Romney Ridge Calendars

DSC03265It’s Romney Ridge Calendar time again! We have fun partnering with Kelly on this calendar every year, and we know that you have fun getting them. With her beautiful photography and unique look into the Romney Ridge sheep, goats, and angora bunnies, Kelly makes us all wish that we could pay her a visit in person. In this 2010 calendar, you’ll read about what the sheep do when people are sledding on the farm, which sheep was calmed with tortilla chips on a car ride home, Lyra the Superbowl Baby (and why she is now known as “Lyra the Pest”), Sprout, Pixie, Mellow Yellow, Thomas, Angus (and why he had to wear a coat), Mable, Vespa, and Katie Dumplin’. Reading through the calendar always makes me wish that Kelly offered year-round tours. Calendar size: Open – 8 1/2 x 11 Closed – 8 1/2 x 5 1/2   We will be sending one free to each Loopy Groupie in your first order between now and January, while supplies last – our holiday gift to you! Not yet a Loopy Groupie? Or wanting extra copies for your knitting friends? You can order your copy here. If you are becoming a Loopy Groupie in December, you’ll get your free copy in your Loopy Groupie Gift Bag. We hope you enjoy it as much as you have in the past years. So many of you have emailed to ask if we’d have this again, so I know you love them as much as I do!

DSC03271I finished a sock over the weekend. This is Sweet Georgia’s Tough Love Sock in the Fondant colorway. (I used Anne Hanson’s Lacunae Sock Pattern, modified. Meaning that I always knit toe up and do my own short-row heel, but I like using different stitch patterns and this one featured the very easy Lacunae from Anne.) I continue to love Felicia’s Sweet Georgia yarn (and her brilliant colorways), and am so glad to have it back in the shop after an almost 2-year absence. Next, she’s working on a big batch of lace yarn for us.

I also did what I said I might do in Monday’s post – I started another pair of fingerless mitts. I thought of a friend that I wanted to make them for. I’m using this yarn (which actually would have enough yardage for about 3 pairs of mitts, I think.) Photos when I finish….

Did you catch the new things we put up yesterday? New Indie Dyer Black Trillium (another Sock Summit find – yay!), more Malabrigo lace and sock (including some in Ravely Red), Namaste Buddy Cases and Cali Cozy’s in red, a re-stock of Louet Gems, and roving from The Dyeing Arts. (Tara’s roving is always such a temptation to me, when it comes in. I love her colors.)

Sheri It’sDecember.I’mstilltryingtocometotermswiththat.


  1. Yes, I saw the new things, and am looking forward to seeing the Black Trillium yarn that I ordered. So far, I’ve loved the new indie dyers you found at Sock Summit! I’m glad you didn’t skip the Sneak Up/Monday Update after all.

  2. I ADORE that Romney Ridge calendar! I have it up at my desk at work, and it never fails to cheer me up when I’m having a particularly rough day in customer service. Now, to figure out what I’m getting this time around…. Apparently I’m not the only one with that problem! (waving at Michele in Maine) 🙂

  3. I just changed my Calendar to December this morning. I always read through all the stories when I get the new calendar, then re-read when I turn the month. I even still have the 2008 calendar up.

  4. thanks Sheri, you gave me an excuse to order something (I have been wanting a new calender and this is perfect). With all the new dyers you are adding with bright happy colors I have been kinda waiting for a reason to go off my yarn diet. Because of TLE I had to expand my sock yarn stash to a second shelf :-P.

  5. Hurray, I love Romney Ridge Calendars! I use mine all year and love to see all the photos and read about the critters.
    What a vibrant sock; it would cheer anyone up.
    I can’t believe it’s already December, either. It doesn’t help that the weather is more like the end of October today.

  6. My DH and I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly this summer. She graciously introduced us to her farm family and spent over an hour just talking with us. She truly enjoys having her animals in her life and it shows.

    Unfortunately I’m unable to knit with wool, however I still have a fondness for sheep. As I think Uma was my favorite, I mean Sam, I mean Judy….

  7. I’m still trying to pretend that if i ignore the idea of christmas long enough it will pass by … it’s not going so well… eldest girl got the chrissy tree out promptly on dec1 and decorated it.

  8. Yeah! Love the Romney Ridge cuties – I think they are the best pin-ups ever!! I’ll have to order something now just to get my calendar.

    Also, fell in love with The Dyeing Arts roving, such beautiful colorways and found it very creative that she pairs complementary colors together. Maybe I’ll have to order some roving and get my calendar fix at the same time!

    I’m also trying to come to terms with the fact that it is now December. My birthday is this month so that always means another year. I just can’t understand how 2009 is now almost gone! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with WH and College Girl. Will Web Guy be home for Christmas at least?

    Also, my mom and I are anxiously waiting for the Spring Fling announcement. 🙂

  9. Thank you for the Romney Ridge calendar! My mom and I both love having one each year. The pictures are so happy and make a work day happier, too.

  10. Sherri, I was thinking of you as I drove through Kansas and all the windmills. I went out to Denver in the day time and you thought they looked creepy during the day, you should see them at night. It was just a bunch of blinking lights. I knew they were there but all you could see was just the lights up in the sky. It was weird. And as you know you can see them forever before you reach them.

    Happy Holidays!

  11. I’m still coming to terms with December, too! I love your Sweet Georgia socks in Fondant colorway! 🙂

  12. Took a couple of days off to clean and decorate so we are ready for the Holiday company. I love it when the house is decorated and feels so warm and cozy. Now I can get back to knitting and be guilt free

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