Happy Weekend!

This is the first weekend I’ve been home (without a Fling or anything) since early April, and it’s the last weekend I’ll be home until Father’s Day. So – it’s a Happy Weekend! There are other things making me happy, too:

My Mini Challenge summer cardi is coming along and I am having fun knitting it up. I’m using Universal’s Cotton Supreme in Aqua. Love it. And I haven’t let myself knit on anything else since I started it. I consider this true progress in my knitting maturity. I did take a look at my wardrobe this morning and was wishing that I had a short-sleeved red sweater, so that may be next on my list. (Note – if you haven’t gotten in on the Mini Challenge yet, the special discount expires tonight – Friday, May 14th. See the details here.)


The tag on this yarn is a happy one – I like the bottom: Knit, Relax, Smile, Repeat! 🙂


The construction cones and mess are still right outside my window, but no one has been here making noise for several weeks. Yay! (I did have to laugh during the Fling when one of the buses of knitters pulled down our street and someone said, “There’s Loopy! And look – there’s Sheri’s construction!” Maybe I’ve complained about it a wee bit too much?)


In Loopy news: The Loopy Line continues to arrive and we’re so looking forward to sharing it with you soon! So far, 50+ colors have arrived, but we’ll wait until all 90 are on site before putting it up. Would you like the email address of the dyer to put a little loving pressure on them? (Just kidding. Sort of.)

We do have a new yarn from Cascade to put up next week, and it has alpaca in it. You know that alpaca is my very favorite, right? Also, we hope to have the Puppy Snips back in stock next week, as you quickly cleared out the big batch we had initially!

Have a great weekend. Are you doing anything happy?

Sheri who’dgetmoreknittingdoneiftheinternetwouldgooutovertheweekend


  1. Spending time with my kids! And a friend and I are training for our first 5K in July…we have NEVER been runners before!!

  2. After 6 inches of rain in the past 10 days, we’re getting a sunny weekend here in the Ann Arbor area. That means working in the yard – FINALLY!! And maybe some knitting in the evenings….

  3. I am going to enjoy this weekend. I got good results from my biopsy so I am happy. I am done with doctors for a while except for 2 follow-up appointments. I plan on some sock knitting. Begging someone for their Sock Club lite kit even though I love the regular sock club kits that I have gotten so far. I am just being greedy. No rain and a nice walk and knitting this weekend.

  4. Sewing, sewing, sewing! And some knitting on my cotton sweater. With some luck I might even have it finished this summer. Oh, and mowing. Fun times!

    enjoy being home!

  5. I’d get more knitting, quilting, and grass mowing done if I’d stay off of Ravelry and TLE website…. my husband has no clue how much time I spend at the computer … I think I need to be disconnected for several hours every day. As long as he and the dogs are fed regularly, they do not mind how much I knit (or how much yarn I stash). I am grateful for that.

  6. Yay weekend! Maybe I can catch up on some sleep. I have a sick kitty who was at the emergency vet late last night, and will be in the hospital all weekend, so I’ll be visiting him. Meanwhile, my water heater went out this morning, so I’ll be dealing with that.

    I think the only happy things I’ll be doing are working on a super secret project one of my groups has going, and making some more progress on my Tempted Glam Girrl Scarf that I started at Fling.

    Love that sweater! Can’t wait to see it finished!

  7. I’m doing something happy! My son is graduating from P. South HS tonight! I can’t wait to see him and all his friends in caps and gowns! His cake says “good-bye (patriot logo) hello ( CSU ram logo )” I have been crying alot.

    I want those puppy snips, I was looking for them Tuesday, they were gone already!

  8. Well, today’s my day off, so I’m happy right there!

    We’re going to the air show tomorrow. I’m okay with it, but it really makes hubby happy, and that is good!

  9. I’m hoping to start on my mini-challenge sweater tonight. I have 5 rows left to knit on a pair of socks and the toe to fix. I should be able to mostly get that done on the commute home!

    This is my first weekend in a long time with nothing planned except for my long run. I will probably head to the gym on Sunday to get my 11 miles of running in. If I am really good, I will do more than 11 miles!

  10. This is my first weekend since early April when I haven’t been out of town or had someone visiting me. I’m excited to have some knitting and spinning time just for me AND on Sunday I am taking a weaving class from Schacht’s Jane Patrick (because I need another hobby…hahahaha!).

    I can’t wait to see your sweater.

  11. It’s going to be rainy all weekend which puts a damper on the Sunday cookout we were planning. Hopefully, it will make for good knitting/stitching weather. 🙂

  12. I would definitely get more knitting and crocheting done if I stayed off Ravelry and TLE website 😉 I will be cleaning the house this weekend (never fun), but I will be listening to audio books and podcasts while I do it. So even if I can’t work with my yarn, I can listen to podcasts talking about knitting 😉

  13. This weekend will be a usual one for me – hoping to satrt my mini challenge sweater. It’s next weekend that will be my happy one. My 7 week old first granddaughter will be coming to visit for the weekend! Ahhhh – baby toes!

  14. I will be watching my stepdaughter Cristine be graduated Summa Cum Laude from ASU today and knitting on monkey socks during the looooong ceremony.

  15. I am planting my little raised veggie garden and knitting a blanket for a baby girl, out of the yummiest Lorna’s Shepherd Worsted (Clara’s Garden colorway) and it is looking beautiful so far!

  16. Oh, right, this is a weekend! I managed to sneak a bit of grocery shopping in yesterday. This is graduation weekend in a location with four colleges plus a university. Plus, it’s the deadline for “moving out of the dorms” for all students. The local tradition is “do not drive anywhere” unless there is a dire emergency. My weekend plans are very knitterly. I’m okay with that!

  17. I love the Universal Yarn logo! My 12th wedding anniversary is tomorrow, so we’ll be going somewhere fancy for dinner…oh, and hubby’s band is playing tonight. Another busy weekend…

  18. I started my mini-challenge last night with some Eidos. I am surely crazy, but I am doing Bottoms Up by Alice Bell (sorry, I do not know how to do links to Ravelry). It is on size 3 needles, but I figure if I can do Maplewings in 6 weeks, maybe I can pull this off too. I think the Eidos will be just right for this pattern.

  19. I’ll email-harass the dyer! I want to see the new stuff. C’mon, post a little preview. please?

  20. Knit, Relax, Smile & Repeat. I love it! My hands are full this weekend for a friend who needs some friendly ears and hugs. Blending families is hard. It takes a lot of strength of character and faith. Plus friends!

  21. Lovely sweater…what’s the pattern? I’m afraid I’m not doing this challenge…still working on some complicated lace. Will be by to pick up kit this week (I promise…the other (non-yarn) obligations are now completed….)

  22. I’d say we hit happy this weekend–we held my son’s fifth birthday party yesterday. The weather was perfect, the children awesome, and everyone had a great time.

    I’d say a happy weekend indeed.

  23. Working on KAL all week-end!!! Using Blue Sky Skinny Cotton. Wasn’t sure about the yarn at first I had never used an all cotton yarn before but just LOVE how it is coming out. Like your sweater Sheri – forgot what pattern you were doing. Puppy snips- Yeah sounds good but I keep missing Holly blue Butterfly– Can we hope to see more of this too???

  24. It was a happy weekend cause I got my sock club lite kit and I love, love,love it. Thank you so much for putting it together (even though the hubster said “where are the kisses?”!)

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