Bad News, Good News

DSC03529Bad News: It’s Monday, and all signs confirm that. Some Mondays are just like that.
Good News: I have a box of Thin Mints on my desk. Somehow that makes it better.

Bad News: I heard that fish commercial again during the Academy Awards.
Good News: The other Olympic commercial that I couldn’t get out of my head, is gone. In fact, I’m not even going to try to remember the song. Something about “live it, ride it, something something” – a car or jeep commercial? Not very effective if it annoyed me and now I can’t even remember what it was for.

Bad News: We had absolutely nothing (n.o.t.h.i.n.g.) planned for this past weekend.
Good News: Knitting Daughter came home for the weekend to surprise us! I’ve never been so happy for a free weekend. πŸ™‚

Bad News: I said I was going to knit on 3 different projects this weekend and I only knit on one.
Good Β News: I had a lot of fun on the one!
Bad News: I seem to be unable to leave patterns well enough alone, and made some changes. It’s the non-sock pattern that was in this month’s Sock Club.
Good News: I think I like what I did, but time will tell.

DSC03533Bad News: Not a whole lot of new things going up in the Update tonight – it was a light week. But we have a new Zauberball-6 from Schoppel Wolle. Susan took a pink/green one to make a sweater for her cute granddaughter! Also, needle re-stocks (and Hiya Interchangeables again, as well as those cute Hiya project bags that sold out so fast), new Wendy Knits patterns, a Born to Knit pattern re-stock, more Hand Maiden Swiss Mtn. Sea Sock (we keep getting boxes of it, showing up!), and more Namaste re-stocks up. Come check out the new things here!
Good News: We’ll put a couple of batches of other things up this week as well.

Sheri gotanybad/goodnewsfromyourweekend?


  1. bad news: it is muddy outside
    good news: the snow is melting!!!!!!
    bad news: two boxes of girl scout cookies gone
    good news: three more to go
    bad news: it may rain this week
    good news: it may rain this week
    Did I mention that the snow is melting. Once again I win and winter loses!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good News: Thin Mints landed on my desk this morning too!
    Bad News: How can there be bad news when your day starts like that?

  3. Good news: I hung my first two loads of laundry out on the clothesline today.
    Bad news: I had to trudge through the remaining six inches of snow to get there.
    Good news: My Evenstar shawl is going great!
    Bad news: I worked all evening on it and only accomplished seven rows (stupid distractions!)
    And finally, some good news:
    There’s a chance I may be able to open a yarn shop in the next two years.

  4. Saw a commercial for a medicine called Aciphex for heartburn relief. It should be for diarrhea if you ask me because just you try and pronounce ACIPHEX without getting a major case of the giggles, followed by a little nausea/disgust at the horror of it all.

  5. bad news: 2 kids with stomach flu.
    worse news: 2 more kids in line.
    good news: I’m refusing to get it.

    good news: I’m almost done cleaning my sewing room.
    bad news: My yarn/bedroom is a mess.

  6. Only good news here in the wilds of North St. Louis County…
    Eight tiny balls of feisty fluff.
    They are mixed feather footed bantams. One black, one buff, one pale yellow, 2 that look like sparrows, and 3 with topknots on their heads, called silkies.

  7. I just finished eating a whole sleeve of Thin Mints right before I read your post. I’m the cookie mom for my daughter’s troop which means we have a pretty steady supply at our house in Feb and March.

  8. I can’t believe your daughter showed up this past weekend for a surprise visit β€” as mine did the same thing!! What lucky moms are we!! Hope you had a great time! I am looking forward to spring break when she’ll come home for a week! πŸ™‚

  9. I would love to see that new Zauberball yarn knit up. It looks so pretty but would love to see how it stripes in the different colors.
    GOOD NEWS – Our weather is and continues to be in the mid to upper 50s πŸ™‚
    GOOD NEWS – my son took me out to dinner after work on Saturday πŸ˜€
    GOOD NEWS – our local Rita’s Water Ice opened up (closes for the winter) and they have a new chocolate / chocolate chip cream ice I have to try
    GOOD NEWS – Was in the mood and able to clean up my tiny garden AND signs of the perennial flowers are showing signs of life & growth – guess all the snow acted as insulation πŸ™‚
    BAD NEWS – Fighting off and refusing to get what’s going around the office and family

  10. thankfully no bad news πŸ™‚
    good news: keeping up my routine of going tot he gym, now increased to 5 days per week to include a personal trainer
    so wait, maybe that is bad news because that means no yarn for a few months to pay for the trainer……….but that leaves the good news, come Spring Fling, watch out as I will have a half empty suitcase πŸ™‚

  11. Good news: It has finally started to warm up!

    Bad news: that means yard work has commenced.

    Good news: the front yard looks good…

    Bad news: the back yard needs to be done and I am sore!

  12. Bad news – went to an event but didn’t have much fun.
    Good news – it didn’t cost me anything.

    Good news – went for a 5 mile walk
    Bad news – now I’m sore!

    Good news – we all had fun at a ski festival, and I didn’t tear my other ACL!
    Bad news – ski season is almost over, and I didn’t get to ski this year, and my family is bummed.
    Good news – spring is coming and we can do other fun stuff!

  13. Good news – Lent is almost over and then the fish will go away!!! April 4 – just a few more weeks.

  14. Good News: Was in the 50’s in the Great North Woods and I was able to sit out on the deck to knit.
    Bad News: Didn’t get much knitting done- too busy just watching the lake come to life.
    Good News: Got my latest yarn from the Loopy Ewe.
    Bad News: Ordered several different colorways to help me decide what yarn to use for my vest. I still can’t decide they are all so beautiful.
    Good News: Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Sea Sock isn’t knitting worsted weight!
    Or that would really be BAD NEWS for my budget!

  15. Good News – I leave on Thursday for Jefferson City, MO to the Lincoln University Fiber Retreat. This years theme is spinning
    Bad News – I plied all my bobbins over the weekend, completely forgeting that I have a class on Plying and Finishing Yarns. My class list came and I need to have spun singles. Guess what I’m doing tonight, not finishing my socks.

  16. Bad News: Hubby was supposed to have friday off, but since he has to work, we had to cancel our financial planner meeting.

    Good News: The reason he has to work is because he’s on a firing range which lasts 2 weeks…Which means next week he isn’t going on ship for 10 days!!! WOooo *happy dance*

    Bad News: I exploded a cock pot yesterday and wine laced flames shot up towards my ceiling.
    Good News: No one or thing (other than the crock pot) was hurt. I’m trying the recipe again (Beef Brisket in a Chanti marinade) but instead of cooking it in the crock pot over the stove, I’m going to cook it the old fashion way. (SO I guess the good news is I refuse failure!)

    And Doubly Good News: I applied for College graduation!!! It’s officially in the fall, but I am walking this Spring! YEA YEA YEA!

  17. Great news: after two weeks of wretched snow/rain/fog/freezing rain/snow/sleet/rain/blech, we had gorgeous warm(ish — 50 is a lot better than 30) sunny weather all weekend.
    Good news: I got six loads of laundry done.
    Bad news: There is still laundry in waiting (but not all that much).

    Good news: I made good progress on making giant pompoms for props for my daughter’s school musical.
    Bad news: I still have to make about eight more pompoms.

    Not News: Some proprietors of online yarn emporia are insufferably coy. Not that I have anyone specific in mind or anything.

  18. Good news – today it was 50+ degrees and the snow is melting (Yay!)
    Bad news – I don’t want to talk/think about it.
    Good news -I returned the last revisions of an article today (Yay! Yay! Yay!)
    Bad news – the bottom edge of my Traveling Woman shawl is doing a weird curling thing.
    Good news – IT’S SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yay, Horray!)

  19. bad news: did not work on dissertation and other grad school stuff
    good news: knit up a sock monkey and called my mom on her birthday

  20. bad news: the sunny weather we’ve had is gone and we’re back to Oregon rain and gray skies
    good news: I have an excuse not to do yard work and I’m expecting a big yarn order from Loopy to arrive in a few days

    bad news: I’m working long hours tomorrow and Thursday
    good news: more $$$ for yarn!

    bad news: I’m running out of books to read and I’m not going to the library until Saturday
    good news: I downloaded several books from the library website and I can knit while listening to them

  21. I got my sock club on Friday, which made up for a lot of things.

    Like you, this Monday screamed Monday in so many ways that I spent the entire evening mopey. Conveniently I did my moping in the bedroom where my bad mood didn’t have to affect anyone else. I also read a book, which helped immensely.

    I am hoping that the rest of this week is pretty much even keel. The ups and downs of a mixed week (good and bad) are somehow harder to deal with than a week that is all bad if that makes any sense.

  22. Bad news: My grumpy calico peed on some laundry I had put on the floor mid-week last week.
    Good news: The laundry was dirty anyway, and I was able to spend a few quiet hours at the laundromat on Saturday.

    Bad news: I just found out about a a minor work issue/miscommunication.
    Good news: It seems like it will be easy to resolve.

    Better news: Now it’s Wednesday, I claimed some yarn on Ravelry which I’ve been wanting for a long, long time, and this afternoon/early evening, I get to poke my head into an LYS to see if I can get some “really Philly” yarn for a surprise swap. Mmm, yarn makes everything better, even if I’m mailing some of it to someone else!

  23. I don’t know if you have Eddy’s ice cream in your area but they have a line of ice cream out featuring mashed up Girl Scout cookies. Um…yum!!! I’m working my way through a quart of Thin Mint. Um…yum again!

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