Puppies and Cats, Yay or Nay?

gracieIt was interesting to read your thoughts on getting a puppy in last week’s blog post. I appreciate all of you taking the time to weigh in. I broke down the cons:

1. “It’s a lot of work.” Having raised a puppy before, I do agree that it’s a lot of work. (But a lot of fun.) And I also agree that it makes more sense to train a puppy in the spring. Definitely.

2. “You and WH like to travel.” True. We do go off a bit on the weekends. Mostly we just do day trips for fun and adventure, but we do have the occasional weekend away to visit the kids. Fortunately, my folks and my brother all live in St. Louis and do great pet-sitting.

3. “You can’t leave it home all day.” Right. I would have to bring the dog to work (maybe I ought to find one that looks like Loopy?) and I know there are varying opinions on a dog in a yarn shop. This is a big place, though, so no one would be tripping over the dog. There is a dog who comes to work with one of the guys who works upstairs in our building. (Archie. He’s a Welsh Corgi, I think. The dog. Not the guy.)

zoe4. “What would your cats do with a dog?” Gracie and Zoe like dogs. Well, Gracie would hide for a few days, but then she’d get over it. Actually, if she was out on the screen porch birdwatching when the dog arrived, she wouldn’t even notice it. She loves her birdwatching. She sits in that chair and watches the birds land on those birdfeeders a couple of feet in front of her, and her day is complete. And Zoe would put that puppy in its place the minute it walked in the house. She’s a 5 lb. bundle of ย “Alpha Cat”, which would then translate to “Alpha Pet”. No worries at all about Zoe.

But …. I’m thinking we won’t get one. At least not at this point in our lives. It doesn’t make a lot of sense and the cons still outweight the pros. (However, if I show you a photo next week of “our new dog”, please play along with me and don’t remind me about this conversation.) I really am more of a cat person, I think. Are you more of a cat person or a dog person? I know some of you are both!

Now I’m off with my knitting and my recipes, to visit Web Guy in Florida for a long weekend. (Woohoo!) We have some 2010 website planning to tackle, and I’ll be doing some cooking to fill up his bachelor freezer. I’ll be back with you next week, and will tell you how it went.

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  1. A cat person, even though I’m terribly allergic to them. I was raised with both cats and dogs, and just grew to love the independence that cats display. We had a cat for 15 years, and we miss her greatly. If a kitten showed up tomorrow on my doorstep, it would have a loving home immediately.

  2. I am the owner of Happy (we’ve emailed about her). I got the same comments from my friends when I said I wanted a dog – your kids are gone, you can finally travel; You’ll be back to gettting up early in the morning; you are finally free, you will get tied down again. Well it has been 6 months and I still love seeing her when I get back from work, I love looking into her big black eyes in the morning (although it would be great if she waited alittle longer to start whining). And walking her has improved my health, I have been able to lower blood pressure meds. The only problem is she has become a lap dog and it is hard to knit with 60 lbs of dog on my lap. So if you want a dog – go for it. And Happy and I were just certified as a therapy dog team to visit people in hospitals and nursing homes with Fidos for freedom.

  3. i am more of a rabbit person, actually. i have 2 house rabbits. did you know rabbits are the 3rd most popular shelter animal (obviously after dogs and cats)? i love them. they have so much more personality than most people realize.

    however, i also have 2 dogs and 2 cats (all also in the house and all adopted from shelters/rescues), so i guess you could argue with me there. luckily, i found a very understanding man who is willing to put up with us all.

  4. I am an equal opportunity animal lover. We have 6 dogs, 4 of which are welsh corgis, 2 cats, 3 rabbits, a dozen chickens and 3 horses. I think that about covers the extent of the menagerie. If we ever have to move from our little corner of paradise, it’s gonna look like the beverly hillbillies going down the road with our stock trailer and animals hanging out all over.

  5. I’m more of a dog person, but I’d rather not have a pet at all, mainly for the cons you listed in your post. I prefer dogs because of their loyalty.

  6. Cat person since I have 3 kitties and no doggies. Though I love doggies too. Cats are easier to own I guess. Love all pets though!! I say get the dog. My cats have been my best friends during some really difficult times. Their cuddles and concern – yes, their concern for me! – has been invaluable. I think they are worth any money I have ever spent on them and definitely worth the time and energy. Pets are the best!!

  7. I’m most definitely a dog person! We have two standard schnauzer puppies (well, now aged 1 and 2), and they have certainly been a lot of work, but they’ve been so worth it. I feel like you can do a lot with dogs that you can’t do with cats- go running, take them to the park, take them to friends’ houses for play dates, etc.

    We really feel like a family with our guys- they’re very engaged with us, they make us laugh all the time, and they’re just the sweetest, friendliest, smartest pups you could ask for.

    My husband’s parents had only had cats when he was growing up, and he was a little worried about being a dog person. I reassured him he was probably a dog person who just hadn’t had a dog yet. I was definitely right- he absolutely loves our guys.

  8. We have both and I love our dog and cats. That said, I think I’m more of a cat person.

    With the amount of traveling we do to visit family in FL, scout trips and swim meets the dog is kenneled a lot. It gets to be very expensive. We use to have friends watch our dog but he didn’t do well at home alone for an entire weekend.

    I hope you had fun in FL!

  9. Sheri, I am a cat person who would have a dog if my lifestyle would let me. I’m gone to work from 8:45 until at least 6:30 during the week, and on weekends out and about. It’s not fair to have a dog at this stage. Fortunately, I have a cat who thinks he is a dog, (don’t tell him that, though!) so it’s the best of both worlds!

  10. I’m more of a dog person. I grew up with dogs and am allergic to cats. I really love all furry animals though, except for the stinky ones. Any time I encounter a cat, I have to pet it and then immediately wash my hands and try not to touch it for the duration of my visit. I wish I wasn’t allergic!

  11. DH grew up a dog person and I grew up with both cats and dogs (and numerous other species too). We now have nine cats and a house rabbit and no dogs. Over time, we’ve learned that we like not having to get up early/stay up late/run home midday to walk the dog. Cats are so much easier in that respect, and even our rabbit is litter-trained and trustworthy if we aren’t home.

    We’ve dreamed occasionally about getting a dog, but definitely know we aren’t ready to take one on yet. I get to admire and pet other people’s dogs when at the vet clinic with one of our cats, and that’s enough for now. It’s kind of like having no children and being able to spoil one’s nieces and nephews and then return them to their parents sticky-fingered and high on sugary snacks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. If you do reconsider and decide to get a dog, I highly recommend rat terriers. They are small. They have short hair. They don’t like being cold so when we got ours in Feb. in a freezing cold winter, house training was a breeze! She would go out and piddle in an instant and be ready to come back in. She’s loving and smart and (do I sound like a proud mother) they have few health issues unlike many other breeds. They live a long time, they get along well with cats, the list goes on and on and on and on . . . She even learned not to play with yarn at something like 10 weeks of age and she cuddles next to me while I knit. After we play ball. She’s so much fun. There’s even a rat terrier group on Ravelry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. WHAT !??
    I get busy for a few days …and I manage to miss the one subject I am an expert in !?
    I have 4 dogs and 3 cats …and sure there is a little mayhem from time to time ….but there is also an overwhelming sense of love that comes from the unconditional loyalty and companionship I receive every day !
    yes, having a dog may change your life ….for the better!!!
    and as for travel …I am a part time potter ,and I am often out of town for weekends during the summer…I have the best “pet nanny ” in the world !
    she takes care of the pack …and keeps an eye on the house !
    how about I just start sending you pictures of pups that need a home !?
    mwhahahahahahaaha…….evil laughter !!!

  14. Dog person. Not even close. Although, ironically, I’ve cohabitated with a cat (belonged to a roommate. I kept my door closed and the cat and I essentially left each other alone) but never a dog. I have always wanted a dog, but I got Hubster instead. He’s quite anti-pet, so I have to make do with being my neighbor’s official puppy-sitter. Sydney (yellow lab, just turned 2) lets me pretend that I’m one of her humans, which makes both of us happy.

  15. I’ve always been a dog person but my current dog absolutely adores all cats (wants to greet every last one of them) and after getting her I decided to get one cat. Just one. Then I found a 3 week abandoned kitten -bottle fed him and he stayed, thinks the dog is his mom (still, even 2 years later). Then a 3 month kitten someone had “rescued” into their 100 degree garage in the summer. And finally, another 3 week old kitten, also bottle fed. I can’t give them up when I bottle feed them. He’s now 4 months old. My dog is great with the cats. They wind around her, jump over her when she’s lying down, try to steal food from her, and go running after one another right past her with no fear. So I’m now a dog and cat person (but we are done, no more adding more cats, and the house is full). Here is a video of the dog when I had only two of the cats: http://www.flickr.com/photos/36001300@N00/2480066764/

  16. I’m totally a dog person, and have two big Labrador Retrievers. Bill, my fiance, has a cat right now, thanks to College Kid bringing home the cat last year. Now are we working on combining households and have consulted the vet on how to introduce the dogs and cat safely and peacefully.

    A first for me: waking up in the middle of the night to find the cat in bed between us, purring loudly. Raven usually ignores me when I stay at Bill’s place. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think it will be easier for you with a puppy. The cats will put a puppy in its’ place right away.

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