Three Things Post and a CONTEST!

Here’s a twist on my regular “Three Things” post. Today it’s “Two Truths and a Lie”. I’m just betting you will have no trouble figuring out the lies….

Three things that I must stop doing:

– eating Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies
– going to bed late because I’m “not tired yet”
– knitting single socks

Three things that I am looking forward to next week:

– our appointment with the tax guy
– College Guy coming home for Spring Break
– our week’s vacation in the Colorado mountains starting next Friday

Three things that will be going up in the next Sneak Up:

– roving (from Lone Star Arts and The Dyeing Arts)
– yarn (from Keagan Lane and Farmhouse Fannie’s Fingering)
– swimming suits (summer is coming, you know)

DSC01621.JPGThree things that I did this week:

– laundry
– made cookies with my new Kitchenaid Mixer (of course RED)
– went out to dinner with WH

Three records broken this week:

– 5 minutes (the time it took to sell out the entire batch of Wollmeise)
– 3800+ posts (which now means the Loopy Groupies hold the Ravelry record for one thread!)
– 10 socks (the number of socks I made to match up to some of the singles)

Three things I had to buy at the grocery store this week:

– Eggs
– Milk

Three reasons to leave a comment today:

– this is the March Blog Contest. Winner announced next Wednesday
– you like to make lists of “three”, too
– everyone who comments gets a free latte

Sheri yourememberthatonethingineachlistisalie,right??


  1. I am late but had no internet from 16-20 was at AIHEC and was making up factsheets for plants from 12-15th. Now i am playing catchup All two are correct one false.

    3 things i hate about traveling:
    Sitting in the charter bus for hours
    having to eat from rest stops and fast food
    getting up early

    3 things i like about hotels
    too much chlorine in the pool
    nice comfy beds
    staying up with friends from far away

    3 things i love about AIHEC
    being in competitions
    getting a late start on projects
    seeing my friends from all over

    3 things about being home
    i missed my girls
    I missed my cat and animals
    I missed the housework


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