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Thank you so much for ALL of your name suggestions for our new Loopy Central addition! Not only did I enjoy reading the suggestions, I also loved reading all of your grandparents’ names, and some of the stories that went along with them.  Michelle asked in Wednesday’s comments about the top five names mentioned. I wish there was an easy way to come up with that.  Having read them all, I’m sure that Lupe, Lulu and Clara were 3 of the top five.  All great names, but I didn’t pick any of those!  (Loopy said “absolutely not” on the Lupe name. He thinks there can only be ONE Loopy, no matter how you pronounce it. Although he does seem to be quite taken with her. ) Some of the names cracked me up – like “Edith …. Head”, and “Anita Knit”, and the other ones that incorporated knitting into them. Some were great names, but reminded me of people or animals already in my life. Like Zoe and Gracie – our two cats. Or Lily – Elf Susan’s cat. Roxy – a good name, but I have a good friend named Roxane.  Trudie – also a good name, but it’s Monk’s wife’s name, so it can’t be our mannequin’s name. Isabelle and Bella – I like both of those, but for some reason it reminds me of vampires…. 😉 And having been a teacher in my former life, there were also good names that reminded me of different students from the past.  Being a teacher can really wreck some good names. There was one name that, the minute I first read it, I knew it was right.  So our lady’s name is now Ava! Thank you to all of you who sugested that. I put the Ava-commenters into a lottery for one drawing, and Melissa from MA won that drawing.  Then I drew three more names from all of the comments, to also win a skein of Wollmeise.  We’ll be sending those off to Janelle in PA, Marie in RI, and Lara in MD. Congratulations to you four, and thank you again to everyone who gave us suggestions. I’m thinking that I’ll have to eventually get another one of these, because I still have a few names from your suggestions that I really liked!

Now I need your help with voting on our Q4-08 participants. The challenge was to “knit something to warm your hands” and learn a new technique while you’re at it.  Check out the Q4-08 Photo Gallery of participants and email me with your favorite one by next Friday. (sheri AT theloopyewe DOT com) The winner gets a Loopy Gift Certificate, and we also draw one name from all of the participants for another Gift Certificate. There are a lot of beautiful finished projects photoed there!

We already have boxes and boxes of things arriving from TNNA and pre-TNNA orders. Fun!  We’re unpacking and photo-ing as quickly as we can. I did forget to mention something else that I ordered for us – Annie Adams shawl pins, stitchmarker necklaces, knitting keychains and magnets.  Beautiful things, and I’m anxious for those boxes to come in the door! I’ll keep you posted as things go up on the website. The next few weeks will be busy and full.

Sheri anyfunplansfortheweekend?It’sgoingtobecoldagainhereinSt.Louis


  1. I have the weekend off–yay! So tonight, I’ll be working on a pencil pouch for Sudan and my prayer shawl. I’ll sleep in tomorrow and spend tomorrow afternoon at coffee house knitting. Tomorrow evening I hope to cast on Alice Starmore’s Oregon Cardigan (this will be a year-long project probably). Sunday afternoon I’ll be knitting some baby gifts at my LYS and back home in the evening my prayer shawl again.

    Weather is fairly pleasant here.

  2. This is my weekend off and we are having an at home date instead of going to the movies. The children are going to grandma’s for 3 hours while hubby and I watch a movie at home and knit. Crazy….I know, but when you homeschool you have to get creative for time alone.

  3. Hi Sheri,

    I hope I’m the only Marie in RI, cause then I won. You made an awful day much brighter if that’s the case. I’ve missed ever update this time and the last couple and Claudia’s as well – no stress WM could the world be any better.

    I started the Elinore mittens – colorwork and cabling in the same project (both new skills) – they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – this will be the test.

    Thanks and enjoy the weekend – they didn’t saw that awful 4 letter word for this weekend (Sno*) so it will be a nice one.


  4. Weekend plans; I am working…. argh. But I will be knitting up until the time I have to leave for work. I have a sweater I need to finish.

    I can’t believe I forgot to add at least one of the 3 or 4 pair of mitts I made in the Q4-08 challenge,…. they say memory is the first thing to go …. Congrats to all those that did and congrats to the winners of the blog contest.

    Have a wonderful weekend Sheri

  5. Ha! My 3 yr old niece is Ava! Cool name, good choice 🙂

    This weekend? I work for a CPA firm, so now starts our busy season until April 15th That puts a damper on some quality knitting time.
    I think I’ll make a comfort food casserole, pour some wine and watch the thermometer drop to 16 below zero tomorrow. No shortage of projects – I’ll just skip from one to another.

    I’m anxious to see new products coming soon!

  6. Ava? Reminds me of the joke about the next children. B-va, and C-va. Never mind.

    My weekend? Off to see son-of-mine at college and take in a Purdue women’s basketball game. Possible time for lots of knitting on the three-hour drive. Probably not in the dark on the way home. Need to cast on for something interesting and portable, preferably not socks. Bit of sock burn out at the moment, although the ones on the needles are very nice.

  7. Could you PLEASE tell me when you will be doing the lottery for the Sock Club? I keep checking my e-mail and crossing my fingers that I “won”. Luckily I haven’t gotten anything saying I didn’t “win” though so I guess “no news is good news”? The suspense is killing me!!

    Thank you!

  8. Since my name is Anita, I found the Anita knit mention amusing, the name lends itself to some interesting and sometimes not so amusing “couplings” for lack of a better word. But listen to this one…my middle name is May! How perfect is that? (I realize I have the perfect name for a knitting blog, but I barely have time to knit let alone keep up with a blog!) Cleaning and knitting is my to do list for the weekend.

  9. Sunday afternoon is my fiber arts guild’s stitching get-together — always a lot of fun.

    Here in San Angelo we are enjoying a balmy 82 degree afternoon. There’s a front or something coming, tho, because the high tomorrow is expected to be in the low 50’s (which is still not bad).

    I’m hoping this afternoon goes swiftly. I’m looking forward to getting off work, knitting a little this evening and watching another new episode of Battlestar Galactica!

  10. Maybe AVA should write a blog entry where she (and loopy of course) keep an eye on things and tell us what really goes on there each day…for instance, HOW MANY CUPS OF COFFEE DOES SHERI REALLY CONSUME???

    But, then you’d have to knit her a blindfold so she can’t see the goings-on.

    its cold in maine, too, but with some fresh snow, we’ll be traversing the countryside this weekend.

  11. Ava is perfect.

    Our weather here in MD has gotten downright balmy–it was over 50 degrees today. Sadly, that’s all coming to an end tomorrow, so I’ll be spending the weekend inside watching the birds on the feeders.

    However, my parents are coming! I love when they visit–we get to chat and hang out and take them to some great restaurants, and my Boy can play with his own toys and nap (ha) in his own bed while the grownups can do grownup things. I love my mom and dad–still need to make Dad a scarf, though. Maybe as soon as the Clapotis is done I’ll start that one. Guess I’ll be knitting this weekend too!

  12. Patti in Maine is very funny! Ava might also be able to tell us exactly how many scarves you are working on! Happy Knitting Everyone!

  13. It’s going to be cold here in west-central IL, so I am looking forward to a pot of tea and some knitting. Currently, I’m working on a Pismo hat. And maybe, I can get it done this weekend.

  14. WOW! I am the person who never wins so I’m a little in shock 🙂 Ava just seemed to fit- classic, 30’s-40’s style. I can’t wait to get my prize! I’ve never seen Wollmeise in person so it’s going to be an exciting day. Now to start thinking about what I will make with it. Suggestions? I’m leaning towards scarf/shawl, don’t want to hide that pretty yarn in my shoes!

  15. AVA sounds like a perfect name. Although Edith Head cracked me up. Wish I’d thought of that one – even though it didn’t win.

    This weekend I’m working on a prayer shawl (easy knitting), a lacy shawl (must concentrate on the pattern charts) and working on my first WM project – Brainless socks.

    Seems I spoiled a lot of people this past Christmas with hand-made gifts and they’re already looking for more things for birthdays. The pressure is on. LOL!

  16. VERY cold here in CT. And I have the next few days off from work!!! I’m working on the Embossed Leaves Socks from Favorite Socks. I’m using JKnits yarn that I got from my favorite sock yarn store (wink, wink)!!!

  17. Being a mental health worker can REALLY ruin some names for you! At least it has for me. I love my work but there are names that I will never feel the same way about.

    She does look like an Ava. This makes me think of my mom’s aunt, who looked just like Ava Gardner (and a bit like this Ava!). I would have been sorely tempted by Edith Head. If Edith Head wasn’t exactly the person she was, this wouldn’t have amused me half as much.

    What colors did the winners get?

    A very fun contest. 🙂

  18. yay! so glad you named her Ava! That was totally one of the names that I suggested in the comments, so even though I didn’t win I still feel honored that you chose the name!

  19. What a great name for her! It’s perfect…

    This weekend – I have a houseful of boys tonight down in the “man cave” so I’m going to watch Numb3rs and knit on my clapotis. Tomorrow – chores and indoor soccer for DS2, Sunday, who knows? It’s nice to have the weekend! I hope yours is a good one.

  20. Hi All,

    Just some facts here.

    Edith Head was a real persons name. She was a famous fashion designer. She worked primarily as a designer for movies.

  21. Awe, Loopy looks so cute giving Ava a kiss.

    It certainly is cold here. brrrrrrr. I will be at a swim meet all weekend where I will be on deck as an Official. The uniform is navy shorts and a white short-sleeve polo shirt. Great for the warm indoor pool environment but, pretty darn hard to take when you walk outside. brr, brr, brr!

    I’m hoping I get a bit of knitting time in between sessions.

  22. Great name! I’ll look forward to seeing Ava modelling some of the scarves you’re working on!
    Not much fun here this weekend that I know of; I’m trying to finish a paper that has been hanging around too long. But the wind chill is putting the temp here at -25 today so I’ll just have to work in some knitting and spinning by the fire. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  23. Great name, really looks like an Ava. Congratulations to the winners. Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs

  24. Ava is a good name and while she still looks like an Estelle to me, I can see how well the Ava name works as well!

    It’s actually above 30 in my neck of the woods today, so I’m going to go out and do some chores and then knit my afternoon away! My MIL has requested that I knit 3 items for someone’s baby shower (actually post shower, because she wants everything sized for the 6-12 months). Not a very exciting weekend planned!

  25. Sheri,
    Love the picture of Big Loopy and Ava. Currently big loopy is hugging little loopy on my TV and to see the two of them does make me smile. I’m so glad that you found these cute stuffed toys.


  26. Hey, Ava! What a cool name you have!

    This weekend…I think I hear the laundry calling my name. Or, perhaps it’s the dishes. Or, there is some knitting that could use some attention. Hmmm, so many options!

  27. It’s snowing off and on here in Colorado, but right now it’s sunny-crazy weather!

    I am knitting a prayer shawl and a lace shawl and fingerless mitts off and on this weekend.

    I also hope to be able to teach my WH how to knit tonight. We’ll see……..

  28. I finally got in on the Numma Numma Baby Boo yarn this week.It truly is some of the nicest yarn that I have in my stash.I love the color strawberry -kiwi( or something like that).It will be perfect for socks or a special item for a baby girl.
    Thanks Sheri, for choosing such a wonderful vendor.I look forward to buying this lovely yarn again.
    I do like Ava .I need one of those for trying on hats and I really want a hand for trying on gloves.You have the best toys !

  29. The only Ava I have really heard much about was Ava Gabor, from Green Acres, a slight departure from the model, but that’s ok. I smile when I think of her & her antics. 🙂 Loopy looks cute hugging her.

    It’s another frigid weekend here in mid-Michigan again this weekend, with sub-zero temps predicted again for tonight and tomorrow night! Enough of winter! And, I’m a bit under the weather this with a bad cold, that is mainly in my chest, sigh! So, I’m not getting a lot done other than reading my favorite web sites, etc. I’m afraid I would have to rip most of what I knit, if I knit today. I roughed out my oldest son’s income taxes, as he couldn’t wait to see how much he might be getting back, for his first year (partial) working in his chosen field, his college graduation. I enjoyed watching the reception for Capt. Sully, the pilot who did that miraculous landing in the Hudson River. He is an amazing man!

    Have a great weekend Sheri, Susan, & the rest of the Elves & y’all!

  30. I’ve been stalking your store so that I’ll have a chance at the Mini Mochi when it arrives. It’s terrible. I need more sock yarn like I need another hole in my head. But I’m stalking anyway.

    You’re really bad for my yarn diet. :p

  31. Ooooh I´m so sad because I´m to late with a name suggestion for Lady Ava. For me she looks like Miss Goliiiiiightly from Breakfast at Tiffany´s or Lulla Mae?
    Ava sounds perfect, it´s a name for a diva and beauty 🙂
    Funny plans for the weekend? Watching
    Breakfast at Tiffany´s , African Queen, Some like it hot…. ?
    It´s always great to read your blog and all comments to get new ideas how to spend weekend :-).

  32. Wow, thanks, the yarn is just gorgeous! We’re here at home for a snow day, and this was the perfect distraction from my battling children. I’d never seen Wollmeise in person before, but now I’m in love!
    I think that I’m going to pet it a while before I even think about what to make with it.

  33. Well SURE…..she does look like Ava Gardner….famous movie star from the 40’s and 50’s…once married to Frank Sinatra

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