Mmmm – Mini Mochi

dsc02360Remember the skein of Mini Mochi that I picked up at TNNA and showed you last week? It went from that ball to this sock during the week. As you can see, I was having too much fun watching the colors play out, and I made it long!Β  (I still had more yarn left from that skein.) Knit up on size 2’s with 60 stitches with a K3, P1 cuff. This will be up on the website later tonight or tomorrow, in all 8 colors currently available. It reminded me of knitting with handspun – soft and loose and very wonderful.Β  Yes, I’m knitting the second sock on this, because I want to wear them. What else will you find going up this week? Woolpets, Trekking (new colors and re-stocks), Panda Cotton (new colors and re-stocks), Louet, Sereknity, Beannie Baggies, Cherry Tree Hill Possum Sock, Annie Adams, and more Schaefer Nichole, plus Anne and Lola.

dsc02358In the “My Accountant Cracks Me Up” category (although I know that “accountant” and “cracks me up” shouldn’t go together), I thought I’d show you the little notes he leaves on all of the different forms he has to prepare for me each quarter. (Another one of the joys of running a business.) Of course I most love the ones where all I have to do is sign them, but even the forms where I have to include a check are made a little easier because his frowny-faces make me laugh. He’s a good accountant anyway, but the faces just elevate him, in my opinion. (Another thing that cracks me up: Sneezing Baby Panda.)

dsc02362We’re supposed to get a snowstorm tonight. 4-6″. Of course the weathermen here in St. Louis rarely get it right, so I’m not holding my breath. Hopeful, but not holding my breath. I figure if we’re going to have cold temperatures all winter long, which I like, we might as well have the pretty white stuff to go along with it.Β  I only remember one winter season where I was tired of the snow. It happened my senior year in college and we still had big snowstorms in mid-April. I remember looking out our apartment’s kitchen window and thinking I was going to have to do something drastic if the white stuff didn’t just GO AWAY soon. Fortunately, it did. Go away. Soon.

Sheri areyouinthe”pro-snow”or”no-snow”camp?


  1. I would love snow or sun – either is better than our forecast …in Dallas, we are under an ice storm warning from 6 p.m. tonight untl noon on Wednesday…… it was 84 last Thursday……..

  2. snow is pretty, but slush and ice and not being able to get around are not fun to deal with. Last week we had about 4-6″ here in NC and it was nice to not have to go to work for a day, but by the next day I was ready for it to be gone.
    Looking forward to the Mochi!

  3. I live in Lafayette, LA so we really don’t see any snow. In the past 11 years we only had flurries. However, just a few weeks ago it snowed and we actually had about an inch or two. We went and played in it before going to school. The kids had a blast. My 7 yr. old built a small snowman and we took pictures. By noon it was all gone. I would love to see some more. To see how excited the children were that morning after seeing the snow was the best feeling. Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen again for a while.

  4. I want the snow on Wednesday. The kids are having a fun day tomorrow with school and I don’t want them to miss it. Let it Snow – Tuesday night

  5. Since we haven’t had any real snow yet here in South Jersey this winter I’m definitely in the PRO-snow category. One good storm though and I’ll be moving into the other camp!

  6. PRO SNOW! We’re supposed to have ice along with the snow I think…and our ice storms can be bad, but if that means a “snow day” off from work then I am all for it!!! Plus, it seems like big snow storms are few and far between, so I’m all for it if we can get it. There’s something so calming about a good snow. And really, what looks better than the ground blanketed in white? GO SNOW, GO! πŸ™‚

  7. The Panda video is too funny – love the look on mom’s face!

    Winter. It can go now. We’ve had the bitter cold here in WI lately – been awhile since we’ve gotten any snow.

    Love the look of your new sock. What colorway is it? Glad to hear you’re not going to leave it orphaned.

    I also have to say, I like your accountant. Working for a CPA firm myself, we’re not as funny with our payment instructions. Glad you found some one with a sense of humor!

    Happy Shoveling!

  8. No snow – enough already – we don’t have any place to put it. If they pile it any higher it will be June before it melts. I know I live in the northeast but I surrender – let it go further north where they can ski, plus unfortunately all the cities and towns are out or just about out of snow plowing dollars so the upcoming Wednesday and Friday events (if you can believe the weathermen) are going to be a challenge for sure. Oh, how I long for the lighter, longer days of spring.


  9. I like the snow, I just want it to stop falling on the days I have things to get done. Every time we set out Christmas shipping this year it snowed. Yesterday I was going to finish Christmas by delivering some gifts and yeah, it snowed, all day. You know, it could have snowed on Christmas. That would have been pretty πŸ™‚

  10. Love the snow! It’s so beautiful! But I can say that because, here in Louisiana, we only have to deal with it about once every 10-20 years. We do go skiing every winter, and I have to say, that after a week of it, I’ve had enough. All of the extra clothing means a lot of extra laundry too. BTW, Sheri, has all of the Wollmeise gone up for the month?

  11. I’m pro-snow, but we were pretty much housebound for 2 weeks in December and that was a tad much. I guess I couldn’t live someplace like Minnesota. I like a good snow, but then knowing it will be gone in 2-3 days. There are still a few parking lots where they plowed the snow into big piles that STILL have snow from last year! Pretty remarkable for Seattle.

    That big sock loves so lovely and warm πŸ™‚ And I like your accountant’s notes – at least he isn’t a really dry numbers-only person who wouldn’t recognize the difference between a smile and a frown πŸ˜‰

    Oh I love it so…
    The only thing could make it better
    Would to have it fall in warmer weather.

    I am done with the sub zero stuff.

  13. Snow – yes! That means it’s not as cold out. Right now the subzero temperatures are getting a little old. I mean, negative numbers plus windchill? Too much!

  14. Your accountant is too funny! (somehow that doesn’t sound right)

    We have snow, actually it’s still snowing. The kids are home from school for a snow day so the house is nuts. I don’t mind snow, but I would like it better if there was school today:)

  15. Having just returned from Ohio where it was a -17 degrees F and 14 inches of snow (not to mention it snowed for the 5 days we were there), I am not so much for snow. It is very pretty when it is falling and to see it on the lawn all white and pristine is very pretty. BUT, when I have to go out in it, ugh! not so pretty. I think I froze the whole time we were there. We got home and it was 83 degrees F!! I’m thinking it was a fluke because it’s been in the 60s lately.

  16. I love snow but we don’t get “big” snows very often. Of course, we shut down for a dusting here as most folks don’t know how to drive on it or think they know how to drive on it and run the rest of us off the road. I really would prefer they come on weekends so I don’t have to get out.

  17. Pro Snow here. Southern Maryland isn’t exactly a snow-lover’s paradise, but we usually see one or two really good snows per year. We’re supposed to get ice this go around. Yay. I’d say it’d mean good knitting time, but if it’s bad enough that I can’t go into the office, the kiddos are off and home. πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait for the Mini Mochi!

  18. All snow, all the time! No snow is bad snow! New and improved, now with 110% more snow!!

    I even like shoveling–keeps you warm.

  19. I love snow! I’ve always maintained that it is because I was born during a blizzard (the doctor had to walk to the hospital)

  20. I love the snow as long as I don’t have to drive in it and it’s a substantial amount. The dustings we keep getting here in SE Indiana are so frustrating. It’s just not enough! Plus the weather keeps going from warm-ish to bitterly cold. Make up your mind already!

  21. Definitely pro-snow! We’ve had a lot of it in New England this year, though–more already than we usually have in a season, and it’s only the end of January. Several more inches are expected on Wednesday.

    I’ve always loved winter and snow–can’t say that I love driving in it, though. My little car does very well, and I only drive at about 15 mph if I have to go out during a storm. The roads are generally pretty good by the next day. We New Englanders are used to this!

    I do love shoveling snow. I have a parking space under a roof and the lot is plowed, so I don’t have to shovel anymore. I kind of miss it! Hmmm…maybe that could be second job…

    Your Mini-Mochi sock is gorgeous!

  22. I don’t have much choice but to like snow, or I’d be unhappy about 5 months of the year, living in Canada and all. This year we have lots of snow but because of the extreme cold it’s staying whiter and less messy than usual, so I like that. Hope you get the snow you’re looking forward to. It sure can be pretty! And there’s nothing like staying inside all snug and cozy, knitting away, while you watch the snow falling.

  23. Well, we live in NH so we LOVE snow! And have lots on the ground right now – maybe 3 feet with more forecast for Wednesday. My boys love to snowboard, we snowshoe – we definitely live in a winter wonderland!

    I can *wait* to try the mini-mochi!

  24. Hi Sheri,
    Put me down for the no snow and no cold. However DC is expecting snow tonight. The only problem here is that we have too many people in DC who have never seen snow in their home country and they have no idea what to do or how to drive in it.

    I can;t wait to retire and move to Florida.

  25. I am very much in the pro-snow camp!!!!! I live in western Michigan which is a giant snow belt because we get Lake Effect snow. Lots of it. We also go sledding quite often.

  26. Oh, lordy, Sheri, you want snow? Come on up to Chicago! It’s never going away. It’s too cold to melt it. We can arrange for you to take home as much as you want. πŸ™‚

    Your sock is lovely! Gotta get me some of that Mochi Mochi!

  27. I am done with the snow for this year. Enough already. We have had record amounts here in Massachusetts. They tell me another foot on Wednesday! Snow days are fun and all but I am afraid my son will be in school until July.

  28. I am definitely pro-snow! I grew up in upstate NY (lots of snow), and now I live in Philly (not so much). I think everything looks so much more wintery when there is a nice coating of white (and salt doesn’t count πŸ™‚ )

  29. Very pretty colors in the Mochi you knit up.

    I am so looking forward to the snow. We have had precious little of it here. We have had more than our share of the ice though.

  30. I’m definitely in the no-snow camp. I think Western Mass has had enough. We are supposed to get another plop of snow later this week. It could be the week-of-no-electricity that started this winter off, but I’m ready for milder (aka above zero) temps. and precipitation that doesn’t require a shovel. Not a single thing wrong with SPRING as far as I’m concerned.

  31. Love the snow here in Northeast Mass, we have several inches on the ground. Not melting at all just to cold. Can’t wait for Wednesdays storm. Last storm we had l5 inches think that was just about a week a go. Hate summer, who does that sound like? Hugs

  32. I am so anti-snow and anti-winter I cannot believe I moved to Minnesota. I miss living where it was warm and sunny and warm. Did I mention that I miss warm? We have not been above freezing for 4 weeks now.

  33. I’m pro-snow if I can stay at home, warm up with a cozy blanket, and knit to my heart’s desire. If I have to drive to work, I’m very anti-snow. So, I’m in a pickle.

    The next Sneak-Up sounds very intriguing! I will have to keep a look on my email.

  34. I’m definitely pro-snow. My entire family will ski on the weekend leavingme alone to knit, KNIT, KNIT.

    Good thing we live in Buffalo.

  35. I’m in the “no snow” camp. In England when it snows, we panic for a day, then we remember that this does happen most years and we really do know how to deal with it. The trains are delayed (seasonal excuses are ice/snow on the tracks, leaves on the line (spring), tracks warped from heat (summer), more leaves on the line(autumn)).

    Might be on the look out for some more of that Possum sock…

  36. Oh, Sheri, I am praying for no snow. I cannot handle the bad weather anymore
    and I can’t even get to a doctor. I can’t handle the cold at all and I need to see
    her. Do you think it can snow where you are and be warm and sunny where I am?
    Guess not. Don’t like being stuck in this little apartment for this long of a time
    either. I use to love the snow and when it snowed a lot and I was young and healthy
    and strong, we use to make hot chocolate for the kids that were sledding down
    our street. It was fun then. Of course having a snowy bunch of kids trapsing
    through your house was not a great thing, even then. I loved the sneezing baby
    panda video also and your sock looks great.

  37. Looks like your accountant wishes he could have a prescription pad, he certainly has doctors handwriting!

    I’m really missing snow this year. I live in the mountains and we haven’t had any real snow in years, not even a whole inch this year so far. I WANT snow cream.

  38. I am in the NO SNOW catagory. I like it for a while and then I get sick of it. I haven’t seen my yard in months. The sock looks great. I can’t wait to see the pair.

  39. I don’t mind the snow that much. What I really don’t like is the ice. The walking conditions have been terrible … that puts me in a bad mood.

    Love that panda sneezing. You gave me a good laugh today and I needed a good laugh!

  40. I’m in the no snow camp – having just left my parents home outside of Boston where there was 2 feet of snow on the ground, I have come to realize that I don’t miss it one bit

  41. We’ve already had 60″ of snow this winter, and our all-time record annual snowfall amount is just 80″, with over 2 months left of potentially snowy weather! πŸ™ Our local hardware stores, et al, have already sold 90% of their allotment of snowblowers this year, too. So, I’ve had quite enough snow & arctic cold for the year, sigh! On the other hand, my youngest son, who is 17, is cheering for more snow, so he can earn more money blowing the snow off of neighbors’ driveways. (He doesn’t charge the elderly widows, though, and he just takes what people offer him.) The rest of you all may have our snow, though, as far as I’m concerned!

  42. NO snow. After the fact that the Pacific NW got 12″ of snow (with a thick layer of ice in the middle) over winter break, so I couldn’t go anywhere or see any friends that were home from college like I was, NONONONO to the snow. I really don’t want to see any again for a long while.

  43. Snow. Must. Stop. NOW!!!

    You’ll be sending it my way after it ruins your day!

    Got to admit, though, it’s nice being snug indoors with some lovely yarn on a snowy evening! But…even with that….Snow. Must. Stop. NOW!!!

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