What Happens When You Order?

Several of you have asked us to do a post showing the progression of orders here at The Loopy Ewe, so today, Loopy is going to follow one order from start to finish and show you what happens to your order, once you hit the “place order” button!

We come in first thing in the morning and print the orders out. Then I write on them and check out the fun things that you ordered.  🙂


The stack of orders goes out to the main packing area and gets put into the order tray.


Next we add one order (and order giftie) to each of the bins on our rolling cart. We have two rolling carts like this and we just keep re-filling them all day long until the orders are done.


Here are the red bins full of the different gifties that go into your orders, depending on which order number this is for you.


Once the rolling cart has been filled, it gets pulled back over to the wrapping counters.


And then we package up each of your orders.


Next, your order gets put into a box. We tape both ends of the boxes now because the adhesive that the post office uses is worthless. It used to work. Now it doesn’t. And we sure don’t want the flaps opening up and your yarn getting dumped somewhere enroute. (Loopy doesn’t get to use the tape dispenser, for obvious reasons.)


The box gets weighed and we write your last name, your order number, and the weight on the outside of the box.


We enter that into the computer and it processes the shipping label to go on your box.


Then the boxes are wheeled to the front lobby area to wait for the mailman to appear and take them on their way to your house.


If you’re lucky, the box goes directly from our front lobby to your mailbox. If the postal service is up to some tricks, they might send your box from one end of this country to the other, and THEN deliver it to your mailbox. FPS. We do love packing up your orders and sending them off to you every day!

Sheri coldandcloudyheretoday,whathappenedtooursunnyweather?


  1. Am I first?!
    Loopy, you sure are a busy guy! And you sure are good at your job! (Except maybe when tape is involved. Never mind, I bet the elves keep a close eye on you whenever you get near tape.)

    The weather report up here in western MA is cold and rainy too. Some day, this too shall pass. Now, get back to work and watch out for tape!

  2. That was so much fun to see. Of course we know you are so organized and have everything flowing like no one else can. Wow I am tired now since I feel like I helped pack all those orders. Time for Starbucks.

  3. I got my sock club package last Friday, and as always I was thrilled to see the note, and the little touches. I knew that if I left the package out (not that I did), that it was sealed up well enough that my yarn terrorizing kitty would not be able to do any damage!

  4. Make’s me want to order something so I can imagine it working its way through the steps. Plus I want you all to have all the fun you can!

  5. I always wondered if you actually hand-wrote the little notes on our invoices or if you just had an array of very well-made stamps! I can’t believe you actually write them out! My hand is cramping up just thinking about it!

  6. I love the way Loopy gets so involved in the business end of things! Thanks for those pictures. Yes, gloomy in Iowa today too, but hubby pointed out the the lilacs all have buds on them!

  7. That was such a fun post! I will remember it next time I order! I think Boulder, CO stole your warm, sunny weather. It’s visitation weekend for prospective grad students, and I think most colleges have weather machines that they can turn on during visitation weekends to convince students to attend their school (case in point: it was grey and snowy earlier until yesterday, students arrived yesterday and it’s warm and sunny until Sunday when they leave, and then it’s supposed to be grey and snowy again).

  8. Loopy and I have more in common than I thought. He and I don’t get to use the tape dispenser for the exact same reason!

    Sheri, you are so creative. I love how you had Loopy show off how the orders are handled. This was so informative and I enjoyed reading about it.

    You all are highly organized. I can tell you’ve put a lot of thought into streamlining the business end of things.

    Have a good weekend knitting despite the rainy weather.

  9. you wrote :

    ‘Here are the red bins full of the different gifties that go into your orders, depending on which order number this is for you.’

    So what are the gifts depending on the order number other than the kisses?

    BTW – i really enjoy your hand written notes!

  10. I really enjoy these “insider views” that you give us, Sheri!

    I promised Frank he gets to keep the kisses from the yarn he ordered from me! And reminded him he only needs three more purchases (ahem!) to become a Loopy Groupie on his own! (As much as he likes handknit socks…it could come in handy!)

  11. I LOVE this post!! Loopy looks like he’s having so much fun! That picture with them all hanging out of the cart? PRICELESS!!! And yes, please do keep him away from the tape, or he’s likely to end up somewhere far far away inadvertently.

    Now I’m tempted to place an order just so Loopy can do it again! 🙂

  12. I just showed my little five year old granddaughter what Loopy was up to! We both have our own Little Loopy guys. Thanks for this cute post.

  13. What a great post!! The only stop you missed is the “LOVE” bin….because that definitely gets slipped into every package that the Loopy Ewe sends!! We may not be able to see that secret stop, but we can definitely feel it when we tear into our packages and it fills the air we breathe!

  14. Fantastic post! I loved seeing the steps that my orders go through! What a happy process. No wonder Loopy is always in such a great mood!

  15. Thanks for showing us the order process, it was a lot of fun to see.

    The Postal Service had fun with my Sock club pkg, they sent it to Oakland, CA and San Jose, Ca before it made its way to NY. But they did make a quick trip of it so it was only a couple days later than normal.

    Can’t wait until Fling!

  16. What a delightful post. Thank you for a peek into your day! I’d love to come work with Loopy!! 🙂

  17. I am so impressed that you write the little note yourself! I though, perhaps, it was computer generated (computer genius son could probably manage that) ;). Your service is the best–above superb!!!!

  18. Thanks for sharing how Loopy and the team works. You’re so well organized that it’s no wonder my yarn always arrives so fast. Hearts to all of you.

  19. Loved seeing what the packing elves do and if I lived near you I would be there everyday until you gave me a job!!!! Thanks Little Loopy for getting me my yarn so fast, it came today and I can’t stop squishing it!

  20. It’s cold and windy here today also. But I just got the mail and was so happy to receive my LoopyEwe box with my latest order. Such pretty colors to brighten up this gloomy day! …and this post is so cute, showing how it all happens. Thanks, Sheri and all that work there.
    We just sold our house and the people have to move in quickly, so we have to be out by 4/9…yikes!…and you know how much yarn I have. Where can I store it so it won’t get bugs or_____. ?? Homeless

  21. Wherever your sunshine went, it took mine with it. My son has a book about some animals who go on a journey to wake up the sun–I think I need to read it a few times this weekend.

    And go Loopy! It looks like a good system!

  22. I ordered some circular needles today……… Loopy, be careful!!! they could poke out your eye! 🙂

  23. The sun is shining here, and the day is even ‘warmer’ because I had a LoopyEwe delivery – finally got my Numma Numma from the Feb sneak up! As I was opening the beautifully wrapped yarn, I was thinking about the care that went into the fulfillment of my order, so I really enjoyed seeing the blog showing all of the steps involved.

  24. I keep meaning to write comments on my orders to thank the elves, Loopy and ewe (you, Sheri) for the wonderful job you do. But every time, I get too excited to remember!

    It’s all just one more thing I love about TLE – fast delivery and well, it just “feels” personal and caringly done when I get it.

  25. Loopy you are wonderful and you always put a smile on my face when I see you.

    Thank you for keeping the elves and Sheri in line.

    Sheri, do you really write and sign each shipping invoice????? I thought that by now you had so many orders you had to have someone or a computer do it for you. Wow, I’m really impressed or should I say more impressed than I have always been.

    Have a great weekend.

  26. Do you really write on the order form? Someone told me you really
    don’t and it’s done by computer.

  27. I love the sense of fun at TLE, and I can’t remember a time when I’ve felt so welcome. I will gladly keep Loopy, et al, busy packing up boxes for me for a very long time to come.

  28. I can’t wait for the end of the day to come and I can check in to see what’s up in Loopy Land. I appreciate the wonderful service you give to all your customers even more after reading this. Can’t believe you hand write all those little notes! Loopy is so cute makes me want to have one of my own. MMMM let’s see, I think I must have forgotten a birthday or something right ? Would you believe mine is coming up?

  29. Thanks Sheri & Loopy! I enjoyed my tour. I love the rolling cart idea with the bins. Makes things much more efficient. Tell Loopy to lay off the tape. 🙂

    I wish I lived closer to y’all. Maybe I could be an Elf….it would be the perfect job. I could pet yarn all day and work in a place that has an endless supply of chocolate and the color red (one of my favs, next to purple).

  30. Thanks for sharing Loopy’s day with us…nice to know that Loopy just doesn’t hang around all day..lol

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