Who Says Single Socks Aren’t Cool?

DSC01617.JPGReally, this would be a rather boring display if I had pairs of socks all lined up, don’t you think? (Well, it’d still be a little cool. But waaay cooler to have all of those different colors, I think.) This is a “Single Sock Display” that WH made for me here at Loopy Central. All of those beautiful socks, so why not display them? I love it. Although I must say, seeing them all hanging there every single day really makes me wish that some of them were done. I really like some of those socks. On the other hand, CLEARLY I need to knit a few more to finish filling it up. It holds 24 and I only have 19. That’s a case for knitting more single socks if ever there was one. (And because someone asked me to identify all of them: Misty Mountain Farm, Woolly Boully, Farmhouse, Araucania, bellamoden, Perchance to Knit, sKNITches, Chewy Spaghetti, Louet Fingering, Louet Sport, Yarn Love, Cherry Tree Hill, Urban Gypz, The Alpaca Yarn Co, Claudia Hand Painted, Yarn Pirate, Dream in Color, Socks that Rock, Sheepaints, Yarn Pirate.Β  That’s left to right and it helps if you click on the photo to make it larger!)

Wendy has been talking about Daylight Savings Time, and I think I have come up with the best solution possible. She wondered why we had to “lose” an hour on a weekend, but someone pointed out that if we changed days and lost it during the week, we’d also have to gain an hour during the week in the fall. Ugh. No one wants to work an extra hour in their work week in the fall. So my solution is this. In the Spring, we move the clocks forward on a Monday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. Imagine this – you’re at work, you’re watching the clock, it’s dragging all afternoon, it’s 2:00, it’s 2:30, it’s 3:40, it’s 3:59, and then BAM – it’s 5:00. Time to go home. And of course you get paid for that extra hour, because after all, you were there until 5 pm. Now in the Fall, we move the clocks back on a Sunday afternoon at 2:00 pm. Why a Sunday afternoon? Because I never work on Sundays and that’s my favorite knitting time of the week. So you’re sitting there enjoying your afternoon, knitting away, it’s 1:00, it’s 1:30, it’s 1:59, and then BAM – it’s 1:00 again and you get to start your Sunday afternoon all over again. How sweet is that? I think this could work.

Sheri stillgoingtobedlateandwakingupfeelingreallytired.


  1. Love the single sock display. Will you ever finish the seconds now since they’re all so pretty up there?

    The time change thing is a good theory, but not everyone works 9-5 day jobs. Overnights at the hospital would still get stuck with that extra hour. Plus you still could lose an hour of knitting time at somepoint too.

  2. We were trying to find a single day & time in Wendy’s blog comments where both forward and backward would be advantageous. Definitely losing an hour on the weekend is NOT. Personally, I think we should just make up our mind and stick with a time – it doesn’t seem to matter all that much any more (maybe that’s a sign of me living pretty far North and having both very long and very short days depending on season? an hour just doesn’t have THAT much impact).

    LOVE the socks Sheri. I don’t suppose there’s a L to R listing of the yarns??? πŸ˜‰

  3. Great sock display. Your time change theories are interesting. Of course, you would never get the government to go along with it. When I rule the world DST will be the first thing I abolish. I think my second act as ruler of the world would be to declare that pesky Leap Day as an all day world wide Knit-athon. No work, only knitting.

  4. When I rule the world, I’m going to just set the clocks halfway inbetween and leave them there year-long.

    The only advantage to having DST moved so ridiculously far back is that they just happened to put it at the beginning of spring break. Now I have a whole week to get myself and son adjusted before getting up at ridiculously early hour next Monday!

  5. My idea that we should leave the clocks alone….period. Since I’m one of those Hoosiers that never changed her clock, I’m having a hard time this week. I, too, find myself not tired until after 11pm and dragging my hinnie in the morning. The sun isn’t even up until after 8am, but it’s also not setting until almost 8pm.

    Don’t forget that I offered to knit a second sock for ya?

  6. I do not have single sock syndrome since I make both socks at the same time. BUT now I am going to have to knit single socks because that is the best wall hanging I have ever seen. DH needs to make some of those hangers and we can buy them at the Spring Fling.

    I HATE changing the clocks. No one has ever given me a reasonable explanation of why we do this. I lived in Arizona for many years and they do not change the clocks. Guess what. We all survived. No bad things happened to us. UGH.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  7. Hey Sheri, I have a loopy credit burning a hole in my pocket! I am hoping that Wollmeise will be put up soon, but thinking that it will be tomorrow. I don’t want to work today, can I come work with you today? I will work for Wollmeise or any yarn that you have. It may take me a while to get there, though. I wonder how long it will take me to get to you from south Florida? πŸ™‚

  8. I really like your thinking πŸ™‚

    I can’t seem to catch up on my sleep this week because of the time change. I really just wish that they would do away with it and leave at the same time all the time and say good bye to DST, FPS! (I’m learning)

  9. But if we didn’t have DST, how would Nick Cage have ever found the Templar treasure?!?!?

    Oh wait – that’s fiction, my bad. I agree, it pretty much stinks, and the modern applications of DST are nothing more than a complicated headache. We aren’t really a nation (or world) of “up before dawn and in bed with the sun” anymore.

  10. I love that idea! An extra hour of knitting time in the fall would be brilliant. Now what can we do to convince the world to change that way?

  11. Bam!

    I love your thinking. I think that’s the best solution. I could sooo do that. πŸ˜› They messed with it this year anyway, why not?

    I’m still draggin’ after the change. The longer it’s been, the worse I feel. The extra hours are adding up. Ah. 5am is now 4am and I’m not happy. That is NOT an hour to get up for work. That is an hour to sleep!

    And if you would pick up magic loop and knit 2 at a time, you would never have to worry about 2nd socks. But then. what would you put on the display?!

  12. I love that new sock display – what a wonderful idea! I’d love to be able to adapt that idea for my own display – like on a mini-level, as I only have 3 single socks – but they’ve been single for months – one is about half way towards gettting its mate, but for some reason I seem to have made slow progress. Well, I know its because of my “cleaning” projects and allocating more time to reading… Oh, and your solution to the time change sounds great to me! : )

  13. Yes, perfect solution! My sister always waits to set her clock back (in the Fall) on Sunday nights instead of Saturday so she “gets” an extra hour of sleep before a workday. Kinda crazy.

    I love the single sock display! But I know what you mean about feeling motivated to complete the pairs. There’s some seriously great sock-work up there! Who’s to say you have to wear a matching pair?

    I, too, am still having trouble falling asleep at night and feeling way too tired in the morning! But I do like those really late afternoon sunsets!

    OK, back to Wollmeise watching! I only want one (or maybe two….)….

  14. I love seeing all those socks lined up – very cool.

    I’m with you on the time change thing. I do not like moving the clocks forward, I still haven’t adjusted and neither have my kids!!

  15. I love the sock wall hanging. I actually talked to my hubby about making something similar but using the mini socks. I guess that means I have an excuse to buy lots of mini blockers…hmmm.

  16. If you would put up the Wollmeise I could get some more sleep! LOL
    I LOVE the wall art! Absolutely creative, fabulous and perfect for The Loopt Ewe.

  17. Sheri
    You should run for president. I like your thoughts on Daylight savings time. I’m sure you have equally great thoughts about the healthcare and social security.
    I’d vote for you.

    Here is a campaign slogan “vote for Sheri and a skein of Wollmeise in every knitters basket”.

    P.S. I am a stalker…. I don;t want to be a Wolmeise Virgin LOL.

  18. Or move out here to Arizona where we don’t change time πŸ™‚ However, you can fry eggs on the sidewalk and cook beef jerky in your car in the summer.

    Guess you can’t have everything.

  19. Beautiful wall of socks, Sheri! πŸ™‚ I couldn’t get away with that since 3 of my 4 pairs of socks in progress are planned for other people. Yours works for you, though!

  20. When I worked graveyard AND Saturday night during time forward weekend? They forced us to stay a full hour past our shift technically ended, aka the full work hours. To ADD insult to injury Sunday morning was my birthday. I had to file for a hour off of work to get off work on time.

  21. I get all messed up with it but so do the kids. I think my problem is this week hubby is gone on business and I have no one to snuggle with. Those socks need friends Sheri. They are pretty up there though I could understand why you would want to leave them up there.

  22. Funny, that’s almost the same solution we came up with on Monday morning when were all draggin’ ***.
    Shorter workweek now+longer weekend later=a great soloution! πŸ˜€
    The single sock display looks fun!! Great job on that, WH. (And great job on the socks, Sheri!)

  23. Thats really cool (the display and daylight savings idea). Are those really all single socks? If so, it makes me feel better about my collection of them!

  24. Great sock display! Well done WH! When you get to 24 socks do you have to knit the second one for one of the single ones to free up space for a new sock? That might be a good rule, to get some pairs! (Although WH could build you another rack…)

  25. Oh my goodness! What fun it would be to knit a single sock and have a pair! So many times too! lol! But that’s just me. I love them on my feet!

    I like your idea on the daylight savings. I’m with you… up late, up early. Somehow my kids have adjusted their wake up time but not their bedtime. It’s the week for being tired all around!

  26. Too bad UFOs don’t look as nice as single socks on display! πŸ™‚ Very nice indeed!

    And yea, it’ll be mid-summer before I fully adjust to the time change. Hate that….

  27. DST probably wouldn’t be so bad (at least for some people – it doesn’t bother me) if it weren’t so easy to look at the clock and say “It is too early to go to bed” even though your super tired and need to get up with the earlier alarm clock the next day. I mean, the first day after DST I went to bed after 10 even though I was tired around 9:30, so getting up was a bit harder the next day.

  28. Love the sock display! It’s the perfect way to try all the new yarns and never get bored. And who says you can’t use them as an emergency stash and wear two different socks on a cold day at the Loopy Ewe πŸ™‚

  29. Wonderful sock hanging. Maybe that is what I should make for the bare walls in our living room, instead of trying needlepoiint. I don’t think I have ever left a sock pairless because people want to wear them, but with the number of socks in my darning bag waiting to be mended, I’m thinking the wallhanging idea has certain attractions. At least I’m getting lots of use from my darning egg!

  30. I love the sock display! Maybe I should do that to motivate me to knit the second ones??? In Arizona, they don’t observe daylight savings time and while I really liked not having to mess with the clocks–it was agony having the sun come up at four o’clock in the morning!!

  31. I LOVE your Daylight Savings Time idea! It’s brilliant!!!! You’d get my vote for President even if this were the only campaign promise you made.

    Your socks look very pretty hanging up, but you know I’m an advocate of finishing socks so you feet can enjoy them as much as your eyes. :o) I only have one single sock waiting for it’s mate (it got made right before the holiday gift knitting rush and well, other projects keep butting in line in front of it and it just lets that happen though it really shouldn’t — it’s just being a nice sock, yunno?).

  32. I LIKE that idea!! Clever girl. (Of course I prefer not changing at all which is what we do here in Arizona.)

  33. That’s cracked me up no end – specially the Monday at work one. Brilliant. Must suggest that to management at my office.
    We’ve got another two weeks of dark evenings before the clocks go forward. It’ll mean an hour off my holiday but I can’t wait longer, lighter evenings.

  34. A perfect plan!!!! Someone please tell the people in charge of such things that the knitters have a plan!

    Love the sock display!

  35. OK I counted 20 , did you sneak a pair up there : ) I am so glad to say I have almost all of my singletons paired up. At the beginning of the year I had about 18 or so and now I am down to 3 … I think.

    Being a nurse and working night shift I much prefer to work the Spring time change. For some reason, I volunteered to work the Fall change this year and that was the longest night ever. And we only get paid for the actual hours worked in Spring, but it is worth it to me to get to come home an hour earlier. It is interesting logic you use though.

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