Unpack, pack, unpack, pack, repeat

DSC01634.JPGThat’s what we’ve been busy doing at Loopy Central all week long. The cases of yarn come in and the boxes of yarn go out. Oh, but such fun things keep coming in. Today I unpacked so many big boxes that have come in this week. (It was either that or build a fort, and The Elves were too busy packing orders to stop and play in a fort, so I just unpacked them instead. The boxes. Not The Elves.) What was in there? Yarn Nerd, Lime & Violet, Duets, Loopy Legends, Zen String Lace, Farmhouse, Fleece Artist 2/6, Cherry Tree Hill, Panda Cotton, Numma Numma, Araucania, Schaefer Anne and Heather, and Lawre’s Laine bags and Needlebooks. Now I’d just like to sit down and knit some of this fun new stuff up. (Photo of Zoe and Gracie in the window because they’re disappointed that I’m never home any more – they just watch me come and go. But don’t let them fool you. They each get to visit Loopy Central every week.)

Did you catch the Sneak Up this week? (Silly question. Of course you did, because you’ve kept us busy all week long!) Here’s what’s new – check out the photos. We added in Spindle City Yarns, Creatively Dyed Luxury Yarn, The Sanguine Gryphon, Patterns from Knitspot, Knitting Pure & Simple, Cookie A and Gardiner Yarn Works, Hand Maiden Sea Silk, Fleece Artist Sea Wool, Hand Maiden Casbah (this batch was particularly wonderful this time), Fleece Artist Somoko, Farmhouse, Zen String, bellamoden, Perchance to Knit, Claudia Hand Painted Lace, Schaefer Heather, Anne and Lola (we had them dye up some special semi-solids for us this time), Yarn Love Scarlett O’Hara, Mountain Colors Bearfoot (also some great semi-solids) and some various knitting gadgets. More than 12 pages of “What’s New” this week. That was fun!

DSC01675.JPGHere’s my DC KAL sweater-in-progress. It’s out of Cloud Jungle and the photo doesn’t show how pretty that color is – wonderful shades of greens and grays. I’ll get a better photo of it when it’s done. It’s a super easy sweater (no seams – yay!) and if one had more time to knit, one could get it done pretty quickly. Or, you can just do a few rows here and there like I do, and make a bit slower progress. I’m so anxious to be done with it and wearing it. I think it will probably get done just in time for warm weather. FPS. If you haven’t joined us KAL-ing yet, please do! People are knitting many different sweater patterns with their DC Classy and it has been fun to see the different styles and colors knit up. We’ll have more Classy in stock by the end of the month (as well as the rest of our April DC orders in Baby and Smooshy). I have to decide what my next sweater color will be. I have seen several that I put on my “someday” list.

So many of you emailed to say that you had tried (and liked) the Mexican Calzones recipe from last week already. Did you see the comment pointing out that “calzones” is “underwear” in Spanish? I think that I will never be able to call that recipe anything but “Mexican Underwear”, from now on.

Sheri don’tforgettobeworkingonyour3RAKSthismonthforourcontest!


  1. Mexican Underwear does look good – I’ll have to pick me up some meat substitute and try it out (Morning Star Farms puts out a good one)

  2. Mexican underwear! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We love the Italian Calzones in our house, too, on people and on plates.

  3. I love your sweater! It looks about the same as mine does right now and I am really enjoying everything about it; Im so happy I decided to do this pattern. Can’t wait to see yours in person. I hope I just might finish the body tonight if I can get in some good knitting time.
    Mexican underwear….hmmm….now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the kids to try the recipe after all!

  4. I love the picture of Zoe & Gracie in the window. I’m just s sucker for pets that seem to love one another. (As I wrote that, my cocker spaniel literally growled at her toy poodle … apparently he invaded her space ).

    My DIC-KAL sweater is coming along. I’m working on the Hourglass Sweater from “Last Minuted Knitted Gifts”. I know I’ll love the finished product, though endlessly knitting in the round does get boring. I must say, the yardage on the Classy is amazing. I only used one skein for the bottom 10 inches of my sweater. My next DIC sweater, will most likely be Mr. Greenjeans. Your sweater is looking great!

  5. Your sweater looks great! I already have the yarn for that pattern, but I’m doing the CPH for the KAL. I’m envious of your progress – I’m even slower than you are – just haven’t seemed to be able to squeeze in as much knitting time as I’d like. That, and I seem to keep working on one of my socks that also need to be finished!

    Can’t wait for the next sneak up – more fun things! : ) And, I really must try that recipe this weekend! Mmmmm! : )

  6. Sweater is looking GOOD! I agree its a super easy knit and would go really fast if there was lots of time to knit. On a typical weeknight I’d get maybe one cable repeat done. Two or three on the weekends. But I finally finished my bodice and am now 4 inches down the right sleeve. Progress!!! Soon I’ll get to finish and start making matching socks!

  7. Love your sweater, and the “girls” are so cute sitting there in the window! I was really worried about being able to finish a whole sweater by June 1 with my limited knitting time, but it is going amazingly fast and is just beautiful! I should be able to finish the second front piece and then be on to the first sleeve by this weekend! I am really going to enjoy wearing it…just hope we have maybe ONE more cool evening before summer hits. If not, it will get a lot of wearing next winter!

  8. So funny about the underwear thing — someone just said that to me at a restaurant the other week (as we were interviewing a job candidate, no less! I almost choked while trying not to laugh out loud, as I was eating a calzone at the time). Your sweater is looking lovely — must go check out your stocks of Classy… πŸ˜‰

  9. Hi Sheri! I was on vacation when you were. You seem to have gotten back into the swing of things. I feel like I’m stil wading through emails. The sneak-up was great this week and next week looks even better. I wish I had more fun money. Hubby’s hours got rearranged, and food and gast costs are just killing my budget. At least i have plenty of sock yarn to keep me busy!!! I’m almost to the heel of the second sock, Wind in the Willows (or is it Willows in the Wind?). I’ve received many compliments on the colors and pattern…can’t wear to wear them!

  10. The next few Sneak-ups are going to be bad for my budget! It sounds like some great stuff has come in.

    Your sweater is great. Yay for no seaming (something I really dislike)!

    Love the photo of Zoe and Gracie!

  11. OK Sheri. We know you have sneak UPS. I want to hear about the sneak IN: how do you sneak in Zoe and/or Gracie for their weekly visit? In a yarn bag? Hidden under a skein of Wollmeise?

    That’s an awesome pic of the fur-children πŸ™‚

  12. I LOVE the picture of Zoe and Gracie. They are precious……………I know they are probably looking so forlorn and thinking up ways to get into mischief! I take it they don’t go together to Loopy Central? They look like good buddies though. Your sweater is coming right along and I fear your Sneak Ups are going to get me in trouble as I am running out of places to hide my Sock stash. πŸ™‚

  13. Ah! Someone spilled the beans regarding the Mexican Calzones. πŸ™‚ I don’t know exactly why they call them calzones. Funny

  14. Love the picture of Zoe and Gracie looking so wistful! Your Mr. Greenjeans looks great! Mine is, ahem, not quite so far along yet,b ut I am enjoying it (when I get a chance to work on it). I was “encouraged” to go on a yarn diet but the next Sneak Up is probably going to doom that—too much good stuff coming in.

    By the way, in Italian “calzone” means a big sock!

  15. I love the sweater. I haven’t started yet but WILL have it on the needles for Fling. Looks like some of us will be having an up-close-and-personal KAL while there. I’m still thinking about getting some Spring Tickle to “design” a sweater to match my Asparagus fern socks that I’m gonna make with Smooshy.

    Zoe and Gracie are so cute. My kitty doesn’t mind when I leave her. She gets to play with things she shouldn’t and give the dog things she shouldn’t have. For a while when I first started to spin, she tried to sit on the treadle.

    I love the meaning of “calzone.” Thanks for that info Theresa. See you in a couple of weeks if American Airlines doesn’t “ground” me.

  16. Your kitties are sooo cute! Love the sweater. Cloud Jungle is my most favorite stripe of my Tulip cardigan, but today it occurred to me that I may run out. I still need enough for the i-cord trim and both sleeves – and it’s not looking like there’s enough. Another Ravelry member actually *gave* me her leftovers since I missed it twice during the last updates. Wasn’t that nice? So I will keep my fingers crossed.

    The airlines do NOT want to mess with our Fling flying plans! It will not be a pretty scene if they delay us.

  17. I probably missed it somewhere, but what pattern are you using for the sweater? It’s very attractive. I might have to add “buy DiC for sweater at Spring Fling!”

  18. Just received my yarn shipment…thanks so much for the nice surprise!

    My Spanish dictionary affirms that ‘calzon’ with an accent above the ‘o’ is the Spanish word for ‘trousers or safety rope used by roofers’. No ‘e’ at the end.
    Mexican underwear, however, is much funnier…I’ll stick with that.


  19. Remeber when you were worried about the katz getting along? They seem to be BFFs now!

    I’m about 4 cable repeats down on my sweater-I didn’t switch to the smaller needles since I’m a big person. Hope to be working on the sleeves by Fling-it won’t be long now.

  20. What a great picture of Zoe and Gracie! Don’t you hate it when they look at you that way? πŸ™ I’ve just been doing the confuse-a-cat lately by standing on the kitchen counters while painting the insides of the cabinets. Paddy’s been truly perplexed by that.

    The sweater looks wonderful, though on my monitor, it almost looks like it’s lavendars with yellow mixed in. Very pretty, regardless!

    And great list for the upcoming sneak-up. Hopefully my budget will permit something. 😎

  21. Goodnight! When you get a project started you really get something done! Your sweater is so far already! I feel behind now. You were making me feel good since you hadn’t even started. lol!

  22. Hi Sheri! I was wondering what pattern you chose for the Loopy KAL. I’d like to get in on a future one and would like a pattern without seams and I really liked how yours looked so far. I couldn’t do the current KAL because I have too many WIP I have to finish and I’d never have finished the sweater by June 1st.

  23. Those kitties surely know how to lay on the guilt trip. Must be second nature — mine do the same things!

    I really like your sweater. Could you please tell me/us what the pattern is? I like them with no seams. Thanks!

  24. I love the kitties picture. THat is how our male cat TIger Lily( dont ask) reacts if we leave him alone. TG he hasnt figured out to sneak inot our backpacks yet. At least your apir have each other. Mine is all alone. His brother(?) dissappeared months ago.

    I laughed so hard when i saw the Mexican underear commnet. I think it is cool. I know i will have trouble ordering any from now on without laughing. My spanish teacher said mexican spanish is different from castillian like british from american.

    Now if the stars would ever get things right, maybe i can get in one a sneakup with money in hand, but i have missed every one of them so far.

    Loved your KAL DIC sweater. You sure got far. I just started night before last and because of college, chemistry…groan(too fat textbook) and the other 4 classes I dont get as much knitting in as i like(Only 3 inches, but then i didnt like how the pattern looked and i changed it). 4 more weeks left, if we dont have makeup snowdays. YIKES. Prom is the 24th and i just started the lace gloves. TG she wants them just below the elbow, it took 2 days to adjust the pattern and figure out beads or no beads, and how to do it. Now i can get going and let those needles fly (90 stitches)


  25. Wow! Nice sweater! I have never attempted to knit a sweater, yet. It sounds like I need to start with this pattern, if it’s an easy one. I’m just afraid I’ll mess up. I guess it’s not any different, though, than messing up any other piece I would be working on, right? ha!

    Also, I always enjoy reading your blog. Hope you have a great weekend!


  26. Gosh, I just looked at the new stuff and it is amazing. It’s all gorgeous. I’ll have to see if I can put in an order next payday (when I have overtime pay yeah!).

  27. Your KAL sweater, is great. I’m always awed by your projects. πŸ™‚ I getting ready to head of to college, so I’m hunting out fun projects, so I can buy everything in advance. On that line, do you know when some more Misty Mountain Farms Secret Garden will be back in stock?
    I hope to knit a sweater soon, and I’m looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. Speaking of your projects, I just finished one pair of baby monkeys a while ago, and I’m working on finishing the second. (Too much fun to knit just once!) Kudos to you for this charming wee adaptation.
    Have a lovely weekend!

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