Top Ten Reasons to Love a Shawl

DSC032001. They are interesting to knit up.

2. You can make them out of the finest cobweb lace or the heaviest bulky yarn.

3. Once you add one to your wardrobe, you see a need for many more in multiple colors and styles to go with everything else.

4. People always comment on them when you wear them. (This does not always happen when you wear handknit sweaters or socks.)

5. You can try a lot of different techniques with shawl knitting.

DSC031986. There are easy-peasy patterns to start with, so you can ease into it slowly. And there are amazingly complicated patterns, for those of you who need a good challenge.

7. Mini shawls often take 1-2 skeins, so there is a not a big investment in yarn.

8. Mini shawls also quicker to knit up. I might be a little addicted to them. Mini shawls like Multnomah (I made 2 of them), Traveling Woman (I made 1, so far), Mara (just finished one of these – love it), Damson (still need to try this one), etc.

9. They’re a great way to use up sock yarn in your stash. They’re also a great project for trying out new lines of yarn (whether it’s laceweight, fingering weight, worsted weight, or something in between.)

10. Knitting a shawl is our Fourth Quarter Challenge, so come participate with us!

Details on the shawl shown here:
Pattern: Traveling Woman
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Pearl (I had to order more Pearl for the shop last Friday, when I finished this shawl. It’s so warm and luscious and lovely to knit.) The pattern calls for fingering weight, although I used the heavier Pearl. I think it would also be pretty done up in Dye Dreams semi-solids, or The YoYo String and Fluff semi-solids.
Modifications: None

Details on today’s Monday Update: It’s Re-stock Week! We have re-stocked our Knitspot patterns (ok, and added a few new ones), Heartstrings patterns, more Lorna’s Laces, and some fun Monkeypal colorways. (Note – both Knitspot and Heartstrings have wonderful shawl patterns, if you’re feeling the desire to make one. Just sayin’.)

Sheri knitaMaraovertheweekend.NowpickingoutmoreMadtoshWorsted


  1. That is a beautiful shawl, Sheri!! The shawl “bug” has also bit me. Knitting on my
    Multnomah which I MUST finish before I start “Mara!” Soooo many pretty designs and yarns to tempt us all!

  2. what color is your mara? what about the newer one? i just started on in kale last night. such a fun, mindless knit. just what i need! thinking of more madtosh, or maybe dream in color…

  3. You’re a knitting fool! 🙂 I’m just curious, how long does it take you to knit up one of these mini shawls on average? I tend to be short on time and my knitting attention span is also short since I have the two little ones running around constantly requiring my attention.

    They are awfully beautiful and look like fun to knit up. I printed off the Colonnade shawl pattern after you mentioned it in Friday’s blog post. Can’t wait to start it!

  4. Gorgeous. I love how that shawl looks. There another reason to like shawls.

    With most shawls you get the option to change what you are doing just as you start getting bored with it, unlike scarves which generally just keep going and going and going….

  5. I enjoyed knitting Girasole but Whispering Pines was a challenge because the patterns weren’t short repeats. My next for-me project is socks then I’m gonna knit Multnomah or Traveling Woman not sure which before I tackle finishing my Oregon Cardigan

  6. Love shawls myself. And stoles. They rock my world. But anyone have suggestions for a one-skein pattern for about 160 yds of DK weight? Not socks? I’m thinking a hat or mitts, but everything I’m finding either calls for fingering or it uses worsted and heavier. Anyone? Bueller?

  7. Lovely shawl, Sheri! Traveling Woman is on my list, as well as Multnomah, and Damson, and Mara….I love having the option of using sock yarn for something other than socks, especially some of the colorways that are just too beautiful to be hidden inside my shoes.

  8. Hi Sheri, Love Mara, just downloaded her and will add her to the list. I have started a lot of the small ones and am working on another Montego Bay scarf for my 21-year-old beloved niece. I’m using Ebony Sea Silk since she only wears black, white, and gray. Luckily she is tall, thin,(size 0), and a model, blonde too. I hope the Ebony is dark enough. But, I like it so I’ll wear it if she won’t! I already have one in Rain Forest which is lovely. Next one for me though may be shorter! I’m only 5’1.5″ tall but I’m fat so I need length across the shoulders to wrap. Have you seen the Ravelry site Small Shawl Lovers? It is grand! I’ve so far downloaded about 20 patterns in the last three nights. If you haven’t seen it, give it a look. Gotta run, it’s about time for bed for us.
    Ann Carpenter, aka furknitter on Ravelry, in chilly Dallas, Texas.

  9. Love your Traveling Woman! I’m knitting my first shawl at the moment: Damson in DIC Smooshy in Plum Paisley. I finished the garter stitch section and am only a few rows (literally) into the lace section. I’ve gotta say, I’m enjoying the lace section much more than the garter st section; the rows seem to go more quickly even though they’re longer! Traveling Woman is on my list (I’m thinking maybe Malabrigo Sock, or maybe Bugga!, or maybe …who knows!). And now I’m considering adding Multnomah and/or Mara and/or another one (I forget the name offhand) to my list. – But I’ve also got oodles of socks on my list (plus more I might design) as well as a few sweaters for myself and one for my sister, and a couple of cowls… So much yarn, so many projects, so little time!

  10. I’ve just started Ishbel in Caper Lace, periwinkle color. So far it’s still the part so it’s very quick. I think smaller lace shawls are more wearable with everyday stuff than the larger ones which make more of a statement.

  11. Okay…this is not helping with my KADD situation. I’ve just started a cowl with CTH, I’m hoping to finish a scrappy stole (using leftover worsted yarns) today. I have a pair of socks (well, okay 2 or 3 prs of socks). That shawl sure would be pretty in the yarn that I’ve taken a fancy too. Maybe if I finish that stole today … cause nature abhors a vacume (or something like that).

  12. Your shawl is beautiful. I love the red colorway you used. Do you mind blogging
    what yarn you used for that shawl? I never stop finding things that I want to
    knit even though I can’t finish what I have. All the shawls are very nice, but
    I’m partial to the red one on your blog.

  13. I just got the shawl-virus, and it is pure bliss. I knitted a Swallowtail in Malabrigo Lace as a Christmas gift for my MIL, then I am finising an Ishbel in KSH for my mom -run out of yarn fot the edging, got to get another ball- and tonight I decided to cast on -3 stitches- an Aeolian with some lacey goodness from the Old Maiden Aunt. So nothing for the Challenge, but I am with you on this in my mind ;0)

  14. Sheri, I’m blaming you for getting me addicted to lace. 🙂 Although I can’t complain too much, because lace is a great thing to get addicted to.

  15. What a coincidence! I knit Traveling Woman in Lornas Laces Pearl as well only in Amy’s Vintage Office and when I ran out of yarn I double stranded Handmaiden Seasilk in Blue Lagoon. Isn’t that a fun pattern to knit? I couldn’t believe I had a lace shawl in a week. Simply brilliant!

  16. I bought the Pearl on Friday at the Fling and am working on the Traveling Woman. I really like the size of this one you did. Did you do more than the 159 stitches? How many repeats of A did you do? I’m guessing 3 but I’m such a novice I could be way off. Thanks again for a great weekend.

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