Three Things on Monday

dsc02730Knitting Daughter and I had a fun weekend. Web Guy is still traipsing around the country and Wonder Husband drove up to Iowa to see his mum and sister, so we stayed home to tend the fires. Or the knitting and the cats, as the case may be. I hope you had a fun weekend, too!

Three things I knit upon this weekend:
1. Challenge Socks. I know they’re supposed to be done by the end of June. (Well, at least ONE. You know me when it comes to pairs of socks.) I love the pattern (Summer Sliding) and the yarn (Numma Numma), it just takes more concentration than I usually have in the evenings when I knit.
2. So I felt that I really needed to start my second Girasole. Remember, that’s the whole reason I did the KAL – because I wanted to make another one. I’m making this one in the shawl version out of Schaefer Anne. (Black Magic colorway). Isn’t it fun how the colors are knitting up? I’m on Chart D. Part of the knitting is tucked under. I really tried to put off starting this next one, but obviously it didn’t work.
dsc027323. I also felt the need to cast on another project, because this is a new yarn that I’m trying out and I needed to get on it. So far, I love it. A little splitty, so I have to pay attention. But it’s knitting up beautifully and I will love wearing it.

Three things we did besides knitting this weekend:
1.  A little shopping.
2. A little tv watching and movies.
3. A little Brownie Batter Blizzard. (When are they going to take that extremely effective stupid Dairie Queen Brownie Batter Blizzard commercial off the air, FPS?)

dsc02733Three things going on around here today:
1. Lots more KAL orders going out. It’s so fun to have so many of you joining in on this!  Remember, the discount ends at midnight tonight.
2. We have a new rug in our Sit & Knit area. This will relate to something later in the summer. For now, I just wanted to show it to you because we like it here.
dsc027363.  Lots more yarn has come in, but we haven’t had a second to unpack any of those cases all day.

Three reasons to leave a comment today:
1. Reading your comments is healthier more fun a better way to spend my time than having another Brownie Batter Blizzard. And SOMEtimes it’s more fun….
2. I like knowing that you all are out there and actually check in on the blog from time to time. It’s nice to get to know all of you “regulars”!
3. The more comments there are tomorrow morning when I come in, the longer I can sit at my computer, drinking coffee, and enjoying them. (Not that that will affect your Sneak Up orders, because the Elves will be here and they will hop right on those. But it will affect how much coffee I can get in before attacking the orders with the Elves.)

Sheri doyouhaveathingortwoorthreetosharetoday?


  1. I love the rug!! I’m usually lurking on the blog, but wanted to pop in and say “hello over there!”

  2. sounds like a good weekend, i would hate to not leave you a reason to maybe be refilling that mug right about now….caffeine! Today, well hubby is on business in canada so daughter and her best friend are on vacation this week from college classes. They stayed up till???? but i did get them up and we ventured off to the mall. Daughter needed bras and undies and her gram would not take her shopping for these items, lol. (learned that it is not our imagination. daughters left boobie is much larger than the right) My shopping treat today? A business card holder of a slightly gothic large eyed girl knitting ( so cute!) and a book about a girls transition into sustainable living, looked interesting, and a book on making cleaners and hints out of natural things already in your kitchen. Off to knit !

  3. Three things:

    I like the blog because I just can’t wade through all the Ravelry stuff even though I feel like I’m missing out on many things.

    I like reading about your recipes.

    I like ordering when I have the available funds. Sadly, that won’t be in time for the discount offer tonight. Someday Girasole will be in my future.

  4. Three things I’m looking forward to this summer:
    1) 12 days in Malawi on a mission trip – not only an opportunity to serve but an opportunity to teach knitting!
    2) 13 days on an Alaskan cruise with my in-laws. Lots of opportunities for knitting while observing beautiful scenery.
    3) Completing both of the KALs I’ve (foolishly?!) signed on for…by the end of August!

  5. Three things I love:
    1) There was a Loopy package on my doorstep today.
    2) I think I finally found a pattern to use my Sea Silk on.
    3) There were Tootsie Rolls in my Loopy box. Made in Chicago!

    Now to check out the Sneak Up!

  6. Take another sip…. I’m just popping by to say Hi and give you the opportunity for a couple more sips of coffee…

    Oh, three things to do tonight…
    1. work on my soon-to-be-born grandson’s Baby Surprise Sweater.
    2. drink water
    3. get my daughter started on knitting baby burp cloths

  7. Enjoy the coffee. Personally, I like “high test” coffe to get me going. That’s Starbucks black with an extra shot of expresso.

    As Jane said, tonight is :

    1. Finish the pocket book slippers (75% done)
    2. Ply what’s on the wheel now, so I can start spinning for the KAL
    3. If I have additional time, work on BSJ for a friend at work.

  8. Sheri,
    I read your blog faithfully just to get another glimpse of St. Louis! Hopefully we will be able to come back next year to visit my son and dtr-in-law and The Loopy Ewe! In the meantime I’m enjoying your blog, the sock club and my latest shipment of yarn to start my DIL’s socks for Christmas. The Garisole will have to wait for another time, too many WIP’s. Yours will be beautiful (as all of your work is)! It still looks like more than I can handle, no matter how easy everyone says it is. It’s 95 degrees here, hard to work on anything big. My summer goals:
    1. Finish my 2 pair of socks in progress
    2. Finish those all too simple but forgotten baby booties for my friend
    3. Start and finish DIL’s socks to give at Christmas.

    I just may need extra chocolate along the way!! I think I’ll stick with M&M’s though, the blizzard thing sounds way over the calorie budget!
    The rug is beautiful by the way..

  9. he he he.
    I just love how your girasole is turning out in the Black Magic colorway! It’s awesome!! Makes me want to do another, and I haven’t even had a chance to start the first one yet!!

  10. LOVE the rug.
    I did a pair of socks in the DIC Starry -Punk Fushia. So I decided to do the Girasole in the DIC
    Starry- Blue Lagoon. Can’t wait.
    Plus Sherri, I read your blog…………… makes my day!

  11. Of course we follow the blog!

    Three things on a Monday
    1) I’m working next weekend and was meant to have had the morning off. I realized this AFTER I got to work this morning. Fortunately I could take the afternoon off.
    2) Coming home, I apparently needed a four hour nap
    3) My Father’s Day Knitting is done–just has to be shipped!!


  12. I have to say I would have to pass on the Brownie Batter Blizzard….. (it’s ok.. we can agree to disagree :-)!!) My favorite ice cream treat right now is a scoop of vanilla with a couple of kiwi cut up into it. Yum Yum!!!!!

    Three things I’m hoping to do tomorrow:
    1. Start my girasole 🙂
    2. Spend oodles of time with my daughter who is just returning from Amman
    3. Weed my garden

  13. Ok I can comment. I usually do not but I love reading my comments so it makes sense that everyone else does too. =)

    Thanks for the reminder I have been going back and forth on what yarn to use. I have to go order!!

  14. I, too, am a faithful reader but seldom comment. I would love to join the KAL but am so over committed this summer that I think my brain would explode if I even thought about it too seriously. I would also love to do Jared Flood’s Hemlock Blanket. At this time, I don’t know which I will succumb to first.

    3 things to do today, or maybe tomorrw now as it is late..

    1. Knit night! I am working on a stealth project. What happens at Deer Camp stays at Deer Camp, or so my hunters say. I am planning a surprise package for them. I can hardly wait to see what they say, if anything.
    2. Finish a cross stitch sample for the shop at which I work. It is a new item, picked up at TNNA. Missed you there but did get to see Cookie and a sneak peek at her next new book.
    3. Decide on a yarn for the wrap/scarf I am test knitting. It is written as a scarf but I want to make it into a wrap. Fingering yarn weight, too many choices in my stash. Gotta decide or it will be too late.

    Enjoy your coffee, N

  15. 1. I’m really enjoying working on my girasole – I hope to finish chart C tonight!

    2. I’ve dropped all my other wips because I’m knitting this on a deadline!

    3. I think I’ve become addicted to DQ Blizzards, but my fav is the Hawaiian

  16. I’m happy to enable that second cup of coffee, because goodness knows I enjoy my two cups! I got to feed rhinos (really and for true) this weekend, and saw sheep at my LYS’ knit in public day. Come to think of it, that makes this a pretty odd weekend, eh?

  17. Ohhh that Girasole is going to be gorgeous!

    What’s going on with me … hmm … I just finished my first shawl (handspun even!) and it’s blocking and I can’t wait for it to be done. It’s so gorgeous! I’m totally going to be addicted now …

  18. My three things to share…
    1. I just got back from taking 50 seventh graders to Washington DC where we toured the National Holocaust Museum the day it re-opened and my trip co-leader and I were interviewed by The Washington Post.
    2. My son did the wreath laying at The Tomb of The Unknowns at Arlington Cemetery during the trip.
    3. My trip co-leader, my best friend, the love of my life, proposed to me on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and I accepted!

  19. Hi Sheri. My three things:
    1. I finally managed to cast on correctly for my Girasole and I’m making good progress.
    2. Cats and lace knitting really don’t mix well. I’d be much further along if I didn’t have to protect my knitting so much.
    3. I really want to make the blanket too. I need to decide which yarn to use tonight so I can place my order. 🙂

  20. Well, I have to leave a comment just so you can enjoy your morning coffee a little longer. I do the same thing in the morning, although with the weather getting hotter and outside chores to be done, I just might start having my coffee and computer time later in the day so I can get the outside/hot weather/buggy stuff done while it is still cool.

    Let’s see – three things I did this weekend – 1. Observed the putting up of the first cutting hay; 2. Rooed a couple of the Shetland rams – although not too successfully – must be the long, cool spring we’ve been having; 3. Did some spinning of some Coopworth roving – I have about 2 and a half pounds total – someday I hope to knit it into a sweater!

  21. That’s a great rug, I love rugs — the patterns, the colors, the endless styles. My rug wants are almost as big as my yarn wants — though yarn is a much cheaper splurge!

  22. Ha! I laughed out loud about the DQ. My husband’s favorite blizzard of all time is the Brownie Batter. He was *so* sad when they stopped making it! He happened to catch the commercial for it a couple of weeks ago. Sheri, you should have seen this big man’s face. It lit up. Like a child at Christmas. He looked at me, grinned, and said, “Let’s go to Dairy Queen!”
    I was horrible and told him no, that I wasn’t driving 50 miles to the nearest DQ just to satisfy his Brownie Batter craving.

    I think I broke his heart.

    As for my list of three, here are my current fibery projects:
    1. Girasole (the blanket). The one I started in March. I just finished chart D and will start E sometime this week.
    2. WendyKnits’ Cabletini socks with my own handspun. I am crazy in love with knitting my own yarn! It’s turning out to be a pretty good sock yarn, all things considered. I’m using two size 1 circs.
    3. Processing an entire Shetland fleece I picked up at the Maine Fiber Frolic a week and a half ago. I’ve never washed a whole fleece before, and will be blogging the process. Woo hoo!

    PS: I love your blog, Sheri, and will try to be a better commenter (and less of a lurker). Seeing your responses in my email make my day!

  23. I’m enjoying my coffee and reading your blog, so I guess that turn about is fair play! :0) My Challenge socks aren’t even started. I’ve been knitting a ton on a baby blanket that I need to finish. *Sigh* So much fun knitting, so little time!

  24. This will be my first Loopy Ewe KAL and my first lace shawl. I am about to complete (YAY) my VERY FIRST lace socks so I’m pretty proud of myself and itching to take it to the next level.
    The discount was SO sweet of you and I cannot wait to get my yarn. I am hoping it gets here by tomorrow so I can take it on vacation with me.
    Thank you for all you do for us!

  25. Three things from my Monday:

    1. So happy to be home from our almost 2 week stay in Florida. It was a great visit but there’s no place like home!

    2. Being home means I can catch up with all the blogs (like TLE!) that I follow.

    3. I started a 2nd clapotis in Schaefer Nicole and I love the way it’s knitting up so far. The colorway is Bella which is just perfect! 🙂

  26. Things I’m happy for today:

    1. Picked up my new puppy last nights (she’s the sweetest thing)

    2. I’m off from work today.

    3. Looks like no rain.

    4. Maybe some knitting time.

    Love the colorway of your new Girasole and the new rug. Hope to cast on the Girasole later in the week.

  27. I’m making my first sweater!!! 🙂 Well, I cast a couple on (just barely for myself) but that’s as far as they’ve gotten. I’m making some sweaters for Warm Woolies this month and am about to bind off the collar and move to the sleeves (to be knit 2AAT of course, like my socks). Maybe I’ll finish tonight.

    Oh and my challenge this quarter was to knit 3 pair of “guy” socks before their concert here at the end of July. Well 2 pair are finished and #3 is on the needles. I don’t know if I’ll finish all 3 this month….maybe, but these are some BIG feet so I’m happy. 😉

    Can’t wait to start my Girasole.

  28. I’ve been eyeing the Girasole project since I saw your finished one, but honestly, I’m skeered. You’ve said the pattern is easy, but I’m a new knitter (since December 08) and I’m not sure your easy is my easy. So I’ve skipped this knitalong but I’m still eyeing that project. But just one question. How many yards does it take?

    Pretty rug!

  29. I cast on Girasole last night. It was pretty late, so I only got part way through chart B. You were so right – it is totally addictive!

  30. My three things accomplished this past week…..

    1. Groomed all three of my long-haired cats!! (to me this is a good thing ….but I don’t think they would agree.) BYW my oldest kitty will be 21 in three months!

    2. Finished ALL my ironing — including some hidden away out of sight and out of mind!

    3. Cleaned out my knitting closet. I wanted everything in its place so that I can start my Girasole as soon as yarn arrives!

    Your Girasole with Schaefer Yarn is beautiful. I wasn’t sure about doing one in multicolors so mine (my first one, at least) will be a cream color). Am already planning a second one. I do like SY Anne and will be waiting to hear if you can do it with 2 skeins — 1120 yds. If it takes three, there should be enough left for matching socks!!

  31. THAT RUG !!!!
    would look perfect in my bedroom !!perrrrrrrrfect !!!
    where did you get it ???
    as for the Girasole ….I am changing my avitar and name to “frog princess”
    because of excessive frogging while trying to start ANY new project !
    I am the slowwwest learner…however after 5 very diligent (sp?)attempts…I managed to complete chart A …yayyyyayayayaayy!
    while I love the color of my Araucania Itata…I think it may be a rather challengeing yarn for a newbie lace knitter like myself …there is really no elasticity….
    more learning curves !

  32. I’ve wracked my brains (such as they are) but can’t come up with any “Three Things” to share—we had an unexpected house guest over the weekend and that pretty much torpedoed all my plans, especially the knitting-related ones!

    This week we’ve got report cards and car maintenance coming up. Nothing but fun around here.

    Your new Girasole looks lovely—I can’t wait for the yarn to arrive so I can get started on mine!

  33. the rug is gorgeous. I want it.

    the Girasole is fantastic even if I cant get my mind around 640 stitches at one point.

    I have a coupon for a free Brownie Batter Blizzard. I was debating whether to use it or give to someone else. There is a DQ that I pass when I do a 6 mile run–usually at 6a, tho not always— so I could do my run and get the blizzard for the cooling down final 1/4 mile. or not.

  34. I had a few things worthy of note:

    I have a new Kitchenaid mixer from some very generous friends, so there hasn’t been any knitting and only a bit of cross-stitch as I make everything under the sun (5 uses in 2 days).

    I am avoiding the knitting, because cross-stitch takes more time and I want the piece I’m working on up before the end of the month. Yesterday, I estimated I had 16 days worth of work left, so I need to hop to it if I want it done sooner!

    I am getting better at making coffee with my espresso machine, so I don’t feel like I need to get coffee out all the time. Though I do tend to treat myself at the Donut King on the weekend.

    And a random extra thing, so you can finish your coffee! Our summer feels like it has come and gone. It’s been in the mid to low 60s for the last few days, and I’m wearing cardigans and hooded sweatshirts. Brr!

  35. It looks like you had a great weekend.

    Three things today:
    1. I’m putting off writing a paper for a summer class that the rough draft needs to put up tomorrow.
    2. I’m watching a hilarious episode of I Dream of Jeannie.
    3. I’m trying to find the perfect pattern for mittens that will fit me well.

  36. I have been seriously considering joining the KAL but since I am just now finishing the last Dream in Color KAL project and I am on a yarn diet I will refrain… for right now anyway.

    Ahhh I have been wanting to try one of those Brownie Batter Blizzards, they look so yummy.

    Your Girasole looks lovely!!!!!

  37. Well, it’s the day after, but I’ve been hibernating with the husband while we are on “summer break”. I’ve been working on the same stupid socks since the fling and it’s driving me crazy. They’ve been put in “time out” more than all my other projects combined! I also started (and finished) a Shetland Triangle Shawl and then started on the scarf version of FIberDreams “Domus Aurea”. That’s a fun knit but not something I can take to knit night. Sigh. Also, I need to sew two baby quilts for my Aunt who’s having TWINS (after trying invetro fertilization 4 times) and have it done by laste August.

    Oh, and I’m taking two semesters worth of Latin this summer (9 weeks) I’m nervous as heck about it. I’ve a feeling it’ll cut back on my knitting time.

  38. Hi
    Sheri – get your lil paws off that Brownie!…Just mentioning it makes me want one.
    My dad died Saturday morning, we will be going to the ocean soon – it will be good to stare out at the water and destress. I’ll be missing him on Father’s Day this year and always. Make sure you let your loved ones know you LOVE them. 🙂

  39. I *love* the new rug – what great leaves! I’m hoping to get my Girasole yarn on Thursday to start cranking. The friends I am making it for (as a housewarming gift) are supposed to be moving in in 7 weeks! (I’m secretly hoping for construction delays…)

  40. My three things:

    1. My boyfriend found an old acoustic guitar at a rummage sale this weekend for $10 and bought it for me. I’m learning to play silly songs so I can call him at work and leave them on his voicemail.

    2. My cat Shadow learned how to sit on his back legs like a person. He looks like Buddah when he does it. 🙂

    3. I learned that pumpkin plants have these giant yellow flowers that bloom on the vines when they grow. I’m growing pumpkins for the first time and when I went to water them this morning I found these beautiful giant flowers blooming! What a neat surprise!

    Enjoy your coffee!

  41. I have a few things I could share…
    1. I got a haircut, finally. Last time I got my hair cut was January, FPS. I keep trying new salons and new stylists, trying to find the one that’ll do what I want and be appropriately natural and classy about it, and I think I finally found them!
    2. I’ve been knitting and knitting and hardly getting anything done. I’ve got a couple of projects on the needles, but it feels like whenever I pick them up I’d rather do something else, or when I do work on them, they go nowhere! Keep working, keep working.
    3. I really want an iPhone. It would just add to my hippie yuppie status. Yikes.

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