Three Things Today

Three things we did this weekend:

1. We took the kids up to college at Taylor University in Indiana. (As a mom, I like checking in on the campus webcam which updates every 60 seconds from 7 am – 5 pm. It’s nice to see what the weather is doing up there each day, and usually you can see kids walking by. One time I actually convinced College Guy to stand there for a minute so that I could see him. He hasn’t agreed to that since. In fact, I think at the time, he told me he was only doing it once. Period. I’m sure College Girl will be more agreeable about such things.) Here’s an early morning photo that WH took while we were up there.
2. Had coffee at Paynes and ice cream at Ivanhoes. (You don’t visit Upland without doing both of those things. It’s just foolish to try to avoid them.)
3. Used up a box of Kleenexes on the ride home. But thanks for all of the hugs and sympathy you sent our way last week. It was much appreciated!

Three favorite ice cream dishes:

1. Trojan Two at Ivanhoes (cookie dough ice cream, chocolate covered graham cracker bites, peanut butter sauce, chocolate sauce. See why Ivanhoes is not to be missed?)
2. Cake Batter Ice Cream from Coldstone.
3. Really, there is no number 3. If I can’t have either of the two choices above, then I’m happy to pass on the ice cream.

Three things that I’m doing this week to cope with Empty Next Syndrome:

1. Reading a lot of books. (I need to take a little break from knitting. College Girl and I spent a lot of time knitting together and so this week it makes me sad. I’ll be ready to knit again next week.)
2. Going out to dinner and to movies and doing other fun things every night this week with WH. (Being home just reminds us that it’s too quiet. I know we’ll get used to it, but right now we don’t like it. We came up with a plan over the weekend to occupy our week.)
3. Packing up lots of your orders and staying busy at work. Thanks for helping with that – y’all are the best!

Three things that went on here at Loopy Central today:

1. Wollmeise Sneak Up #1 (of three this week) has been completed. Thanks for following the “limit 2 skeins of any one colorway per week, per person” rule. That did help!
2. Carpeting for the new space was delivered, and it’s the wrong one. We may not be ready to move in at the end of the week after all. Bugger. Why do rennovations always run into glitches?
3. Not enough emails and mail. (That doesn’t mean that I didn’t get enough – it means that I didn’t get enough answered today. Luckily, I’ll be back to work through more tomorrow.)

Three things I want to tell my kids:

1. We miss you! The house is quiet and Zoe, Gracie and Casey are bored with just us at home. Apparently there are just not enough laps for them to claim when it’s only the two of us. Not that Casey gets a lap anyway, but she does seem to be waiting for “the rest of the family” to get home at the end of the day.
2. Call us any time – you know we love hearing from you often. (College Girl – you get soooo much credit for calling me today – woohoo!)
3. Enjoy your last evening before classes start up in the morning. 🙂 We’ll be praying for you and we love you bunches.

Sheri doyouhavethreethingsyouwanttoshareorthreethingstotellyourkidstoday?


  1. Are you all sure there was a sneak-up?

    I think some of you are just trying to fool the rest of us. Wollmeise dosn’t really exist. Maybe someday Sheri will prove me wrong. In the meantime, I’m getting some serious knitting done this last week of summer. I can’t believe the weather already feels more like Fall than summer.

    Three things?
    1) I love tomatos this time of year!
    2) I love the Cherry Tree Hill I’m knitting with now. (Monsters In The Closet! Yikes!)
    3) I love the energy of this time of year — the start of a new school year, the change in seasons, the discovery of new places that could be used to stash yarn!

  2. My husband and I will be having empty nest syndrome too. Both my son (21) and daugher (18) are heading off to the same University – Western Washington University next month. It is comforting that they are only 2 hours away (or less) and that they are going to the same college! It is great because we can take a day trip and visit.

    It helps to knit them socks and sweaters when they are gone. My son has 12 pairs of socks and size thirteen feet! He as been in college for two years!

  3. Sneak up? I had an office day yesterday and was checking every ten minutes! Still saw no Wollmeise. I am giving up on ever seeing that yarn when it is up on the site. That is crazy fast!

  4. Yeah for school prayer!……he he….can’t exactly stop mom’s from prayin’ now can ya??

    Enjoy your new season. It’s not an empty nest…..its a transitioning one….just like your space….and everything else 🙂

  5. I agree with the person who went “sniff” I miss them already.

    3 new things in my life….
    1. My Schacht wheel….have I mentioned that I love love love it?
    2. My new decks outside that Barry & Isaac are building for me…old ones were getting rotten and unsafe. New ones will be wonderful and larger with the upper deck going from 6X12 to 14X16 and covered…yeah. Now I can actually sit out there during the day and be shaded.
    3. The doc called this morning and said that sonogram confirmed that I have gall stones so the offending organ will have to be evicted…..arghhh!

    Oh, well, I have a new Schacht….did I mention that already?…..and it will comfort me.

  6. Three things that are totally stressing me out today:

    1. My mother (age 80) fell at work and has been admitted to the hospital for something they found when they were x-raying and cat scanning her that is unrelated to the fall. As a two time cancer survivor, she is strong willed but how much can a body take?

    2. My two oldest children were also deposited at college this past weekend. I miss them big time and I could really use their help now with #1 and little sibling.

    3. I am teaching a graduate class at the local university. First time asked to be an adjunct professor. 73 students and I am not nearly ready and class starts Thursday. Due to #! and #2, I am way far behind in my prep work.

    I did get alot of knitting done during 12 hours in the ER.

  7. Three things that are good:

    1. My two little grandsons – Mason and Dante – ages 1 and 3 – are mine to babysit two to three days a week (or more sometimes).

    2. Everyone is healthy including our three dogs – Janis, Weiner, and Schnitzel and autumn is nearly upon us.

    3. School is starting without me for the fourth year! Retirement is great! I am going to cross-stitch a sampler that says: Good-bye tension – Hello pension!

  8. Three things I want to tell my cat:

    1. It’s possible to be too self confident.
    2. Sleeping on my legs does not help my night sweats.
    3. Stop playing with my yarn. Right now! Use your aggression on the sofa instead.

  9. I cannot even imagine sending my 5 who are 10, 8, 7, 5, & 3 to college right now. My husband went back to school on Monday he is a teacher. It is hard enough for me to handle the fall w/o reinforcements! I am having a rough time dealing with 3 of my children being in school all day and the 5 year old is in afternoon pre-k. I will have from 12-4 p.m. with my 3 y.o. hmmmmm. What are the odds he will still nap? Probably really low cause that would just be AWESOME. I could possibly get reacquainted w/the bathtub. Just to keep things in perspective, my coffeemaker died this morning. A lovely brushed stainless Cuisinart coffee port. I adored this machine, I almost lost it this morning when I eagerly awaiting some sort of noise coming from this machine and it was sadly very, very, quiet. I could knit it a coffin. I just finished making a french press. Not exactly the same and I certainly am not feeling any sort of “France Moment”. But it will have to do for now……

  10. Sheri,

    It will get better. I missed my 2 so much when they went off to college. Fortunately now they are both within an hour from home so I get to see them fairly often. You will find things to fill the void and will cherish the times you can visit with them even more.

    3 things to tell my kids:
    1. I love you!
    2. I am very proud of you!
    3. I love you!


  11. Sheri,

    As a mother who has been down this road I can tell you three things:

    1. It is an emotional time that we mothers must go through but I promise it will get better when you see how much your kids flourish because you gave them a solid beginning.

    2. You are a fabulous business person and have THE best yarn store on the internet.

    3. We all love you and appreciate everything you do for your customers.

    Take some time to treat yourself special right now. Be gentle on yourself. It will pass and you will be relishing all of your baby’s accomplishments

  12. I’ll add a third ice cream treat for you. Graeter’s Ice Cream – particularly the black raspberry chip. This doesn’t even compare to those store brands. If you are ever in the Cincinnati, Ohio or Lexington, KY area, you must stop – MUST STOP!!! for this amazing ice cream! You can even order it and have it shipped on dry ice. I’m going to do that for my sister’s birthday one year.

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