Need Accountability? Write it Down.

Several of you have asked if I’m still walking to work. (Seriously – put something out there and the whole world keeps you accountable. Try it.) I am still walking. This morning it was in the 60’s on the way in, and it will be in the 70’s on the way home. It makes me think that I’m not going to be too fond of walking when it gets hot. At all. I will have to overcome that. I photo-ed my way home the other afternoon, just for something to do. Plus, it freaks people out when they see you pull out a camera and aim it in the direction of their car.

This is the safest part. I appreciate thisย concrete barrier. It protects cars from careening off the road and plunging down into the creek next to our building.


Here’s the creek and that’s our building beyond the trees on the right. This little creek is the one that can cause trouble if it rains too much and we get flash flooding.ย Remember these photos? Yep. All that from this little creek. I think it happens about once every five years or so.


This part isn’t any safer on the way home. If I don’t leave here by 4:30, it gets even busier. It’s a good incentive to get home at a good time. If I come back here at night, I drive.


I was walking along here the other night, thinking “Whew – now I’m on the safe sidewalk”, when I noticed tire tracks in the grass where someone had driven up over the curb. So …. maybe not. Oprah’s No Phone Zone campaign sounds better and better to me.


Our neighborhood feels like a little oasis when I turn up on this street. The noise level goes from “I can’t hear myself think” to “I could hear a pin drop”. At least at that time in the afternoon.


Of course the fun part is having someone waiting for you when you get home. (Note to self – time to do the spring window cleaning.)


Or two someones. WH works later than I do, and both kids are off in their own places. At least the cats are happy to see me!


So is there anything you need to be held accountable for? Are you willing to put it in writing? ย No doubt someone will ask you about it in a week or two, if you do….

Sheri mightneedtocleanthatLoopyshoweroutforthesummer


  1. Sheri, you continue to worry me with that walking to and from work. People just do not look out for pedestrians. But I know you’re doing everything you can to be safe. And if it makes you feel good, I’m all for it. But know that you are very precious and I don’t want anything to happen to you.

    Accountability for me – I need to stay on my healthy eating diet and I need to get back in a routine. I’m struggling with both! It’s all about striking a balance in all that we do.

    Before I go, I must thank you for the March Sock Club shipment. I love every part of it. I can tell you put a lot of thought into all that you assembled for the club. Heck, you put a lot of thought and caring into all that you do for your Loopy Groupies. Thank you so much! I appreciate it and I appreciate YOU.

    Have a great (and safe) day.

  2. I only need to be accountable to myself to do the right thing as best as I can,
    and to my Creator. You have a lovely view walking home and how nice to have
    favorite pets to welcome you. You know when it gets really hot, you can change
    your mind about walking.

  3. Good for you!!!! Such cute kitties! ๐Ÿ™‚ I totally into the no phone while driving thing. My husband and I try to avoid it at all costs. When I drive through Atlanta I am just amazed at what people are doing while they are driving on those busy highways!!! It’s no wonder we have so many accidents. I don’t think people take driving as seriously as they need to. Anything that I can kill someone doing I take pretty seriously!!!

  4. Sheri, as long as you are wearing something bright orange you should be all right! It always amazes me when I see people walking along my rural road lined with spruce trees wearing dark green or brown – they are invisible!

    I, too, have stepped up my walking campaign. I’ve promised myself to do a three mile loop from my house three mornings a week plus one weekend day. And a weight lifting program. Seriously. I’m trying to whip my @#$$^ into shape for my upcoming 30th reunion.

    Good luck with the walking! Accountability is everything! Otherwise is it too easy to rationalize not doing something.

  5. Nice to see some photos of my home town. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love the yarn from the sock club shipment. I feel so fortunate to have gotten in!

  6. Your walking still worries me, because drivers tend to steer toward anything they see alongside the road. But I love your photos–especially the ones of the creek from the non-lake side.

  7. I need to be accountable to myself on this weight loss journey and for going to the gym. I know it’s working already because I went out to dinner with Amy while I was in Washington DC and felt guilty for having pizza and tiramisu.

    I wasn’t going to go to the gym the next morning because I knew I had a long day ahead of me, but after hemming and hawing internally to myself about it, I had a wakeup call for 5:30 and went to the gym and got a good work out in. I plan on doing the same at Spring Fling too – hopefully I’ll be quiet and won’t wake Tammy up ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Maybe by picture #3, you should take up jogging… ACK! Scary! I would end up doing that I’m-scared-and-I’m-hustling-so-no-one-thinks-I’m-scared-but-MAN-AM-I-SCARED!!!!! walk on that road…
    Yes, a nice bright neon vest… I think I saw them at W-Mart… you may need one!
    Don’t get hurt!

  9. You know, they sell florescent orange vests that have a reflector strip on them — kind of like the vests that people doing road work wear.

  10. we purchased an eliptical machine in february because i am in such crappy shape. i try hard to use it every morning.
    (i typed “crabby shape” at first. perhaps i am in that too. )

  11. Sheri,
    Good on you for keeping up with the walking! You inspire me to get back on track (I was blaming the cold weather until this week) and now I have started walking to work again, at least 3 days this week. I’m shooting for 5 days a week by the end of April…

  12. THats wonderful you’re keeping up all the walking (think of how much you’re helping th eenviornment and your body!)
    As for me:
    I need to get to the gym more so I can build muscle and be healthy. (flex)

  13. Way to go Sheri! good for you on the walking to work … better for you and your body and doesn’t it give you a little time to clear your head and transition to ‘home’? I find it does. My work place recently moved and now it’s too dangerous to walk to work (no sidewalks and a highway, not good). I miss it.

  14. I have to say if you do not like that “construction worker orange” vest go for reflective tape. It isn’t as gaudy BUT keeps the drivers more aware of your presence.

    Aside from that…I am trying to lose that evil “oh-i-learned-how-to-bake-bread-and-eat-it-all-too” weight. Yea. Not too easy to do. I joined Weight Watchers with my sisters & Mom. In the hopes it would keep me more motivated. There are times though ( like today) where I am just lazy and would rather eat cookies all day than worry about points…*sigh*

    I just ordered Roller Skates through in the hopes it would add to my array of physical activities. We’ll see. =D But they make me very nostalgic feeling already and I don’t have them yet!

    So hold me accountable for rolling skating & losing weight PLEASE! ( but not the cookies eating extravaganza that might happen…

  15. I need to be held accountable for finishing the last two scarves of winter. I’m way ready to be done with winter gear, and they’re clogging up my knitting basket!

  16. Well, I made a bunch of resolutions at New Year’s and wrote them all down, and I’m trying to review them every month and stick to them.

    March is going a lot better than February, I can tell you that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    One of my resolutions is to stick to my budget and not buy yarn willy-nilly – that’s going better….but it is awfully hard to stick to a yarn diet when you keep stocking such wonderful stuff. I *think* Frank or the cats are going to buy me a couple of skeins this week to keep me from going off my diet….aren’t they sweet?

  17. Accountable??? Hmm. I suppose most of my family would say that I should be accountable for my job search. I just got downsized from a company I have worked at for nearly 18 years. Right now, I’m just trying to get my bearings and figure out what I want to do when “I grow up”. It’s all good though — new opportunities will come along.

  18. Those little faces in the window would brighten my day and welcome me home to a comfy place. Yep never tell anyone one you are going to do something because they will check EVERY DAY!! I bet you taking pictures of strangers would freak some out. If they were friendly they would smile, wave and ask if you needed a ride!! Never accept a ride though smiles can be deceptive!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I feel your pain. I either ride my bike or walk to school everyday. I am not sure which is safer, but if I had to choose it is probably walking that is safer but I get there quicker on my bike; 22 minutes compared to 55 minutes. People in cars have no respect for us pedestrians. Just one day, yesterday, two people in cars raced to pass me and then turned right, without a blinker of course right in front of me. One lady that was parked on the side of the rode. opened her door and then yelled at me when I crashed into the door. I won’t even mention the nasty words that people yell at me or the garbage they throw at me or the huge hunks of ice that fall off the semi’s. I sure wish out budget would allow me a car, but that would cut into the yarn budget. Past the half way mark this semester and spring break is next week. Did I mention that I am 52. Stay Alert!

  20. YEAH Sheri! Your doing “great” with your walking. Love your kitty waiting for you. I’m going to start walking today. Down our long driveway (It’s about a half a mile) & across the road to the mailbox. If I repeat that a few times a day that should help with getting me outside & about. A good break from housework . And it will help me keep one of my new year resolutions. Try & live healthy. And knit more. And finish up what knitting I’ve started. I’m 63 years old. It’s hard becouse I’d rather be knitting than walking. But if you can give it a shot,so can I. Be careful walking by all thoes cars……

  21. I know what you mean when you said it feels like an oasis turning up your street. That traffic business and noise (not to mention the fumes) can be as stressful to me as hearing the noises of a busy office and the PHONES RINGING all the time. I dearly cherish any quiet time I can get (we live in a townhouse with 2 shared walls and neighbors who don’t share my feelings on solitude and quiet times) RE- Spring Cleaning of Windows – for me that falls into the same cagegory of washing my car – as soon as I do – it rains :- ( Don’t know why I never check the forcast before doing either one so I can enjoy the results for at least a few days ๐Ÿ™‚ Your creek is very pretty – I have alwatys loved creeks and small streams. They always (to me) make such pretty nature’s music as the water travels over the small rocks and whatever. There’s something very naturally peaceful about them. GOOD FOR YOU for still walking to work in the nice weather. And how nice to have to “smiling faces” waiting for you in the windows – something how they know “what time it is” without knowing how to tell time ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Congratulations on your walking plan :). It’s hard to keep up, but you have. It’s almost like completing a couple of rows each day – knit over, purl back. lol

  23. Sheri – – It is terrific that you are walking to and from work. You are very blessed to be close enough to walk to work yet far enough to make it good exercise. I plan on walking before work every day starting next week (This means this non-morning person needs to start rolling out of bed about 45 min. earlier in order to have time to walk my 3 miles). It is time to get off the butt and get moving again. However, when I look at the pictures of that road you walk on BEFORE you turn down your neighborhood road, it looks like you are walking on a major highway for heaven’s sake! That really looks dangerous. I really don’t think you should be walking on that road. I really think you should not be walking to work any more but continue to walk around your neighborhood. Happy medium ya know? And then we won’t worry about you so much!

  24. Since semi-retirement, I don’t want to be accountability for anything or anyone. I reserve the right to put-off-till-tomorrow anything I don’t feel like doing today. And if I don’t feel like it tomorrow, I’ll put it off again.

  25. I had a job a long time ago that I walked to and I loved it. It’s a wonderful way to start the day and a great way to end it. I didn’t have a car at the time so I had no choice so it didn’t feel like I was sacrificing anything or actually committing to exercising–it was just my commute. And I did find that the regular drivers on my route got used to me being there and looked out for me. By the way–reflective tape won’t do you much good in the daytime. It’s very effective at night but gets lost in the sunshine. Maybe we should make you a sandwich board to wear that makes people slow down to read you!

    P.S. I want to be held accountable to being responsible for my own happiness. I know that sounds very hippy dippy (okay so maybe I am a little hippy dippy) but I’ve had a really lousy few years and have done a lot of thinking and I need to avoid the “self-inflicted wounds”.

  26. I need to be accountable for walking. I started with one mile. I’ve managed a couple times a week, but I want to get it up to 5 times a week. I want to get to that 4 or 5 miles a day eventually. 10,000 steps!

  27. The other Doris could be me….my husband asked me to stop buying yarn for a little bit and to knit from stash a little more too! I need to be held accountable for getting to the guym some more. My (former) college guy now know as I got into grad school guy is very good at following up with what I do (in a nice way).

  28. Yeah, I’m doing my fifth (I think I’m on five) half marathon this year, and I don’t want to skimp or otherwise mess up my training this year like I’ve done with many of the other ones. I’m on week two, so I have two more runs this week.

  29. Sheri I also have thin mints on my desk here at home. They don’t always make things better but they certainly can’t make anything worse…LOL

    I am trying to walk every day wtih my big dog Molly. Some days its a huge effort, but knowing that you are walking keeps me motivated. I need the exercise and Molly needs to find all the Spring country smells.

    Thanks for writing your blog,

  30. I need to walk every day and never actually do it. I do tell myself every week: “I’ll start next Monday”. Sometimes I do walk for a couple of days and then stop again. Maybe writing it down this time will get me to start and keep doing it. Actually, I’ll start today and not wait until Monday.

    I want to be accountable to walking since I know I need it for my health. I’ve had breast cancer twice and went into menopause at 42 after chemo so my bones are not good. Otherwise I’m really healthy.

    Thanks for your blog!! Can’t believe I wrote all this down…

  31. well, I officially got on the accountability wagon last nite !
    I joined a local organization for potters and clay artist ,and I will be participating in my first “empty bowls” this fall !
    if you are unfamiliar with this event-potters and cooks and lots of other good intentioned people pull their time and efforts by making beautiful ceramic bowls and filling them with decious soups and stews …and various other pot luck lovelies ….and tickets are sold for the event ….the purchaser gets to keep the bowl they eat dinner out of -and all the money goes to organizations that feed hungry and malnurashed families !

    thanks for the good idea !

  32. Yeah, Sheri- keep on stepping into your future! Found you while looking for shru/scarf for a friend. Your posting for being accountable is a magnet, and serves to inspire me. It’s a sunny, blue sky day in the Rockies- great day to lace up my sneakers and hit the pavement! See you soon!

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