-together. Needless to say, my part-time job at the library suffers immensely, but my boss understands since I knit her socks.

  10. I knit in the evenings while TV is on for background noise. Also I am an early riser and enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning with a project. When my grandsons – 3 and 5 – are napping I sit in the rocker and knit away.

    Any time is knitting time!

  11. I knit mostly in the evenings, with the TV. If I am knitting lace, I don’t see much of the TV, but I can usually get the gist of what is going on. Rignt now I am on vacation, so I am knitting (alot) in a beach house in Corolla, NC! This is my favorite place to knit!

  12. I do most of my knitting at night, watching TV, from 8 PM to 12 MN. I knit whenever I am in the car with hubby (and he’s driving!), and sometimes, if I have a simple sock on the needles, I knit when I go on my morning walks, with the sock yarn in a little 1-skein knit picks bag I clip on my belt. Now that summer is here, and there will be music in the parks again, I “plein air” knit to live music at night!

  13. I knit whenever I can fit it in. I always have knitting with me in the car in case I am in slow traffic or have to wait to pick up a child. I have even been known to knit while driving very slowly in traffic! Eyes on the road of course! I always bring knitting to my office in case I am waiting for someone to show up and they are late. I knit with a friend one afternoon a week and at different times of the day depending on what is going on. I don’t watch TV but love to read but haven’t figured out how to do both of those activities at once. In other words, there is no definite time.

  14. I knit in the evenings, watching tv. I am trying to perfect reading, watching tv, and knitting all at the same time.

  15. I love to knit at any time, but especially in the evenings after my work day is done. I may have the television on, or maybe not, but evening knitting time is my time to unwind from my day and do something I really enjoy.

  16. I knit pretty much every day. I generally get my most productive knitting in the mornings before the day starts to get busy or in the evenings after everything has settled down

  17. most of my knitting gets done on the weekends, watching dvds of my favorite sci-fi shows, while my DB plays his computer games. Quality together time, right? πŸ™‚

  18. I do most of my knitting at night. If there is something I really want to watch on TV it helps keep me awake and sometimes I just past the sleepy stage and have to stop myself from knitting straight through til morning!

    With only a one day weekend it can be a bit hectic fitting in family, reading, and knitting but as my mother-in-law also knits she doesn’t think it strange if I whip out some yarn after our meal.
    And on the rare occasions when the housework is done and my work-from-home work is finished I will treat myself and knit during the day.

  19. The majority of my knitting is done in the evening after all chores and dinner are done for the day. Weekends I find myself playing catch up on errands and household chores.

  20. I work 10 to 6, but I wake up at 5:30 AM, get ready for my day and then sit down and knit for about 1 1/2 hours – with no interuption!! Actually, the only interuption are my 2 cats who like to flank me as I sit on the sofa. As the weather gets warmer, the 3 of us go out to the balcony and enjoy the morning sunshine.

  21. I do most of my knitting in the evenings, in front of the television. Just like a lot of people – from the looks of it. If I have something pressing to finish I spend my bus time knitting. Then of course, there is waiting in line time, waiting for the bus time and any other stolen moments that can be found.

  22. I get most of my knitting done either at the pool (while waiting for swim lessons/team practice) or on my couch after all the kids have gone to bed!

  23. I knit while watching DVDs or Masterpiece Mystery, with my Wednesday night knitting group, in meetings that I attend but don’t facilitate, listening to sermons in church, on the train, in my dreams!

  24. I do most of my knitting after my boys have gone to sleep at night. During their nap time on the weekends tends to be pretty productive for me too. πŸ™‚

  25. I mostly knit at school! During lectures, to keep me focused. Especially early in the morning, knitting keeps me sane.

  26. Am I too late? Oh, who cares, I’ll always answer anyway. I knit in the car on the way to work (my husband drives), at home while watching TV, while waiting for my kids… just about anywhere.

  27. i hope i’m not too late……………i will knit when i have 5 extra minutes during the day, i sit outside work and knit until i have to walk in the door. then i settle down when i get home from work and knit a bit on each project i have going. that is usually at least 4 and sometimes more.

  28. I knit any chance I get. But mostly on my 15 minute breaks at work, in the evenings watching TV and when my husband is out of town for business or business classes, which has been happening fairly frequently lately. I also knit at the meetings, parties, and get togethers of the Visually Impaired employees group from work that I’m a member of. I always have my knitting with me so if there’s a few minutes at the doctors or waiting for the Mobility Van or Taxi, (I don’t drive), I can pull out my current project. My kitties love me sitting and knitting in the evening as they can “help” mama. πŸ˜€ Sure wish I had the time, stamina, and resources to be able to knit a lot more. Oh and vacations at the beach are perfect time for getting a lot of knitting done. My last one was in Curacao. Just be sure to have your yarn in a zippered bag to keep the sand out!

  29. I knit in the car, in casual restaurants, in movie theaters, and of course at home with the t.v. (never just watch t.v.).

    I always have knitting in the car, waiting for appointments, traffic jams, who knows when you might have the opportunity to knit a few rows on a sock.

    Happy knitting.

  30. I work w/ the tv on in the evenings and during my lunch break… sometimes I work during meetings and during Bible study at church!

  31. I do most of my knitting in the evening, after supper, but I also manage to get a fair amount done in the afternoon before my husband gets home!

  32. I just returned back to knitting and crocheting most recently. I am trying to teach my daughter, but we ended up with her-doing the knitting wheels. I can remember how to start crocheting with a needle and ending it, but can not remember how to read patterns. My knitting is okay. However, I can cast on but can not cast off. In addition, I lack the knowledge to read a pattern. I do most of my knitting or crocheting at night or in the car on long travels and I am not driving.

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