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dsc01318Many of you have called in and talked with Susan here at Loopy Central (or traded emails with her). She was the first official Loopy Elf and we had been friends for years before that. Now she’s our Office Manager and she’s the one that I describe by saying, “I couldn’t do this business without her, and I wouldn’t want to.” She and the other elves keep the orders moving out quickly and efficiently. She will be going in for Breast Cancer surgery tomorrow and I knew that all of you would want to know. I asked her if I could share this on the blog and she said, “Well, the more prayers the better, right?” We’re all hoping for a quick recovery for her and the best news possible on all accounts.  I will keep you posted.  She has a great outlook and she’s not a worrier. (I told her I’d worry enough for both of us.) Thank you for being the kind, caring group that I know you are. I know you’ll keep her prayed up and loved through this, and so will all of us here at Loopy.

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  1. Susan – I’m in the midst of recovery from a bilateral mastectomy. I’m four weeks out today. My expectations were way too high – so take it one day at a time. Drugs are your friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  2. Susan sometimes it helps to talk to someone who has been through the scare of being diagnosed with breast cancer. I am a survivor not once but twice – the first time 15 years ago & the second 10 years ago. Please feel free to email at anytime if you have any questions or fears or just need an ear or shoulder. I remember the night before my mastectomy talking to my sil’s grandmother for 2 hours, just listening to her helped me tremendously – I didn’t feel like I was going through the process blind. I also recommend getting a copy of Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book. If you’d like I can drop my copy off at the Loopy Ewe office – it’s been around the block with other women & I would not mind at all – in fact I’ll take it over there tomorrow. In the meantime I’m sending you good vibes, thoughts & prayers!

  3. Susan – Been sending prayers and good wishes your way all day. Here’s to your quick and complete recovery. God bless.

  4. Dear Susan,
    My prayers going out to you. I with you al l the strength of the world and hope on a quick recovery.
    Big kisses and love from
    Karin from the Netherlands

  5. Hi Susan, my thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery!!!! So you are one of the people that makes everything run so efficiently. Best Wishes!!!!!!

    Mary Anne

  6. I’d like to add my prayers to the many others. Have a quick recovery and know you are getting lots hugs from across the world.

  7. I am lifting up Susan in my prayers. Praying she will have a swift recovery and that her doctor’s will have tremendous wisdom when making decisions regarding her care.

    Many blessings to you, Susan.

  8. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Susan, for a quick & full recovery! I enjoy working with you, you are awesome! Hang in there, you can do it! (I’m sorry this is a little bit late, as I’m a bit behind on my reading this week.) I bet Sheri & the other Elves will pitch in to help you, while you recuperate! Big hugs!!! 🙂

  9. Susan – I’m keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you well. I’m now nearly 3 1/2 years out from my breast cancer diagnosis and life is good. You’ll be good, too. You’ll be a breast cancer butt-kicker!

  10. just catching up on the blog. My prayers and thoughts are with you through your recovery. I am adding you to my prayer shawl ministry at church.

  11. Hi Susan,

    Remember now you are a survivor. Many of us have been there and are still here to tell our story. You will be too! Hang in there. We are all in your corner. My new motto is: Life is Good!

  12. Hello,I was overwhelmed when I received my “loopy groupie” bag–how very generous of you and how special to use yarn that someone else chose for you –I had to cast on for the spirolicious cowl immediately-so a huge thank you for all the special treasures and treats they brightened my day in a big way. Thank you. I truly am so appreciative. Sincerely, Nancy

  13. Susan, I am a 10 year breast cancer survivor, diagnosed age 38. My sister was diagnosed at age 30 and died when she was33. My cousin has been diagnosed twice age 34 and again at 38. I am a nurse and my hospital is opening a new breast center in the next couple of weeks. My job will be that of a breast health navigator. You should look for that type of person in St louis. I can’t imagine your big care facilities would not employ such a person. Their job is to educate you and get you down the path of breast cancer treatment. We just had Elizabeth Edwards here for our cancer symposium. She was full of hope and grace. One would never pick to have breast cancer, but i would not trade any of my experiences i have had in my life because ot it. It has trult enriched my life in many ways. Please contact me if I can provide any information for you or help you in any way from Montana. I think a positive attitude, and continuing to be able to laugh are your best allies to get you through. There are two books i would recommend for education Be A Survivor and Judy Kneece Breast Cancer Treatment Book. Both are on Amazon. I just finished reading I wore Lipstick to My mastectiomy and really enjoyed it. Americann Cancer society has lots of good puplications as well and susan g komen website. Positive thoughts from one of your BREAST friends! Michelle

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