zzzmbtwist_closeupWhat in the heck is FPS? It stands for “For Pete’s Sake!” And the exclamation point is important. I made that up about three years ago. I left Office Manager Susan a note about something we had to do (that we weren’t happy about) and I put an FPS at the bottom of it. After awhile, she finally said, “Ok, I’ve been trying to figure this out for 15 minutes. What does FPS stand for??” Since then, it has been a commonly used phrase here at The Loopy Ewe, although most days are not FPS days and you won’t hear any part of that acronym uttered. But today? Today was an FPS day.

FPS 1. How difficult is it to cut cardstock in half twice, to equal four cards the same size? And why is it that every time I take the Needle Inventory Cards in to Office Max for printing, they have to re-do them at least once? Time to find a new printing solution.

FPS 2. How did both Susan and Elf Sue manage to take the same week off for Spring Break? Yikes. Thank goodness for Karen, Lori, Anna and Mary today. We may have needed Vicki and Donna in here today, too, but they were off playing. I’m sure.

FPS 3. Daylight Savings Time. And being an hour behind all day. Enough said.

FPS 4. I walked to Starbucks before walking to work today. It adds in an extra 1500 steps. I was hoping that by some miracle those few blocks would add 7000 steps so that I’d get all 10,000 in for the day. Wishful thinking much?

FPS 5. Desk is piled high. Too much else to do today. (See FPS #2.)

But the GOOD news is that we have some fun things just up on the website tonight for the Update. That’s a cure for all of the FPS’s of my day. We added in:

Malabrigo Twist (and a few sock and worsted re-stocks). You’ve been asking for this worsted weight base, and we have it in all of the colors. See that yarn photo closeup, above? That’s Twist. We DO have more on order. When I was at TNNA in January, I asked Tobias why our orders were taking so long. He said, “Well the thing is, you order SO MUCH at a time ….”  So just know that it’s always on order and always in process around here.

uy_purpleUniversal Yarn Cotton Supreme (that soft, wonderful cotton yarn that I couldn’t keep my hands off of at market. Love it. And I love the Cotton Kids pattern book that we also brought in with it. Now I just need someone’s baby to knit for.) See this purple photo? Click on it and make it bigger. That’s it. And we have it in 25 colors.

Lorna’s Laces (big re-stock of Sock and Sport, including their new colors: Avondale, Calumet, Catalpa, Humboldt and Pullman. Also, Zombie BBQ in Sport.)

Namaste Circular Needle Cases (in Lime, Black, Eggplant, Peacock, Hollywood Pink and Red. Classy looking and great for your favorite sets of needles.)

Sock Club and Kit Patterns from the past (I know, I got behind on adding these in. I promise to do better this year. The good news is that you get lots of new choices all at once!  The patterns from this month’s sock club will be available for sale in September. We’ll stick to a 6 month schedule now.)

I just noticed that I listed five FPS’s and five fun things just up on the website. I guess it all balances out. 🙂

Sheri thinkingthepiled-high-deskcanbedealtiwithtomorrow


  1. some days are like that. just make sure they stay FPS days and don’t turn into FFS days. then watch out! That sure is a lovely colorway in the pic.

  2. A piled-high desk can ALWAYS wait until tomorrow. Unless you think the pile might fall over on you or an elf before tomorrow…

  3. Congrats on the walking – I’m trying hard to reach 10000 steps a day, but very difficult as once I get to work, I’m parked at my desk for 95% of the day. You think it would be easier living in NYC where I walk just about everywhere!

  4. Yesterday was definitely a Monday in every sense of the word. Most of my neighborhood had hoses out, pumping basements full of water. The subway was not running between a couple of stations and so were shuttling people along some of the slowest roads in the Boston area.

    It was enough to make me want to hide! Fortunately today is much better! Hopefully it will be better for you as well.

  5. The good news is today it is 48 degrees and sunny! Sitting outside on my steps is almost comfortable. Yesterday, we had a snow flurry, FPS, but we’re heading in the right direction.

  6. If you are walking to Starbucks, maybe the extra steps will justify one of their new Dark Chocolate Cherry mochas?! I drove–so didn’t try it, FPS!

  7. Sheri, have you looked into the Walk At Home DVDs? They are fantastically wonderful – 2 miles in 30 minutes and man, you really break into a sweat. It’s all about power walking but don’t get intimidated – it’s a lot easier than it sounds – a lot! Of course, you won’t get the benefit of being outdoors but I bet once you learn the few motions, you could probably copy the audio portion to your iPod and take it outdoors. I bought a set from Costco and liked them so much, I bought more from the Walk At Home website. Check out the free demo video at http://www.walkathome.com/ to see if it’s for you. It’s over on the right hand column of the page under ‘walk TV video’.

  8. Some days are just FPS days, nothing you can do about it! And somehow they tend to coincide with Mondays…!

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