Spring, Finally!

Signs that Spring has arrived here in St. Louis. My daffodils are almost ready to pop out.


And my hyacinths are just easing up into the world.


The pretty light, bright yarn colors are looking appealing.


And of course the roadwork outside of our building has started back in again. (This must be a terminally “broken” road, for all the time it is taking.)


Is it Spring where you live? How do you know?

Sheri andaHappySt.Patrick’sDaytoallofyou!


  1. Certainly is by me. Salty Dog is finding new and exciting ways to trample my tulip sprouts daily, and I went to lunch today without a coat, though that won’t stick. Oh, and I spotted the first weed of the season the other day! Spring is here!

  2. oh yes, bulbs been bloooming almost a month now and yes, our lawn has been mowed twice, every other week so far and almost needing it again! spring and pollen are in the air even with some morning frost!

  3. BFF Sarah’s mom was spotted wearing dress shorts on Monday. Green things are poking out of the ground. The first fly of the season literally bugged me yesterday. And yet there are still black snow mountains in the parking lots here at work. Welcome to spring in Chicago. 🙂

  4. It may be spring like today in Colorado, with the sun out and people wearing shorts and t-shirts. But there’s a chill in the wind and the temperatures are going to drop way back to the 20’s over the weekend. We still have snow! My first year living here (I am from the UK) I went out in mid April, bought lots of plants for the garden and spent a very happy weekend putting them in the ground and making the garden look pretty. The very next weekend we got 8″ snow and freezing weather! I learned my lesson, don’t plant ANYTHING until after Memorial Day if you live in Colorado!

    But happy that someone, somewhere is enjoying the spring!

  5. As soon as the sun goes down I slip into the bedroom, open the windows, then slip out and close the door behind me. By the time we’re ready for sleep, it smells like an Eden paradise. The citrus trees are blooming!

  6. We have ugly skies – grey and dark – but the daffodils and hyacinths are up and lovely, along with the dandelions. Spring and rain are here!

  7. It was 65 here in the Great North Woods. Sat out on the deck to knit. The shanties have been removed from the lake and more geese have been arriving every day. Add to that I spotted my first robin I’d be tempted to say that Spring is here. However I heard the weather report and they are predicting snow over the week-end so my bubble was popped. Oh well going to enjoy it as long as it lasts.

  8. A few good days and a bit of not so good for the weekend. I am beginning to see green on a number of perenials but the rabbits must have eaten my daffodils since none have appeared. There are predictions of a few wet snowflakes here in southwest Ohio on Sunday. Oh no!

  9. It’s been gorgeous here in Richmond, VA. Blue skies, plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. The weather forecast for the rest of the week is more of the same.

    It’s a welcome relief after the winter we had.

    I always know it’s spring when we can sit out on the 3 seasons’ porch and enjoy the blooming bulbs and the neighbors working in their gardens.

    As for me, I turn away from dark winter colors and want to knit with pastels : )

  10. The crocuses are in full bloom.
    The squirrels have stopped emptying the bird feeders and found something else to eat so the birds may actually get more of the seed now.
    My daughter changed into a skort (or whatever they’re calling them these days) after school because she was hot.

    The snow is melting. 🙂

  11. Crocuses are blooming, worms are turning over the soil.

    My lettuce and radishes are up in the back 40.

    I can smell spring in the air-even the air in the house seems ozone-y.

    And the damp has come out of the ground (in some places)

  12. My hubby says the daffodils are out. I have not seen them. It is still cold, wet and dreary here in KY to me!! 🙁

  13. No flowers blooming here …yet. I spent the afternoon planting sprouted bulbs Walmart had for sale at $1.00 each pot and mulched it all. Planted some more bulbs and pansies in a large patio pot. And of course – the REAL first sign of spring here is Rita’s Waterice gives away free water ice the first day of spring – this Saturday! Don’t know which flavor I’ll get Lemonade, Chocolate, Root Beer or Sweet Tea. My daffodils and hyacinths aren’t as far along as yours are – but they smell SO nice.

  14. It’s just starting here in the southern part of New England. We have a few crocuses open, and it was warm enough to be out in a tshirt and sweater today. It might not last, but it feels like we’re past the worst of it.

  15. It is spring b/c my allergies are acting up & the trees are blooming..also the mountain snow is melting..we will have filled lakes & reservoirs!!! For skiing, swimming, boating!!!

  16. It will be spring on Saturday, and already I have had to leave the windows open until midnight to keep the house cool. And the surest sign? ‘Velcro’ cat wants to sleep OFF my lap!

  17. Here in SE Michigan we have been enjoying 50 degree plus weather…and there is talk on the news of the construction that is going to start soon…but most of all it was 64 degrees today in our back yard and the guys from Detroit Edison came to cut the tree limbs down. You know it’s spring in MI when the utility companies cut the trees to prevent the possibility of damage to power lines during any April Ice storm that can develop during the spring!

  18. 72 sheep sheared today – daffodils peeking through – robins spotted – snow gone, mud in its place – spring is here! Of course, they are predicting snow for the weekend!

  19. Your flowers look lovely. Wish I had a space to plant some bulbs. 🙂 Signs of spring here are high 80 to low 90 degree temps. Go figure, it’s Southern California.

  20. Yes, it’s Spring in Indiana. Warm today and tomorrow with the possibility of snow on Sunday. Yep, it’s Spring in Indiana.

    I love Spring!! Watching the grass green up, my hyacinths and irises are growing. Some of the perennials, like my daisies, are showing signs of green. And the birds and spring peepers are adding to the music of spring. At last, I feel like I’m finally becoming alive!

  21. I know it’s early spring here because of my little purple crocuses in my front yard. However it could become winter at any moment through April because of Lake Erie.

  22. It is definitely spring in Texas….There are tiny green leaves on the trees, the pollen is falling from the oak and pine trees – the cars are covered with a coating of yellow “dust”, and best of all the bluebonnets are starting to bloom…LOVE IT!

  23. Oh, it’s spring here! I know because most of the snow is melted (in fact, my yard is totally clear) and green shoots are starting to push their way through the brown grass. And there’s also a lot of what my mom calls “brown tulips” that were uncovered by all the melting. YUCK!!!

  24. I walked to the train station this morning in a hooded sweat shirt and a long-sleeve tech jacket (which isn’t warm, just comfy). It was 50 degrees before 9 a.m., which was thrilling! I have seeds to start and little green things that are starting to sprout. While it isn’t bonafide spring (I believe that in New England spring actually starts on April 1) quite yet, we are definitely getting there!

  25. Snow is almost gone here in the north, but predicted for tomorrow. March is supposed to be the snowyist month of the year in Minnesota. If that is true this year, we are in for a couple of terrible weeks!!

  26. I hope so…Daffodils here are blooming. My friend who lives in St Louis also added the appearance of robins as harbingers of spring but they don’t seem to leave NC any more. If it’s not spring here…I don’t want to know it.

  27. Ah yes…spring! The windows are open for at least an hour or so each day. Most importantly, though, it’s officially SANDAL SEASON!!! Oh, and I saw a few tiny green buds on my mock orange – the one I thought had not survived the February snows.

  28. I know Spring is near here in the Texas panhandle because the wind is howling and we have thunderstorms predicted. However, we also have snow predicted for the weekend, and then back up to 70 by early next week.

  29. The first sign of spring in Bristol, TN is the campers arriving for the NASCAR race. The race is this coming weekend, but I got caught up in camper traffice on the way to church this past Sunday (I attend church a mile from the track on the same road).

  30. I live in the Oregon and the skies are clear! Tomorrow is the last day of finals at the university where I work as a librarian and then it’s Spring Break! The lambs are happy in the sunshine, the daffodils are blooming, and the sun (but not the wind!) is warm on my face.

  31. I think we’re almost a month behind you. I have tiny teeny nubs of rhubard poking up, but everything else is still sleeping. Even the chives, which are always early to rise. It is, however, close to 60 degrees today.

  32. I’ve been seeing lots of daffodils around our neighborhood. It has inspired me to try to overcome my black thumb. I would love to have flowers and herbs and my DH is not interested in growing them, so it will have to be me.

    Speaking of my DH, he is an engineer with our state’s department of transportation. I’ve heard lots of folks grumble about them working on roadways and having to put up with the mess of construction. Believe me, it will be worth the wait.

  33. Maple syrup season is over and the herons are on their nests. This makes it spring inmy little world. Oh, yes, and there is one very early and persistant tree frog trilling at night. Poor baby, there has been not a single trill in response.

  34. I know it is Spring because I have been able to ride my bike to my teaching job yesterday and today! What a great way to start and end my day!

  35. No, its not spring yet in Interior Alaska. The nights are still hitting below zero temps, but the daytime highs have been 20-35. We still have our snow cover. The first sign of spring for us is the return of the migratory birds. Fish and Game prepares a welcome mat for them by spreading out feed on a field that is reserved for the birds during migration. This keeps them away from the airport where they could cause a bunch of trouble. I can’t wait to see them.

  36. It’s spring here for me. I took walks with 3 different people yersterday. On one of them I saw a patch of crocus. The birds are chirping and best of all, the baby chicks are at the farm store. :0) Snow is in the forcast for Sunday though. Oh well.

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