Three Things Post and a CONTEST!

Here’s a twist on my regular “Three Things” post. Today it’s “Two Truths and a Lie”. I’m just betting you will have no trouble figuring out the lies….

Three things that I must stop doing:

– eating Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies
– going to bed late because I’m “not tired yet”
– knitting single socks

Three things that I am looking forward to next week:

– our appointment with the tax guy
– College Guy coming home for Spring Break
– our week’s vacation in the Colorado mountains starting next Friday

Three things that will be going up in the next Sneak Up:

– roving (from Lone Star Arts and The Dyeing Arts)
– yarn (from Keagan Lane and Farmhouse Fannie’s Fingering)
– swimming suits (summer is coming, you know)

DSC01621.JPGThree things that I did this week:

– laundry
– made cookies with my new Kitchenaid Mixer (of course RED)
– went out to dinner with WH

Three records broken this week:

– 5 minutes (the time it took to sell out the entire batch of Wollmeise)
– 3800+ posts (which now means the Loopy Groupies hold the Ravelry record for one thread!)
– 10 socks (the number of socks I made to match up to some of the singles)

Three things I had to buy at the grocery store this week:

– Eggs
– Milk

Three reasons to leave a comment today:

– this is the March Blog Contest. Winner announced next Wednesday
– you like to make lists of “three”, too
– everyone who comments gets a free latte

Sheri yourememberthatonethingineachlistisalie,right??


  1. Three things I don’t want to hear at 7 in the morning:

    The baby babbling over the monitor
    The husband snoring next to me
    The cat purring at my feet

  2. Three things that I am looking forward to doing this week:

    1) Swatching, so I can finally figure out what size needles to use (the given size is way too big, or I knit too loosely, or something), and what size Mr Greenjeans to knit, for the Loopy KAL!

    2) Finally getting Mr Greenjeans caston, so I can actually be knitting on my sweater!

    3) Working on our income taxes for federal and two states, etc.

    Note: Target has cute little lambs with their stuffed Easter animals on sale this week, for Ewe fans. 🙂

  3. Three things (one of which is not true)
    1. I like pie
    2. I’ve burnt dinner because I was distracted by Ravelry
    3. I spend more time cleaning my house than knitting.

  4. I really wanted a latte!

    My 3 favorite things about Spring:
    1. my plumeria’s blooming
    2. The warm but not too hot Florida days
    3. All the bright spring colors.

  5. Three things that I am knitting right now:

    1. Highland Schottische Kilt Hose (with Regia Silk from TLE!)
    2. the Gathered Pullover from the Winter IK
    3. an angora bikini

    Hope you had a good weekend, Sheri!

  6. My two truths and a lie for March…

    1. Nearly choked when I received my Bee Fields pattern and saw that it was 18 pages!!

    2. Nearly choked when I received my electric bill.

    3. Nearly choked when I saw that Wollmeise sold out in 5 minutes.

    Back to trying to catch my breath. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

  7. Three things that made me happy this weekend:

    1. a latte from S.bucks (I know, not such a big deal but I had to travel 3 hours to get it!)
    2. finishing the third color on my DIC tulip cardigan
    3. turning up the thermostat and hauling more firewood inside when I got home from a weekend away.

    Spring comes on Thursday? But what about the two snowstorms predicted?

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Sheri!

  8. Three red things I love:
    1. Red Tulips. The bringers of Spring.
    2. Red Dianthus. The go-to flower for beautiful flower beds. They bloom all Summer.
    3. Red KitchenAid mixers. Mine is Cinnamon, which is fancy for dark wine red.

    I also Love Colorado and hope to go hiking when there again when our boys (ages 3 and 5) are grown up enough to carry their own “pack-packs.”

  9. Happy St. Patrick’s Day

    My List of 3 contains my favorite things to do (following the pattern of Sheri – 2 are true and 1 is false)

    1. Knit the day away
    2. Read the day away
    3. Have my taxes done.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!


  10. Three things to love about Monday morning:

    1. 100+ blogs to read in my Google reader.

    2. Being back at work after a week on the road.

    3. The sun is shining and the sky is bright blue.

  11. My list of 3 things I did this weekend:

    1. Had a sick kiddo and had him throw up on me a Wal-Mart (two times!)
    2. Go to a funeral for my husbands buddy from work who was missing for 3 days before they found his body.
    3. Went to church and prepared for Holy Week. This week should be much better with this!

  12. Three things I’m looking forward to this week:
    1. My sock club kit arriving.

    2. Finishing my Shetland Triangle, at last!

    3. Spending the afternoon at the dentist with the four girls, and the subsequent dental bill.

  13. Three reasons I need to get a job 🙂
    1. So I can hire someone to clean my house
    2. So I can get out of the house once in a while
    3. So I can spend more at TLE!

    Oh wait, if I had a job, I wouldn’t have any time to knit up my pretties from TLE. . .

  14. Three knits I’ll be knitting on frequently this week:

    1 – A shrug I’m designing
    2 – Tibetan socks
    3 – A lace stole I’m designing


  15. Three things I love:

    1. Fresh snowfall in mid March
    2. Wollmeise (who would know?? – sight unseen)
    3. New grandbaby on the way!

  16. Three things I love:

    1) getting some quiet time by putting the baby and the sick husband to bed for naps!

    2) ordering new yarn!

    3) that my house is officially on the market so I can move back home!

  17. Three things often heard in this house with 7 kids :

    1. I just LOVE doing the dishes!

    2. Well done children! Your rooms are sooooo clean! And look at how spotless it is under your beds!

    3. Here is a cup of coffee for you, Mommy. You just sit there and relax with your knitting while we cheerfully cook dinner and do all our chores.

    (Okay, you guessed it. They are of course, ALL three lies. ;-D I couldn’t resist!)

  18. 2 truths and a lie, huh?

    3 Sounds I Love:

    1. My kids laughing.
    2. The early morning sound of a plow coming down the street.
    3. Silence

    (Hint: I actually like #2 not a big fan of #3 )

  19. Three Things I Love:

    The Loopy Swap is starting up again!
    There is a cute boy I’ve got my eye on.
    I’ve been told my two doctors that I’m the best technician at work.

    Three Things I Do Not Love:

    Waiting to hear from UC Davis.
    Trying to figure out if Cute Boy likes me, or if I’m just delusional. (Quiet, geeky guys are s hard to read.)
    The amount of busywork that I need to do before getting the next swap off the ground.

  20. …. and I just missed that one is supposed to be a lie.

    There are no lies here. But I’m glad you’re lying. I was trying to figure out what kind of swimsuits you were going to carry at TLE.

  21. Three Things I Really Hope I Have Time To Do When My College Goes On Spring Break Next Week:

    – bake bread
    – finish a sock
    – learn a movement of a Beethoven piano sonata

    (no lies here either, actually)

  22. Three things I’m happy about:
    1) My son is home for Spring Break
    2) I have to file my taxes this week
    3) I taught my son’s giorlfriend to knit and she’s hooked

    Taxes…that’s right, it’s the lie!

  23. Three things I’m happy about today…

    1 – I ripped out the ceiling of my house over the weekend
    2 – The weather is about as perfect as you can get
    3 – I have to go to the hardware store

    All true!

  24. I keep misreading that last bit as “son of free lattes”, which I think is going to be my new curse-substitute.

    No Wollmeise? Son of Free Lattes!
    I have no more room for yarn? Son of Free Lattes!
    I have to go to work instead of reading blogs? Son of Free Lattes!

    I already left a list of three things. 🙂

  25. Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
    1. To see a skein of Wollmeise in real life.
    2. To be picked for the Loopy Ewe Sock Club.
    3. To change more cat litterboxes.

    Guess which one is a lie???

  26. Two truths and a lie…

    Things I am looking forward to

    1. Seeing the Yarn Harlot in April
    2. Working late next week
    3. Going to bed

  27. Three Things I’m Doing on Vacation Next Week

    1. Knitting
    2.Sleeping in until 6:30.
    3. Washing the Carpets

    Of all the not fun things I’ll have to do next week, I know there is no WAY I’m moving all my furniture.

  28. 3 Things I Really Need This Week – Last week was a tough one…my grandmother, my last remaining grandparent passed away last Monday and it’s been difficult on so many different fronts. Hmmm, which one cold possibly be the fib?

    1. a hug
    2. a raise
    3. more work

  29. Sonofreelattesforeveryonewhocomments.sorry

    That solves the mystery of why the barista just looked at me like I;m an idiot when I whined “But, Sheri SAID!!!”

  30. Here are there things I love:

    The Loopy Ewe, Sheri and the elves
    Wollmeise and Claudi

    Can you fiigure out which one is a lie?


  31. I just turned my first heel! Three things I’ve learned

    Sock knitting is theraputic
    Sock yarn is affordable
    My stash is too big

    After today’s post the lie is obvious!

  32. Three things I’m doing this week at the conference:

    1. Presenting
    2. Sitting by the pool and knitting
    3. Going to Disney World

    (no lie – couldn’t think of one that would be as convincing as the things that I’m actually doing)

  33. Three things I’ve never done but hope to soon: (2 true, 1 not)

    1) Learn to knit 2 socks on 1 circular needle
    2) Get my needles into some Wollmeise (I have to get some first!)
    3) Take care of chores instead of knitting

  34. We used to dine at a bed and breakfast in Newport, Oregon that had family-style dinners and set menus. Oh my gosh, the food was amazing. The host/hostess for the evening always introduced the menu by asking the patrons at each large table to play two truths and a lie. Ever since, our family has loved this game!

    So my list of three things I like:
    1. Sock yarn, can’t get enough.
    2. Baby lima beans cooked with toasted walnuts.
    3. Canoeing down the Current River in Missouri on a hot July Saturday.

    One of the above may be a lie. 🙂


  35. Three wonderful things:
    My oldest girl grandchild and only boy granchild are coming to visit next week.
    We are going to see Mickey and Minnie with my other two granchildren soon.
    I am off from work while they are here.

  36. I did a lot of knitting at the library this week, so three reasons on why libraries and knitting go well together:
    1. Tons of inspiration in the form of books (and internet access).
    2. Coffee shop.
    3. Knitting is quiet, so the librarians can’t yell at you!

  37. Three fun things for birthday week
    1. Multiple birthday lunches with various groups of friends
    2. Having a convenient excuse to see friends and family
    3. Sleeping in on your birthday!

  38. Three things I heard in the past week about knitting socks:
    1. “You know they have those in stores don’t you?”
    2. “You’re competing to make socks? I think you really do need to get out more.”
    3. “I’ve never owned a pair of hand knitted socks. Isn’t that SAD? Don’t you PITY me?” (from someone who is not really a knitter but is very creative and whose blog I read as faithfully as this one.)

    I’m not so sure that part b of #2 isn’t true. That is kind of sad. I think I need a Latte…oh, that wasn’t true was it?

  39. 3 reasons why today stunk:
    i got fired
    i no longer have extra money for yarn
    i need to find a job…..NOW

  40. Three things I bought this week:
    1. A spinning wheel
    2. Roving from The Loopy Ewe
    3. Wollmeise

    I’m guessing you can guess which one isn’t true! 🙂

  41. Dagnabit how’d I miss this post? Oh, it was after Sock Madness started… Drat. Well I’ll play anyway if that’s ok.

    Three things I want to do this year that I haven’t managed to yet:

    go on a knitting retreat

    go snow camping

    knit up 10% of my sock yarn stash

    I bet it’s pretty obvious which one is the lie right?

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