Still Summer in FL

DSC03212I’m back from a fun weekend in Florida! I had to dig out the summer clothes for my trip south, because it still feels (and looks) like Summer down there. You all know that I’m not a big fan of Summer (and heat), but I am a big fan of Web Guy and I’ll endure anything for a visit with him. 🙂 I had fun giving his pots and pans a workout while he was off at work on Thursday and Friday. Can you believe I made a bunch of stuff and didn’t take one photo of any of that food? What was I thinking? Now I’ll have to make all of those recipes again so that I can share them with you in the future. We also did some website planning (fun things in store for 2010!), and did a bit of shopping as well. I hope he lets me come visit again sometime. I took photos, but both kids have started telling me, “Not for the blog” on most photo shots. What’s up with that?? But look – the signs by the dumpster that say “Beware of Wildlife” were correct. Raccoons visit each night! Lots. This was the best shot I could get in the dark. And they didn’t say “not for the blog” when I snapped the photo.

DSC03221We have a busy week here at Loopy! Great stuff in today’s Sneak/Up/Date. New indie dyer Studio June (she also does the yarn in these kits, which is how I found her), more colors from Monkeypal, a big batch of Sanguine Gryphon Eidos,DSC03222the first part of our String Theory Caper order and a new BFL line from them, Malbrigo Worsted/Sock/Lace, more Fiberphile, and new patterns from Spillyjane Knits. (Yes, I may have added to my own stash as well this week. It could not be helped. Too many wonderful possibilities. I know you understand. I like that about you.)

Check back Wednesday for this month’s blog contest and a chance to win some beautiful yarn! I’ll also have my Mara Shawl blocked and photoed for you, as well as Elf Susan modeling the shawl she just made – her first! I’m so proud of her. How are you coming along on your shawls?

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  1. I’m so busy Christmas knitting that my shawl pattern and yarn are languishing in their zipper bag awaiting my attention. My “for me” project is a pair of Nebula socks that have been riding around the bottom of my bag for several months. I do however plan to make both a Traveling Woman and a Multnomah. I hope you and College Girl have lots of fun.

  2. Hope you have a great time with College Girl. My shawl is languishing while I knit feverishly for Christmas. I have to find some time for it.

  3. I finished my Shawl (sommerwind) in WM a few weeks ago and have been using it fairly often. I love it! I’m glad you go to visit your son, and had a great time. 🙂

  4. no christmas knitting for moi’ – so I am enjoying Multnomah, sometimes enjoying DAMson and contemplating my order for MadelineTosh so I can cast on Mara too.

    Wish College guy wasn’t so far south of us so you could stop and visit me when you are down here. Isn’t the heat and humidity disgusting for November. Hopefully we will get another blast of fallish temps over the weekend.


  5. Last night I finished a Mara shawl for my dau-in-law for Christmas. I’m really happy with how it turned out and may have to make a couple more for gifts. A fun project and easy. I’m all for easy at this time of year. Now to block it. Can’t wait to see how your blocked Mara turned out, Sheri.

    So glad you got to visit your son and that your dau is coming home.

    Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving. Sending hugs to you and all of the elves.

  6. Have an absolutely fantastic Thanksgiving, Sheri 🙂

    I just put in a gigantic order – ouch – there was so many wonderful yarns to choose from this time, I just let myself go wild…

    and in the spirit of giving thanks, thank you for the tip on the Pioneer Woman Cooks book and blog. I am having so much fun reading and cooking her stuff – she is nearly as wonderful as you are!

  7. Really looking forward to seeing what you and web guy do with the place!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you Sheri and to all the Yarn Elves!

    ~this is approved for the blog… 😉

  8. Welcome Home! Glad you had a great trip. Kids…no blog photos…and I thought your kids were FUN! LOL

    Happy Thanksgiving you, your family and the Loopy family!!

  9. I’m about to start Mara and can’t wait! It looks large though, and i was wondering how you guys blocked it (Sheri).

  10. Sheri, I’m knitting the Lace Prairie Shawl from Cheryl Oberle’s Folk Shawl’s book. I’m using Cascade worsted weight in a blue/green color. I’m a lttle over half way.


  11. Gosh. My shawl. I haven’t done anything including cast on. I need to find my yarn and pick a pattern, but I’ve been too busy working on socks and stuff for a local holiday bazaar to do anything else!

  12. “Not for the blog” was bound to happen eventually. It happened to Stan Delaplane, a long-time S.F. Chronicle columnist, who regularly relied on his family to provide humorous material. When they objected, he would write: “They’ll miss me when I’m gone . . . .” 😀

  13. Glad to hear that you had a good visit with Web Guy and that your daughter is going to be home soon! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving! I’m also trying to wade through the Christmas knitting right now. Then the hard part will be choosing which shawl to start on for me! Looking forward to seeing photos of your Mara.

  14. Just a little light Christmas knitting here. Ongoing sock, shawl, and hat for me. Let’s hear it for short Christmas lists!!! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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