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Whew – you guys like to buy yarn during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, don’t you? (And some of you like to buy yarn even though you didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving this past weekend!) There are seven of us pulling, packing and shipping your orders today, but just know that it will still take us into Wednesday, I think. ย Therefore, if you don’t get a shipping notice today, don’t worry. We’re working as fast as we can and will have these out asap. ย It also means that I won’t put a Sneak/Update up tonight. We’ll see how this goes and we may put up new stuff later in the week, or we may hold it all until next Monday. I’ll keep you posted on that. (Are you a member of our Loopy Ewe group on Facebook? I will be sure to keep that updated this week as well.)

DSC03260I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was great to have College Girl home. Guess what? She saw my favorite mitts and wanted a pair just like them. She picked out a skein of Alpaca With a Twist’s Baby Twist (which has so much yardage that you can easily make a scarf to match), and I knit them up in time for her to take back to school on Sunday. Have I mentioned that these knit up fairly quickly? I also finished a pair of them in Lorna’s Laces Worsted, for me (takes just one skein – I made it in the Jeans colorway). The minute I felt the worsted base from LL, I knew I had to do something out of it. It’s incredibly soft and wonderful. Someday I’ll make a sweater with it. Anyway – back to the mitts – I made up a little form to keep track of the rows. (I like check boxes. What can I say? And I do anticipate making more of these mitts. This little chart helps me motor through the knitting quicker.) This doesn’t have the pattern on it – you’ll still need to download that. This just helps keep track of the ribbing and the cables DSC03262and the “make stitches on the thumb” rows and all of that. It won’t make a lick of sense to you if you don’t have the pattern with it. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I made mine a little longer on the wrist and on the fingertips, so I included the regular number called for in the pattern, as well as indicating the number of rows I do when I make it. If you’re interested in this little row-chart sheet, email me with “Row Chart” in the subject line and I’ll attach the PDF in an email back to you. (Note – this is for the larger size, but you can cross off one box on each row to use if for the smaller size.)

Now that the mitts are done, I’m back to working on finishing up a few things in progress. I have a striped scarf in Eco Alpaca, a sock out of Alchemy Juniper, two socks out of Numma Numma, a sock out of Lana Grossa Solo, and my second Sunshine Sock to finish. It would be nice if I’d finish these things and not start anything else in the meantime. Nice, but it probably won’t happen. I know myself too well.

Did you get any knitting done over the weekend?

Sheri thinkingIprobablyneedanotherpairofthesemitts


  1. Very nice mitts. Cute photo of the College Girl “hiding” from us! This weekend I finished a cowl/hat from Ann Budd’s new book. Love it…this one I’ve knit. Now another co-worker wants one. Am trying to finish an easy hat for a friend. Have a second sock to finish for myself, too. Also knit another cover for the Christmas ball ornaments. I’m on a finishing kick — finally. I have shawls and an Ishbel to begin but am sworn to finishing a few more things before starting something new.

  2. Bless you and all the elves! I know that I was busy buying yarn on Thanksgiving evening. The sale went up just as I started my dinner break (hospital turkey…yum…) which was perfect timing!

    Gotta make some of those mitts!

  3. I worked on a sweater for my youngest daughter, when they are six they sure go fast. I am pondering starting a new pair of socks and a new sweater.

  4. Nice choice with the Alpaca with a Twist–Baby Twist. I have finished socks I made of the same yarn–only in Lumberjack Red, and the yarn is soooo soft. Hope you had time to do some Black Friday shopping also.

  5. Ooops! Shouldn’t have said anything about those mitts! ๐Ÿ™‚ I just downloaded the pattern and placed yet another order for yarn, on top of all you other orders!

    But, as I bet with all knitters, we have so many projects in progress, you folks at Loopy Ewe can surely take the time you need. Especially if you’re still in a food coma from the holidays, as I know I am!

    Take care!

  6. I finished one WIP, and got started on a Christmas present out of the Nyoni Rose Garden. Found buttons for it, and have made it as far as the button holes (in other words, it’s about 1 1/2 inches long). A few rounds on my Numma Numma sock, otherwise, not too much knitting going on. Way too much of everything else. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I finished 2 WIPs this weekend…actually one was the mini sock monkey by BMFA that I started and finished within two days. The other was the Photosynthesis shawl (can’t recall the author ATM) for my sister. I’ll post a pic to the 4th Quarter Challenge once it’s done blocking!

  8. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through your knitting, Sheri. I have pinched a nerve in my shoulder and–oh, the horror–cannot knit until the inflammation goes away. I can, however, make lists of all the little projects I will start once I’m better. Oh, and I can shop a little, too, so feel free to post more new stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I finished a pair of mittens out of some bulky alpaca from my stash. I recently made a beret that I found on Ravelry called “Esme” using this same yarn. I altered my mittens pattern so that they have the same cable band for the wrists as the band on the beret. Also, I started a scarf to go with the beret and mittens from the book One Skein (the double cable scarf). I got the cross stitching done on a Christmas ornament, too. Just have to do the assembly/finishing work on it.

    And, we painted a wall in our living room. It used to be red, but is now Old Gold No. 5. The prior owners did the red wall, but it just didn’t go with our stuff.

  10. I’m trying to knit up a couple of red scarfs to donate to the Red Scarf Project. They are due in mid-December, then it’s back to xmas gifts. Gulp.

  11. I finally finished my first adult-sized sweater! I wanted to get it done in time for Thanksgiving, but didn’t finished it until last night… in time for the cold front sweeping Houston.

  12. I finished a pair of socks, one of my Falling Leaves socks, and started on my Multnomah (finally!). I would have liked to have gotten more done, but it just didn’t happen.

    Knitting goes very well with College Game Day btw.

  13. I finished another child’s sweater and another ice scraper mitt. Today I finished a child’s charity sweater and cast on another ice scraper mitt and will swatch for my grand-nephew’s Christmas sweater (maybe). I also did some weaving over the weekend and hope to spin a bit tonight. I’m working a smidge on my Nebula socks.

  14. OMG! I got so much done this weekend! Charity knitting finished (Helmet liner for troops, my own Christmas Stocking blocked, 2 kiddie hats, and finishing my second pair of fingerless mitts on the way home on the train! ๐Ÿ˜€ Only 2 more knitted objects left for the holidays ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. A lot more than in the last 2 weeks! I was trying to do a really neat pattern for my red scarf project, but had to look at the pattern for each row, and to keep it neat-looking, had to do Eastern Uncrossed which takes me longer. In 2 weeks, I’d done about 2.5 inches.

    I switched on Saturday to the tipsy pattern, a 2×2 rib that moves to the right by one stitch every 2 rows. In about 3.5 hours I’ve done 5 inches! And I can pick it up and know what to do in 2 seConds, so I’m much happier!

  16. I’ve been working on Anne Hanson’s Leafprints mitts this weekend in DIC Petal Showers to match the Mara shawl in the same colorway. They’re turning out great. But I have to say, I really like the mitts you did, Sheri. I’ve got that pattern in my Rav library and I’m going to have to dig it out.

    Have to agree about the Lorna’s Laces worsted. So soft and knits up just great.

    Rushing to finish a bunch of Christmas projects. And like you, I keep casting on new projects.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Tomorrow is my LAST radiation treatment!!!!! WHOOP!

  17. Wow. That is glorious. I need to make a new pair of fingerless mitts, because I don’t know what happened to my last pair. I was thinking of doing something like Fetching, only much longer.

    I did get some knitting done over the weekend. I have a simple scarf I’m working on in power word Garter Stitch that I am over half way done with. It’s for the Red Scarf project, so I am hoping to finish it by mid-week in time for a happy send off.

  18. I finished a beret in Cascade 220 for myself, then started Jared Flood’s Turn a Square cap for a friend of mine (young guy like a son to me). I still have to start another pair of fingerless mitts for another friend – made one pair so far – it IS a quick knit and want to make a pair for me too.

  19. love the mitts, may have to make those myself..

    Spent the last week at my Mom’s and brought the wheel with me and spun up a lot of fiber. Very little knitting was done, but it was a nice visit all the same

  20. I knit the entire Peaks Island Hood by Ysolda – it’s a great worsted weight scarf/hat combo. Really fun knit, as long as you don’t mind miles of seed stitch. Since it’s WW on size 10, it goes pretty fast!!

  21. I started a Springtime in Philadelphia beret, then frogged it after I noticed a mistake that I couldn’t figure out how to fix. Plus, the yarn just seemed too busy for the pattern. I also frogged an in-progress shawl for another irremediable error. So, I have a negative knitting balance to show for my long weekend. Must go stash and pattern diving to find a consolatory project, maybe a Koolhas in Malabrigo would take the edge off, or a Multnomah in Bugga!. Anything which will give me some immediate gratification and make me feel like I can actually *knit* something.

  22. Got another kitchen towel done…….only 3 more to do. There will be a total of 15 when I get done. Plus I worked on a pair of socks and shawl. And knitted on my Central Park Hoodie.
    Whew!!!!!!!! Still got to get two pairs of fingerless gloves done before Christmas.

  23. I love the mitts – both of them. They don’t even look like the same pattern which I am sure made College Girl very happy. No mother – daughter matching….

    I got a Hat fit for a Boyfriend done in Malabrigo. Soft, warm, fast knit that my son will love. And just to get out of the Xmas gift rush I started a pair of the Shibui leggings in Kiwi for a co-worker’s “baby in progress”. My fellow Loopy co-workers and I have lots to knit for this spring baby. Totally loving it.

  24. I made sunshine socks out of the Yo-Yo string and now am doing a feather and fan scarf out of Trekking.

  25. I did a little work on a shawl for a friend. I worked, and was tired, so I had to quit because I was falling asleep with a stitch half off the needle! I am using some Patons Lacette and a pattern out of Cheryl Oberle’s “Folk Shawls”. Fuzzy stuff!

  26. I finished some charity knitting–a hat and some mittens. Working on Christmas knitting now. I put my wishlist out to my relatives. I hope they’ll be purchasing some yarn for me from you soon!

  27. I don’t know what’s cuter, those mitts or College Girl hiding behind them! Sounds like a good weekend! I’m juggling a lot of Christmas knitting right now, so I did a few more inches on a scarf, a few more rows on a shawl, a few more rounds on a sock…you know. Looking forward to getting at least one thing off the needles so I can start Mara for me!

  28. I finished a pair of mitts in Madelinetosh worsted. This is such wonderful yarn. I’m going to have to use this again in a bigger project. I’m now working on my second shawl in LL Worsted. I can definitely see a sweater out of this in my future. Thanks for stocking both of these fabulous yarns.

  29. Oh I got lots of knitting done, a dog hoodie for my brother’s dog for Christmas (my parents take him to my daughter’s soccer games and in when it gets colder in October the poor dog is FREEZING. I got a pair of socks done for my daughter, working on my mom’s Christmas present and my brother in laws socks for Christmas along with a hoodie sweater for my own dog. i’ll be knitting for a while ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I’m working on a pair of the Dashing fingerless mitts for my dad using LL Worsted – mmm, is that a soft fiber or what! I love doing the mitts in worsted because they take so little time yet look wonderful. Just ordered two more skeins in the same colorway of LL Worsted because DH has been eyeing my dad’s mitts jealously – he doesn’t like mitts, but he does like socks…

    I’m looking forward to getting the Christmas knitting done so I can get back to my socks – as I look around me, there are seven WIPs scattered across my desk in addition to the two shawls, scarf and mitts. So much to do, so little time…

  31. Row chart for Mom’s cabled mitts.
    Can you please email this to me.
    When I knit the gloves there are a different no of rows at the top and bottom.
    Hopefully chart will help.
    Many thanks.

  32. Row chart for Momโ€™s cabled knit.
    I have used your chart many times and it is very helpful. But at the moment I seem to have lost it.
    Many thanks.

  33. I would love a copy of your row chart. I’ve been able to follow the pattern up to the thumb hole, but now I’m not quite sure about the increases. Thanks in advance!

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