Three Things on Monday

dsc02730Knitting Daughter and I had a fun weekend. Web Guy is still traipsing around the country and Wonder Husband drove up to Iowa to see his mum and sister, so we stayed home to tend the fires. Or the knitting and the cats, as the case may be. I hope you had a fun weekend, too!

Three things I knit upon this weekend:
1. Challenge Socks. I know they’re supposed to be done by the end of June. (Well, at least ONE. You know me when it comes to pairs of socks.) I love the pattern (Summer Sliding) and the yarn (Numma Numma), it just takes more concentration than I usually have in the evenings when I knit.
2. So I felt that I really needed to start my second Girasole. Remember, that’s the whole reason I did the KAL – because I wanted to make another one. I’m making this one in the shawl version out of Schaefer Anne. (Black Magic colorway). Isn’t it fun how the colors are knitting up? I’m on Chart D. Part of the knitting is tucked under. I really tried to put off starting this next one, but obviously it didn’t work.
dsc027323. I also felt the need to cast on another project, because this is a new yarn that I’m trying out and I needed to get on it. So far, I love it. A little splitty, so I have to pay attention. But it’s knitting up beautifully and I will love wearing it.

Three things we did besides knitting this weekend:
1.  A little shopping.
2. A little tv watching and movies.
3. A little Brownie Batter Blizzard. (When are they going to take that extremely effective stupid Dairie Queen Brownie Batter Blizzard commercial off the air, FPS?)

dsc02733Three things going on around here today:
1. Lots more KAL orders going out. It’s so fun to have so many of you joining in on this!  Remember, the discount ends at midnight tonight.
2. We have a new rug in our Sit & Knit area. This will relate to something later in the summer. For now, I just wanted to show it to you because we like it here.
dsc027363.  Lots more yarn has come in, but we haven’t had a second to unpack any of those cases all day.

Three reasons to leave a comment today:
1. Reading your comments is healthier more fun a better way to spend my time than having another Brownie Batter Blizzard. And SOMEtimes it’s more fun….
2. I like knowing that you all are out there and actually check in on the blog from time to time. It’s nice to get to know all of you “regulars”!
3. The more comments there are tomorrow morning when I come in, the longer I can sit at my computer, drinking coffee, and enjoying them. (Not that that will affect your Sneak Up orders, because the Elves will be here and they will hop right on those. But it will affect how much coffee I can get in before attacking the orders with the Elves.)

Sheri doyouhaveathingortwoorthreetosharetoday?


  1. Your Girasole is beautiful!!! Wow!! I joined the KAL (my first lace project–first large project) and plan to start soon! Love the colors in yours. Mine is solid, a light violet or lavender—next I’ll want to try a variegated! I’m already addicted, and I haven’t even started yet. Hope it is as easy as everyone is saying……..But I’m anxious to get started!! Thanks~

  2. Three things I’m happy about:
    my arm feels better now from the KAL twisting last week 😉
    my KAL yarn came today so I can watch Under the Tuscan Sun or Calendar Girls land cast on soon
    it’s knit night
    Three projects I’m working on:
    Whispering Pine shawl in Malabrigo lace
    Buttons Cardigan (baby)
    Plain vanilla socks

    Notice that I didn’t mention my Challenge socks. They’re not gonna happen but are next up in my sock queue (Nebula Socks).

  3. That’s a really cool rug!

    I hope you enjoy your coffee tomorrow morning (or maybe it’s today when you read this). I know I will enjoy going to the post-office to get my Loopy-package that arrived today without getting stuck in customs *yay* I didn’t have time to go get in today since we had our last lesson of puppy-class today.
    Someone brought her kid and my puppy decided that today kids are relly scary, oh well, he’ll grow up eventually, the puppy I mean… Last week it was umbrellas that was super-duper-scary *sigh* But at least that seems to have passed.

    I hope your day will be really great!

  4. What did you think of the Brownie Batter Blizzard? I had a small one, and it was TOO.MUCH. I really couldn’t believe it because I’m a CHOCOLATE girl. But, I finished it because I really needed to be sure that it was TOO.MUCH. 🙂

  5. I love the colors on that new yarn you are trying out. The colorway should be called peppermint mocha.

    Did you say sneak-up Shari?


  6. the rug looks interesting.

    I started Girasole this weekend (picture on the blog) and I can’t wait to get home to pick it back up – about to start Chart D. I did make a second copy of the pattern and cut it up to put in my knit journal – 1 chart per page, except chart D which took two. You weren’t kidding that it’s “that” addicting and I now want to make the blanket (but will wait until I’m in the new apartment in a few months or so) (got to find one first)

  7. Sheri, I’m a faithful reader of your blog. In fact, I look forward to reading it. Anxiously awaiting my Girasole yarn. Some Summer Sky in DIC Classy. One day I’ll break this blue addiction I have. I almost caved and got Butter Peeps. So close.

    My arms are feeling better and I’m actually able to knit some : ) I’m working on a Gale stole by Anne Hanson. A third of the way done.

    Glad you and knitting dau had fun this weekend.

    Now you’ve intrigued all of us with the rug. You’re such a tease. : )

  8. Do I really need to have only ONE challenge sock done by the end of June? I could make it after all!

  9. Hmmm, I haven’t heard of the brownie batter Blizzard, but it sounds interesting! I guess I am one of the few people I know who isn’t a chocolate fiend…I much prefer vanilla or cinnamon flavors, or the new Peach milkshake at Chick-Fil-A…Now that is yummy!

    I am making fairly good progress on my Girasole. I am half way through Chart C, but I am having to split my knitting time between THREE KAL’s – Wendy’s Socks From the Toe Up KAL, Loopy Ewe Girasole KAL and The Trevi Tee KAL at my LYS…I am finished with my sock for the month of June, so I am working on Girasole and Trevi Tee…Love them both!

  10. When I received my Girasole Malabrigo last week, I loved the Loopy postcard that came along with it and invited me to photograph Loopy in interesting places. My husband and I are driving from Houston to the Chicago area soon to visit family, and are planning to visit the Gateway Arch on the way–since neither of us have ever been there. So I started imagining a photo of Loopy at the Arch. Silly me–only later did I remember where The Loopy Ewe is located! I’ll bet Loopy has been there, done that…

  11. I am loving working on Girasole – I had to force myself to put it down and go to bed last night before I justonemorerowed myself into no sleep.
    Your first one turned out beautifully and I can’t wait to see the lace version all blocked out!

  12. Oh, boy, do I have three things that I can list. The problem today is picking WHICH three things to list and not doing all of them. 🙂 So, I think I’ll go with the three sort of semi-happy ones, as the others will just facilitate my nervous breakdown and trip to Disneyland with BFF Liz.

    1. I have WAY more WIPS than I should, and it has dawned on me how long some have been on the needles. I’ve got two I hope to finish this week, because there’s a project I need to start and get through REALLY FAST. I need to make a wrap for a wedding, and it needs to be done by a week from Saturday. Yea. Right. Good thing I’m crocheting it. Goes a lot faster.
    2. My yard is cleaned up/straightened out, and the guys are SUPPOSED to come today and start taking out the old sidewalk and patios to repair them. Now, if only I had time to actually plant my flowers….
    3. I have a family wedding next weekend (the wrap is for that), and will have a little extra time there to relax and work on stuff while my mom visits with my cousins and her college friends. 🙂 Works for me!

  13. Love the rug! I also love the Maruca Worker Bee Gloriosa bag that I got from your last Sneak Up! Bags are so hard to resist.

  14. hmm – three things to list:
    1. work on prayer shawl for cousin-doing it in worsted wt acrylic/wool so it’s knitting up quickly (and she’s not a knitter thus easy to care for yarn).
    2. ordering blood testing kit to see if I am a match to my cousin’s son for possible bone marrow transplant
    3. teaching myself to use kick spindle so I can quiet the thoughts in my head and find some peace.

  15. The yarn for your new Girasole is lovely. I don’t think I’m ready to tackle this project yet. Although I do think I’m clapotised out (made 9). Am currently working on my first Ishbel and think this will be my new addiction! Besides socks, of course!
    The rug looks really nice!
    Enjoy your morning coffee and have a wonderful day!
    You have made so many wonderful yarn recommendations and I have liked each one, thank you so much.
    Boynton Beach, FL

  16. I’m working on my girasole and you’re right…it’s a pretty easy pattern! I love the Black Magic color you are using! I’ll have to check my stash. I think I have some Schaefer yarn in a different color that I might use for a smaller girasole. The one I’m knitting with DIC is going to my niece.

    Also, what is that pink yarn that you’re test knitting? (like I need another skein of pink yarn!) Have a good week.

  17. I too am posting to keep you in your coffee.
    Three things-
    Got all my weeding and pruning done this weekend.
    I’m really close to finishing a farouse shawl-pattern and yarn from TLE during Spring Fling.
    Husband finally figured out how to use his machine for sleep apnea. The snoring was about to cause him some major harm. Wanna guess where the harm would have come from?

  18. I have to go with my best friend this evening to a “talk” about health stuff and DH says bringing my knitting would be rude. I am not exactly known for my politeness. ;0)

  19. Hi Sheri!

    My three things I need to do this week:

    1. Finish my Vog On second sock (sent you a picture of the first completed one).
    2. Stick to my exercise routine so I can…
    3. Go and try one of those yummy sounding Brownie Batter Blizzards. Darn it, you had to mention it and I love chocolate!! 🙂

    Enjoy reading the comments and love the rug, some of my favorite colors!

  20. I L.O.V.E how the Schaefer Anne is knitting up! Man, that might just have convinced me to do a Girasole!

    Right now I’m completely addicted to socks. I have 2 pair OTN, one completely finished, and I’m reading a book on knitting two-at-a-time in order to get them done faster! Hopefully I’ll have a pair (or two) to get pictures for the 2nd quarter contest!

    (As to the Blizzard…my local ice cream place has a flavor that is vanilla ice cream, brownie chunks, and caramel. It is the stuff dreams are made of.)

  21. Oh, OK…so the things I’m trying to get off my needles before leaping into my second Girasole…1) My F’s F Fingering garter rib socks in Wildflowers, 2) My cotton Mantra scarf…I’m loving this one, so it’s almost done, and 3) My poor old abandoned Wine and Cheese socks (which I have successfully ignored while completing other WIP’s.

    Don’t you just love Girasole in fingering weight? I love your color choice!

    Oh, might some of that Juniper be sneaking up???????

  22. 1. I am wondering if summer is ever coming to Minnesota. It is 66 here today and rainy and I am wearing a sweatshirt.
    2. Wish I had time to participate in the KAL but will have to pass this go around I think.
    3. I have been working on the same pair of socks for over a month. It seems I have lost my sock knitting mojo. If you find it could you send it back???????

  23. Love the new rug! But then Loopy Central is just a lovely place – so visually stimulating. I’m sure you enjoyed your weekend with Julia. What fun! I wish I could get my daughter to knit – maybe someday!
    My three things to look forward to this week are:
    1. My daughter will be home tomorrow from her 8th grade trip to DC.
    2. Knitting on my Girasole – I could hardly put it down last night to go to sleep and couldn’t wait to get home from work to start again.
    3. Heading to the farm next weekend to continue putting the new house in order – I would love to invite you and the elves for a knitting weekend sometime!

    Have an awesome week at Loopy Central!

  24. Sheri: I read your blog faithfully, my WH would say obsessively! I found out about the KAL while in Whistler, BC–using WH’s work laptop to check in with TLE. I had to wait to choose a color until we got home, though, as his laptop color is not as good as the desktop at home!
    Three things I’m knitting: Nancy Bush’s traveling socks, in Shaeffer Anne. Too complicated for “dog tired”knitting. Nephew’s wedding afghan in Cascade 220—once I finish the last two blocks (Moderne Log Cabin from MD Knitting) I”ll order the yarn I need to finish the border—less than one month and counting, so no matter what else I want to cast on, its got to be finished first! (And the Girasole yarn will be here Wednesday!!!) And finally, a scarf for my Mom’s birthday in December from Malabrigo laceweight—yummy!
    Three things I did this weekend: Watched Lonesome Dove with WH, for the first time, and loved Gus—cried at the end! Weeded, weeded, and more weeded—still much to do, as aforementioned trip to BC was a two week trip, and it rained every day we were gone here! Worked on aforementioned nephew wedding present. Notice how wedding and weeding are almost the same? Hmmmm.
    You mentioned a week or so ago trying to decide about getting you and stock to Portland in August. We drove I-90 from Sioux Falls to Seattle—most beautiful drive we’ve ever seen. I was so busy looking at scenery I couldn’t even break out my knitting, FPS!
    Happy days!

  25. I totally understand why you would want to cast on so quickly for another Girasole! I’m on chart D of my first one and I’m thinking that about the time I get to the really long rounds I may cast on a shawl version to knit too. I have some cherry tree hill that I’ve been holding for a shawl for some time and I think it would make a lovely girasole. Why I chose to do the blanket one in a dark color, in a non-superwash yarn beats the heck out of me – I’m already fighting off cat hairs! I’ll end up finishing it and probably gifting it because my brain must have been on hold the day I ordered! I’ll need to make a superwash blanket version for myself, but a lighter color I think.

    You haven’t mentioned your spinning in awhile Sheri – are you still spinning? I figured that Girasole is a nice pattern possibility for handspun because the gauge is really so flexible (as long as my spun yarn is fairly consistent in gauge I should get another girasole out of it).

  26. I really like the new rug! It is just my colors. My goals for this week:
    1. Live through working 4 12 hour shifts.
    2. Finish Melanie Gibbon’s “Flamenco” which I am really enjoying.
    3.Start Aphrodite for my niece’s birthday gift. I have till the middle of August, but I have to do the large size as she is 5’11” tall.

  27. I have only gotten thru Chart C of Girasole (I feel like such a slacker compared to others in the KAL) but it’s still going faster than I thought it would. I am making a shawl version in a natural color for my mom, but I am already thinking of knitting another one in a more colorful yarn for me! It’s crazy I tell ya, crazy!

  28. Sheri, you should absolutely get more time to sip our coffee and read our comments, so I’ll toss in a few to help you relax your pace:
    1) I baked two small pans of brownies for today’s staff meeting at work, and my coworkers gobbled them up! (I got a small square from one pan, and can recommend Archer Farms (Target house brand) Black Forest brownie mix.)
    2) I took my first ever turn at facilitating a staff meeting, and didn’t have to smack anyone with the spatula I brought for the brownies.
    3) During my drive home, I realized I forgot to take the brownie spatula back home with me!

    Hmm, I guess this is not helping you NOT think of that ice cream treat, is it? Whoops, I am a bad influence. ;D

  29. Here’s a good laugh to start your day — The story of the train wreck that was my Monday morning —

    Even though the bus schedule shifted this morning, so that my departure is 14 minutes later than it was last week, I got up at the usual 6:30 so that I could drop my son at camp on my way to the bus. In typical twelve year old fashion, he declined to cooperate when I sweetly asked him to get up and moving. In the process of gently prodding him, helping him find his shoes and reminding him to brush teeth and hair, I somehow lost track of the fact that I had failed to apply makeup.

    There were many, many people dropping their kids at camp at the leisurely hour of 7:30 – It was a nice opportunity to run into a lot of people I know and leave them wondering why I looked vaguely washed out this morning.

    After the boy declined to say goodbye or even acknowledge my existence (I know he was just trying to save me some time; it has nothing to do with being a hormonal preteen boy who would prefer to be raised by wolves), I drove at exactly the speed limit all the way to the park & ride, pulling in just behind my bus. No worries! It was a nice little bit of exercise to run across the lot, and very exciting to be the absolute last person to board. Also, the unexpected exertion made me warm enough that it really didn’t matter that I forgot to grab my coat when I got out of the van.

    After doing a little deep breathing exercise that I like to do to relax (usually I have to be at work for a few hours before this is necessary), I looked down and realized that when I decided to change my shirt this morning, I neglected to change my underclothing as well. No worries! Black underwear with a pink shirt is pretty standard attire for a downtown law firm and since I don’t have my coat with me, everyone will be able to enjoy my fashion statement right along with me.

    All that by just 8:15 this morning! I’ve stayed hidden in my little cube most of the day and will head home shortly, where they don’t notice, much less care, what underwear I have on!

    Enjoy YOUR day!


  30. Very elegant and dramatic Girasole, and that new rug is so cheerful looking. What a lovely spot to sit and knit!
    Good luck on getting at least one challenge sock done. My Challenge Sock project right now is to finish the pair of socks I’m making for my husband for Father’s Day.

  31. I do check your blog 3x a week, but sometimes I just don’t have anything worth-wild to say.
    I did finish a summer sweater that I started March ’08. YAY.
    I am not (sorry to say) participating in the shawl KAL because that project scares me and I feel like it’s out of my league. I’ll enjoy watching everyone’s progress tho.
    I’m hooked on root beer shakes at our locally owned ice cream dive – Help me!

  32. All this Girasole knitting is getting to me – I really might have to make one, but it will have to be from my stash because I’m on a strict yarn diet. 🙂 I organized and cataloged my stash recently and I found I have stuff I didn’t even know I had (yeeps).

  33. I find I can’t start my day without a little quiet time for me- coffee, breakfast and checking my computer!

    I am happy there are only 4 days left of school (me a teacher)

  34. Love the rug.

    Why did you have to mention the Blizzard thingy? I don’t watch tv so I didn’t know about it. I feel it calling me now…..

    Darn it!

  35. 1) 63 degrees and yet another day of pouring rain! What’s up with that?
    2) I’ve got a big deadline on Wed., so no time for knitting till after that.
    3) Why do I own so many piles of paper? Why do I have to sort through these piles before I recycle them?

    Hope you have a great week at Loopy Central!

  36. I check your blog daily, just in case you throw one in on an off day! Is that obsessive behavior?
    I have way too many things OTN.
    The Gerisole is suffering because of that and the fact that I can’t watch TV and knit. Or knit and watch TV. Since this is my first ‘lace’ project that actually looks like it’s supposed to at this point, I have to focus!
    Slow down, drink coffee and eat chocolate!

  37. Ha! My problem is with the Wendy’s toffee coffee frosty commercial! (BTW it is delicious)
    Just got my package from the loopy swap on Ravelry, and let me tell you MarthaG outdid herself!

  38. I love your new rug and can’t wait to hear about it. I’m sitting in the hotel here in Columbus getting ready to work on my Girasole. I’m loving this project. Our plane leaves in the morning for California. We’re going on a baseball tour of 3 stadiums–San Diego, Anaheim and LA and then home. Hopefully, I’ll get alot of knitting done 🙂

  39. I was going to knit Girasole, but I find it difficult to knit Jared’s patterns because he knits so tight and I am a loosey goosey knitter. But I am going to look at the pattern again and maybe get an order in before midnight. Wish me luck.

  40. Just wanted to let you know I’m out here and reading the blog. I look forward to Mon, Wed and Fri to check out what’s going on at the Loopy Ewe. So sit back and enjoy your morning coffee. I’ll go check out the sneak up.

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