Late Night Owl or Early Bird & a CONTEST!

DSC01780.JPGIt always amazes me that so many of you are up late at night when I do a Sneak Up. I’m definitely a Late Night Owl and when I do a Sneak Up late, like I did last night, it’s fun to see how many of you are still up. (Of course for those of you overseas, it’s a whole different ballgame.) Sometimes being a Night Owl has its perks, and it was definitely time for a late night one. We hadn’t done one at that time in awhile. Last night we put up lots of fun stuff:

  • Yarn Pirate Merino Tencel
  • Lime & Violet Sasquatch Sock
  • sKNITches Syncopation Striping
  • Gypsy Knits BFL
  • All Things Heather
  • Great Adirondack Silky Sock
  • J.Knits Superwash Me Sock
  • Malabrigo Lace (about 20 colors – and about 25 more on the way!)
  • ShibuiKnits
  • Mrs. Kwitty’s Sock Sacks and Pocket Pals
  • Lawre’s Laine BigBags
  • Offhand Designs Bags
  • Sock Blockers
  • New Wendy Knits patterns

And everyone was very quick to find it. We’ll be working on all of your orders today! (Note – the sKNITches is sold out already. This was Sam’s last self-striping order for us, but she has promised that she’ll keep doing Loopy’s Red Striping Socks in the future! And of course we’ll continue to have her wonderful semi-solids and variegated yarns here.)

DSC01832.JPGI had a fun trip down to Fort Lauderdale with Web Guy over the weekend. Amazingly (sadly) I didn’t finish my DC KAL sweater on the long car ride. I really can’t explain this. I am not a super fast knitter, but I think I knit along at a pretty good clip. I didn’t knit for the first few hours because we were talking and I was watching the scenery, but after that I was knitting pretty much the whole time. I’m still focused on being done by June 1st, though. Hopefully next Wednesday I’ll have a photo. Have you checked out all of the sweater photos that are rolling in from the KAL? It’s SO fun to see what everyone has done! Keep the photos coming. If you get yours into our photo gallery by June 1st, you will get the bonus. (Check back on the blog on June 1st – we’ll let you know what your reward is for completing it by June 1st.) We will continue to stock the DC Classy for you, and we also have a whole bunch of Malabrigo Worsted on order, because I think I need to knit a sweater out of that, too. We’ll start up another KAL this summer (not a sweater this time – it’s too hot to have a sweater sitting on your lap while you knit) – watch here for details in a couple of weeks. (Like the squirrel photo? Apparently you Floridians have very friendly squirrels. This guy looked like he was going to jump up on the railing to see us.)

-15Look where Loopy landed this week – Alaska! My Mum-in-Law took Knitting Daughter up there to visit Wonder Husband’s sister and her husband. (That would be KD’s aunt and uncle.) What a nice graduation gift, don’t you think? Loopy is having a marvelous time. I’m not sure he’s going to want to come back from there. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. I hope you have some fun plans for Loopy this summer. A few of you have already started turning in your photos with Loopy. (He has already met Lucy Neatby and now he wants to dye his fleece purple, FPS.) The postcards will continue to go out in orders until they run out. We’re only putting them in your first order after May 1st, but leave us an order note if you need another one in a later order. We had a lot of fun seeing where he went last summer, and we know you’ll rise to the challenge this summer as well.

This month’s contest is easy and follows along the question of Night Owl vs. Early Bird. Leave your answer in the comments and we’ll use the random number generator to pick a winner one week from today. Here’s the two part question: Are you a Night Owl or an Early Bird? And what would be your ideal time of day or night for a Sneak Up to go up? (Note – those of you who are regulars here, have kind of figured out that Sneak Ups normally happen in the earlier part of the week – M – W, but we do try to vary the times in order to catch everyone at their best time at one point or another.)

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  1. I’m *definitely* a Night Owl—typing this at 1am on a Sunday night/Monday morning. *grin*

    My poor Loopy (postcard) won’t get to go much of anywhere this summer, so you might get a picture of him in our pool, soaking up the rays! Unless…..maybe I can talk the husband into a trip to Sedona for our 18th anniversary. Hmm… trip? Or more yarn? Yeah, you see the problem, eh?


  2. Totally a night owl despite fighting myself on that and trying to be a morning person many times over. And anytime is a good time for a sneakup 🙂

  3. Well, I’m definitely a night owl. Mornings? Ugh!

    As for Sneak Ups, it doesn’t really matter to me. I shop when I have the funds to spend and a project in mind. Yep, I miss out on some great stuff this way and have to wait a while, but that’s okay.

    IF I had money to burn, though, I would definitely say a morning Sneak Up would work for me. I check my email at work first thing when I get in, and checking my personal email is part of that. So, around 9:30 am EST would work great.

    I do agree with changing them around to give everyone a chance, though.

    Thanks for asking! 🙂

  4. Neither. I’m at my best during the middle of the day. I would love if the sneak-up came during lunchtime, but maybe I’m strange.


  5. Is it possible to be a little bit of both? During the warm weather months or when daylight savings time starts, I get up early. I get less sleep as I go to bed late because the day is not long enough. I have been known to fall asleep around 9:30 only to wake up from my nap at 12:00! Kinda crazy huh?
    As for the sneakups, not during communting time for those of us that work, and not during prime homework time when the kids need the computer for homework. That leaves the nightowl sneakups as the best ,followed by early afternoon for those that have computer access at the place that lets us earn money to buy more yarn!

  6. I’m a total night owl! I get my second wind at 10 pm and would happily stay up midnight and beyond when the house is quiet. Unfortunately my job forces me to get up at 6am, so only on the weekend can I indulge my inner night owl.

    All Sneak Ups are good sneak ups! The more the merrier 🙂

  7. I am late chiming in, so I probably missed the drawing, but that’s perfectly OK as I enjoy this blog immensly!

    I am such a Night Owl that it is almost impossible for me to wake up early in the morning. My wee one is the only alarm that works, and she’s an early bird at that! I keep telling myself that sleep is overrated, but I’m not sure my internal clock agrees. My best sneak up time is at 9:30 when wee one and the hub are fast asleep.

  8. Unfortunately, with three kids, I have turned into an early bird. For me, since i am only on the computer during the day, a daytime sneakup, between mid-morning and mid-afternoon, is best for me!

  9. I like to think that I am a night owl, and do stay up sometimes when the DH and the DS go to bed. I can sit in the front of the truck and knit or be on the computer, although DH does wake anup and tell me to come to bed. It’s kind of hard to be a night owl when you are always in the same space as the rest of your family. I do have to get up early alot because DH almost always needs help with directions or what ever.

    I think that my ideal time for a sneak up is anytime between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. How’s that for narrowing it down for you

  10. Night Owl, though I’m not usually on the computer then. Best sneak up time would be around 11 am eastern.

  11. I am an early bird. I wake up early, even on the weekends, raring to go. I think that my ideal Sneak Up time would be between 7 – 9 PM, that is usually when I am on the computer at home. I can’t deal with Sneak Ups when I am at work!

  12. i’m a night owl. best sneak-up time for me would be after 10:30 pm. early has me at work and i can’t concentrate on all the loopy goodness!

  13. How early is early for the early birds? I like to wake up at 7:00 or 7:30 am (bed by 11:00 pm), but I rarely get to do this. I am usually up at 5:30 am every morning that I work – which is most mornings.
    That said, I love staying up late at night when the house is quiet. It’s very peaceful. I also love waking up before everyone else and enjoying some morning coffee while everyone is sleeping.
    I consider myself a “Tweener.”

  14. I am certainly a night owl, but wanting to knit and be on the computer to get emails is an easy choice. If I truly want to get wips done. I can not be typing. But the other problem is that I work with a lot of German groups and that means Night Owl.

    I try to set aside two hours a day for the typing. It would be in mid afternoon – so that is the best time for me to catch the sneak up. Today was ideal for me – but I think doing what fits your schedule is good.

    I physically am limited in sitting at the computer. I have had 8 heart surgeries and my legs swell even prevently my from flying. So its feet up and knit!

  15. I am a total night owl, but my kids, and husband, insist on trying to make me a morning person. It is so not happening! My ideal time for a sneak up would be 8:00 to 10:00 pm.

  16. I am definitely a night owl…I would much rather sleep in and then stay up later. I just like the sound of “sleeping in”…What did you do today?…I slept in!…hehehe

  17. Early Bird, best part of the day, but you’ve heard that before … I’m definitely not ‘with it’ after 10 pm. I’m usually reading blogs and e-mails from 6-7 pm CST.

  18. Alaska?! How cool…! Huh, maybe she saw my mum there… ^_~

    I’m DEFINITELY an early bird… I’m already in the library and studying at the chime of 7 AM! Morning I get the most work done… as the day goes on, I get less and less and less productive… ^_~

    Early evening typically works best for me as far as sneak-up times go, but honestly, it’s fun anytime just peeking online and seeing whether or not you’ve got something interesting going on!

  19. Nowadays definitely an early bird! Back in the day I used to stay up late enough to be considered a night owl, but now I hate it if I sleep late- it feels like I missed way too much of the day!

    I’m usually online in the evening, so that would be the best time for me as far as sneak up goes- but in the summer any time of day works!

  20. I am not really either – I am a mid morning, early evening girl. I like to sleep in if I can, and I do try to go to bed at a reasonable hour – and if I can, I like a mid afternoon nap. I sound like a kid with a sleep schedule!

    As for the ideal sneakup time…I don’t think I have one, though I am more with it during the day.

  21. I am a night owl usually … but with a 10-month-old baby, I have become accustomed to being awake at all hours of the day and night … so any time is a good Sneak Up time for me!

  22. I’m a night-owl wanna-be…I just have to get up to early in the morning to stay up past 11pm…so I guess a good sneak-up time for me would be at 7am M-F.

  23. I’m a night owl to a point, especially on the weekends when I don’t have to get up early for work. I would love to see a sneak up in the 8-10pm range. I’m almost always at my computer during that time. 😉

  24. Ummm I think I am a hybrid.

    Night owl on the weekends
    Early bird on weekdays – other than Monday – obviously.

    I spend the most time online around 9:00 pm. That would be an awesome sneak up!

  25. I’m an early bird, always have been. Between 5:00 – 6:00 am pacific time would be great for a sneak up.

  26. I am an early bird! I would love a sneak-up to occur around 6am, eastern time. Buying yarn while eating cereal – perfect-o!

  27. I’m much more of a night owl than an early bird, although kids’ and husband’s schedules force me to get up pretty early. The ideal time for me to do some serious shopping ~unimpeded by eyes over my shoulder LOL!~ is about 8-10 PM MDT.
    PS…thank you for introducing me to Gudonya Too..I love their stuff nearly as much as I love LOOPY EWE :o) Mary

  28. NIght owl! Actually, I’m a night owl forced to live in an early bird world with my family’s schedules. 10pm CST-midnight are ideal!

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