Get Me Out of the Loop!

I’m stuck in a loop. A scarf-making loop. It all started when Claudia came to the Spring Fling last April, wearing a beautiful scarf (made with Wollmeise) that her friend Dani had made. It was so pretty that I decided to make one. (Actually, I made three – here are two, and here is the other – from Wollmeise and Noro. So far.) I thought I was done with scarf-making (having decided a long time ago that one could only wear so many scarves). In fact, not so long ago, I even blogged about my scarf-knitting addiction, thinking that if I admitted it publicly, maybe it would put the breaks on the ridiculousness. Instead, what did I do? I started another one after that blog post. When we unpacked the new Alpaca With a Twist Socrates yarn, it was so soft and tempting that I snagged a skein immediately. I want socks out of it – that’s a given. But I also thought it might make a really wonderful scarf. I was right. I have knit almost a skein and am going to use about half of another. But has turned out to be a wide scarf and you could easily take out a repeat or two and make it plenty long with one skein. (The pattern is once again Wendy’s Feather and Fan Scarf Pattern, available free here. I cast on the full 58 stitches on size 4 needles.) Are you wondering when I’ll go back to knitting socks? I’m wondering that, too. I do have a lot of tempting sock yarn that does want to be socks, so it ought to be soon. One would hope.

Speaking of socks, we have fun new things to put up for you next week. Among them, the September Limited Edition Yarn from Cherry Tree Hill. This is gorgeous and is called “Burnished Berry”. (Top skein in photo). Don’t you love the mix of purples and burgundies and steel blues? We have it in the Supersock Select yarn base, which we will be getting all of the time now. (Softer, deeper dye intensity, and wonderful.) Burnished Berry will go up next week. Also in the photo (bottom), a sneak peak of the October Limited Edition Yarn – “Very Scary”! We’ll have this as soon as it’s available, too. There are just 100 skeins of each of these colors done up in the Supersock Select yarn base, and we’ll have them all here for you.

What else arrived this week? We have lots of new colors of Araucania (one of my favorite yarns, because it’s so soft, knits up beautifully, and the price is great), as well as the new Kaffe Fassett Collection from Regia. (Sometimes I really like knitting up a plain-vanilla stitch pattern in self-patterning yarn, just because it’s so fun to see the color pattern emerge. Aren’t these socks pretty? This is the Exotic Ember colorway. We’ll also have Exotic Easter, Exotic Zany, Exotic Turquoise, Exotic Pool, and Exotic Day going up next week. In other re-stocking news, there are a few basic lines that we let dwindle down a bit while this rennovation has been going on, simply because we’re so short on space at the moment. Happily, we’ve put in new orders this week for many of them so that we’ll start getting them in and will soon be fully re-stocked over the next few weeks, now that we’ll have the new space. (And the Cascade 220 is slated to arrive in a couple of weeks as well – yay!) Plus, more spinning wheels, more indie dyer re-stocks, and a few new ones as well. Thanks for all of your patience with everything while we’ve been working through this expansion. We’re hoping that next week will be move-in week!

Lastly, I want to send heartfelt love and thanks to all of you for your sweet emails, calls, Rav messages/posts, and deliveries. You know that it has been a tough week on a few accounts (including the whole Wollmeise-Wangdoodle, which always brings challenges and frustrations for people) and we’re feeling NO pain because you’ve showered us with hugs. Seriously. Y’all come through in spades time and time again, and we feel so blessed to know you and count you as friends. You’re just the best. (Do you get tired of me telling you that?) 🙂

Sheri stillfindingthehousetooquietbutthenoise&commotionatLoopybalancesthatout!


  1. You guys are the best, as I had to call Susan and ask to change my order somewhat today and she did with not problem. Maybe we all just need a timeout!

  2. (((HUGS))) My son started junior high today and it was a big deal. I work on the same campus, but still… I even worked in his building for 15 years, and everyone knows me and will take great care of him, but it was still a huge deal. I can hardly imagine what I’ll be like when it’s time for him to go away from home.

  3. Wow! There is a lot going on! Good luck with it all…there is a long Labor Day weekend coming and I hope you all get to relax!

  4. Sheri, big hugs to you and things will get easier over time. I really like how the Wollmeise updates have been set up this time around and I think it’s made it easier for us to get a skein. I was finally able to get one – yeah!!

  5. Sheri,

    I made Wendy’s scarf pattern with the rayon yars from Wool in the Woods. It drapes beautifully! You should try a scarf in that. Someday, I’ll get the Wollmeise and try one in that too.


  6. Hi Sheri

    I really mean this when I say you all are the best. I can’t imagine any other LYS, online or off where I feel so at home and welcome all the time. I thank you and the elves from the bottom of my heart for all that you do 🙂


  7. You have given me on the scarf knitting bug too! I’m currently knitting the same fan and feather pattern from Wendy’s blog in YP’s merino/tensel, and it’s fabulous! I’m knitting it in the “Kate” colorway. Everyone comments on how pretty it is, and the pattern is SO easy that you can take it anywhere. I see several more of these in my future! Nice gifts!
    PS – I got my order today already (geez, you gals are fast), and I LOVE IT! That Namaste bag is fabulous! And the FBB never disappoints, as well as the Lorna’s Laces, which is highly underrated IMHO! Thanks for everything!

  8. Hi Sheri! Your latest scarf is beautiful too! That is such fabulous pattern (but then aren’t all of Wendy’s patterns?!)- I see how easily it can become an addiction. I’m still working on my first, but it won’t be my last.

    And, I think you, your family and the entire Loopy gang are the BEST!!! I mean that from the bottom of my heart, too. You have brought so much to my life and have connected me with a group of knitters that I never would have known otherwise. These friendships mean the world to me and it’s because of The Loopy Ewe!!!

    Hugs, Amy : )

  9. You all are the best. The best service with a smile…I know I can’t see you but I know there is smiling! Sometimes people go nuts and you have to just ignore it…nothing can be done about it and the bottom line is it is yarn…not world peace or something of major import. Just keep a good sense of humor about the things we get tangled up in….oh well hope you have a great rest of the week….We do love you!

  10. Hats off to you, this method of Wollmeise sneak up worked well for me, I have 2 skeins now! One I’ll trade to a Wollmeise virgin, one I have plans for (lace scarf with silver lined beads). Thanks for trying something new! It really has helped an unpleasant week.

  11. It is so frustrating to have it, the wollmeise, in my cart two times now but not able to enter credit card info fast enough. You’ve done a great job though trying to make it accessible to the rest of us.

  12. Hi Sheri and Elves,

    You are the best. I love the CTH limited edition. CTH was one of the first really “nice” sock yarns I used so it’s one of my faves. I may have to break yarn budget and buy some. Have a nice weekend. You deserve it.

  13. Hi everyone!!!
    Bless each and every one of you, what a thrill getting Wollmeise today, I can’t wait to do a feather and fan scarf!!! or socks !!! Anticipation is everything I can tell you! I checked so many, many times and I really appreciate the way you are doing this Wollmeise , you are the yarn store of my dreams!!!! Thanks ,Gini

  14. Hugs galore to you. The CTH yarns look fab as always and if I am fortunate enough to catch one, woot! I think you should highlight last week and this week on next year’s calendar to remember to not have any wild times at the LE.
    And I must say it is lovely to see a pair of socks, LOL. Kidding!!!

  15. Hi Sheri, I too wanted to thank you for all you do for us. I wasn’t able to get any Wollemesie but am so glad so many like myself have finally had the luck to get some. I want to congratulate you on the way you do things. You are the best and I know that you and the elves work very hard and love what you do. I hope you will be able to relax a little bit now and enjoy the rest of the week and long weekend. It finally feels like autumn is in the air here and I’m loving it. Hugs Give my best to your great kids, and that was a great note from your Mom the other night. Hugs again.

  16. Hi Sheri,

    I too am now addicted to scarf making ever since seeing yours on your blog. I am on my 3rd one this month and LOVE them! My poor socks that are 1/2 started are just sitting there waiting for me to get over my scarf addiction. Now, if I could just get some Wollmeise, my life would be complete! Thanks for giving us a safe addiction!

  17. You can’t just say MORE spinning WHEELS.came in….. WHAT CAME IN?

    My Bday is SUNDAY and I’m dying for a SCHACHT!

    hugs Sheri- really, you’re the best.

    PS We had to buy books for my oldests college classes…. Ummm hello?

    300+ bucks for 3 books? No one should EVER ask me what I pay for yarn again… that is just crazy for a book:P End of college mom rant:)

  18. Hi Sheri! I have to echo Amy’s sentiments…she said everything I feel. You and TLE have been such a blessing in my life. I love all the wonderful friends I’ve met through TLE. I love shopping for yarn, the challenges of the sneak ups, and the contests:). And your encouragement to us to be better people through RAK. Hugs!!! Kristi.

    PS Empty nests get a little easier as you start to see and enjoy your children as adults. 🙂

  19. I’m joining you in the feather and fan club. I bought some DIC classy when the knit a long first started. I was supposed to do Seascape, but I way overestimated my attention span. I’ve tried a few other lace patterns, but I haven’t knit much lace, and keep having problems, so I’ve started a feather and fan scarf. I can see how it becomes addicting. It’s really easy and you make a lot of progress quickly. I’m already planning another one out of alpaca sock yarn in fall colors that I bought on vacation. And I know my friend will want to make one when she sees mine, which means I’ll ‘have’ to make another one along with her.

  20. I might have to try the feather and fan scarf. They are so lovely and would make wondergul gifts. I certainly have the stash yarn for a couple.
    I also think Lornas Laces is underrated-and Cherryhill. I knit a pair of socks in Cherryhill for my sister and she loves them!
    Sheri, I work on the University of Minnesota campus, and I love when the kids come back. They have so much energy and it is such an exciting time for them. I can imagine how much you must miss them.

  21. I love the feather and fan pattern. It has been a favorite of mine for many years. I have never knit a scarf from it tho. Maybe it is time I went there… Do I dare?
    On another note, reading the lovely yarny goodness available, I noticed that with the way you code your yarn, the Indigo Moon just seems to introduce itself. Very neat. Don’t know why I hadn’t noticed this before.
    Empty nesting will grow on you, really it will. I love my kids and their kids, but I also love the time I have with the old guy and the time alone when he is out and about. It is just a new phase of life. Hang in there, it can take a bit.

  22. Lovely scarf and that new Cherry Tree Hill is gorgeous. I’m still hoping to score some Wollmeise, as I’ve never tried it before. Regarding yesterday’s post–I haven’t been to Ivanhoe’s in years, but the thought of it brings back fond memories. I graduated from Taylor in 1984 back when there weren’t phones in the rooms and not as many buildings as there are today. We used to say that when the wind stopped blowing across the campus, the students would fall over, being so used to leaning into it. 🙂 My favorite Ivanhoe’s shake (always shakes, never sundaes) was the mint chocolate chip cookie shake. Mmm. And the peanut butter/banana/rice krispie shake…mmm. As poor students, we would pool our money and buy the biggest size and share it. 🙂 I hope your kids love Taylor! Keeping my fingers crossed for the Wollmeise!

  23. I am thinking about making a scarf for the youngest’s teacher for her Christmas gift this year. I might have to give that one a try. All yours are lovely.

    I liked the way the wollmeise sneak up was done this time. At least when I missed the first one, I knew I would have 2 more opportunities. And thank goodness for my Loopy friends letting me know when it was up.

    Have a great rest of the week.

  24. My goodness, what a week!

    I missed the Wollmeise sneak up, but I have plenty of very lovely yarn thanks to TLE. I think I’ll be able to consol myself! : )

    The Cherry Tree Hill looks great. I’m kind of on a “monster” kick right now, so the Very Scary has a particular appeal. I better get busy with what I already have so that I can rationalize buying more yarn when that goes up!

    Hope everyone is enjoying this last little bit of summer. I hope everyone who is starting a new school year gets through the nest couple of weeks with flying colors!

  25. I hope you all set aside time to don your suits of armor before every Wollmeise event!

    To quell the frenzy, have you ever considered a thing (I don’t know the technical term) like they have on Amazon where if you click on a book or item, they show you other things you might like too. Or like Netflix does, ‘if you liked this movie, other people also liked this one too’

    Just a thought, because I think there is tunnel vision over a few yarns, and there are still so many other ones that go undetected or untested.

    I also wish there was someone who was highlighting a different indie dyer every week or month like you do with your vendors. I think of this as similar to the way people travel. You might go with a tour group and see all the big name attractions, and never get down a side street, back road or alleyway to see something amazing.

    Lots of Loopy love to you all.

  26. The “Wollmeise Wangdoodle” indeed! It’s wonderful that Loopy and the Loopy Elves are willing to go to such lengths to distribute Claudia’s beautiful yarn, and to make it available to as many people as possible. I read on Ravelry that the Wollmeise on the third sneak up lasted a little longer, but I imagine that the demand will continue for a while yet. The Wollmeise colors are just that fabulous.

    As you may or may not know, there are a number of Loopy Groupies on Ravelry who are willing to trade or sell a skein of Wollmeise to a “Wollmeise virgin” who has not yet scored a single skein. (The current thread is “Wollmeise Roll Call”, but it may change.) IMO, that’s the sort of thing that the Internet–and Ravelry–was really created for!

  27. Sheri – I echo everyone’s thoughs – you and the Elves are GREAT!! And you get so much accomplished in such a short period of time – are you sure the cats aren’t helping? 🙂

    Keep up the great work!!!!

  28. Sheri….you and the gang at TLE are the best. With all the “humbug” that went on with the Wollmeise….you made it through. I thought that your decision as a business owner was a wise one…you made it “fair game” to give everyone who wanted some yarn!
    Congrats on being so successful… lets get back to knitting!!!

  29. You are doing an amazing job keeping up with home, family, and owning a business, and I pray much peace over your household through all the ups and downs! Thanks for your continued graciousness despite the friction and fuss.

  30. Awww I wish I was there to give you a big hug. I’m glad you got lots of loves from everyone this week. I hope the noise from the expansion calms down soon.

  31. Some day I’m going to get some Wollmeise. I thought I had haunted TLE so much this week that I would get in on the sneak up. Was not to be. I’m not giving up yet…

  32. You haveinspred me to make a new scarf-I think I will use my newly aquired wollmeise-can’t wait to see how it knits up-Have a great weekend.

  33. You have inspired me to make a new scarf-I think I will use my newly aquired wollmeise-can’t wait to see how it knits up-Have a great weekend.

  34. That’s a good problem to have Sheri(being stuck in a loop). As least it is if the work is as good as yours. You have done some beautiful scarves.

  35. Thank you, Sheri and the Elves, for what you did with the Wollmeise (my mom and I got our first!!!! We are sooooo EXCITED!), and for getting everything shipped out so quickly. The Loopy Ewe is such a wonderful business, and we’ll continue to do our shopping here for a LONG time. We really do appreciate all that you all do!!! Hope you all can enjoy (and REST) this nice long weekend!!

  36. Ooooo! I just got my Loopy Groupy gift from you. I love the bag, the candy, the key ring, but the Cherry Tree HIll yarn and the sock pattern are wonderful. I love the color and CTH is one of my very favorites.

    Your speedy service cannot be topped, and I love the selection of yarns you carry. Thank you for making my day!


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