Loopy Loves No-Cal Treats … and a CONTEST!

jules_day1There are so many of you out there making Girasoles with our KAL and I wish I could invite everyone to a Sit & Knit one night to work on them! (Never mind that we couldn’t contain all of the KALers here at Loopy Central if you all came on the same night. This is just me, thinking wishfully wishfully thinking contemplating how fun it would be.) See this little circle? It’s the start of Knitting Daughter’s KAL. She and Elf Donna talked themselves into making one and I’m really happy about that.  Donna is using Cascade 220 and KD is using Cascade Heritage. KD has knit plenty of socks and scarves, but this is her first lace project and her first chart-reading project. I think being a Loopy Elf for the summer is getting to her….

dsc02738Thanks for weighing in (snicker) on Brownie Batter Blizzards. I’m glad that it’s a limited edition flavor and that it will be going away soon. I have a better option for all of us. Remember when I blogged about Marlon and her amazing knitted pastries back in February?  As soon as I saw them, I was trying to figure out how to get some, as they are just too cute. I told her that she really ought to set up an Etsy shop so that I could buy dsc02739some other people could enjoy her beautiful work, too. And she did! As soon as she opened, I hopped over there and bought these two – the Fruit Tart and the Chocolate Strawberry Cake. They arrived in a cute package, and got here lickety split (when you consider that she shipped them from Amsterdam). I thought that I’d set them out on display in our kitchen at Loopy Central, but I have kind of been enjoying them in dsc02751my office for too long, now. I don’t want to give them up. (Check out the latest pastries in her shop. The whipped cream cracks me up! And the Poached Pear in Wine Sauce? Rhubarb Pie? Carrot Cake? sigh.) She plans to continue to add a few new ones in most every week, so bookmark it and keep an eye on things there.

My contest question for you this month: If you were knitting up your favorite dessert, what would you be knitting? (Not a fan of desserts? What other food item do you think would be fun to see knit up?) Leave your answer in the comments and I’ll draw for the winners next week. Since Marlon used Wollmeise Rhubarb in her Rhubarb Pie, I think we’ll use Wollmeise yarn for the prize in the contest. That seems fair.

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  1. Tiramisu or Cherries Jubliee

    Okay, the Tiramisu is feasible but I don’t have a clue how you would create t a flambeed dessert ;P

  2. Seems a knitted desert would be kind of fibery and I’m a creamy type of gal. But maybe a pie with a lattice work crust, because that would be really pretty to knit. Or something with spun sugar, with some sort of a shiny yarn

  3. I love Creme Brulee too, but i think it would look too boring to knit, I think any kind of crepe would be a pretty easy round to knit and you could fill it with just about any favorite filling. in fact, you could knit the crepe and then change out the fillings as they appealed to you;) Yum…. I had some lovely crepes in London, raspberry with creme custard & white chocolate filling… covered with whipped fresh cream of course… i can taste them now…I wish i had found that place the first day I would have eaten there everyday i was visiting! Juli

  4. Brownies with chocolate sauce, topped with vanilla ice cream and walnuts. Not sure how I’d knit it, but yum!!!

  5. I love all the doughnuts that I’ve seen knit up, but we’ve been eating a lot of s’mores around here recently! those might be cute…

  6. My mom makes this wonderful white cake with lots of this decadent whipped frosting and covers it with coconut.

  7. Another vote for key lime pie. I love chocolate anything but key lime pie is so pretty and tasty too!

  8. There are too many to choose from….my ultimate favorite right now is a big bowl of green tea ice cream – YUM!!!! Especially since our summer weather has hit. LOVE IT!!!!!!! Is there a green tea ice cream colorway in sock yarn???

  9. I have been into ice cream cones lately. I’m sure there are even nice knitting patterns for ice cream cones. In fact, I could put a little rattle inside. So what is holding me back? Well, I guess I don’t find wool that appetizing, though I love it so!

    I also like pecan pie, but I have no idea how I would knit that!

  10. For the variety in the knitting, I would make peanut butter chip and jelly bars. There is a crumb topping with peanut butter chips that would require some bumps on top and then the jelly in the middle would add some color, maybe some little beads in the jelly for seeds.

  11. I would knit my favorite dessert from my childhood: Floating Island, which is a thin custard with baked meringue “islands” floating in it. It was yummy!

  12. I think I’d like to have a scoop of creamy Red Raspberry ice cream between two large, fat Shortbread cookies. Not only would it look pretty, but it would taste like heaven, especlally here in Ohio with 90 degree temps and high humidity…yumm

  13. I don’t precisely know how I’d accomplish this but I’d like to knit up some sorbet–maybe a nice lemon. Icy, tart and light. I think I’d have to do it symbolically with a lacy scarf!

  14. Cinnabon pecan and caramel cinnamon buns – all the yum without the imminent heart attack! Perfect use for some of those brown semi-solids that I can never figure out a reason to buy.

  15. Hi Sheri – Terri from Oklahoma City – we met last February in your shop. Desserts to me are anything eaten after a meal – candy, cookies, pies…. speaking of a pie – Coconut Cream Pie comes to mind.

    Have fun on your vacation! The windmills remind of Don Quiote.

  16. Hi Sheri – I hope you are enjoying your vacation. Desserts to me are anything sweet after a meal – candy, cookies, pie – such as COCONUT CREAM PIE!

    The windmills are in Oklahoma too and remind me of Don Quiote.

  17. Oh, I would love to have lots of fruit for dessert. I cant get anything fresh and ripe up here without paying thru the nose so what I really crave is fresh apples, strawberries, grapes, plums, apricots, peaches, nectarines, pears, cherries, watermelon, kiwi….the list never ends and until I can finally get some fresh fruit, it wont!

  18. I would knit up a Mississippi Mud Pie or Strawberry Cake with fresh strawberries between the wo layeres and Strawberries topping it.

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