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I’m finally among the land-of-the-living again. Thanks so much for all of your well wishes on Ravelry and Facebook last week! I hope that you and your families all manage to bypass the flu germ this season. It’s not fun. The one nice thing about being sick was that College Daughter was home from Wednesday night to Sunday, so she kept me company and it was fun spending all of that time with her.  We watched Season One of Bones while she was home. Why didn’t any of you tell me that was such a good series? (Although it can be a little much for those who are squeamish. Just keep your eyes closed for those parts.) Now I’m ready for Seasons Two and Three.

dsc02370I wasn’t up to knitting until Saturday, but I did get my other Mini Mochi sock finished over the weekend. (I told you I was going to finish the second one up, despite my tendencies towards single socks.  These are so soft and beautiful that I wanted the pair done to wear them!) This yarn is interesting. As I said before, sometimes it’s like almost knitting with roving, but it knits up strong, looks great, and it’s very comfortable to wear. I had 1 knot in each ball that I used, but both were close to where the other piece left off and it was pretty easy to pick up the sequence. We have a bunch more of this on order and when it comes in, I’ll be wanting to make more. Or maybe a Chevron Scarf with two different colorways. (Because, you know, I need to start another scarf….) I did knit these out of 2 different dyelots, since one ball came from the Crystal Palace booth at TNNA and the other from our order. But they match well.

dsc02365Turns out it was a good few days to be out of the shop last week. The Elves were inundated with boxes of yarn and they did a great job with all of the unpacking. More arrived today, so apparently we’re not done yet. We’re busy photo-ing and will be putting up many of the new things over the next couple of weeks.  One of the fun things you’ll find in this week’s Sneak Up is our “Loopy Loves You Valentine’s Kit”. This was the brainchild of Stacy (from Tempted) and Keri (from 3 AM Enchantments). dsc02367They emailed a couple of months ago and said that they thought it would be fun to do a Valentine’s Kit and was I interested? So Stacy dyed up the beautiful yarn, Keri made the bags, Jillian (from Wee Ones Creations) made the zipper pulls, Wendy designed the sock pattern, and we’re adding a heart-shaped Loopy tape measure. We think you’ll love this combination. (A big thanks to Stacy and Keri for the brainstorm, and for being willing to do so many of the bags and yarn!) Stacy also sent me one sock knit up so that I could photo it. I’ll put that up on the website with the kit photos. The pattern is so fun – hearts down the front and back of your leg, with a cool twisty column up each side. I will definitely be making these. I have yet to meet a Wendy-pattern that I didn’t love.

I’m catching up with emails today, so if you’re waiting to hear from me, I’m on it. Did anyone work on anything fun over the weekend?

Sheri whowascheeringfortheCardinalslastnight,butcongratstoallofyouSteelersfans!


  1. I was definitely cheering for the Cardinals last night, but am mostly satisfied that the game was close and that both teams put on a good show (eventually, the first half was a very mixed bag). I made pumpkin bread pudding and some cookies for the festivities.

    I am still working on a scarf that I started last year out of the Cascade Heritage I got here, but I’m hoping to finish that or a pair of socks or something so I can start a new project guilt free (because I’m going to start a new project, so I might as well make it a good thing all around)!

  2. Love, love, love Bones! Eleven year old son and I are rabid fans – part of the fun is grossing husband/dad out 🙂

    If you haven’t watched Dexter, you might enjoy that too – although it’s much, much darker (and not ok for an 11 yr old!).


  3. Glad to see you back! Can’t wait for the Valentine Kit!

    Almost done with my Girasole shawl…then back to socks!

  4. I’m so glad you’re back among the living. Being sick sucks. At least you were able to visit with KD and get that 2nd sock done.

    The Valentine Kit looks really fun – what a great idea!

    Fun knitting? I started a baby hat for my new niece out of Tillie Thomas. It’s a fun yarn with glass beads stranded with the soft wool yarn. Very cute!

  5. LOVE the Valentines Kit and hopefully it won’t be sold out before I get a chance to get one.

    Also, how do you get “in on” the Sneak-Up?

    Glad you’re feeling better. I’ve got 2 of my 4 kiddos home with the nastiness. I’m sure they’ll do it in shifts but as long as I can steer clear….here’s wishing!

  6. Hi Sheri, So glad that you are feeling better. My first thought was, that you lost power during ice storm. We lost ours 5 days in December with the ice storm we had. That sucks, but so does the flu. Hope you take it easy, as the flu can leave you drained. Glad KD was able to be home with you. Great company. Congratulations on the 2nd sock. Wow! Hugs

  7. Love Bones and House those are my 2 favorite series on currently. I identify with Bones and why I like her.

    This weekend I started on a new sock pattern the Leyburn socks and it is awesome. I am using the Loopy Legend Wendy’s Ferns and Toadstools and will email you a picture when I am done.

    I like the V-Day set its really cute.

  8. Hi Sheri, so sorry to hear you’ve been sick, but glad you’re better and back at work enabling all of us. Love the Valentine’s kits. Will definitely be stalking the site for the sneak-up. Hope I can get one.

  9. Happy that you have recovered! Thank goodness you had some good company to help you feel better. Your pretty new socks should help you feel better, too. I love the colour progression.
    I didn’t do anything I would really call fun over the weekend, but I did finish the article I had to get done and sent it off to the editor, so I feel like I accomplished something, at least.
    Very cute Valentine kit!

  10. Sheri! Glad you’re feeling better!

    Almost done with my Stress Relief hat, from yarn I inherited from BFF Liz as the color was not suitable for what she wanted, and definitely not her. Then I’ve got two things to finish up before I start anything else. The question is, what to begin next. I’ve got several options, including Frog Warts (Wendy, I think) socks out of Tree Frog (Sereknitty) yarn. Decisions, decisions….

  11. Hey! Glad you feel better! Worked on the Clapotis this weekend and cast on a second! I’m a bad football girl! Saw the halftime show cuz I love the Boss, but didn’t see most of the game, although it was looking like the 4th qtr was good (close scores anyways). 🙂 Hope you had a good weekend!
    Love the Valentines kit!

  12. Love the kit, but you almost gave me a heart attack, seeing “died” in there instead of “dyed.”

    it’s really adorable, though. What great idea!

  13. I am so glad you are feeling better. I was cheering for the Cardinals but didn’t really get too invested in who won or lost. (I wanted Kurt Warner to win). It was a great game and I really enjoyed it. At least this year I didn’t stab myself in the leg with a knitting needle. I worked on my Clapotis scarf a little during the game but not much knitting got done while watching.

  14. Oh that kit is so very cute. What a great way to showcase all those lovely talented artists!

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better. The bug is going around in my area as well. I actually have a can of lysol on my desk.

  15. I am a huge Bones fan too. I am so glad you are feeling better, and that College Daughter was home to keep you company while you were under the weather.

    I was really torn with who to cheer for during the game. I have been a Steelers fan since I was a kid, but would have loved to see the Cardinals win too. So I guess I was bound to be happy no matter which team won.

    The Valentine’s Kit looks wonderful!!

  16. Surely I rhapsodized about Bones at some point in the past? I’m sure I have lots of places. I love it. Another good odd couple cop show (sadly not on the air long and not on for years now but on DVD) is Due South.

    Oh! I gotta have that Valentine kit and I don’t even like red that much or care for Valentine’s day much! But oh the cute! Great idea Stacy and Kyrana!

  17. So sorry you were not feeling well. I knew something had to be wrong when you didn’t have a blog for a few days! Glad you are feeling better. I received my Mini Mochi and cannot believe how soft it is! When you look at it, it doesn’t look like it would feel so wonderful. Can’t wait to get started, so I can wear them while it is still cold!

  18. Glad to see you’re feeling better…I’ve missed reading updates on your blog. Love, love the kit… looks like lots of thought went into it. Please keep us posted as to when we’ll find the kit in the shop.

  19. I am so glad you are feeling better. I missed you! Glad College Daughter was home to keep you company. Hope she got a Loopy Valentine’s Kit! Take care, get more rest and don’t work too hard. An elf told me today that you still look a bit tired.

  20. So glad that you are feeling better. I watched the game for two reasons last night. (1) Jennifer Hudson and (2) Bruce – I shut it off shortly thereafter and played with my wheel – I’m slowly getting the hang of it 🙂

    Hopefully I’ll be able to catch the update and catch that gorgeous kit 🙂 Will it be tonight? I’m in the recording studio until 10 so I sort of hope not (hint hint)

  21. I love Bones- what a great show! If you enjoy police dramas, I really like The Mentalist (never mind that the lead actor is quite attractive!).

  22. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! I’ve missed your posts. We love Bones… there’s a great chemistry with the cast too.

    The Valentines kit looks awesome. Can’t wait to see it come up!

  23. I’m glad you are feeling better. I was getting worried also. I like your socks, but
    have other yarns on my wish list. I watch bones a lot. I go to bed very early,
    so sometimes I miss it. I have purchased some DVD’s of television series, but
    I really love my Betty Davis movies. I could watch them over and over. Your
    valentine kit sounds very nice.

  24. Welcome back to “work”….so glad that you had time to rest, recover and even knit!!!
    Nice to have daughters isn’t it? They just give us more “loving” when they are with us!

    Just love your Valentine’s kit! What a wonderful idea….

  25. I am glad that you are feeling better. I just love Bones…the connection they have is just out of this world….The new episodes are on Thursday nights at 7 (Central) and they usually run every other week.
    What color did you use for your Mini Mochi socks??

  26. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. And, how great to have KD around. I hope you are able to schedule some R&R while you get over being sick.

  27. Glad you’re feeling better! I had a bug for a couple days (you know you’re sick when you’re at home, no kids around, perfect opportunity to knit….and you feel too lousy to pick up the needles), but I did manage to finish the Featherweight Fantasy stole this weekend.

    It was a very good game; I mildly rooted for the Cardinals, but was quite impressed by that 100-yard touchdown anyway.

  28. I’m glad you are feeling human again. The socks look toasty warm and so colorful, they make me smile.
    Can’t wait for the Sock Kit to become available. I love Stacy’s yarn!!
    This weekend I started on a pony-tail hat. I have all kinds of trouble wearing hats when my hair is in a pony tail. This pattern has a wide band with 2 buttons which closes the hat. I am using a dark bone colored Misti Alpaca Chunky. It is just soooo soft to work with.

  29. Glad to have you back, you were missed!! I love the Bones series,but JUST began watching WEEDS. And, if you are okay with squeamish, this will be okay for you. I LOVE this series, just hilarious -but dark & weird too. A house wife whose husband just died, is selling pot through her small community of cookie cutter houses( prefab ), and realizes there’s lots of money to be made, anyway, it’s about her attempt to make a business out of it, and all the crazy people she meets along the way. You MAY enjoy, you can get it, direct streaming from Netflix…if you are ever interested.. we are up to Season Four and can’t stop! Season Five is out on Showtime, this June or somewhere in there… i may have to get it this summer for the fun of it… Mary-Louise Parker is the lead, and she is awesome! Check it out sometime…
    I hope I don’t catch this thing going around, here it is stomach flu…. yippee

  30. TOO FUNNY re: Bones. We’ve just gotten hooked– we’re Netflixing Season 1 like crazy right now. Knitting + tv shows on DVD= current favorite way to relax right now.

    And that kit– SO CUTE! Here’s hoping I actually don’t miss the sneak up this time.

    P.S. Also glad you’re feeling better. The flu swept through our house a couple of weeks ago– no fun.

  31. I am glad you are over the worst of the flu. What a bother!

    I just finished blocking the Seascape Stole by Kieran Foley out of the sparkly white Woolease. It is so beautiful, and warm. Now I am on to some gloves to match my daughter’s new hats. I am using Lorna’s Laces worsted in the Georgetown colorway. She caught her first fish in Georgetown, CO when she was 5–a long time ago now. Hats, plural, because after I made one, I realized that she needed a hat with a pony tail opening.

    I wish that I cared about the Super Bowl, but I just can’t.

    I love the sock kit. What a clever idea!

  32. Hi Sheri,
    Glad that you are feeling better. It’s lousy being sick but at least KD was home to keep you company. I love the Valentine’s sock kit!
    We are predicted to get snow here in Massachusetts tomorrow — a goo day to snuggle in for a sit & knit! Stay warm and well.

  33. I’m so glad you are feeling a lot better. It’s so nice that College Daughter was home to help lift your spirits. Love the Valentine’s kit! As for the project of the weekend, I’m working on another scarf. This one’s going alot better than the first one did.

    I think this weekend is going to be one for that mug of coffee, and knitting for the weekend plans. BRRRR….Have a great week! 🙂

  34. Yay, you’re back! I’m so happy that you’re feeling better.

    I just got a Valentine’s Kit–now I am anxiously awaiting its arrival!

    I’m a huge football fan, and I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. What a game–I was a nervous wreck during the whole fourth quarter and could barely watch! While I’m really happy that the Steelers won, the Cardinals played a great game and their fans must be very proud of them.

  35. ok…I seem to be missing out on some fantastic treats !
    and I believe my personal operator error to be the cause!
    can someone please give me some tips !@?….do I just check in on the blog on a daily
    basis ? or are certain days…blog update days from Sheri ?
    and when I hear about a “sneak up” such at the adorable Loopey Valentine Treat…
    how do I follow up on that ?
    and …..does one hear also hear about Wollmeise on the blog ??
    do I just go to the “what new “….page at Loopey ??
    thanks all

  36. Hey Sheri,
    well, just catching up as I got the flu Jan 7th, and nowonly just feeling better.
    Went to the lungs. bad bad Bronchitis.I t hink i knit 3 stitches one day when I thought I was feeling better.
    Glad you are feelng better.

    Now I have a beef with you.
    The STEELERS-(remember I am from Pgh)
    STeelers had a harder schedule this year, weren’t even supposed to win enough games to be a contender
    Cardinals had an easy schedule, ha, 9wins, 7 losses???
    AFC has always been the harder conference..AHEM.
    Yes, the cards played extremely well, and the STeelers shouldn’t even have let them get that many points…But in the end, that was skilled play and TEAM determination that won it.
    🙂 ok, just having fun here.. Now that I have you feeling sorry for me being sick and slightly mean in a nice sorta way,
    are you getting in any more valentine’s day kits?? Haven’t been able to get on the puter to read the blog..

    Oh, and not to mention ALL of the 0 degree days we had… sigh sigh
    looking for spring!!!
    sherry in SIXBURGH!!!

  37. I worked on the saartje booties for a friend having a baby girl…They’re so much fun to knit! I want to make more to just have on hand!

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