Three Things Today

Three things we did this weekend:

1. We took the kids up to college at Taylor University in Indiana. (As a mom, I like checking in on the campus webcam which updates every 60 seconds from 7 am – 5 pm. It’s nice to see what the weather is doing up there each day, and usually you can see kids walking by. One time I actually convinced College Guy to stand there for a minute so that I could see him. He hasn’t agreed to that since. In fact, I think at the time, he told me he was only doing it once. Period. I’m sure College Girl will be more agreeable about such things.) Here’s an early morning photo that WH took while we were up there.
2. Had coffee at Paynes and ice cream at Ivanhoes. (You don’t visit Upland without doing both of those things. It’s just foolish to try to avoid them.)
3. Used up a box of Kleenexes on the ride home. But thanks for all of the hugs and sympathy you sent our way last week. It was much appreciated!

Three favorite ice cream dishes:

1. Trojan Two at Ivanhoes (cookie dough ice cream, chocolate covered graham cracker bites, peanut butter sauce, chocolate sauce. See why Ivanhoes is not to be missed?)
2. Cake Batter Ice Cream from Coldstone.
3. Really, there is no number 3. If I can’t have either of the two choices above, then I’m happy to pass on the ice cream.

Three things that I’m doing this week to cope with Empty Next Syndrome:

1. Reading a lot of books. (I need to take a little break from knitting. College Girl and I spent a lot of time knitting together and so this week it makes me sad. I’ll be ready to knit again next week.)
2. Going out to dinner and to movies and doing other fun things every night this week with WH. (Being home just reminds us that it’s too quiet. I know we’ll get used to it, but right now we don’t like it. We came up with a plan over the weekend to occupy our week.)
3. Packing up lots of your orders and staying busy at work. Thanks for helping with that – y’all are the best!

Three things that went on here at Loopy Central today:

1. Wollmeise Sneak Up #1 (of three this week) has been completed. Thanks for following the “limit 2 skeins of any one colorway per week, per person” rule. That did help!
2. Carpeting for the new space was delivered, and it’s the wrong one. We may not be ready to move in at the end of the week after all. Bugger. Why do rennovations always run into glitches?
3. Not enough emails and mail. (That doesn’t mean that I didn’t get enough – it means that I didn’t get enough answered today. Luckily, I’ll be back to work through more tomorrow.)

Three things I want to tell my kids:

1. We miss you! The house is quiet and Zoe, Gracie and Casey are bored with just us at home. Apparently there are just not enough laps for them to claim when it’s only the two of us. Not that Casey gets a lap anyway, but she does seem to be waiting for “the rest of the family” to get home at the end of the day.
2. Call us any time – you know we love hearing from you often. (College Girl – you get soooo much credit for calling me today – woohoo!)
3. Enjoy your last evening before classes start up in the morning. 🙂 We’ll be praying for you and we love you bunches.

Sheri doyouhavethreethingsyouwanttoshareorthreethingstotellyourkidstoday?


  1. Yay for kids off to college!

    Double Yay for Coldstone ice cream.

    Sigh for no Wollmeise. I checked, I thought, about every 15 minutes all morning. And missed it all. I am so disappointed.

  2. I’ve been checking for the Wollmeise all day, and I still missed it! crap!

    Congrats on getting the kids off to college!

  3. Something to tell Sheri…’ve done an amazing job raising College Guy and College Daughter……….love from your Mom

  4. I didn’t think I’d ever get over that empty feeling when my children all were out on their own, but I found I really enjoyed it more than I thought, especially when one moved back in and to my surprise found I’d liked my new life after all. Here’s to a new stage in your life, bittersweet though it may be.

    I hope you find new ways to fill the void soon. So, what books are you reading this week?

  5. 1) I got my first ever skein of Wollmeise, which helps a truly horrible day
    2) Teavana gave me a free glass of tea today
    3) I have the best husband in the whole world, he’s with me when everything’s horrible.

  6. I have to agree about not feeling like knitting much today. It might have had something to do with the overkill during Ravelympics.

    1. I have to admit that I am not upset that I didn’t get any Woolmeise.
    2. Starbucks Ice Cream is my favorite.
    3. I am a little jealous of all the time you are getting to spend with WH. Mine is working alot and with three small children dinner and movies don’t happen to much around here.

  7. Three things ti tell my sons
    1. I have always told them just because it is legal doesn’t make it right. Re coming of age and drinking. I have even had their friends recite it to me when they went out, it is a very well known phrase in our house now.
    2. Always call if you are not sure about something, anytime, anywhere. We will answer and come and get you.
    3. Always so hello to one another or goodbye when you enter and leave the house.

    I am sure some of this is from being in the ER 31 years. To this day they know stupid and shutup are bad words. They had to say I will listen to you later not now. My sons are now 18 and 24. Every so of ten they will say Cheryl he told me to shut up just to get a rise out of me and yes they both call me by my name.

  8. I’m glad the weekend went as well as possible. Now is time for you and your husband to reconnect. You have a wonderful family — I loved the post from your mom!
    3 things…
    1. I didn’t get Wollmeise (I wan’t going to try) but I LOVE watching the colors disappear from the sales site…Sheri STOP laughing! I know, I’m sick, sick, sick. I totally missed the sneak up. Maybe I will get my jollies later in the week!
    2. I love Stabuck’s ice cream. But, me personal favorite is the ice cream made at the Penn State Creamery.
    3. Only FIVE days to kick-off of the Penn State football season.

    Good luck in your first day of classes college kids.

  9. Three things to tell my parents:

    1. I love you two and worry about you even if I don’t call frequently.

    2. I learned plenty of good things from you even if you don’t like my tatoos or my piercings.

    3. I listen to my friends who are parents, and my perspective changes. Not completely 😉 but I am paying attention.

    Hang in there Sheri. Next thing you know, you’ll be thinking about turning some of those “extra” rooms in to spinning and knitting studios, and chasing your hubby around in your skivvies. Just don’t tell your kids.

  10. Aw, that post made me want to cry a little. I think it’s really cool that your kids are going to the same school.
    I work at a college & my campus is bustling today – students are back, classes start tomorrow, a brand-new dorm opened – suites & kitchens & living spaces – a big step for my New England college.
    Oh and your Mom is the cutest, writing that little note to you.

  11. My kids are young yet (2 and 3), but I hope that as they grow up that they will always know these three things:

    1. Above all, I love them more than anything on this earth.

    2. That no matter how much they fight, they should support and care for one another. They may need to rely on that relationship later in life. I know I have, and I appreciate the good relationship my siblings and I now have.

    3. To be smart about school and your job, you don’t realize how important it is sometimes until it’s too late. Better to be somewhat stable, especially before starting a family!

  12. Just as I was reading you entry, my mom called. So, I will be calling her back because I did not get to the phone in time as it was in the other room instead of right by me. I’m sending more hugs your way! : )

  13. I think that is so neat they have a parent’s webcam. I might be able to convince my kids I will need to see them infront of such a thing so I can maintain my sanity once they hit college age.

    I can’t believe I missed the Wollmeise I sat here refreshing every 5 minutes until abou t 1 and then went to nap. Darn this sore throat and fever, if I could have sat here for a few more minutes I would have caught it.

    Hope you and the WH enjoy your plans for the week and it helps to ease the sadness of the empty nest.

  14. I’ll be thinking of you this week.I know how hard this is for you.I’m sending a hug your way right now.
    It will get easier and the house won’t seem quite as quiet but it takes a few weeks.Give yourself time.
    I’m happy that they are both going to the same school.Your daughter has her big brother when she needs some support.
    I hope you go out to good restaurants and have dessert this week.See some good movies,too.Have fun!

  15. I don’t have any kids, but here are three things:

    1. A friend sent me a clipping of her angora bunny’s fluff today — carefully placed in a little box — so sweet!
    2. I bought Lucy a catnip-stuffed quilt today and have been watching her enjoy it for hours.
    3. One of my very favorite movies “Notorious” is starting on TCM in a few minutes!

    Give yourself lots of hugs from your loyal Groupies this week!

  16. Aw. Hugs to you and WH.

    Three things (random)
    1. I love rocking the baby back to sleep, no matter how much I dislike waking up in the middle of the night to do so.
    2. I’m planning on stopping by Starbucks for a Peppermint Mocha tomorrow. I need to buy coffee beans, and it’d be wrong to skip a coffee…
    3. I’d really like to get my hands on more Wollmeise. (Yes, I know. Me and a fair other bit of the knitting world.)

  17. Glad you got the kids to Indiana safely. What lovely shot of corn; it makes corn more special than it is. (that was bad of me; that’s what i get for living in Indiana. I really like the shots).

    Three things today:

    1. I started classes today @ BSU after three years (not far from College Guy and Girl)! I was glad to be back there.

    2. I think I’m going to enjoy Accounting 2 over Accounting 2 (I think…) but I don’t know about Microeconomics. I also don’t know about my other two classes, I’ll find out tomorrow and Thursday.

    3. I’m worn out from all the walking around campus that I’ve done. And I had my classes in one building! That what I get for parking at one end and have to go to the other end to get a packet for a class.

  18. You might be surprised at how peaceable the empty nest becomes. We also found that the “kids” during college become really amazing young adults (which I’m sure you’ve already seen with your son) and that’s kind of neat. Plus, it’s nice having the kitchen look JUST like it did when you went to bed as you get up to make coffee the next morning 🙂 Have you read “Loving Frank”? It’s really a great story if you are looking for a good read while you take a little knitting break.

  19. Three things we did this weekend:
    1. Went to visit the grandkids (ages 2 and 3 1/2)
    2. Went to the Rangers/Indians ballgame (after a 1 1/2 hr rain delay, Rangers lost)
    3. Went to a flea market on the way home from visiting the grandkids (bought two teacups)

    It’s hard when they leave the nest but it’s harder when you visit them and have to leave. But it’s good to know you raised them well and they can manage on their own.

  20. I don’t have kids. My cat could care less what I say and the dog listens when food’s involved…

    3 things I enjoyed today
    1. I did get Wollmeise. Even though I whined about it’s kinking. It makes beautiful fabric and I couldn’t resist.
    2. I went to knit night
    3. I had mochaccino twice.

    Glad my order is helping you with empty nest syndrome.

  21. Three things I told my kids today…(9 yo and 6 yo girls and 3 yo boy.

    #1) I love you!

    #2) I’m going to miss you guys when you go back to school next week. (It’s only elementary school, but I really enjoy having them home during the summer.)

    #3) This comes under the category of stuff you never thought you would say….Said to my 3 year old son this morning…”Sweatheart, that is a glue stick, not lip gloss.” (And luckily, the sticky washed off his lips easily.)

    Keep busy!

  22. Three things:

    1. Sorry I missed the Wollmeise, tried but was sold out!
    2. Wishing favorite guy was home from overseas, he won’t be home for another six weeks (I miss him so much)
    3. That’s great about the webcam, they have them in so many places now. When I have to board Miss B (10 year Bearded Collie) there is a webcam in her suite and we can go in and watch her.

    Hugs to you!

  23. #1 – Love Coldstone Cake Batter ice cream also

    #2 – Was a bit short with DS today, but will hug & snuggle him, apologize & tell him I love him also.

    #3 – Passed on the Wollmeise, although I had a chance. I have 2 at home & just finished Pillars of Fire last week.

    I have 8 more years before Empty Nest Syndrome. That is, IF he leaves the nest. I feel for you and hope you have the love & support from DH & Elves to make this new transition.

    Keep busy this week and enjoy the reading as something different to do.

  24. No kids, but three things:

    1. Glad you are back safe Sheri!
    2. Glad to be back at work after a couple of weeks off with a bad back. 🙁
    3. Missed todays Wollmeise again. F5’d all day, missed a couple of minutes and it’s all gone!! Drat! Maybe next time, or maybe I’m not supposed to have any.

    Or maybe four:
    4: South Carolina plays this week – finally!!

  25. Sheri,
    I’ll never forget leaving my only son at college on my birthday!! Actually, I made my husband stay an extra day so it wouldn’t technically be on my birthday. That was 4 years ago. He graduated in April and married a lovely young woman 2 weeks ago!! Time sure flies.
    3 things I do now that my nest is empty:
    1. I rediscovered my love for knitting
    2. Hubby and I will be taking our 1st trip to Washington DC–on the train!
    3. Visiting National Parks and stopping at various LYS’s along the way

    You can do this, I’m cheering for you.

  26. I managed to get some Wollmeise today! Makes a crappy week so much better! I’m on a college campus too and our students start moving back on Friday.Right now I’m up to my eyeballs in getting their book reservations ready for when they get here.

    And yesterday my boss decided to climb a ladder. And fell off. And broke his hip. So I now get to be him and me for the next few weeks! Oh dear. So….Thanks for the Wollmeise today!

    The best part of it is that one of them is going back home to Germany to a swap pal who has also never had a skein! So exciting! 🙂 She will be so surprised!

  27. 1) Your blog entry made me cry. I can’t even fathom sending my little guy off to school (he’s 2.5) and you sent both. You’re amazing!
    2) I think you should fit a pedicure or massage into this week’s plan. You deserve some pampering after all that crying.
    3) Thanks for all you do. 🙂 I love TLE. 🙂

  28. Happy for those who got their wollmeise fix. Sadly I checked a couple of times today…but alas…crap…I didn’t get any!

  29. I’ve been reading, too. Marley and Me is a great choice for that first week after college dropoff — a laugh-out-loud story of a family and their dog (soon to be movie with Jennifer Anniston, I think). Ice cream is also perfect. I am jealous of your webcam!

  30. I know that the empty nest is sad, and I know that you will survive, with wet eyes for a few days!
    3 things for you Sheri,

    You have a wonderful family and friends

    You are a TOTAL success

    You and TLE make thousands of us so HAPPY

    I think of my yarn and you and TLE daily-you and TLE and all the Groupies and Flingers have given me another fun thing to look forward to.

  31. I agree with the book “Loving FranK” about Mamah Cheney and her love affair with Frank Lloyd Wright-a fictional treatment from her side based on some recovered letters. Excellent book.

  32. OH sheri,
    trust me, who cried for weeks, as he is my one and only.
    I cried almost as much when he moved back home.
    But alas, he is now out on his own again 🙂
    Get another dog. I did… sigh, sigh..
    and missed the woolmeisse.
    Now where am I supposed to see that you have it though?? I checked the homepage all day. Will it be listed there?/

  33. Awww. My oldest just turned 11, and I’m already dreading the time when he goes away to college 🙁

    What’s the secret to knowing when the Wollmeise goes up? I checked several times today and still missed it! It’s about the only sock yarn that I DON’T have.

  34. I’m an ice cream fiend, and have a batch that I need to make by the end of the week.

    Today, I:
    1) Made jelly bean cake with a strawberries and cream buttercream frosting (very light on the strawberry) and carrot burgers (unrelated).
    2) Moved a ton of boxes and acquired bruises all along my arms for it
    3) Got a few rows knit on Speckles.

  35. Marley and Me is terrific. We read it just recently, we have a 7.5 month old pure black lab and we think an almost 4 motnh old(recued dog)Aussie Shep/Lab mix. LOL’d cried…had to call DS several times to open copy at home and read this or that (we got a copy to give to the nice young man who had fostered the Aussie til we could take him). It is a terrific book.
    I think a book that makes you laugh and cry is a good choice for this week.

  36. Ah yes, web cams and moms….brings back memories. I live in Iowa and about 7 years ago, my son attended (and graduated) from Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, California. Found out about a webcam in front of the fire station there. Just happened to be located on his walk to campus every day, so I asked him to be there at a certain time and I was able to copy pictures of him waving at the webcam on my printer. Hadn’t seen him in awhile and…..he needed a haircut! Oh, but it was good to see him live, right then, in front of my eyes. His sister went to University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse. No webcam there, but she was still too far. I do know what you’re going through. My, but aren’t you proud of your precious kids and how beautifully they’ve grown up. Now comes the time when they are going to start appreciating you and Dad more than ever before. Relish it!

  37. My son went to his first day of college today too!!! I was so proud, but it is not really sinking in yet that I have a college aged boy!! ( well 2 now, if you count my step son, but he opted out of the college route to be a sous chef in NY)…very weird, I was just in college last year!!
    I have ONE more ice cream for you to add to your list- you HAVE to try Ben & Jerry’s Creme Brulee flavor. If you like Creme Brulee- then this is the bomb!!! AND I don’t mind sharing that with you since we don’t shop at the same grocery, you can’t clean out the flavor like the REST of my neighborhood thinks it’s okay to do for some reason:P
    My son is still living at home, but when college and jobs begin, you definitely don’t see them often! I don’t think his campus has a camera like that – it is awesome:)
    Chin up!! I will be thinking of you, missing our kids at the same time!! You did great, and they love you for it, you can tell!! Sincerely, Juli

  38. I had Cake Batter Ice cream today from Coldstone (with chocolate chips and pecans mixed in) 🙂 It was a celebration of my daughter’s first day of college.

  39. It’ll be fine, Sheri! Holidays will be here soon! 🙂

    I’m an only, and when I went to college, my Da lectured my Mama for weeks about how she had to be brave etc. Well, when they dropped me off then left, Mama noticed after about an hour that they were still driving around in Evanston. Da couldn’t bear to leave!

    Three things for those I love:

    1. I love my Mama! (Even if she does make me a little nuts from time to time. It’s a mother thing.)

    2. Salty Dog is a good boy (or trying to be, anyway, though it’s tough to be a puppy), and Paddy Cat is my sweet boy (though again, tough when there’s a puppy around who needs to learn things).

    3. Thanks to BFF Liz for the Wollmeise heads-up, thanks to Claudia for making such beautiful yarn, and thanks to Sheri and the Elves for stocking and packing it!

    I’m sure there are three more (probably about ice cream — UConn Dairy Bar, anyone?), but I’ll leave it there. 😎

  40. Congrats on sending the kids off to college….what an accomplishment!

    Just three things to say or to tell my kid?????????????????

    1) Always tell the truth…no matter how much trouble you are in
    2) Call me if you are going to be late………….
    3) Lapperts in Hawaii makes the best ice cream….flavor? Hula Pie of course!!!

  41. You’ll get used to having an empty house. See it’s already Tuesday and you’ve survived this far. Remind me of this at the end of September when my younger son (and last) leaves. At least I’ll be back in teacher mode by then and he’ll be relatively nearby. He hasn’t really been home much this summer at all. Sort of easing into this. Tomorrow morning I’m leaving older son all the way in Connecticut from Ohio for a co-op position. Might be a toughie.

    The best ice cream around here is at Young’s Jersey Dairy, near Yellow Springs, Ohio. In September they even have a fiber festival, doubly good! Mmmmmmmm!

    I believe that this calls for some new sock yarn.

    Take care

  42. Sheri, does it help to know that they will never stop being your babies, no matter what? And it only gets better, really. My mom and I only got tighter as we got older. It’ll be fine.

    I second what Julianne said about Creme Brulee ice cream–just expect a major sugar rush. It’s totally worth it, though.

    Here’s 3 things I can say about BFF Sarah:

    1. She never yells at me for buying too much yarn (especially since I managed to tip her off to the Wollmeise yesterday), even though she should.

    2. We are NOT the same person, and we have pictures (with Little Loopy and Flat Loopy) to prove it.

    3. Her Mama is a hoot and a half. She’s got more great stories than you’ve got yarn, Sheri.

  43. I also check the web cam at my daughter’s college daily. I also check the weather. And I have made her stand in view of the web cam and wave. She has moved into an apt at school and was gone all summer. I miss her terribly. One more year at home with my youngest. And then empty house. Good thing I have so many obsessions (knitting, quilting)

  44. I haven’t forgot about you , Sheri, my life has been pretty hectic lately (family stuff) and my enery is just drained.

    My 3 things for Mondays

    1. DH is on a man-only vacation with his best buddy. I’m glad he’s having a good time but I miss him.
    2. My knitting is moving along slowly but surely. I can’t wait for the start of Mystery Shawl 4.
    3. I love your picture of the morning glories! The corn in front of our house has morning glories growing on the edge of the field. They are so pretty.

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