Three Things on Monday

dsc02379Three things that were waiting for me when I got to Loopy Central this morning:
1. A notebook full of things to put up for tonight’s Sneak Up. (Now up!  Even though we expanded to 18 “What’s New” pages, we still ran over…)
2.  This cute sheepy wall cling, that is now clinging to my computer instead. And since there were four in the package, one is on Susan’s computer and two are on the Loopy ‘fridge.
3.  More boxes of yarn.

Three things that are taking up too much of my time:
1.  Ravelry
2.  Facebook
3.  Laundry
(I like the first two, so they’re ok. I tend to try and ignore the third one…)

Three things that I did this past weekend:
1.  Bones, Season Two (half of it)
2.  Dinner out with my hubby
3.  Worked on my Jaywalker sock.

Three things I’m tired of:
1. Plain vanilla stitches and simple ribs.
2. People who take advantage of others and their generous hearts.
3. Moving yarn around here at Loopy, trying to make room for more.

Three people who won Loopy Gift Certificates from last quarter’s challenge:
1.  Michelle for Autumn Thriller (Knitter’s Choice Award)
2.  Kelli’s NHM #9 Mittens
3.  Barbara’s Dashing Blues
(I hope everyone is working on a Clapotis for this quarter’s challenge!)

Three things that you NEED to check out from tonight’s Sneak Up:
1.  Dye Dreams
2.  Dragonfly Fibers
3.  Fiesta Ballet
(Well, there are 18 pages you need to check out.  But start with those three.)

dsc01574Three things on my To Do List this week:
1.  Make Valentine Cookies
2. Watch last week’s episode of Lost before Wednesday night brings yet another episode.
3.  Start a few new projects. (Don’t I need a Chevron Scarf out of 2 colors of Fiesta Ballet? I know. It’s a sickness…)

Sheri gotanylistsofthreethatyou’dliketosharetoday?


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I fully support your ignoring laundry. I would love to send it out and not have to worry about it. I don’t mind the washing and drying it’s the folding and putting away that I don’t like one bit.

    I have an awesome list of three things to share.

    Three things about my wonderful sister
    1. She’s the most brilliant, talented and beautiful person I know
    2. On Saturday her boyfriend proposed to her on top of Copper Mountain in Colorado. She said yes.
    3. I’ve known that he was going to propose since the Sunday before Christmas and had to keep it a secret.

    Three prayers/wishes that I would like answered
    1. The Mayo Clinic says my dad is a good candidate for a double lung transplant
    2. My dad remains strong enough to make my sisters wish of dancing with our dad at her wedding
    3. Business picks up soon. It’s getting a bit scary over here in Fenton. I hate laying off people.

  2. I don’t have a list of threes for today, but if it counts, I wish for Lori’s wishes to come true. And I wish it 3 times.

  3. Three things I bought from Loopy tonight:
    1) Schacht Bobbin (woot!)
    2) Cascade 220 in Italian Plum
    3) Sheep tape measure

    Three things currently OTN:
    1) FLS for me
    2) cardigan for my best friend’s daughter
    3) scarf for my daughter

    Three things I’m going to do tonight:
    1) watch House
    2) watch 24
    3) Knit my FLS (while doing the above two things)

    Three things that made my day:
    1) fibery package in the mail today
    2) email from Sheri about the Schacht bobbins going up
    3) DH bringing home dishwasher detergent. LOL!

  4. Three things I’m excited about:
    1) my husband, who generally doesn’t want knitted objects, likes the hat I secretly made for him
    2) we’re leaving Wednesday to drive from Berkeley to San Diego for 4 days of rugby-watching (and referee-ing, in my husband’s case), including an international tournament. car time is great for knitting and reading and I love rugby!
    3) I learned today that my much-anticipated, long-awaited Christmas Kindle is going to be the new Kindle 2, which looks fabulous. I wish I had it for this week’s road trip. But at least I know it’s coming.

  5. Well, I bought 3 socks patterns in this sneak up and 2 of them have cables in the design! I want to try cables and will see what happens…otherwise, I don’t really have a list of 3 things to mention…hope everyone has a good week! 🙂

  6. Yummy cookies!

    Three things that I did today:
    1. Took a Business Stats test and think there was something missing on the 2nd question
    2. Got new ear buds since the wires on my old ones are all messed up.
    3. Finished filing my taxes – but going to get those looked at again since the state return really messed with me.

  7. Whoo! I just finished my Masters and am job hunting which means a very tiny yarn budget, but now I have a bigger yarn budget!

    Also: big Bones geek, er, fan.

  8. Three things I did today:

    1. Studied for my college algebra exam…a lot.
    2. Asked my husband to help me create a wishlist at TLE because there is so much yarn in so many nice colors that I just can’t decide. He’s got an eye for color and actually enjoys doing it.
    3. Worked on my Licorice Stick socks.

  9. Three things…
    1. Finally got my profile photo loaded in Facebook—I can relate to your post about Facebook/Ravelry!
    2. Jumping for joy over the tax refund that is coming my way!! Guilt-free shopping at the Loopy Ewe when I come for the Spring Fling!
    3. My heel pain has finally eased up—whew…I was tired of feeling like I was stepping on a rock when I walked!

  10. That wall cling sheepy is adorable.
    yummy looking cookies, I want you to know that is the best sugar cookie recipe I have ever used. ( I am not a sugar cookie fan, but my family is and they loved them)
    I am also a Bones and Lost fan.. yay!!!

  11. Three things I have had it with:
    1. The rain
    2. The state of the floors due to everyone tracking in mud (see #1)
    3. Letting the dog in. Letting the dog out. Letting the dog in. Letting the dog out…

    Three things that I’m pleased about:
    1. My second son brought home a good report card (better than his brother’s!)
    2. I just finished my Stacked Eyelet Cowl and it’s fabulous!
    3. I’m caught up with the laundry for the next 24 hours!

    Those cookies sure look good!

  12. Love the cling!
    Three recent positives.
    1. Clear scans for my son.
    2. Some warmer weather for a while (I was really over the cold).
    3. A TLE credit!

  13. Good news f rom my MRI today. Get started on a cowl that I have been wanting
    to knit.
    Start a pair of socks and finish without having to frog them a million times.
    (Pray for Lori’s dad)

  14. Where does the laundry come from? I’m continually amazed. I need to find the positives, so heres mine:
    1. I have parents who can help out when my little one is sick
    2. I have a job
    3. I started a hat for my little girl last night, and it’s so much fun!

  15. Three things about today:

    1) It’s warm.
    2) It’s warm.
    3) It’s WARM! It’s going to be, like, 60-freakin-6 today!!

    Ah, Chicago winters. It’s amazing how just a few days (or even one day!) of over-32-not-snowing will do a body good.

  16. Three things that are making me happy today:
    1. It’s raining and the rain is washing away all the old dirty snow.
    2. It’s dark and gloomy outside but I’m inside making soup, eating toast and honey and generally feeling cosy.
    3. I have a four day weekend coming up and it will be Valentine’s Day. We’ll be having a Valentine’s Day party for the girls’ dolls on Friday so there will be some fun baking etc.
    By the way your cookies look yummy. Maybe I’ll tgry making them. And you definitely need a scarf made with Fiesta Ballet. And you will need to show it to us. That yarn looks so tempting.

  17. Those cookies look amazing – I can’t remember the last time I had frosted sugar cookies! Here are some threes for you:

    I’m happy
    1. That the snow and ice have melted, making it safe for me to walk to and from work again
    2. About the reenactment event I’m helping to run on Saturdat
    3. That I have a lovely hubby who thinks that dressing up in medieval clothing is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day

    I need to
    1. Finish knitting the last 11 rows of my Shetland Triangle so that I can wear it
    2. Finish my friend’s wedding dress so we can get a lining made before the wedding
    3. Update some spreadsheets before they get totally out of control.

  18. Three, oops, four, things I like about TLE:

    1. Beautiful yarns!
    2. Beautiful patterns!
    3. Beautiful people!!!!!
    4. Yummy recipes!

    One very scary thing — magnets on computers!!!

  19. Three prayers:
    1. That God would continue to bless us with enough to pay the bills 🙂
    2. That I would love my family well
    3. That I would get the spinning I am doing for a friend all done this week!

  20. Three things I did on my day off (Monday):
    1. I knit on my Hemlock Ring Blanket
    2. I knit on my I-wish-it-was-Noro scarf
    3. Finally updated my blog.

    Not bad for a Monday. Now if only Tuesday will be as productive.
    BTW, I LOVE that (those?) cling! I would love one on my refrigerator. Better yet, on my stash, if I could figure out a way it could stay on wood.

  21. What is this ‘laundry’ you speak of…? ;op

    Three things I’d like to accomplish this week:
    1. Finish any and all tax-season related items.
    2. See #1
    3. Again, see #1.

    I cannot wait until April 15th.

  22. Three wishes:
    1)I hope my boss, and our office business manager, will allow me to go to Hawaii (!) to present on our current project at an international conference.
    2)I’ll finally get something new on the needles,having ripped out two lackluster projects on January 1. So far, nothing’s sticking long enough to really be a WIP.
    3. All of Lori’s wishes/prayers come true! (Getting a double lung transplant and then being able to dance at his daughter’s wedding — wow, now that’s a great wish which should be granted ASAP!)

  23. Hi Sheri – add me to the people who love the cling! Where did you get it?? Oh oh oh – a Loopy Cling would be so cool! 🙂

    Hmm – three positive things:
    1. got a great review from my boss
    2. my cat is feeling better
    3. my family’s continuing good health

    three wishes:
    can I use all three to wish that Lori’s wishes all come true?

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