Mmmm – Mini Mochi

dsc02360Remember the skein of Mini Mochi that I picked up at TNNA and showed you last week? It went from that ball to this sock during the week. As you can see, I was having too much fun watching the colors play out, and I made it long!Β  (I still had more yarn left from that skein.) Knit up on size 2’s with 60 stitches with a K3, P1 cuff. This will be up on the website later tonight or tomorrow, in all 8 colors currently available. It reminded me of knitting with handspun – soft and loose and very wonderful.Β  Yes, I’m knitting the second sock on this, because I want to wear them. What else will you find going up this week? Woolpets, Trekking (new colors and re-stocks), Panda Cotton (new colors and re-stocks), Louet, Sereknity, Beannie Baggies, Cherry Tree Hill Possum Sock, Annie Adams, and more Schaefer Nichole, plus Anne and Lola.

dsc02358In the “My Accountant Cracks Me Up” category (although I know that “accountant” and “cracks me up” shouldn’t go together), I thought I’d show you the little notes he leaves on all of the different forms he has to prepare for me each quarter. (Another one of the joys of running a business.) Of course I most love the ones where all I have to do is sign them, but even the forms where I have to include a check are made a little easier because his frowny-faces make me laugh. He’s a good accountant anyway, but the faces just elevate him, in my opinion. (Another thing that cracks me up: Sneezing Baby Panda.)

dsc02362We’re supposed to get a snowstorm tonight. 4-6″. Of course the weathermen here in St. Louis rarely get it right, so I’m not holding my breath. Hopeful, but not holding my breath. I figure if we’re going to have cold temperatures all winter long, which I like, we might as well have the pretty white stuff to go along with it.Β  I only remember one winter season where I was tired of the snow. It happened my senior year in college and we still had big snowstorms in mid-April. I remember looking out our apartment’s kitchen window and thinking I was going to have to do something drastic if the white stuff didn’t just GO AWAY soon. Fortunately, it did. Go away. Soon.

Sheri areyouinthe”pro-snow”or”no-snow”camp?


  1. Given the choice between a foot of snow and a quarter inch of ice, I’d much rather have the snow. Having said that – when it snows here there is a great deal of foolishness that I could cheerfully do without – people who should go don’t go to work, the state seems to only own 2 plows, everyone gets cranky because “they” don’t plow, etc. I love sitting in the rocking chair knitting while the snow falls, and watching the dog try to catch snowflakes on his tongue through the window (okay, so he’s not the brightest dog in the world)!
    Can’t wait to see the new yarn – your socks look very comfy (I know you’ll finish the second one!).

  2. Are you kidding? I’m a teacher! I live for snow days! They’re the best because you don’t have anything scheduled, and Cindy Pressler is giving you permission to not leave the house. Darn, can’t go anywhere? Guess I’ll just have to knit the day away. Of course, the real nightmare would be a snow day and not having any yarn. I don’t think I’ll EVER have to worry about that problem, though! It could knit from now until the cows came home and I’d still have stash left.

  3. I’m usually pro-snow, but this year we had an unusually long cold and snowy spell and I learned how streets look with dirty snow plowed to the sides and parking lots look with twenty foot high mounds of dirty snow in the corners. White, fresh, beautiful, then melted is my kind of snow.

  4. You’re asking someone who lives in Northern California? I saw plenty of snow, growing up in Nebraska. Stuff is vastly overrated.

  5. Definitely in the Pro-Snow camp here! I just love snow and we never seem to get enough of the stuff here in the St. Louis area! lol When it’s cold and snowy and I am going nowhere in it I love to curl up on the couch with my hot tea and my knitting bag and a good movie!

  6. Definitely put me in the “pro-snow” camp. Living in Vermont, I’d better be. At least until I’m old and go to Florida for the winters (never gonna happen!). First of all, toasty warm wood stoves and hot chocolate. Second, it’s much prettier then the mud (spring is mud season here in VT) Third, it’s just pretty. And fourth, a reason to wear warm, handknit things.


  7. Put me in the No Snow category for now. Here in metro Detroit there is a good foot on the ground, and it’s snowing some more. There have been more crappy driving days since mid-November than in the last 5 years combined! Now, if I didn’t have to drive in it (to go to work and school) and could admire it from the window and/or go out of my own choosing…I wouldn’t mind. πŸ™‚

  8. Snow! I hope it’s not too deep!
    I love the Accountant sticky notes! – how great to have a CPA with a sense of humor.

    And thank you for showing the lovely sock you did in our Mini Mochi! Nice job!

    Cheers, Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns

  9. PRO SNOW!!! I have been pining away here for just a smidgen of that pretty white stuff, and nothing. Not a single flake. I swear, I’m moving north.

  10. Pro Snow! I grew up in a warm climate, so snow is still magical to me. As long as I don’t have to drive in it! Although we’ve had much more snow than usual this winter (5 significant snowfalls already when we usually don’t get more than 2) and it’s still January, I could put up with some more. It’s so pretty, the dog loves to play in it, and it means lots of knitting time for me!

  11. Definately PRO SNOW here! Growing up, our snow was the sand on the beach. Snow was stuff of legend! If I have to deal with grey and cold I want snow to make it pretty. I have yet to experience a “big” snow and would really like to wake up to over a foot of snow one day.

    It’s a great knitting day though.

    Love the baby Panda. To cute.

  12. Well, it snowed here this morning – I’m pro snow if I don’t have to get out in it, but anti-snow if I do.

    And, most of the accountants I know actually do have great senses of humor – I work with a lot of them. Oh, wait, I’m one too… : )

  13. I’m pro-snow if I can stay home and knit. No-snow (or cold) if I have to go out into it. And Absolutely NO ICE!!!!! Ice is just way scary – falling and breaking something is one of my biggest fears.

  14. I think I just learned something. Most knitters love snow because it makes your projects more useful. I was born in the middle of a Spring blizzard. I think watching it snow is amazing. I kind of like the tingle the cold gives my cheeks. I even liked skiing when I was young. But I HATE driving or walking on ice. Just isn’t worth it!

    Nope, your accountant does not write like a doctor–I could read every word without effort!!!

    btw–I live in Southern California on the coast. Have not seen snow her in 20 years, and that’s fine with me.

  15. I’m in the snow camp. We’re supposed to get 10″ between tonight & tomorrow, and I want the snow. I could do without the chicken littles who panic every single time it snows.

  16. I think the weatherman was right this time for sure.
    I just shoveled about 4 inches of snow from our driveway. The snow started right at the predicted time also. At 6 pm last night it all started here in south county.

  17. Somewhere along the line I went from pro-snow to meh-snow, and I blame it on running. I just don’t want to run on a treadmill all winter long, so I am constantly hoping for warm enough weather (above 20) with little enough ice and snow to run at least along the side of the road!

    Of course, I still am happy for snow especially if it is more than 4-5 inches.

  18. NO SNOW!! I live in Florida. My son and new daughter-in-law have just moved to St. Louis for seminary and I can’t believe they moved in the middle of winter!! They’ve never lived in snow before, seen it only on church ski trips and in their dreams. He
    called today and said there was an ice storm. Mom prays a lot. We plan to visit in warmer weather and hope to be able to see The Loopy Ewe!

  19. You can put me in the NO SNOW category, please! Two weeks ago, the weather man said we’ve already had a total of 88+ inches of snow for this year and on track to have the record broken for the most snow ever. It started in mid-November and hasn’t quit. We were already sick of it and it was hardly the first day of winter! haha…So, anyway, that’s how I feel about it right now. Jess, our daughter who lives in Virginia, asked me if we could see the blades of grass. I said, “No, I don’t think we’ll see any grass until April!”

    Love the Mini Mochi sock you did. Beautiful yarn! πŸ™‚

    I know you love the snow, so I hope you get to enjoy it. Happy Knitting!

  20. *Phew* I’ve never seen snow….never…not once….and not likely too with a week forecast of over 40 degrees celsius all this week (today’s maximum 43.6 degrees which is about 109 Farenheit!!!) – the hottest week of temperatures in 100 years!!!

    *wiping the glow from my brown as we speak!*

    Today I am PRO SNOW…….

    Tannia πŸ™‚

  21. Pro-snow! After you get a few years on you – you really appreciate the QUIET of no street noise, the peace of the scenery, and know that it is NOT WORTH it to go out and drive to things you THINK can’t wait until tomorrow. You learn to keep stuff in your pantry and freezer so there is no rush to the grocery panic for milk, bread and gas…

    People who live in cold climates – just let go and “go with the flow”…..guess I’ll NEVER be a Ca. or Fla. babe…

  22. I’m with you – if it has to be this cold, we need snow! Yesterday we got our first inch (plus a couple) then covered it with ice! I’m just west of Washington, DC. Later today it’s supposed to rain, which I guess will wash it all away. I hate rain in the cold!

  23. PRO SNOW

    My family spent 8 years in North Dakota and never tired of the snow. We’ve been in Texas for 15 years now, and I have to go to Nebraska every FEBRUARY to visit my in-laws and hope for a dose of the white stuff while we’re there…

  24. NO SNOW

    I hate snow so much that we moved to SO California from Pennsylvania two years ago. The first item my husband put in our ‘moving’ yard sale was the snow shovel. Best $5 bucks we ever earned… πŸ™‚

  25. No snow! The only good snow is the stuff that falls on the grass. Only the grass, not on sidewalks, driveways and roads and highways. Pretty, yes, but a real pain. I am really not a winter person, Too bad for me, I live in Ohio. N

  26. Here in No. Ca would love to have some of your snow. We need it so badly. Haven’t even been able to go play in the snow. My sister in Louisville said it is bad there. At least you can stay in & knit. Just wanted to let you know I love my Zuma bag. I get lots of complements on it.

  27. No snow for me! I grew up in Buffalo, NY so dealt with snow daily. My last winter there, we had 7 feet of snow between Xmas and New Years- that was it for me!! I live in Maryland now, and we only get a few little snow falls per year. Much better. And the spring comes much sooner, and fall sticks around much later. Perfect for me!

  28. Snow!!! No ice.

    And the weather guys here in the greater DC area are the worst. They “predict” the weather for not only metro DC but for as far west as Cumberland way up in the mountains. And we have the ocean, the Bay, and the river throwing in the wet factors. Plus the mountains make things hard too.

  29. A small dusting of snow once a year is nifty, but I wouldn’t want to live where it snows regularly. I’m definitely someone who’d rather fry in summer than freeze in winter.

  30. SNOW. Definitely SNOW. It goes hand in hand with knitting and a cup of hot cocoa:)
    We received 4″ of the fluff and then Jack Frost graced us with an ice storm. While it’s very pretty, it’s very slick.
    We’re expecting a large snow storm this week. I’m keeping my dpns crossed for this one.
    I’m not a summer person at all. After all, one can only take off so much clothing to keep cool whereas one can put on layers of clothing to keep warm:)

  31. The panda video is great – thanks for the link! Have you seen “dramatic chipmunk” (also on YouTube)? It makes me laugh.

    I am pro-snow, especially if I don’t have to go anywhere and can sit on the couch with a blanket and tea and my knitting! Seattle has had more snow this year than any other I remember and I have loved it.

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