Shawls, Sales, and a CONTEST!

DSC03231I love this new Mara Shawl. In fact, I’m such a fan that I have wound up another color of Madelinetosh DK/ Light Worsted (Thunderstorm) to make another one. You know, in between all of my other knitting that DSC03230I want to get done. My favorite part of this shawl is the pleated edge (which I did as a K3, P2 instead of what the directions say. Because I can’t leave well enough alone. But I do like it like this.) The color is Cedar and will be perfect for the holidays. That’s another thing I have decided – shawls of varying colors are needed for different seasons.

DSC03202Here’s Susan modeling her very first shawl! She did the Multnomah and it turned out beautifully. (Please note, Susan has been a scarf and hat knitter up until this point. I have yet to get her to do socks. So this shawl was a first step towards other things!) DSC03203She did try to tell me “not for the blog” when I took her photo but I just laughed. (And watch – someone will leave a comment saying, “Sheri, I didn’t know you had colored your hair black and were wearing it short.” All of you blog-picture-scanners crack me up. This is Cute Elf Susan. —->)

We will be taking Thursday and Friday off this week for Thanksgiving (that means no in-person shopping hours this week), but of course the shop is open online, 24/7 as always. In fact, not only is it open online, but we have some fun things going up on sale for you as well. From late Thursday afternoon through Saturday at 11:59 pm (Central), you’ll find 30% off all Cherry Tree Hill, Creatively Dyed, Indie Dyer, J. Knits, and Opal. You’ll also find 20% off all Earthly Hues, All Things Heather, Sknitches, Sugar Bunny Blvd, Noro and Schaefer. *The prices will all change to reflect the sale, so when you see those prices go from black to colored, you know the sale has started.

We have a full team of Elves working on Monday and Tuesday of next week, to make sure that we can get all of your weekend orders out. We’ll also be adding the Monday Update/Sneak Up sometime later than usual on Monday evening.

DSC03236Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving here in the U.S. When I make my list of things I’m thankful for, all of your names appear there. We love partnering with you on great yarn, fun patterns, and much encouragement, inspiration, and support. You all keep us on our toes and there’s no place we’d rather be. So consider this a big HUG and thank you to each one of you from each one of us here at Loopy Central. We think you’re just the best, and we wish we could sit down with you in person tomorrow afternoon for some pumpkin pie and knitting!

This month’s contest: Tell us one (or two or three) things that you’re thankful for, whether you’re in the U.S. and celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, or not! We’ll draw names from the comments for fun prizes next week.

Back to shawls – how can you not love those pleats? Just too fun. I hope you make one of these for yourself.

Sheri headingoutforlunchwithCollegeGirlbeforesettlinginforsomeknitting
andmoviewatching.aaaahhhh…. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I’m thankful for a lot of things, I’ll just mention a few. One is my children – in general, and also more specifically for their attitude towards others. They are both considerate and kind to others. This shows in the way they behave towards friends and family, but also in their sense of responibility or solidarity. A coulple of Christmas related examples illustrate this. My thirteen-year-old still wants the advent calendar that I embroidered when his older brother was small, up on the wall where it always hangs, and explicitly stated that he wants some of the presents there to be symbolic dollars to be used for micro-loans with (We have done this for some years now). My twenty-year-old who is away at university called home today to say that he didn’t want any Christmas presents, he wanted me to donate the money that I had planned to spend, to various charities. (He agreed that presents already bought plus homemande socks were OK too.)
    In addition to this, I am grateful for my economic situation and my very nice colleagues. And definitely for my SO – we have been together for six years, and can still have breakfast for hours during the weekend just talking and talking.

  2. I am thankful for many things this year.

    My family is healthy, I have a great job, and food to eat. I’m really thankful this year for the new friends I’ve made thanks to this knitting thing!

  3. I spent Thanksgiving in North Carolina enjoying good food and great company.

    I am thankful for the time I get to spend with loved ones!

  4. I’m thankful both my hands still work so I can knit!! I’m thankful I have a roof over my head, food on my plate, a loving husband and 3 healthy children.

  5. I am thankful for my family–I am glad for affordable travel options that let me travel the country to visit them in all the states that they live in.

  6. I’m thankful that, even during a recession, I live a lifestyle of obscene wealth when compared to most of the rest of the world. I have a home, a job, a loving family, more yarn than I can knit and more fiber than I can spin. I am truly blessed.

  7. Of course I’m thankful for my family and friends and that I have a house, food, job, etc. I’m also thankful for beautiful yarn to both knit and collect.

  8. I’m thankful for my loving and supportive husband and for one more Thanksgiving with my sweet baby girl – my almost 13 year old American Bulldog (who has been through a lot in the last year and now has more doctors than I do but seems to be happy and relatively healthy). I’m also thankful for the means to keep a roof over our head, food on the table, and the outrageous vet bills at bay.

  9. Mmmm, I’m thankful for my family (of course), and our continued good health… physical, mental, financial, emotional, et al.!

  10. I am thankful that family is there to support each other through the drama that life has become. Also I am thankful that I finally took the step to go back to school.

  11. I’m thankful for my health and that of my family and friends; I’m thankful for my family and friends, including you and the Elves, and I’m thankful I still have a job and can buy yarns and fun things.


  12. I’m thankful for my human and furry family and that I can increase my yarn stash if I like and that there are people like you that are making it so easy to do so!

  13. I’m thankful for family and friends, for little luxuries, for having the money to once in a while splurge when this year has been so hard. I’m thankful that hubs finally found a job he loves after 7 months of unemployment and thankful that I haven’t had to postpone graduate school. I’m thankful for the home we are building together and our dreams of the future children we hope to have soon.

  14. I’m thankful that the people I love are healthy. We’ve seen family and friends suffer from horrible illnesses this year, and I’m trying not to take for granted the precious gift of health.

  15. This year I am most thankful for my new husband of just over a month! I am also so very thankful for my family and joy in my life that is knitting! Thanks to you Sheri and the Loopy Elves! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  16. I’m so thankful for LIFE. It gives me the opportunity to experience each sunrise, sunset, family, friends, yarny goodness and so very much more.

  17. I am thankful for my husband- who “gets” me and doesn’t complain about the yarn stash – who said, “You should go to Rhinebeck AND Stitches East, if you want to.” I am thankful for my beautiful children who are growing into independent, productive adults. I am thankful to have a good job, in this economy. I am thankful for my loving and incredibly funny dogs who bring alot of laughter and joy to my “empty nest” home. I am thankful for Ravelry and fantastic on-line yarn stores!

  18. Well, it is still November, so… I’m thankful for a great many blessings, among them the time and leisure to knit for fun, not to keep my family from freezing or make a few pennies.

  19. Like so many others, I am most thankful for my family. After that, I am thankful for a rewarding job, supportive friends, and occasional good weather.

  20. I’m thankful that i learned how to knit. I find it so relaxing and helps me while away the evening hours. I have made so many nice gifts and the Loopy Ewe has such wonderful yarns. Thank you so much for supporting my addiction.

  21. I’m thankful for my two jobs (even though I really want to quit one) and that they allow me to indulge in my hobbies, help others and made it possible for me to afford my new car after mine was totaled. And that I walked away from that accident with as minor of injuries as possible.

  22. Gorgeous Maras! I can’t wait to cast one on after all of this Christmas knitting is over with…

    This year has been quite trying… After losing my job and finding out about dear loved ones’ medical problems (tumors, and quite a few of them.) I’m happy to still have them with me, and fighting tooth and nail for their health (and peace of mind.)

    My best friend, who has been trying to conceive all year, just had an ovary removed due to cancerous cells found on it. And today, she just received a clean bill of health from her doctor. Every day, I thank the heavens that she’s still here. And kicking this thing’s butt.

    My cousin, who is like my sister–and the one I’ve been knitting for pretty much all year since I found out about her condition– is fighting a brain tumor. Which, fortunately, is still contained. We had a scare a few weeks ago and thought she would have to have surgery, but it turned out to be a huge misunderstanding with her hospital. She’s still doing alright and fighting it. She lives across the country and all our family is here. So we’re all especially worried. Luckily for her, she receives the bounty of my worry. Socks, scarves and hats.

    I decided to pursue a new career path and am working towards it. I’ve already got jobs lined up once I get my certifications in order and this next year brings promise. Not despite the hardship, but because of it, I’m thankful for this trial-of-a-year. Without the strain, I wouldn’t have been able to obtain this sense of certainty and direction.

    This post is lengthy, but I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

  23. i am thankful to finally be living in paris and attending university studying art history and computer programming! (of course, this does not allow me much time for knitting, but there are always semester breaks.) i am also thankful for being able to start a knitting club at my university! finally, i am thankful for being alive!

  24. I am thankful that Jesus died for me so that I may have victory in Him. I am also grateful for my 4 wonderful children; they test and change me everyday. I am also thankful for learning this wonder art of knitting. WHen I need to get away and relax, I pick up my needles and away I go into another place!!!!!

  25. I am thankful for my wonderful vacation to Walt Disney World, which, even though it made me miss the sales last week, let me spend a fun time with my family!

  26. I’m thankful for my CIF’s (creepy internet friends) who knit my baby-to-be a whole slewful of things–who would have thought that when I taught myself to knit from a book I’d end up with friends who would knit for me?

  27. This Thanksgiving, I was able to visit my family up, in Northern California, and I would have to say I am thankful for all of them.

    I am 100% a Daddy’s girl… and to be able to spend time with his family means the world to me. Especially my Farmor (grandmother), of which she was the one that taught me to knit, and I always bring up some of my recent knitting to show her. So for this Thanksgiving I was thankful for my family and everyone/everything that comes with it.

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