It bugs me.

DSC01513.JPGIt’s probably a given that in a week that contained a Wollmeise-fest and Sock Club notices would be a rather tough week for all. An “It bugs me” post seemed appropriate today, given the mood of things around here, and we haven’t done one in awhile. (Gracie’s list of what bugs her? When people interrupt a nap to take her photo.)

So here are the things that are bugging me today:

1. Sock club limitations. I hate telling people no. (I have referred to that before – remember the Spring Fling?) I think we have figured out a way to take double our numbers for next years club, so I hope those of you who didn’t get in this year will come back. We really want to make spots for you.

2. My ipod. Well, not the ipod, specifically, but I am tired of the songs on there and want new ones. I know you all gave me bunches of great music suggestions awhile back, but it’s just a matter of downloading all of that new music. Which I haven’t done yet. So I keep listening to the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. FPS.

3. Website slowness during a particularly busy Sneak Up. But the good news is that we have found a great new (very large) server and will be upgrading to that sometime next week. You shouldn’t notice any slowness during Sneak Ups any more, no matter how many of you are shopping at once. (Ahem – at least that’s the plan.) No Sneak Up next week so that we can switch over and get things running. The next one will be sometime the week of the 28th.

4. Haircuts. And highlights. I haven’t had time to get my haircut or have highlights done lately. Consequently, today is a very bad hair day. I’m glad you can’t see me. I wish I looked just fine with long, straight, one-color hair. But I kinda think I look like a dog that way. (One of those afghan hounds, you know?)

5. Dust. Why is it so relentless about wanting to cover all of the surfaces in my house all the time? What’s up with that?

6. Sugar and vegetables. Why is it that vegetables are “good” for you and sugar is “bad” for you? Why can’t it work so that everyone must have 3 servings of dessert a day, and vegetables are only allowed on occasion? Someone messed that up.

7. Political ads and commercials. It has barely started and I’m already tired of listening to them and seeing them. And it’s only gonna get worse. I wonder if any of the candidates knit? (Somehow I think not. But it’d be good for a few of them…..)

8. 24 hour days. I’d really prefer 36 hour days. Just sayin’.

I have more, but I’ll stop there for today. So to end on a positive note, it’s time for Q4 voting! Please head over to the Q4 Photo Gallery and then email me (sheriATtheloopyeweDOTcom) your vote for favorite project from last quarter. We will award Loopy Gift Certificates to one person randomly selected and one person who wins the “blog readers favorite” award. I’ll announce the winner next Friday!

(And I’d love to hear what bugs you today – but I already know about the not enough Wollmeise and not enough Sock Club spots ……..) πŸ™‚

Sheri oneofourindiedyersisvisitingLoopytoday-I’llputherpictureonMonday’sblog!


  1. I’m sorry you are having a it bugs me day, hope next week goes better even with all the upgrade stuff.

    Yesterday was a wonderful evening so this is a things that are happy list.
    1. It snowed and my walk home was soooo beautiful.
    2. I left an hour early from work and had enough time to bake chocolate chip cookies when I got home.
    3. The cookies were a new recipe which my husband got very excited about.
    4. Then DH said all I had to make him for dinner was a big thing of Mac and Cheese.
    5. And last but not least was that my skein of Wollmeise was on my doorstep and it was very beautiful too. Thanks so much for all the work you do for us πŸ™‚

  2. It bugs me that people are complaining about you not having enough Wollmeise. Give Sheri a break already! Claudia can only dye so much yarn at a time.

  3. let’s see what’s bugging me-

    Reading about people telling you how to better run your business, it just seems rude to me.

    Lingering killer cough from my recent cold.

    My sons ear infection (that makes me more sad really).

    Dishes. I’m bugged I still don’t have a dishwasher!

  4. Sheri, we must be hav’in the same kinda day. I was just thinking about what bugged me this morning as I drove to work … I dare say not a very positive way to start the day … shame on me! My list was long but I have pared it down. I am bugged by the weather and appearantly (from the looks of your comments) I am not alone. It is minus 36C here today with a winchill making it -44C. I am bugged by the unkindness of gossip from 13 year old girls (I work at a school) and I am super-bugged by my stitch markers that keep slipping under the yarn overs on my shawl and messing up the pattern count! That being said I am blessed that these ‘bug me’ things are really not such a big deal.

  5. Political phone calls that come in when I’m trying to knit or spin. Why are they exempt from the “do not call” list? Calling me multiple times ensures that I will not vote for your candidate.

    People who insist that they can do the job, and when they finally get the ax, you find all sorts of things that were never done, income stashed in all corners of her office, but 16 million pens, paper clips, staplers, notes that mean absolutely nothing, etc.. The worst was the fruit rotting in the waste basket under the desk. I need a nap.

  6. Ok, won’t mention the disappointment of the sc or W, but what really irks me is the fact that it is going to snow tomorrow afternoon (in NC) ruining all my plans to go and see my boyfriend for the weekend! People here do not know how to drive in any kind of weather. le sigh.

  7. I would say 4,5 & 6 (!!!!!), and 7 top my list. I’ll add never getting enough
    knitting done lately to my list.

  8. Hi Sheri,
    Have you tried yet? You can listen to your favorite kind of music FOR FREE!! So, could create your own station and listen all day long. You have to register and that’s that. It’s the best thing I’ve come across since my Ipod. Just enter the name of your favorite artist and they will play songs from that artist and others like it. You can add other artists to your “station” too. Just turn up the computer loud and listen!!

    I’ll definitely be back next year to see if I can get in a sock club. Heck, I’d be excited to just get last year’s sock club now! I’m not fussy. It’s just fun to a Loopy Groupy.

  9. Nothing bugs me today! My parents are coming down for a weekend visit tonight, and I get a day off while they watch my daughter. Yippee! And I’m going to start a new pair of socks for me and I’m in the sock club! Life is good. I’m just hoping my good luck doesn’t end with a disaster! Keep it coming, that’s what I say!

  10. It’s funny you mention your hair. Just today I went and got a haircut because I couldn’t stand it any longer–it has been since the beginning of September. I thought I wanted to grow my hair longer, but decided it just wasn’t looking very attractive. The good news is I went to one of those cheaper walk-in salons and got a stylist that worked for a year and a half for one of the most expensive salons. For anyone out there afraid to try a walk-in salon, the trick is to ask for the manager to cut your hair.

  11. Gracie loods so regal there. I like Afghan hounds! And I have known who I was going to vote for this year since the day after we voted last time, so I think I should get special radio programming with no politics. In fact, I would have voted for him last time except he was stuck being the VP candidate. FPS.

    Today’s bugs? I can’t be at home to knit up the lovely Fino I received last night. And I “had” to place another order today because I cannot calculate yardage requirements. I soothed the pain with some comfort yarn. FPS.

  12. Awwww ((((((((((Sheri))))))))))

    This Mom is prescribing for you a little spa day… call for your hair appt, and throw in a massage and facial or manicure… you deserve some pampering!

    And don’t let the negativity get to you. You and the elves are doing a great job!!
    I LOVE Loopy Ewe, and have a difficult time shopping anywhere else!! Your service and web site are the greatest!!


  13. Sheri
    Do not be bugged that your internet store has been unbelievably successful and that everyone want to buy your yarn, come to meet and knit with you and be part of your sock club.

    You also are so customer oriented and a wonderful person to try to figure out how to please everyone. We need more people like you in this world.

    I think I will send you a starbucks card so you can have a latte on me.

    Have a great weekend, have fun knitting and thanks for being so thoughtful of your customers.
    Martha in DC

  14. I will try hard to be patient for next year. But as someone who couldn’t Spring Fling, missed out on the Wollmeise frenzy and the sock club. It’s gonna take some effort to want to try again.

  15. What bugs me:

    * My gray is showing in my black hair and I need a hair cut; I can’t see through my bangs.
    * My Christmas decorations are still up!
    * Tomorrow, my baby boy will be 15 years old
    * Someone took my XXL Trekking Hand Painted out of my cart today! (blue one!)
    * That you’re bugged by people who complained that they didn’t get in the club or Wollmeise.

    I’m not bugged that I didn’t get any Wollemeise or get into the Sock Club – because there’s always the next Sneakup and Sock Club. PLUS, I just placed an order so I can expect a package from you next week!!! Have a nice weekend!

  16. # 6 and 7 – I second the motion
    #8 – not so much. then I would just take on more (WIPs) and be wishing for 48 hours!!!

    Special note: More Wollmeise, faster is good!! Gets two vote!

  17. been seriously bugged this week because i had to take my boys out of a school they used to love because the eldest was being bullied for being a dancer not a soccer player- intolerance really bugs me!!! On the up side I have moved them to a lovely litle school where they have both settled really well. I am so proud of them! So after a stressful week getting a spot in the sock club was an amazing treat. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 1. Headcold. ‘Nuf said.

    2. 36 hour days, but only if the extra 12 hours could be devoted to sleep. (See #1.)

    3. I swear I had a size 3 circ around here somewhere… crud.

    I’ll be fine as soon as the AlkaSeltzer Plus kicks in. Gonna go pet the Alpaca now.

  19. I think Gracie is a beautiful cat. I’m bugged that I can’t be a cat lady and adopt 10 more!

    I’m bugged by the grey skies and liquid sunshine that is constantly present from October through May in the Pacific Northwest. Yes it makes things very green, but it also makes me want to sleep 24/7!

    I’m bugged by my work schedule. I still have 2 more days until the weekend and most knit shops are closed on Mondays!

    I’m delighted to have gotten into the sock club. I’m delighted you have come up with some solutions for those who did not make it.

    I love the new roving, Rio de la Platos and Smooshy sock yarn that came today from my Monday order. I also love that you are not closed on Mondays!

  20. parents that cut you off in the school parking lot! FPS, our kids go to the same school and you almost kill me and my boys blazin’ to get there 2 seconds ahead of us! What a horrible example to set for your little ones! So, having said that , I’m done being grouchy and on to being thankful. Sheri, I got my package yesterday! So fast and sweet and wonderful! Thanks for the rays of sunshine!

  21. The only thing that is bugging me currently is that fact that half of me believes something that the other half doesn’t want to believe. I think that some things that are supposed to be random, are actually fixed. Sometimes seeing the results of some random things, you have to wonder why every single person who kisses up is always randomly selected for the one thing you want most.

    Unfortunately, my husband has taught me to notice things like this. It really makes life suck. I preferred being naive.

  22. I’m bugged that you’re feeling forced to play the yarn welfare lady and just provide whatever anybody wants whenever they want it.
    I’m bugged that I’m on a wonderful month-long cleanse diet that’s doing good things for my body and I want to do it but I can’t have cheese….or chocolate!
    I’m bugged that I’m not enjoying knitting right now.

    I’m happy that my wood floors are finally finished being RE- finished and they look wonderful and I don’t have to stay in the basement any more.
    I’m happy that you’re trying to do your best and take care of the wants of your customers. There are too many businesses these days, yes, yarn shops among them, that would justassoon pick their toe lint as wait on a customer.

    Thank you, Sheri, I appreciate you!

  23. Berry Hat from mo is my vote. Nothing is bugging me this week and I am only sorry you are bugged! Have a Latte and a knit and fugedabouit!!!

  24. What bugs me is how I could be so stupid to send an email to get into the sock club and use an incorrect address. Instead of, I sent the email to It bugs me because I know better than that. So, I am kicking myself for being so stupid. But, I’ll get over it and move on. I’ll probably buy more yarn without being in the sock club than if I was in it. I’m just a Loopy Ewe fanatic.

    Karin πŸ˜‰

  25. i can so relate to your post today! first off – my kids say i don’t deserve an ipod because i don’t know how to download songs – my son did it for me on a suffle i bought on ‘impulse’, so i’m pretty much stuck with what i’ve got ’til he comes home for summer. i do so agree about needing an extra 12 hours a day – maybe then i can read and knit and read and knit and read and knit…..sugar may not be all that good for you but chocolate is good. on a happy note, i look pretty good with the new haircut i got last weekend πŸ˜‰ oh, and i will be back for another try at sock club next year, and i love your sneak-ups, even if i miss out once in a while, you keep bringing in so much stuff, there’s always something new to try! hope you have a nice weekend – i know i will cause it’s a looooooong weekend….

  26. What bugs me today:

    1. Recently my son apparently decided that he doesn’t like seeing plugs plugged into outlets. He’s been unplugging the living room lamp, which is tolerable (by the time it’s really dark, he’s in bed), but today he decided he didn’t like the plug that controls the TV, VCR, and DVD. And then he got extremely upset that he couldn’t watch his movie. I think the cause-and-effect has sunk in on this one, but it’s still annoying. (Autism means never knowing what to expect next! :))

    2. This bag that I’m knitting from two colors of Mango Moon Bali Sky. Love the way it looks; tolerate the feel of the yarn; hate the fact that the two different colors are knitting up at different gauges.

    3. I have to start clearing out and condensing the stuff in my crafts room.

  27. Why in the world do kids have to get sick in the middle of the night? My daughter was up sick all last night which means I was up all last night. Super tired = no knitting!

    Big Hugs…..the rude people have nothing better to do and will complain no matter what you do. Go get a latte and do some spinning. I think both will help reach zen-like peace. πŸ™‚

  28. What bugs me:

    1. local government that thinks another housing development is better than the farm that was sacrificed for it.

    2. stepping outside my door – and instead of fresh air – all one can smell is more car exhaust
    (you sure can’t notice around here that gas is at an all time high!)

    3. nearly getting hit just trying to cross my road to get my mail

    Definitely do some spinning – I’ve noticed on several forums I read that the spinners are much more relaxed than the knitters…..must be the whirr of the flyer turning….

  29. Don’t let the crabby people get you down, Sheri! You have a lot of fans in the rest of us and we really appreciate you!! What bugs me—I recently knitted a baby blanket and a scarf as gifts for 2 different people. Both sent thank you notes, BUT failed to mention that they appreciated that I actually knitted them!!!! They acted like I went to Target and bought them!!! GRRRR! Note to self—only knit for other knitters. They know the time and effort that goes into something hand knitted!!!

  30. I know it is hard to be a person who wants to be known for and is known for great customer service and then has to deal with the complaints. Hang in there and more power to you for being in retail!

    What bugs me:

    1) My sinuses won’t drain and I keep getting sinus infections over and over.

    2) Agree with you on the dust, hair, and veggies. I’d probably agree on the political ads if I actually saw any of them. I TiVo everything and watch without commercials and listen to the iPod in the car.

    3) Too much stuff. Need to convince the family to stop being packrats and make some space!

    4) Having to fire people for not doing their job. Yeah, it’s been a heck of a week.

    Hang in there!

  31. As someone who passed on the Spring Fling so I could afford to try for the sock club then didn’t get into the sock club, I must say…

    It’s okay. I will live. It’s not like I don’t have a wishlist packed full to bursting of stuff I want. I could start a do-it-myself sock club and just order a couple skeins every other month!

    I, like some other commenters, am bugged that people are giving you a hard time. Don’t let the schmucks get you down — you have hordes of adoring fans who will keep coming back and getting as much sock yarn as you and the Elves can pack up. Maybe if the many hundreds of us who are happy keep commenting we will drown out the few unhappy whingers. πŸ˜‰

  32. Sorry you have had such a yucky week…That REALLY bugs me! I personally think you are amazing, and I don’t know how you do the wonderful things you do!

    Another bug…people who save up an entire month’s worth of important work and do it on the last day of the month and then want to know why I am behind with my part that has to be done after they are finished…That REALLY bugs me…

    …..Mr. Possum who eats the cat’s food and then has the audacity to hide out under the house and the raise cane all night long…My dogs don’t like it and neither do I! Just wait until I borrow that live trap…you will soon have a new home far, far away from mine!

    Positives: It is Friday, and I have two days to try to destress a little before the phone starts ringing again…..

    I feel so fortunate to have gotten a spot in the sock club – That really makes me happy!

  33. It bugs me that you’ve had such a trying week (although I may have contributed to that—sorry!)
    It bugs me that my kids have to go to school on Saturdays—that gives us only one morning to sleep in, not enough for teenagers.
    It bugs me that I’m the last one to take a shower and there’s no hot water left. No wonder I have so many bad hair days.
    On the other hand, I’m kinda glad to know I’m not the only one with a dusty house who’s tired of hearing the same old music and is desperate to get to the hairdresser! And I have all my new Loopy loot to look forward to! Thank you, Sheri!

  34. Hmmm…..what bugs me…my hubby being gone (Iraq) when everything breaks down.

    Plus, why can’t I knit faster?

    Also, my allergies are really bugging me.

    BUT, I am not upset about not getting into the club because I can still buy my own stuff during Sneak Ups πŸ˜‰ ((((Sheri))))

  35. There are two things that bug me
    “Negative People” & “Not enough Knitting time”.

    There needs to be an end to this cold/flu bug!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Cold here in NW OHIO

  36. What bugs me is the fact that people can’t see the good things in their lives, always focusing on the negative!

    Not enough knitting time…

    The very cold weather………..

  37. Sounds like Ms. Sherri has her Grumpy Pants on……….lol

    Someone that lives close by…please drop off Peppermint Mocha Latte for the girl!

    What bugs me is I don’t have enough time to knit…

    Blogless Diane

  38. What bugs me…I haven’t finished the socks for my daughter’s birthday (Jan. 22)…people drive crazy in the winter…my vacuum broke (mixed blessing!)…my mom is in a nursing home (she is 97) and is not doing well.
    BUT I have many blessings…a wonderful husband, daughter and son..many super friends…and lots of yarn from Loopy Ewe to play with!!!!
    Hang in there!

  39. My in-laws are in Iowa and the volume of calls from the caucus killed their answering machine!

    What bugs me? That the second sock won’t knit itself.

    The big one is that I have to have three meals a day. I am so tired of thinking of things to cook for meals, lunch is especially boring. I’d rather just eat some non-people Soylent Green and then only have to worry about dinner! This will pass once it gets to be Spring and more produce is in season. I know I can get strawberries right now, but they don’t taste like anything so why bother?

  40. Sorry Sheri if my comment was one that bugged you – I only posted because I’d been watching the comments like a hawk to see if anyone had gotten notification, so when I did I posted so others would know to look.

    It bugs me when men who dumped ME (yes, me!) over a year ago to get back together with a former girlfriend go back on and look at my profile. Guess things didn’t work out like he’d hoped huh? The silver lining is I got 2 repeats of my Crest o’ Waves shawl done while I was stewing about it last night!

  41. Bug: I have to fly back to NJ after only having two weeks at home.

    Blessing: The new job I have to fly for gives me more yarn money. πŸ™‚

    Bug: It’s -20 degrees out.

    Blessing: I don’t have to go anywhere today.

    Bug: I haven’t learned to read paperbacks and knit at the same time.


    Bug: People who but Sheri! We all know you would include everyone if you could.

    Blessing: More room in the sock club next year.

  42. Hmm, several bugs for me. What bugs me this weekend is the weather here. It’s forecasting some snowy stuff and icy stuff, then super duper cold next week, meaning the flight we are supposed to be on on Monday morning may get cancelled, and if not we have to ride the commuter train to the airport instead of driving there. Should be interesting.

    The other bug I have is when people and yes I will say it……Knitters…..don’t read all of the directions, then ask more questions that could have been answered if they read everything the first time. You may know what I’m talking about. πŸ˜‰

    Have a good weekend!!

  43. What bugs me:
    1- I just got over Pneumonia, but now I have pink eye from th kids and I am getting another cold.

    2- When my kids just strait up won’t listen. Do I really need to tell them to stop doing something 12 times before they stop?

    3- When people feel the need to comment on the number of children I have. 4 isn’t that many.

    4- When I get asked if I know how I got my kids. Um, ya….

    That is all for now.

  44. What’s bugging me right this minute is that my car dealer said he’d call me “toinght” to tell me when I can pick up my new car, and that was 24 hours ago. I’m giving him thousands of dollars, FPS, and he can’t pick up the phone? I get better service from Sheri and the elves, even if I’m only buying one skein of yarn!

  45. Hey Sheri – I thought you looked fantastic πŸ™‚
    Such a pleasure to meet you guys and have a look at the Loopy Place – I was so distracted I totally forgot about some Jitterbug! Guess I’ll have to place another order once I clear off my needles πŸ˜€

  46. Disappoined but not dispondant about not getting into the sock club. I have to be totally realistic and recognize that I have more in my stash than I can possibly knit in 2008, and getting in would only add to the projects that I may never finish in my lifetime. Still, it won’t stop me from trying nest year.

    What bugs me? Having too many UFOs. I’m knitting as fast as I can!

  47. What bugs me….I guess on the whole just a few things at the moment…

    Gray bugs me. Gray skies. Gray snow. Gray light. We could really use a sunny day and some new snow.

    OK…today is crazy sunny! It’s only 10F outside but that’s ok. The sky is just a absurb blue and it’s wonderful! And I’m going to find a sunbeam (near a heating vent) and sit and enjoy it and forget about other things that may bug me. πŸ™‚

  48. i know you’ve probably been asked before, but is the loopy ewe going to carry blue moon’s socks that rock? Could you? I would order from direct from the site, but I’ve never tried socks that rock before and would like to get some other sock yarns too, and if the loopy ewe had it, I could do that.

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