Cows, Dharma Coffee, and a Wedding

screenshot_01Holy cow do we ever have a lot of boxes mucking up the works here at Loopy Central. Well, maybe “mucking up” isn’t the nicest way to put it. They are filled with wonderful yarn. Should I say “crowding out everything” instead? The lobby is full, the kitchen is full, and the UPS/Fed Ex guys just keep bringing more. I’d show you a picture but I think I’d scare you. If you’re coming to shop in person in the next couple of weeks, just keep your eyes halfway closed and ignore them. We’re unpacking them and getting the new stuff up just as fast as we can. Today’s update list is down below.

DSC00016Did you watch the finale of LOST last night? (No spoilers here). It’s an ending that I will have to think about and process for awhile. I can’t decide if I liked it or not. But did you know that Starbucks had Dharma coffee last night? Seriously. Check out Knitting Daughter’s cup. Cool, right? (Ok, so her friend Dima made the cup sticker, just for the finale. But Starbucks definitely SHOULD have had Dharma cups last night….) We had to stay up and watch Jimmy Kimmel and discuss possible theories after it was over. Still pondering. Had to get a non-Dharma Starbucks coffee this morning to wake myself back up again.

DSC00014We went up to Iowa to see a wedding this past weekend. It was for the middle son of our friends Steve and Janice. Web Guy flew in from FL late Friday night and Knitting Daughter arrived home from college that night. We drove up on Saturday morning and drove back on Sunday (dropping Web Guy back at the airport on our way into town.) Since our kids have been friends with Steve and Janice’s kids their whole life (literally), it was fun that we all could be there, even though it involved some traveling puzzlework to make it happen. It was a beautiful wedding and now the happy couple are off honeymooning in the mountains.

We do have contest winners from last week’s blog contest. Thanks to all of you who participated! There were almost 1200 comments, so we used the random number generator to pick 5 winners. We’ll be sending out your Wollmeise this week! Congratulations to: Cheryl R. in MI, Diane H. in IL, Barbara A. in Australia, Christine H. in MO, and Shirley N. in MN!

Finally, I know you’re wondering what went up in tonight’s Update. We have added in: The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga, Fleece Artist Trail Sock, new 3AM Large and Petite KIP bags, String Theory Hand Dyed in Caper/Bluestocking/Merino DK, Cascade 220 re-stocks, Schaefer Anne/Audrey/Heather, Louet Gems Fingering, SOAK wash, and new animal patterns by CID Hanscom Designs. So many fun things – come see!

I’m off for a bit now, but I’ll be back to the blog on Friday, June 4th, with photos and tales of Germany. Of course the Elves will keep things rolling here at The Loopy Ewe while I’m gone, and watch for next week’s Update on TUESDAY night (since Monday is Memorial Day). Web Guy will send out the Loopy Groupie email. Maybe I can talk him into doing a quick blog post that day to let you know what went up. (Or you can just click on the “See What’s New” link on the homepage sometime next Tuesday night – that will work, too!) If you have questions while I’m gone, call in to Loopy or email Susan ( 🙂

Sheri knittingprojectsarepackedbutnoclothesyet


  1. Have a wonderful time, and make sure to have some Kinder chocolate–it’s soooo yummy! Be safe!

  2. Take in all the sights and sounds of Germany/ I know that you and Knitting Daughter will have a wonderful time. Safe travels
    Love Mom

  3. Bon Voyage, Sheri and Knitting Daughter! Here’s wishing you a fabulous time in Germany.

  4. I totally love that your Mom comments on the blog and was such a pleasure to meet them at Spring Fling.

    Have a great, wonderful and safe trip 🙂

  5. I totally thought Jimmy was going to have “real” alternate endings.
    Have a great vacation and I hope you don’t encounter delays of volcanic proportions!

  6. I know you are going to have an absolutely wonderful trip……….I am so jealous!! I have lived there a couple of times and I just loved it. Be safe!!

  7. I’m sure that you and Julia will have a wonderful trip to Germany. What an exciting adventure for the two of you. Have tons of fun and a safe trip. Hugs

  8. I’m not sure how I feel about the Lost finale either. I was unhappy at first but after thinking on it today. I’m beginning to feel better about it. I still have many questions. Have a wonderful and safe trip to Germany.

  9. I was undecided about the Lost ending as well. DVR’d Jimmy Kimmel and have not watched it yet.
    I am sure you will have a wonderful time in Germany, I wish I could stow away in your luggage. Safe travels to you and your daughter.

  10. Have a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to see your pictures.
    I’m still processing the Lost ending too, not sure if I’m completely satisfied with it.

  11. Have a fabulous trip! (Trying not to accumulate too many UFOs this year. Think there’s not much hope on this score!)

  12. Have a safe trip!

    Lost…. uggghhhh. At least it ended the way it it left me the entire six seasons, befuddled, mildly irritated, with lots of stuff unanswered. In the past there was always the hope that maybe the next episode would relieve some of that haze. I did find the character reunions to be very satisfying and moving, so at least that felt resolved. Although, I also liked the characters of Richard, Miles, and Frank and they didn’t resolve those characters in a concrete way. I guess we assume the “moved on” at a different time.

    The last five minutes though I was very frustrated. I kept looking at the clock thinking, “you’ve got five minutes left and I still don’t know what the freak the island IS!!!” Still don’t. I still don’t know why this island needed human protection either. It’s a little frustrating. Some of the reviews I read speculated that they left the door open for a Ben Linus/ Hurley spin off. Good gracious.

    Oh well. It was still worth it. I think.

  13. I was never a LOST watcher but I did love Twin Peaks (did you ever watch that?). The ending of that series was so unsatisfying, I remember feeling like I had wasted my time trying to figure things out. I think it’s because there are so many writers involved over the course of several seasons that it’s hard to complete a story arc in a logical way.

    Can’t wait to see all the pics of you surrounded by glorious Wollmeise yarn! Have a fabulous time and eat lots of chocolate!

  14. I felt the same way about the Lost finale. I still can’t decide about it. I wanted to stay up for Jimmy Kimmel but decided I would never make it up at 5:00 if I did. Enjoy your trip!

  15. We’re gonna miss you!!! Have a great trip!

    I think you should show us pictures of TLE with all the boxes. Great fun to image what is in each box ….

  16. I was slightly undecided at the end of Lost but after sleeping on it I realized how much I liked it. It was a good ending and I’m satisfied. I may be in the minority though as I’m still explaining things to my husband…

  17. Have a wonderful trip. I’m sure you and knitting daughter will enjoy all that special mother daughter time too. I also pack my knitting projects first. The danger of that is I once ended up with no undies. I had to pack and repack the suitcase so many times to fit all the projects in I left the stack of undies on the bed. Fortunately I had put one pair in the carry on.
    I have my fingers crossed that that is my Wollmeise. I hope, I hope, I hope! I’ll be stalking the mail man this week. Thanks Sheri.

  18. Sheri, as we were packing for Italy, I had 5 projects packed (in my Loopy Ewe tote, of COURSE!) before we had half our hotels booked! 😉 Wouldn’t want to be without my knitting while sleeping on the street, would I?

    Hope you’re having a great time in Germany!!

  19. Sheri, I think you just need to send me a few of those boxes to free up some more room at LC. You know, if you feel so inclined. 😉
    That was definitely a great update. Problem is (ha!), that I am saving up for my very first wheel. I’m so close I can almost smell the wood. The good news is as soon as I get it and have gone through my current fiber stash, I’ll need more! Who knows. You may be sending me a box after all. 🙂

  20. I watched the Lost finale too, and I have to say that I am quite satisfied with it. I know a lot of people had some unanswered questions (as did I) but I think it adds a bit to the mystique that these things are always going to be open for speculation. As for what the island is…I think despite Jacob’s vague explanation a few episodes back, I was satisfied with it too.

    Um. I could talk forever about Lost, I think, particularly as I’m waiting for a swap package from the Rav group for crazt Lost lovers like me. But I am also eagerly awaiting the next update and I hope you enjoy your trip!

  21. Hi friends,

    I know you miss Sheri because I “own” her for some precious days. Sheri and Julia are doing well and I hope both enjoy the time as I do. Sheri doesn´t allowe me to show you a picture from her, sitting on my couch on Sunday evening with knitting and watching a romantic movie. Crazy girl, she´s looking great and elegant as always (including jetlag ;-)) and she doesn´t share my “picturephobia” (maybe I infected her, I´m so sorry).
    Today we walked on Sheri´s German roots and it was super exciting to enter into the past.
    Really I take good care of my American girls, but both are eating like little birds. Desperately I promise I did my best!

    Next week you´ll get her back, thank you for sharing Sheri with my family and me :-)))


  22. Packing, schmacking! All you really need are the undies, pj’s, your camera(s), a book, and your favorite knitting project. The rest you can buy as you discover you need it.

    Hope your trip is wonderful! Our Alaska Cruise is June 4-14, and I can hardly wait! Hope to get the lucy bag knit up while cruising!


  23. I’m laughing because my daughter made up LOST cupcakes with the famous numbers and some of the character’s names!!!
    I drive by Loopy Ewe wheneverI come up to visit my sister. Are you open on weekends?

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