Accountability – I Have It.

DSC03828You all sure do keep me accountable. I mentioned in Wednesday’s blog that I’d have a cute baby sweater to show you today, and Cheryl immediately pointed out that I was supposed to be working solely on my mini challenge sweater. Granted, I did make that rule up myself. (And thanks to those of you who emailed and pointed that out as well.) Fear not. I have not strayed from my dedicated knitting project. Not even one tiny stitch. This cute little sweater was knit up by one of our Loopy Sample Knitters – Amy in Minnesota. (Yay, Amy!) Didn’t it turn out great? I wish I had a cute little guy to model it for us. (Do you think the Montessori Daycare across the parking lot would frown if I borrowed a cute tike from over the fence and forced a sweater upon his head so that I could take a photo? I’m thinking that might not go over so well.)

The sweater is from the Universal Cotton Kids pattern book, knit out of Beige (504) and Hunter Green (517). I love the feel of this yarn. Coincidentally, this is also the yarn I’m using for my mini challenge sweater. The one I have not strayed from. Scout’s honor. And the good news is that I know we sold out of some colors after you all had picked out your challenge sweater yarn, but we’ve just re-stocked all of that today. So pop on over and get it! Need some ideas for some short-sleeved summer sweaters? Check out the Mini Challenge thread on our Loopy Groupie board on Ravelry.

DSC03826Do you want to see what made me smile last night? I was picking up a few things from Target, and look – Biggie-sized Bonne Bell Lipsmackers in Strawberry. Seriously. Not the little “chapstick” size – a big size. Not quite as big as they came back in the day, but still. It made me smile. The smell of Bonne Bell Lipsmackers in Strawberry just takes me back to Junior High school days. That and the smell of Ten-O-Six. Do they still make that? Although come to think of it, why in the world would I want to be transported back to Junior High in any way, shape or form? Ugh.

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  1. That is hilarious! About five months ago I bought the exact same gigantic chapstick from Target. I was SO EXCITED! The smell teleported me back to middle school and high school. The next day I went back and bought two more so I could have one on my desk, in my car, and in my handbag. Should last me for the next 5 years.

    My husband thought I was losing it, but I swear I’d eat the stuff if I could.

  2. I do that too! Simple, fun socks from random skeins in the stash for travel. And Lipsmackers? Wow. The only thing I didn’t like about them was they didn’t fit as well in my pocket as my big-toothed comb did….ah, the seventies….

  3. I had Bonne Bell Lipsmakers in Dr. Pepper….and I remember Ten-O-Six, too! I totally agree with you about Jr. High School. What a tumultuous age…

    How did you wear your hair? Feathered?

  4. Wasn’t there an episode of Rhoda, where they were stuck somewhere and she resorted to eating the Bonne Belle Lipsmaker? For some reason, that always pops into my head when I see that stuff.

  5. What about Love’s Baby Soft? I remember having that along with my Lipsmackers and Ten-O-Six. And then there were “Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific” …

  6. Haven’t thought about Ten-O-Six in ages. Do you remember Angel Face makeup and Eau de London?

  7. I am about 4 inches into my sweater, but stockinette is perfect for almost everything: the commute, movies, chatting with friends, the commute, while my hubby is playing video games, the commute…

    Umm, yeah, I finished my book, so I only have this for the commute!

  8. OOOO!!! Must hit Target and look for the Lip Smackers! I used to love the bubble gum!

    And you know, betcha if you caught them either early, while moms were dropping kids off, or later, while they were picking up, you could pull of the borrowing a model thing. Do it a couple times, and you’re golden! “Oh, here she comes again. Who’s been cute today?” 😛

  9. I would only go back to middle school if I could have my science teacher again but with him knowing all the great stuff he knows now. My teacher along with one from St. Louis is up for the Top Teacher of the Year on Regis and Kelly. I also remember the Lip Smackers and Dr. Pepper lip gloss. We used to be able to get some that were in little tins and we would sit there and snap the lids on and off all the time.

  10. Wow . . .Ten O Six was 40 years ago for me . . . that, and Jean Nate. (I thought I was SO grown up when I got Jean Nate bath splash as a birthday gift one year 😉

  11. Ten-O-Six! And Jean Nate! And Ambush, in the solid foil-wrapped cologne stick, cooling for summer. Must get the Bonne Belle chapstick NOW.

  12. OMG…I LOVE the smell of Ten O Six! Do they still even make that stuff? Oh, and the Bonnie Bell 7-Up flavored chapstick! And…Strawberry Skinny Dip and Love Lemon Cologne which my best friend and I wore one night and smelled like a fruit salad.

  13. Hi, I am happy to report that they still do make Ten O Six, but it is hard to find. My mother, who is in her 70’s now, still uses it (diluted) every day! My sister and I loved Lip Smackers! I’ll have to look at Target.

  14. I too have many fond memories of Bonne Bell products and my school days…The Bonne Bell Company is located …just minutes from my home…in Lakewood, Ohio..during my youth…I went on a tour at the Company…was a lot of fun…don’t know if they still do tours

  15. Wow… this brings back memories….Ten-o-Six and Love’s Baby Soft…..I can still see the packaging….

  16. The only good thing about junior high was that I weighed about 90 pounds – I actually looked good in hip huggers! My scent was Coty’s Muguet de Bois – I think it was Coty.

  17. Oh my, does that ever take me back! Bonne Bell and Eau de London …

    And I have to say, I love Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme—it is delightful! It works up beautifully and it’s so soft!

  18. If I were transported back to junior high (not that I would want to start over again), I would have a drawer full of hand knit cardigans from my dad’s aunt. She had my mother find wool skirts to match each one that she knit. The only ones that I have kept over the years are the two mohair ones that she knit for me.
    Have a good trip, and happy knitting @ Claudia’s.

  19. OMG OMG OMG!!! I used to have Lip Smackers in Bubble Gum, Cherry, Grape and Rootbeer! The giant ones, of course. I didn’t know they still existed. 🙂

  20. I LOVED my BB lipsmacker! Mine even came with a string so I could wear it around my neck! I had pina colada and to this day when I smell pineapple/coconut it reminds me of my adolescence riding my bike to the beach! My BF had Dr. Pepper! Good times…Ten-o-six, Love’s Lemon and Baby Soft, Heaven Scent and Tabu!!!

  21. I love that sweater.
    I am using the Universal Cotton for the KAL. I must say I don’t like knitting with all cotton although it is my favorite to wear. But I LOVE this yarn. It is as smooth as silk and wonderful to knit with. Guess I will be looking for more things to knit with cotton. Thanks Sheri for introducing me to yet another yarn I love.

  22. That is a riot about the Bonnie Bell and Ten oh Six…the next time I’m in Target, I’ll have to look for the Bonnie Bell.

    I still haven’t started my mini challenge sweater. I have a baby blanket and a pair of socks that I need to finish. Maybe I can start the sweater this weekend.

  23. Wow – that sweater – well , not the yarn, or the stripes, or the color! – looks jsut like the Wallaby I am working on. Is it as easy to knit as the Wallaby?

  24. lol, flashbacks!! I remember when my best friend went to germany as an exchange student one year, she mailed me a box with a monster huge bottle of ten o six! and those bonnie bells….. so early 80’s, grin!!

  25. I remember the Ten O Six lotion, but for the life of me I can’t remember the smell of it. This made me Google it. There are actually some bottles still available to bid on. Wonder if the aroma is the same 30 years later? I don’t think I want any 30 year old astringent. Apparently, according to one seller, it is going fast.

    That is an adorable sweater, lucky Amy, being a sample knitter.

    Have a wonderful vacation.

  26. I had a big root beer flavored Lipsmacker, I think I had that all through High school! The Strawberry is a classic, you could always smell when someone was using it!

  27. Bonnie Bell – OMG – does that bring back memories and what about Yardley of London glittery eye shadow – I’m sure my mom was mortified – I guess we were all trying to cope that “twiggy” look with the heavy black eye liner and sparkle eye shadow – EGADS – what a fashion disaster LOL

    I missed posting about your wonderful trip to Germany – I know you’ll post and update us. It will be a dream trip – you lucky girl you! Have fun and safe travels

  28. Ohmigosh, I had to go to town over the weekend(60 miles away, thankyouverymuch) and so I made my husband stop at Target under false pretenses so I could swing by the cosmetic aisle and scope out the biggy Lip-Smackers. I got all nostalgic as I picked out a tube of Dr. Pepper. The only other flavors were strawberry, which I considered, watermelon and cotton candy. I don’t think I ever used ten-oh-six, but still have Love’s Baby Soft.

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