Who Says Single Socks Aren’t Cool?

DSC01617.JPGReally, this would be a rather boring display if I had pairs of socks all lined up, don’t you think? (Well, it’d still be a little cool. But waaay cooler to have all of those different colors, I think.) This is a “Single Sock Display” that WH made for me here at Loopy Central. All of those beautiful socks, so why not display them? I love it. Although I must say, seeing them all hanging there every single day really makes me wish that some of them were done. I really like some of those socks. On the other hand, CLEARLY I need to knit a few more to finish filling it up. It holds 24 and I only have 19. That’s a case for knitting more single socks if ever there was one. (And because someone asked me to identify all of them: Misty Mountain Farm, Woolly Boully, Farmhouse, Araucania, bellamoden, Perchance to Knit, sKNITches, Chewy Spaghetti, Louet Fingering, Louet Sport, Yarn Love, Cherry Tree Hill, Urban Gypz, The Alpaca Yarn Co, Claudia Hand Painted, Yarn Pirate, Dream in Color, Socks that Rock, Sheepaints, Yarn Pirate.  That’s left to right and it helps if you click on the photo to make it larger!)

Wendy has been talking about Daylight Savings Time, and I think I have come up with the best solution possible. She wondered why we had to “lose” an hour on a weekend, but someone pointed out that if we changed days and lost it during the week, we’d also have to gain an hour during the week in the fall. Ugh. No one wants to work an extra hour in their work week in the fall. So my solution is this. In the Spring, we move the clocks forward on a Monday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. Imagine this – you’re at work, you’re watching the clock, it’s dragging all afternoon, it’s 2:00, it’s 2:30, it’s 3:40, it’s 3:59, and then BAM – it’s 5:00. Time to go home. And of course you get paid for that extra hour, because after all, you were there until 5 pm. Now in the Fall, we move the clocks back on a Sunday afternoon at 2:00 pm. Why a Sunday afternoon? Because I never work on Sundays and that’s my favorite knitting time of the week. So you’re sitting there enjoying your afternoon, knitting away, it’s 1:00, it’s 1:30, it’s 1:59, and then BAM – it’s 1:00 again and you get to start your Sunday afternoon all over again. How sweet is that? I think this could work.

Sheri stillgoingtobedlateandwakingupfeelingreallytired.


  1. Oh, I hate loosing the hour of sleep with DST, but how I love, love, love the extra lightness at night……….Last night, I got to go for a walk with my daughter and hubby. Daughter rode bike, we walked.
    Lovin’ the Ravelry thread of people stalking the site for Wollmeise. It’s amazing!

    PS – Love your wall of single socks! 🙂 Being the anal personality that I am, I probably would try to work on them to get them finished ASAP…..UGH! I hate that about myself.

  2. I think the reason the DST change is so hard is it’s so darn energetic. I mean “Spring Forward” sounds like something the gym teacher used to yell at us. Whereas “Fall Back” sounds much more restful. Falling back into a nice pile of yarn for example….

  3. Daylight Savings Time, change clocks, huh? what? I live in Arizona where the farming gods decreed years ago that they already got up way too early and were ‘gol darned’ not gonna git up any earlier nor go to bed later….ever…so we just don’t abide by the rest of the US….’cept of course for Hawaii and a smidge of Indiana.

  4. I really like your thinking! We don’t change clocks here until the end of the month, by that time you all will have adjusted and I will be the one slogging and moaning over lack of sleep! But really, there’s no need to change them at all.

    Great wall display! And as I have rather long feet, I carefully took note of which sock yarns had enough yardage for longer cuffs and which ones seemed to end up with shorter cuffs—although my mileage may vary….

  5. I really like your idea. We must all write to our Congress person and State Reps. We need to get this passed into law. Out of work early AND then an extra hour to knit. Love it!

  6. That’s the best solution I’ve ever seen. I’m sure the exact time could be negotiable for those who leave before 5pm, but I still think you’re onto something.

  7. Wow – that Wollmeise sold out fast! I don’t even think it was there for a couple of minutes. At least this time I got it in my cart even though it disappeared as I hit “Place Order” I’m getting closer! Maybe next time I’ll get one.

  8. Thanks for posting that blurb on the website about Wollmeise. I spent last night stalking the site so I guess you updated this morning? One of these days I hope to snag some!

  9. Okay now that the Wollmeise is gone I can comment on your blog. lol I hate the spring time change and I like Sheri’s plan. The only good things about it this year was my spoiled part Jack Russell terrorist isn’t barking to eat or go outside 30 minutes before I want to get up and it’s still light when I drive to SnB which is 20 miles away. I still want to stay up later and oversleep (yikes). I’m using the stay up later time for my spinning which I’m now beginning to love.

  10. I didn’t need any Wollmeise but where was the Loopy Groupy notice? I was online looking for new houses in NY and just happened to click on the site and saw the headline on your website!

  11. Ok, did I count wrong (3 times)? I count 20 socks in the picture. I was counting to get how many in acouple of pairs were, and I can’t match up sock 20!

  12. I love your sock display…how cool is that?? What a creative hubby you have! DST has been giving me a hard time as well, but by body is finally starting to make the transition…this not feeling sleepy until midnight and HAVING to get up at 5-5:30 is for the birds!

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