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dsc02752Sometimes we come across unusual street names as we’re packing orders. (No, I’m not going to mention any. You might live on one and think that there is absolutely nothing unusual at all dsc02754about it.) We have fun seeing where everyone lives and seeing if your street name “goes with” your city and state. Some do, and some …. well, you just have to wonder. We have street names here at Loopy Central, too, complete with signs so that in-person shoppers can find the section they’re looking for. Here we have Lace Lane, Roving Row, Worsted Way, and Pattern Place.  Not only do the in-store shoppers use them, but they are useful to us, too. Before we expanded last summer, you pretty dsc02753much knew where anyone was at any given time, because …. well, they were right there. Now, it’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “I’ll be back in Roving Row if you need me” because Roving Row is all the way back there by the Wall of Cascade.  And that’s a far bit away from the front room.  You’re welcome to come play in the streets here any time!

I tried a new crockpot recipe this week (adapted from a Betty Crocker slow cooker recipe) and it smelled great when I walked in the door after my day at Loopy. Better yet, it tastes wonderful, too.  I love crockpot recipes at all times of the year, but it’s especially nice in the summer when you really don’t want to heat up the whole kitchen. (I could not get a good photo of this to save my life. I took 12 and this was the “best” one. Sad, isn’t it? Sorry for the blur. But it does taste good!)

dsc02767Hoisin Pork Roast

3 lbs. pork roast
1 medium onion, sliced
1 cup Hoisin sauce
2/3 cup seasoned rice vinegar
1/2 cup soy sauce
2 tsp. ground ginger (or 2 Tbl. grated gingerroot)
4 tsp. sesame oil
fresh cilantro leaves, if desired

Place roast in slow cooker. Cover with onion slices.  Mix remaining ingredients except cilantro, and pour over roast and onions.

Cover and cook on low heat for 8-10 hours or until done.

Remove roast to serving platter. Skim fat from surface of juices in cooker. Serve ribs with sauce and sprinkle with cilantro.

Have a great weekend and I’ll be back with you on Monday. In the meantime, do you have any unusual street or city names that you have come across?

Sheri soridiculouslyHOTandHUMIDhereinSt.Louisrightnow


  1. having lived in over 30 locations in this life so far we had had a few interesting ones. When house hunting hubby and i disagreed on a few homes due to street names. (he so wanted to live on sesame st) Our name fits it’s location well i think. When i worked for the airlines it was fun to see the street names as well as some of the interesting email addys folks come up with!

  2. In a town I used to live in, there was a subdivision called Camelot. Some of the street names there were what you’d expect — Lancelot, Excalibur, Guenivere.

    And then there was Pentolope.

    The story is that it was supposed to be Penelope, but someone misspelled it….

  3. The “street” I live on might be called Wilson Way. Or maybe it’s Wilson Road? I’ve heard neighbors call it both. It’s a dirt road that sometimes has a handmade sign with one or the other name stuck out where you turn off the main road. Lately, there’s no sign at all so the directions are “when you pass Pelham Hill, go past two telephone poles on the right then turn right onto the dirt track.”

  4. Mmm… That recipe looks great! I don’t have too many funny street names, but I did have a friend once from Floyd’s Knobs, Indiana. I always liked that one. But the best directions I ever got were from someone I was working with way out in the country once, who told me to drive until I got to the third dirt road (and not to confuse the dirt roads with the dirt driveways), and then to go until I came to the house with the most junked cars. Heh.

  5. finally started to warm up late this afternoon in Western PA. We’ve had two days of rain, so its been chilly here! Today it cleared up and the sun came out 🙂
    I can only think of my parent’s driveway, they had to name it so they came up with Bracken Brae Drive. Its Scottish (I think) and means something like long and bumpy road. Which totally describes their driveway!

  6. There’s a little side street that I found in Muncie, Indiana called Just A Mere Ln. that makes me smile when I see it. They also have streets named after big colleges not far from that little street.

  7. Connecticut has some interesting street names – many I discovered while helping my parents maintain a large mailing list many years ago. Roast Meat Hill Rd. was one that we always chuckled over, and many years later I actually drove down this very rural country road while exploring one Sunday afternoon.

    Pork roast recipe is going into our crockpot for dinner tomorrow – thanks !

  8. We lived on South St in Rocky Comfort until just recently and now we llive on Clement Rd (named for the family who originally settled the 220 acres my family lives on). My favorite Road name howver has to be ShiffeNdecker in Joplin Mo. The reason I capitalizd the N is the fact that is is comonly pronounced “ShiffeRdecker” for some virtually unknowm reason by old and new residents as well as visitors.

  9. The maple tree is to the east suburbs of Louisville what the peach tree is to Atlanta (and if you can add a “spring” or “hurst” or “grove” to it somehow, even better!). However, I’m always amazed that the streets around Churchill Downs are named “normal” street names, rather than for Kentucky Derby winners. You have to go to Lexington for that.

    When we were in college in Cambridge, DH and I lived on Linnaean Street which was always fun to spell over the phone…

    Although I dimly remember Gungywamp from my Navy brat childhood, we lived on the less-exciting-sounding Barry Drive (off base in nearby Gales Ferry). I really miss Connecticut in the fall when the leaves are so gorgeous!

  10. I actually live on a sort of odd street – Purple Finch Road. Whenever I give my address, people pause a minute to figure out if that’s what I really said. I like it though! All the streets in my neighborhood are named after birds, but I think Purple Finch is one of the more fairy tale-esque sounding streets …

  11. We have Vollmerhausen road near us. When we see the sign my husband and I feel compelled to speak in Arnold Schwarzeneger accents for a while afterward.

  12. Hi Sheri
    How about Cragmor Drive….. in Iowa…. where you spent your grade school and high school years. What is a Cragmor, anyway?

  13. Here in Lakewood, Ohio…we have a neighborhood called “birdtown”…because several streets are named after birds

  14. Ok, I really need some field trips…I need to visit the Loopy Ewe and the Wollmeise shop!!

    The street name I enjoy most when I see it is: Vacation Lane.

    Have a good weekend! It’s finally stopped raining and I need to go take a walk while it’s dry outside. 🙂

  15. Here in Australia, I live in town called Sale, unfortunately it does become confusing when there are sales on in shops etc. My grandparents also spent their last 10 years in a lovely street called Halcyon. The were Halcyon days too.

  16. i grew up near sodom road. never thought anything of it. my husband asked if gamora was nearby….

  17. Grand Rapids has a Red Deli Lane. It is close to a bunch of apple names, so we think it was an abbreviation by mistake.

  18. I grew up on Weir Rd in Eastham, MA. People kept stealing the sign because they liked that it sort of spelled “wierd” so the town finally replaced it with a concrete painted post!

  19. Well, not really a streetname, but you do have the zipcodearea “Hell” over in Trøndelag municipality in Norway. It attracts a special kind of tourists 😉

  20. I find that ANYTHING with sesami oil in tastes so much better!! that is oneo fmy favorite flavoring. I make potstickers, and pan fry them in that, and also when I make broccoli salad, I use that also instead of canoli or vegetable oil.
    must try this, but my crock pot died 10 yrs ago. I don’t work at the moment(well 3dogs and 1 kat IS work, LOL
    and I LOVE to smoke things.But i did use that crock pot many times when I was working.


  21. I live in “Winner” South Dakota…………….yes, that Winner that has been in the news lately about the Power Ball winner. And we have a street called Short Street…….it has one house on it. Most of the streets in our town are either numbered as in 10th St or 1st st. or named after presidents.

  22. I think that I would like to come and live at Loopy Central- it looks awesome!

    I might have one of those weird dtreet names- blackfoot road. People always ask me to repeat myself. I know someone who lives on Diane Lane, but she is not called Diane. 🙂

  23. There is a neighborhood here that has fairy tale names: Cinderella Lane, Pinocchio, Snow White, Aladdin, etc. My favorite is Dwarfs Circle. We also have Adjective Circle and Algebra Lane and even Star Trek Lane.

  24. I used to live on Lisa Lane. No, it was not named after me, but everybody asked. I used to tell people I changed my name when I moved there, just so I wouldn’t forget where I lived. 😉

  25. We live on Charles Crawford Dr. and we always wondered who it was named after. I work at the polls on election day and a few years ago, in he came!

  26. My parents live on Heck Hill Road. Also nearby are Helltown Road, Lonesome Road and Possum Hollow Road.

  27. My boyfriend took me on a tour of his old neighborhood the last time we went to visit his family. During his high school years he lived by a Butts Rd and the school that his little sister attended at the time was Butts Road Primary. I had the longest laughing fit over that one.

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