Good News, Bad News Friday

DSC01682.JPGGood News: Spring has been springing up all week long. The trees are blooming, the daffodils are up, and the weather has been warm.

Bad News: My summertime body has not arrived yet. I keep waiting for it to show up. What is the holdup? It’s a good thing that it is supposed to snow flurry tomorrow. I have the winter body down pat. (I think I’ll eat a cookie.)

Good News: The Spring Fling is only two weeks away – can you believe it? We’re slowly but surely getting ready for all of you.

Bad News: Well, it’s not ALL of you, by any means. But we wish you could all come!

DSC01680.JPGGood News: Took both cats to the vet yesterday and both are healthy. I was sure they’d tell me that Gracie was too fat had her winter body on and needed to exercise more. She’s a mere 10 lbs and in perfect health. (Zoe is a petite 6 lbs, 4 oz – no wonder Gracie seems so big to me.)

Bad News: The vet bill. sigh. (Also bad news: two cat photos in two posts in a row. But she’s awfully darned cute.)

Good News: We did some major re-stocking today – did you catch it? Travel Mugs are back in stock, along with more Shibui Knits (and some of their new patterns), Araucania, Cherry Tree Hill, The Alpaca Yarn Co. Paca Peds, Bee Bars, knitting accessories, new Offhand Designs bags, Namaste Messenger Bags, Cotton Panda, and more.

Bad News: Still more boxes of yarn and things to go up next week. (Or is that good news?)

DSC01685.JPGGood News: Starbucks still has good coffee.

Bad News: They made their cups brown. I miss the green. (Two new yarn lines in the photo, just to make you wonder…. They’re scheduled to arrive in a few weeks.)

Good News: The “Don’t Be Blue” sock kits are ready to ship! Click here if you’re eligible for one.

Bad News: They’re just available (while supplies last) to those who signed up for the sock club this year and didn’t get in. (What happens if you try to buy one and you weren’t really on the list? A hand comes out from your computer screen and pinches you on the nose.)

Good News: So many of you have emailed to tell us how much you like the special Loopy Groupie Appreciation Gift that we have been sending out this week.

Bad News: “LG Appreciation Time” runs through Tax Day and mostly there’s nothing good about Tax Day.

DSC01679.JPGGood News: I found my perfect pair of shoes – they show off handknit socks and they make my size 11 feet look smaller. (No small feet feat.) It’s a Dansko Merrie. (Socks are Fiesta Boomerang. We do have a large order in with the – they’re just backordered on Boomerang at the moment. We’ll keep you posted.)

Bad News: With Spring here, sock-wearing weather is almost gone in Missouri until the fall.

Good News: My friend Monica gave me the DVD August Rush that I like so much. I think I’ll knit and watch it tonight.

Bad News: I have so much knitting that I want to do, that it’s gonna take more than one movie (or five) to knock it out.

Good News: I had time to knit last night.

Bad News: But I didn’t get one stitch done because Knitting Daughter and WH and I spent so much time laughing and going through the pages of photos on this website.

DSC01687.JPGGood News: Possum Sock Yarn from Cherry Tree Hill. (80% Superwash Merino, 20% New Zealand Possum.) Wow.

Bad News: It won’t be available for awhile, but I have one of the sample skeins from Cheryl at Cherry Tree and it’s really a fun yarn base. Just thought I’d give you a sneak peak at a unique new sock yarn base that they will be offering for a limited time this summer.

Sheri anygoodnews/badnewsyouwanttosharewithus?


  1. Good news-only two weeks ’til the Fling.

    Bad news-I can’t decide which yarn to bring and what to buy when I get there (that could be good news, too!)

    Those jonquils or daffodils are really nice-we have Robins, Juncos, and Western Bluebirds here along with new calves and Sand Hill Cranes that are on their up to Yellowstone NP.

  2. Sheri, there’s no such thing as too many pics of kittehz!

    Good news – Flowers & trees are blooming.
    Bad news – My allergies have awakened, too.

    Bad news – The lawn needs to be mowed.
    Good news – That’s my daughter’s job!

    Good news – Post-op appt (from 2nd surgery) was yesterday, & everything was “clean”!
    Bad news (but also good news in a way) – I’m starting chemo on Monday. (Gulp!)

    Good news – Ordered my Don’t Be Blue kit.
    Bad news – The credit card bill. Alas…!

    Also the same good news & bad news as Marsha said! Thirteen days & counting! I am *so* looking forward to meeting all my Loopy cyber-friends, and all that knitting time! 😀

  3. Good news…a really busy week is over and I just ordered the Don’t be Blue kit!!
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Good news: I’ve been working on getting my summer body back and have lost five pounds.
    Bad news: the weight seems to have all come off of one area, one I’d rather didn’t get any smaller. I’m down 2 letter sizes, FPS.

    Good news: I found the perfect shoes last year.
    Bad news: I’ve worn them so much that they’ve fallen apart, and now I don’t have any comfortable sock-showing-off shoes.

    Good news: you are giving away a great LG gift until tax day.
    Bad news: I’m trying not to buy anything before the Fling since as you mentioned it’s only two weeks away so I’ll be at TLE before a package would get to me. (By the way, when is American tax day?}

    Hope you get some of that knitting done this weekend!

  5. Wow, my brain is too tired to do good news/bad news tonight other than…

    Good news: this week is done! bring on the weekend
    Bad news: Back on the hamster wheel again Monday (and so it goes)

    Sheri, you can NEVER have too many cat photos. I’ve always wished you would post the cats pics a bit more often actually so this has been a good week!

  6. Oh gee. I’m going to have to think hard for good news.

    Good news: My husband is coming home soon.
    Bad news: They keep pushing the return date back.

    Good news: I am awaiting a Loopy order!
    Bad news: It was a bit of retail therapy which hasn’t really worked…maybe when it arrives?

    Good news: Tomorrow is Saturday and my MIL is coming.
    Bad news: We have to clean all weekend.

    Hopefully next weekend is better!

  7. Good news, took Rosie (yellow lab) to the vet today for her annual and shots. She’s healthy, but obese! Bad news, 297.00 ugh. Good news, Received my Loopy order today, and great gifts. Bad news, It was 74 out yesterday. Good news, I’m glad I placed my order before going to the vet. Sheri my winter body is down pat too. My summer body, what’s that. I dislike the heat and I usually am extremely miserable. Good luck to you Susan, I will be thinking of you.

  8. Good news: I have four “perfect” skeins in my shopping cart at The Loopy Ewe and I reeeeally want to see what the Loopy Groupie appreciation gift is
    Bad News: I’m trying to restrain myself in favor of spending more at MDSW

    Good News: The weather has been great and I’ve been walking to eliminate “winter body” issues (I really like that, BTW)
    Bad News: It’s possible we’ll have snow this weekend

    Have a great weekend! TGIF!!!

  9. Good news- Went to Loopy today!
    Bad news- Could not get everything I wanted (thats ok though, gives me something to look forward to getting). And missed meeting you – (will just have to take another trip down later)

    Good news- Get to knit this weekend guilt free.
    Bad news- It will be COLD this weekend. (thats why it is guilt free- to cold for me to be outside)

    Have a Great weekend.

  10. Bad news: I need to walk on the treadmill and I really don’t feel like it!
    Good news: A new Battlestar Galactica dvd came from netflix so I can watch while I walk!

  11. It was 90 today. Depending on where you live, that could be good news or bad news. Here, not so good – too hot, too soon.

    Love the shoes! I have the Dansko Susanna. Given the temperature , looks like they aren’t going to get worn til next “winter” FPS!

  12. Love the shoes!

    Good news: The husband decide it was time to install the garbage disposal.
    Bad news: He’s torn apart the kitchen (my dyeing area!) and I can’t dye till he’s done and this is day two. 🙁

    Good news: Spring Fling in 2 weeks!
    Bad news: I have to get my fat butt on a plane.

  13. Good news: I got to see the Yarn Harlot speak in Ann Arbor tonight.
    Bad News: I got there an hour and a half early and had to sit in the “overflow” room, FPS.
    Good News: I got my book autographed and chatted w/Steph for a quick second.
    Bad News: The line was really, really long.
    Good News: Saw several loopy totes in other parts of the line.
    Bad News: Didn’t get to chat with any of those folks.
    Good News: I got my order yesterday and loved the Loopy Surprise. 🙂
    Good News: I ordered my Don’t Be Blue kit a minute ago.
    Bad News: I still have my “winter body”. (And have for probably the last 4 years!!! Love the phrase, BTW)
    Good News: School gets out 5/5 so I can go to Jazzercise again! Yay!
    Bad News: I still have a huge project to finish designing and then code (YIKES) by 5/1.
    (Do ya think I could borrow College Boy to finish my hw? LOL)
    That’s all for now. 😀

  14. Good news got my Dont be blue kit yeah
    Bad news you had to have more goodies to order could not resist. SO bad news will be my credit card bill. Ahh well

  15. Good news: It is Friday and tomorrow we head to Ohio for a visit with my sister.
    Bad news: I spent an hour at the Dentist yesterday, only to find out I need to go see a different one that is an hout away.
    Good News: We didn’t get all the bad storms they were predicting.(yay!!o tornados)
    Bad News: The storms we did get kept the 2 youngest ones up most of the night.
    Good News: It is going to be chilly this weekend, so my sister will get to wear the socks I knit for her at least once before it is too warm.

    That sock yarn looks beautiful, I can’t wait for it to come to TLE.
    Now I am going to go check out the funny page. Have a great weekend.

  16. Good news – I didn’t get pinched! Can’t wait for my ‘consolation prize.’
    Bad news – it’s supposed to be 90 degrees here tomorrow, and I’m definitely not ready for that. Guess I’ll eat a cookie, too! :^)

  17. Good news—I got my Loopy Sneak Up order today! Loved the extra gifts tucked inside!
    Bad news—AFTER having a root canal on my tooth, the dentist told me he couldn’t save it. It will have to come out and I’ll need an implant—$$$$! Why are dentists so expensive???
    Good news—the Spring Fling is coming up very soon. Please don’t notice my missing tooth!! I’ll get the dental work AFTER the Fling…if I have any money left after shopping!! 🙂

  18. Good news: I can eat real food again after two weeks of liquids due to surgery!
    Bad news: I get full after a few bites.

    Good news: Yesterday my Loopy order came with the special appreciation gift. Thanks!
    Bad news: We’ve had snow flurries for two days and more for tomorrow! I want spring!

  19. Good news the fling in 2 weeks,
    Bad news my taxes are not done and the accountant said to bring a BIG check on Monday, for the estension no amount, just BIG
    Good news my check came
    Bad news how much is going to the IRS???
    Good news, my moo cards are here and I have finished my homework for the fling leaving me free to make what I want!
    Bad news taking the middle dog to the vet on Monday
    I am soo ready for the fling

  20. Hi,

    Good news is my husband was accepted to law school (it was a rough application process) and we move home from Cali to Minn this summer. YAY! I’m so proud of him,

    Bad news is we both have to work all day tomorrow and can’t go and have fun to celebrate.

    Have a super weekend 🙂

  21. Good news: The Fling is less than 2 weeks away! And,I’m also taking the day before and after off from work for “me time.”
    Bad news: Is there really any bad news, here. lol?!

    Good news: I was able to do my “workout” outside today – a 40 minute walk!
    Bad news: Next week, it will be back inside at the gym. Yuck! But, I’m still going…

    Good news: I’m so happy for all those who are getting the Don’t Be Blue Kit – Sheri you are making so many people happy! : )
    Bad news: Is it bad that the ONLY reason (I’m not eligible) I want to click on the link is because I’m a nosy, er, curious soul and I want to see the graphic & how my nose gets pinched?

    Have a fantastic weekend! I think I better do my homework, FPS!! : )

  22. Good News: Today I framed a ton of artwork that’s been hanging around AND arranged flights for my little brother to come visit!
    Bad News: I made a bit of a mess doing the framing thing on top of which I just returned days ago from a long vacation back home… house is a disaster. Brother is coming…

    I think you see what tomorrow will be like. Thankfully he doesn’t arrive until late night.

    This is all cutting way too far into my knitting time!

  23. Good News – Tax Day is near (I work for a CPA firm) and my overtime will be done.
    Bad News – Wisconsin weather is unpredictable and we got 2-4″ of heavy wet snow last night – so no tulips or daffodils here yet.

    Good News – I’m almost done with the first sock of TLE sock club Swirls sock
    Bad News – I have one more to do before the next kit comes

    I think my summertime body and yours are on vacation somewhere. It sure is comfy wearing these sweaters for so long in colder regions, but then we have to deal with the revealving t-shirts when warmer weather arrives.

    I have many projects in progress, so I hope I have lots of knitting time this weekend! Thanks for the note about August Rush – I’ll have to put it in my Netflix list. Don’t forget to see I Am Legend, or Atonement – awesome movies.

    Happy Knitting!

  24. Good news: I booked my plane ticket to Maryland for MD Sheep and Wool! Woohoo!

    Bad news: I got to the heel of sock #1 using Tempted yarn, and I think it’ too tight…. Not sure if it’s the ankle I twisted falling out of bed last week, or the pattern. Fantastic yarn though.

  25. Bad news: I’m at work today.
    Good news: I’m getting overtime, so I’ll be able to buy more pressies to put up in my Crohn’s fundraiser raffle I’m doing on my blog.

    Bad news: That yarn won’t be for me.
    Good news: I have sock yarn to knit with anyway.

    Bad news: Running takes time away from knitting.
    Good news: Running helps me get a summer body.
    (Bad news: Though I just finished my Earl Grey chocolate bar).

  26. Good news: It’s supposed to be 72 degrees here in CT today!

    Bad news: I have to work all day. 🙁
    (And no OT for me, I’m salary.)

    Love the kitty pictures, Sheri! We never mind kitties. 🙂

  27. Good News: My Loopy order came – you guys are the BEST!! – love the pattern and the stitch marker.
    Bad News: None – it’s Friday and my Loopy order came.

  28. Good News: I had a package from Loopy waiting for me, and I love the special present. 🙂
    I also go to order a Don’t Be Blue Kit. It’s so nice of you to have done something like that.

    Bad News: I too had a very expensive vet bill.

  29. I just found the icanhascheezburger website a few days ago 🙂 Did you know that there are several lolcat groups on Ravelry?

  30. Good News: The spring fling is 13 days away
    Bad News; Can’t decide what to bring with me to knit (so much to choose from!)

    Good News: It’s the weekend, time to play
    Bad News: Dancing College Daughter sprained her ankle badly (it’s so black!)

    Good News: It will heal and be ready in time for the recital in May
    Bad News: I have made my travel plans yet, better get hopping

    Good News: Off to spend the afternoon knitting with the best of friends
    More Good News: going to have my most favorite desert tonight!
    Bad News (or good if you look at that way) NO MORE bad news to report

  31. Hmm, I think I have to reverse a few of mine and do it bad news, good news. 🙂

    Bad News: Got unofficial confirmation this week that my position will be eliminated sometime in the future. Not sure how long, could be next week, could be December, and officially (if anyone asks), I know nothing. But it’s a reliable source, so…

    Good News: The night after I heard this, got a phone call from a neighbor wanting to talk to me about a new position with his company. Nothing final yet, but it’s looking very promising. 🙂

    Bad News: Until I get the job thing figured out, I can not send in that order that’s trapped in my shopping cart.

    Good News: It looks as though I may be able to order before Tax Day. Maybe in time for the next Sneak Up? 😀

    And now, for the traditional order ones.

    Good News: Got the inside of half the kitchen cabinets painted on Wednesday, and they look 1000% better!

    Bad News: I’ve still got the rest of the cabinets to go, never mind the rest of the kitchen, never mind what boils down to the rest of the house. One step at a time, right?

    Good News: Almost done with a couple of WIPs that are past deadline.

    Bad News: Lots more to go, and SO much I want to start!

    Good News: My spring flowers are all about 4 inches high now, which means they’ll bloom soon.

    Bad News: My rhododendrons got a little frostbite over the winter. Hoping they’ll bloom and thrive over the summer so I can winter them better next fall. And it’s trying to snow today, but instead is raining. FPS.

    Erm… I think the Good News is that I’m out of stuff to write. 😉 The Bad News would be that I KNOW I’m long-winded and don’t seem to be able to do much about it! 😎

  32. Good News: the snow is almost gone, and I think by tomorrow may all be gone with the rain that’s coming.

    Bad News: a winter full of latte sticks to my butt like glue and I too need to shed my winter body!

    I don’t know how I feel about the new Starbucks cup. It seems cheap, being only one color. They’re cost cutting. Hmmm.

  33. Bad news–my summertime body has gone AWOL, and I think it should get back here pronto because…

    Good news–it was warm enough to plant pansies outside today and get a little sun too!

    Bad news–my house does not clean itself

    Good news–I got the first my birthday-splurge orders already and am eagerly waiting for the second splurge order.

    Bad news (?)–based on the sounds of it, there might be a third birthday-spurge order in my near future.

    Good news–I saw my first spring flowers today! Yay!

  34. Good news – The Loopy Travel Mugs are back in stock.
    Bad news – They can’t be washed in the dishwasher. I hate to handwash dishes.

    Good news – I have a large furry family
    Bad news – I spend more on animal care, than I spend on my groceries and clothing combined.

    Good news- A member of my furry family is Mirabel, my cocker spaniel.
    Bad news – Mirabel’s nickname is the “high maintenance girl”. Most of the pet budget goes toward her expenses. I give her weekly allergy shots. Too bad the vet doesn’t have customer appreciation gifts and groupie specials.

  35. What – no opportunity for those cute shoes in the summer. What about cotton socks? Lacey anklets? If you prefer sneakers, how about footies. Or for the dressy dance, lacey gauntlets? Or if it’s just too darn hot, just make yourself a loopy bikini :).

  36. I agree, the good news is the Fling in only days away, bad news, those days seem years long.
    Good news..I ordered my Don’t be Blue Kit. Bad news..gotta wait for it to come.
    Good news..I am flying Southwest to the Fling. Bad news, I agree Sarah, I have to put myself on a plane.
    Rain today, oh what a surprise!

  37. Good news! I got my Loopy sock kit ordered! this am! YAY!

    Bad news, I had to spend money – we are on a debt reduction plan and starting our fiber business…

    Good news! We are starting our fiber business
    Bad news – I’m getting fed up with Zen Cart and wish I could just have someone else get it up and running for me – I have other stuff I need to be doing..

    Good news! We bought a new (old) car last eve – Will be much more fuel efficient than the SUV
    Bad news – The valves need adjustement – and the clutch is really tight and it doesn’t want to adjust properly…

    Good news, we didn’t spend much money on the car –
    Bad news, we will spend as much getting things fixed – but it will still cost lessthat blue bool value!

    Ok, enough about cars – I have some spinning to do – hand dyed, hand processed (by me!) Alpaca… Loverly stuff!

  38. Love the shoes. I wear Danskos at work with my hand knitted socks. Get comments on them every day. I love those Merries. I will have to get me a pair of them.

  39. hey, i have those merries in cordovan!

    good news==we got the 733 pieces (out of about 219,00, seriously!) of our textiles back from the cleaning place
    bad news- about 400 of them were outgrown clothes/mismatched socks/ garage towels.
    and so it goes.

  40. Good news: College daughter found a place in VA to live after graduation in May 🙂
    Bad news: VA is almost 10 hours away from our home! 🙁

    Good news: College daughter has a job to go to following graduation
    Bad news: She grew up too fast!

    Good news: Husband is on his way back home 🙂
    Bad news: His spring break is officially over tonight 🙁

  41. Good news: Found shoes, handbag and earrings for daughters deb ball.
    Bad news: Still need to get hair accessories organized!

    Good news: Hubby has nice suit, so he is all set.
    Bad news: I have nothing to wear!

    Good news: Gave up worrying about UFO’s and happily cast on new sock pattern and yarn that is so delicious it makes me smile just thinking about it.
    Bad news: Um, ummm, UFO’s?

  42. This weekend the good outweighs the bad so i don’t have a bad for every good.

    Good news–taxes are done–my last hurdle before Fling
    Good news–IRS bill wasn’t nearly as large as I thought it would be
    Good news–Spring Fling’s almost here
    Good news–I ordered my don’t be blue and my messenger bag
    Good news–I finished my exchange socks
    Good news–I’ll have all my projects done and my KAL cast-on before Fling
    Bad and sad news–my friend, Julia, died this morning. She had cancer and had been discharged from Hospice care Friday as she was getting better. We celebrated her birthday yesterday. She’ll be missed…

    I’m so excited about Fling and another knitting vacation. I can’t wait. I enjoy these trips so much that I’ve made arrangements to go to SAFF in October and another retreat in January.

    Gotta go knit some more and spin a while.

  43. The starbucks logo looks a lot like the original logo which you can see at the Pike’s Market Starbucks in Seattle (the original). She’s topless and they zoomed out a bit so you can see more of her tails!

    Good news: I think I finally have an good idea of what my new hat will look like – magically revealing knitting Yay!
    Bad news: this is after I tore it out and decided to work it from the brim, and then put a crick in my neck and right wrist by working on it so intently.

  44. Good News: Gracie and Zoe are adorable and you can never have too many cat pictures. Wendy’s Lucy is a prime example :^)

    Good(er) News: Thanks for the LG Appreciation gift. The Elves sure are simply wonderful.

    Good(est) News: I ordered by “Don’t Be Blue” sock kit!


  45. I love the kitty pictures:-)

    Good news: I got my Don’t be Blue kit order in time to get it today.
    Bad News: Still out job hunting.

    Good news: I am teaching my friend’s daughter to knit.
    Bad news: Job hunting….

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