The Week Before Vacation is Always….

Busy. And crazy. And then you throw in several appointments with yarn reps and a bunch of orders in and out, and getting ready to be gone for a week, and you have busycrazytothemax. That’s what this week has been so far. (On the plus side, I’m seeing and ordering some fun yarn for summer and fall. That’s always good, right?)

lostI did take time out to watch LOST last night. Of course there is no knitting during LOST. It’s too dangerous. I always end up messing up the pattern in one way or another. I am sad that this show is coming to an end on Sunday night. But on the other hand, it IS fun to see some of the quirks of the show coming together and making a little more sense, now that the end is near. Do you watch LOST? Or have you completely avoided the whole thing? We have watched it from the first season and I’m still not sure how it’s all going to end. It has never been predictable!

Next week, Knitting Daughter and I are going to Germany to visit Claudia, the Wollmeise and her family. We are so excited! We’ve been planning the trip for a long time and if anything like a volcano spewing ashes interrupts this, I will not be a happy camper. She has promised me a visit to her workshop (dye lesson, maybe?), and hanging out at her Wollmeise store next weekend. (Pretty sure I’ll find some yarn that I need. See those red couches? I’ll be sitting there, knitting.) We’ll also get in some shopping and some touring. My grandparents are from a town just a couple of hours from there, so we’re looking forward to visiting that. I’ll take pictures and tell you all about it when we get back. In the meantime, I’m working through this busycrazytothemax week and trying to maintain some semblence of order. I’m not sure it’s working.

Are you having one of those weeks, too? Or are you floating through a relaxing few days and enjoying the peace and quiet?

Sheri whohasacutenewbabysweatertoshowyouonFriday


  1. Sheri- Hope you have a great time on your vacation. If anyone deserves it you do for all that you do for everyone else. Happy knitting on those red couches. How much yarn do you think you’ll be able to get through customs? May I suggest a fold up duffle in one of your suitcases? You might need it! I’d ask you to tuck in a skein for me but I’m afraid that might start a riot. Can’t wait to see the baby sweater– but I thought you weren’t working on anything but the Zoe cardi.

  2. Wow! you lucky dog! Make sure you take lots of pictures. I will cross the fingers to make sure no volcanos get in the way. This week has been interesting, no floating here. Trying to catch up with Rav stash, way behind putting things into it.

  3. Sheri,
    have a wonderful trip with your daughter. How wonderful to get to go and visit Claudia and see where all the wonderful yarn comes from. Also how fun to visit the area where your family came from.

    Hopefully you and your daughter are taking extra empty bags so you can bring back lots of wollmeise. LOL.

    I wish I could go also.

  4. I’m very excited for you and KD!! And jealous, too! I hope you have a wonderful (and SAFE) trip!

    As for this week, it’s been insane. My MD came at me on Monday a.m. with both barrels blazing about charts that weren’t updated and inpatient rounds that didn’t get done. Of course, he was wrong…all charts were done and no one wasn’t checked over the weekend. Don’t you just love being the victim of someone’s bad mood!?!? I sure do need some knitting time!

  5. What a dream to go visit Claudia and her yarn mecca! You’ll need to sit on those couches – you’ll be so dizzy from the yarn fumes! I am jealous. Have a fabulous time and take a lot of pictures (plus some extra suitcases to fill with wonderful yarn).

  6. Have fun in Bavaria! I just love it there. I am so glad you and your daughter have a chance to do this. I hung out with Animator Daughter at the Japanese Anime convention last weekend and treasured the time.
    If I may:
    for the plane-“Mennonite in a Little Black Dress”. This book is purely heartwarming and funny. My husband is reading it because I was roaring as I read.
    for food-Bavaria at this time of year serves Gemischter Salat. Always different and yummy.
    for beer-If you can get Post Braurei beer-try it. Lovely and light.
    Have a wonderful time and please give the Wollmeise Claudia a hug from me.

    How’s my week? As VP of the Aquarium Society, I am in charge of the monthly speaker. He is flying in noonish tomorrow. I pick him up from Lambert, get him lunch, take him to fish stores. Drop him at hotel. Go home, feed dogs, fish, chickens. Pick up speaker for dinner with club at Bandana’s. Get him, a projector, screen, laptop to the meeting on Dorsett (which is under construction). After meeting-back to hotel. Friday-get ready for speaker’s second talk which takes place in Sappington-projector, screen, laptop. Back home to pack for Silver Dollar City trip early Sat. Instruct Gamer Son on care and feeding of chickens (he is an old hand with dogs and fish)-and make a list for him. Y’know what? I am grateful for the strength, time and money to do all this.
    BTW- a chicken will fly into a lap, on top of a laptop, for attention.

  7. Its bitter sweet, the end of Lost. I’m dying to find out what happens in the finale but then at the same time sad that its all coming to an end.

    And a trip to Germany sounds pretty exciting too. To see where Wollmeise is made is quite a treat!

  8. Color me jealous! I’m not sure I’d be able to handle the awesomeness of that much Wollmeise! Have a wonderful trip.

  9. Sheri – so very jealous – can’t wait to see all the pictures – please give Claudia a hug for me – I so missed seeing her at the Fling

  10. We are dodging tornadoes and taking cover from hail! This is April weather in May. Ugh. Your trip to Germany sounds delightful! Hope you have a great and fun time.

  11. I’m so torn on wanting to know the ending for Lost and having it actually end. I think I know what is going to happen so I’m curious if I’m right. Germany should be fun. I went a few years ago and you need to make sure to get a buttered pretzel from a snack cart. I stayed in a hotel in Munich the night before we left and there was cart just outside and next to the subway entrance making for a yummy breakfast. We were mostly in Garmisch but also traveled around on the train which was quite easy. You’ll have a great time!

  12. Definitely one of those weeks, capped off by losing two days to food poisoning. Yeah.

    Hope your vacation is wonderful!

  13. This household lost interest in LOST during the first season, but we do follow FRINGE. Most of the time, we don’t know what’s going on in FRINGE, but Mad Scientist Walter is always a treat. Boo to pesky volcanoes. Have a great trip1

  14. I am so jealous. I am going to be in Claudia’s neighborhood in July but sadly, not on the weekend. Think she would open the shop just for me? LOL You and knitting daughter enjoy every minute of your wonderful trip!

  15. I am also so very jealous, but know you will share your experiences (and WM ?) with all of us. I traveled to London, Dublin, & Paris with my son two years ago, but he wasn’t much into quality tourist time with Mom. I am sure you and KD will have a fabulous time. Looking forward to your pictures and stories. I have cousins in Germany that I have written to, but never met, I guess I just better get there.

  16. CRAZY week here!!! too many kids things going on!!! I have taped Lost but haven’t watched the last few weeks. 🙁

  17. my husband and i have watched Lost since season 1. It’s “our show” because it started right around the time we started dating. <3 i am very sad that it is ending, but also glad that they are going out with style instead of most shows that go on and on forever!

  18. Oh lucky you Bavaria is a lovely corner of the world. I visited in November and though I don’t speak German I found it very familiar and homey. If you get a chance go into the department stores there and check out the stationery section. Cute little project bags galore. Also most department stores carry yarn too and the yarn stores are wonderful. Germany is very knitter friendly so I’m sure you’ll have a blast.

    Having a busy week here myself. Got keys to my new house Tuesday and an offer on the first house Friday. So it’s go go go for me. S’all good though got my trusty dog sidekick to help.


  19. I started watching Lost in its 3rd season after renting the first two to catch up. I began to be a little lost in Lost last season and was very thankful for the enhanced episodes to help me figure it out. If they weren’t ending it this season, I probably wouldn’t watch another season. I am glad it’s all coming together.

    Have a good trip to Germany. Has the Passion Play started at Oberammergau and will you be seeing it if it has?

  20. Have a fantastic trip. I’d suggest, if you are stranded due to volcano problems, be sure it occurs when you are on one of those red couches surrounded by all that gorgeous yarn.

  21. I am SOOOOO sad about Lost!!! Whatever will I do without my Hurley quotes??? 🙁 I’ve missed the last two weeks, so I have some catching up to do before Sunday. REALLY glad for that internet streaming episodes thing.

    Enjoy Germany, tell Claudia I said hi (she probably doesn’t remember me from last year, but tell her anyway), and see if you can talk her into sending some lace weight. I need some lace weight. 😎

  22. How exciting! Have a fabulous trip!

    I’m completely jealous, and I agree that you need to bring back some WM lace for me, too. Red, of course. 🙂

  23. Have a wonderful time with Claudia and the Wollmeise!! I’m envious just looking at the pix of the “Wall of Wool” as we call it. My husband’s family is from Germany, but we have never had a chance to get there. Maybe if you brought back one skein for those of us who have never tried it – : )!

  24. There is definitely no knitting during LOST! I’m very excited for Sunday’s finale.

    Have a great time in Germany!

    I’m having a tough week, but it’s almost over 🙂

  25. what a fantastic trip! hope you have lots o laughs, knitting time and fun. There is a town in Germany, not sure where, w/my surname (Blumenstock) someone sent my parents a pic of a street sign once, always wondered what the place is like.

    re “Lost” ever since I was assigned to write a story about it during its first season (a polar bear? a baby? did no one have a boarding pass?), I have dodged it. Too many crazy storylines and people (trivia point: one of the exec producers, Carlton Cuse, was also responsible for Don Johnson’s post-Miami Vice series “Nash Bridge.”)

  26. Don’t watch Lost–missed too much to get into it at the middle, so I’ve been having to content myself with Castle and Glee. Oh, the torture!

    And this week? I’ve been floating through it in a haze, but really shouldn’t. The knitting has suffered. Ah well.

  27. How fun to be going to see Claudia and to be able to sit among all that gorgeous yarn and knit! Hope you and KD have a BLAST! Keeping my fingers crossed that the ash stays away during your trip and that you both have a wonderful time!

    I never watched “Lost” – Not much TV time for me!

  28. Sheri! How wonderful! (And you’ll be in my time zone for a few days!) Hope you and Knitting Daughter have a fantastic trip! Give my regards to Claudia and her beautiful yarn!

  29. You are two lucky ladies. Kids in a candy store! Enjoy and have a safe and uneventful trip. My week is calm, lots of rain and knitting time.

  30. Hi Sheri!
    I’m so excited for you!! 🙂 I’m getting married next weekend – and my inlaws are German so I had fun reading the directions on how to get to your friend’s knitting shop. Have a safe trip and make sure you post pix of you and Knitting Daughter smiling in your lederhosen!!! : ) lol

  31. Have a wonderful and safe trip. What a terrific experience for you and College Girl! I bet you find some cool local yarns in the shops….perhaps since you are visiting Claudia you need to take along an empty suitcase…just a suggestion! Take care.

  32. Have a wonderful trip! Germany is very nice in June- a little on the cool side. Take lots of pictures to post.
    Crazy week- don’t really want to talk about it! 😉

  33. I feel like I’ve been having one of those months!

    I don’t really watch much television, so while my FIL raves about Lost all of the time both my husband and I just look at him blankly. In a lot of way, my lack of television makes me feel like I’ve dodged a bullet. I can imagine how little I would get done if I watched television every evening!

  34. I hope you all have a wonderful visit!
    This is definitely one of THOSE weeks. Thank goodness it’s almost over!

  35. LOST! I am a huge fan and cannot believe they can wrap this all together in a pretty bow and call it done in 150 short minutes. And I agree, knitting is dangerous during this show.

  36. Crazy. Busy. Crazybusy. Busycrazy! My DH and I are going to Italy from this Saturday to next Monday (Milan, Florence, Venice, Rome), so we’re keeping an eye on the same volcano cloud too! It hardly feels like we’re going on vacation, though- our reservations aren’t all completed yet, and I’m so busy at work the days are flying by. There will be plenty of time for knitting once we actually get going, though!

  37. My huband and I decided the only way to watch LOST is to get the DVD sets. No commericals and you can reply when you want!

  38. Have a wonderful time in Germany!

    Never got in to LOST, but I understand what you mean about a show being dangerous to knit through — I’m that way with Doctor Who, especially the finales. I still remember shouting at the television at the end of “Stolen Earth” and any show that causes me to do that is not a show I should try to knit through!

    And, yes, one of those weeks for me — just moving into a new position in the department, so things have been quite hectic. That made the arrival of the Sock Club Light package on Tuesday very welcome and I should have another box from you guys waiting for me at home this evening (another for the “Want to Start” column).

  39. Hi Sheri,

    I hope you have a lovely vacation, but don’t spend too much time visiting with Claudia. She needs to be dyeing yarn 24/7 so that she can send more over here! Just kidding!

    Have a great time!


  40. You get to have meetings with yarn reps?


    You are SO lucky!

    Visiting Claudia will be amazing, but your day-to-day routine includes hanging out with yarn reps? WOW.

  41. Have a great time on your trip. And how wonderful you can share it with your daughter…….We’ve watched LOST from the very beginning,too. And I’m sorry to see it end. No knitting for me while watching. I’ve tryed. It’s not pretty. I don’t want to miss anything. A strange look from Kate to Jack (meaning something totaly deferent than what was said) or somethingin the background, or Sawer with his shirt off & that brewding look…..Yes, so sorry to see it end.

  42. Sheri: what a wonderful way to spend your vacation, looking at all that yarn and all those colors. Plus, the weather should be great this time of year. Enjoy – look forward to your pictures when you return – or during your trip….

  43. I’m a major LOST fan from the very beginning; will miss it very much. And I keep my knitting in my hands for commercials. I do sometimes sneak in a few stitches, but then I have to replay the episode.

    Trip to Claudia’s sounds so wonderful. Have fun. Luck-y.

  44. Wow, I had planned on being in Germany this time of the year with my Granddaughter, but alas I am moving instead and not to Germany but Texas.

    I hope you and knitting daughter have a fabulous time and please give Claudia a hug for me.

    Safe journey.

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