Spritely Stephanie and Noro Socks Done

DSC01514.JPGWell I know that I told you I’d put a photo of our Indie Dyer visitor on Monday’s blog, but I forgot it was a holiday here. I decided that I needed a haircut more than I needed to blog – ha! So Monday was a nice day off and I got lots done. (Following a weekend of knitting and movie watching with Knitting Daughter, which was also wonderful.) But now we’re back, full speed ahead! We were happy to have Stephanie from Spritely Goods pop by for a visit on Friday Stephanie lives in Arizona and was in town on business, so she rented a car and drove down to Loopy for a couple of hours during a morning off. It was so fun to have her here! She gathered up all of the Spritely Goods yarn that we had left in stock (and it’s not much – it’s pretty well sold out) and we took her photo. Fortunately, she just shipped us another large order, which we’ll put up as soon as it arrives.

DSC01515.JPGOne of the things I did this weekend was to frog the Fleece Artist Sea Silk lace shawl that I started awhile (ok, QUITE awhile) back. I screwed up the rows and decided I needed to just start over. The bummer part is that I worked on it for a long time on Saturday and haven’t even knitted back as many rows as I frogged. Ugh. But it’s my Q1-08 Challenge and I will keep going on it. I’ll take a photo when there is something interesting to see. Right now, it’s still looking a bit pathetic. I did, however, finish my Noro Socks. I just did a basic knit with a bit of ribbing on the top. I knit them top down (short row heel, because I wanted the color bands to stay consistent) and I really love them. As I mentioned before, I handwash all of my socks, and these did soften up after washing. (They’re still not as soft as many socks I have, but they feel just fine on my feet and that’s the part that counts!) I have a few other colors that I want to do in the Noro. We have more of every color on backorder and they were hoping to have them in by the end of this month – then more in March. We’ll get that up asap. Keep an eye on the photo galleries, as people submit photos of the different Noro colorways and how they work up. (Have you checked out our photo galleries lately? The Socks on Trees gallery has almost 500 photos in it. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a photo of a sock done up in every colorway that we carry? I love seeing the finished sock photos pop up on the products pages.)

We’ve been re-stocking a bit here and there this week. More Knitting Pure and Simple patterns arrived, as well as the Sock Guides, and a lot more of our Loopy Totes. We put Knitspot patterns up over the weekend (some fun new ones, too) and Mountain Colors patterns as well. We also have a lot of new things for you for next week. Our Namaste bags have come in (and I still can’t decide which color and which style will be mine), the new Lorna’s Laces colors are here, more Sakina Needles roving, Numma Numma is back (yay!), a new order of Swiss Mountain Cashmere from Hand Maiden, Duets, and new bags (in blue and brown – one of my favorite color combos) from Mrs. Kwitty. And by next week’s Sneak Up, we’ll be on our new server. We might also have an updated “look” for the website, but we’re all weighing in with opinions and there are some …. differing opinions. So we’ll see what we end up with. 🙂

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  1. Hi Sheri,
    I was sad that I didn’t get a Loopy Travel Mug… will those be coming back sometime?

    Glad you had a nice extended weekend,

  2. Drat! I missed out on seeing the handmaiden Swiss Mtn Cashmere! Such a pleasure to visit with you guys! I’m looking forward to casting on the boomerang!

  3. So good to hear that you got some time to relax and knit, even if it did involve frogging and starting again on the lace. I have a shawl like that, too. I will get it out again soon, and get to work on it, in the expectation that in a few months the weather will actually be warm enough to wear it. Maybe to the Spring Fling….. is it warm in St Louis at the end of April? Here it’s still usually quite frosty at that time.

  4. Love those Noro socks! Now I’m in a hurry to get to knitting mine! 🙂

    Numma Numma! Numma Numma! Numma Numma! Numma Numma! Numma Numma! Numma Numma! Numma Numma! Numma Numma!

    (No, I’m not excited about that at all….) 😉

  5. I love love love the Fino and the Fiesta Boomerang that came in the mail last week. I had each of them less than 24 hours before I dumped all my WIPs and cast on for a new pair of socks and a new lace shawl. The FB would be great as a sweater IMHO.

    Glad you are back!

  6. If we could link photos to colorways/yarns/patterns that weren’t specifically purchaced from you because we bought them elsewhere when you were out of stock or before you carried them or because we couldn’t wait for the mail when the coveted colorway was sitting in the shelves in the LYS right there in reach, I’m guessing you might get a few more colorways filled in 🙂 I know I have a couple archived projects that fall into that realm… just saying.

  7. Yay, Spritely Goods! I hope she is making some more of that lovely “Peppercorn” yarn. I’ve been waiting on that one.

    Time to buy more totes!

  8. I missed you on Monday. Your socks look great. I can’t wait to see how the shawl is coming. I am doing Secret of the Stole 2 and I am really enjoying it. I just have a few more rows on Hint 1.

  9. So very glad you were able to enjoy your Monday off – you work so hard and certainly deserve time off to do some fun things! Love your Noro socks and look forward to Friday’s post! : )

  10. You already have the best web site anywhere! So much thought has gone into making it easy to browse, and navigation is lightning fast! Please don’t muck things up by trying to improve on perfection.

  11. Hope you had a wonderful day off! The Noro Socks are beautiful too. Cant wait for the sneak up, may try to catch a few of the new Lorna’s Laces colors since I reallly Love that yarn 🙂 And Duets, cant wait to see what colors you have there too!

  12. Glad you got a breather! I’m looking forward to the Namaste bags, as the Laguna looks like a knitting bag that’d work for me, assuming the colors I like don’t sell out in thirty seconds :-).

  13. Glad you had a nice long weekend, I enjoyed having my kids home from school for an extra day….. and the fact that I got to sleep – in, an extra day : )

    Looking forward to seeing all the new goodies.

  14. I hope you had a great Monday off! Are the namaste bags coming during the sneak up? I must find a way to have my computer jump up and down at me when the next sneak up starts!

  15. I love love love Spritely Goods!! I just finished making two Baby Surprise Jackets out of the Fairydust. Can’t wait to get my hands on more of her yarn!

  16. I missed your blog on Monday. Regarding changing the look…I wouldn’t want you to do it for a sneak up because I would be afraid I wouldn’t find anything. Like when the grocery store moves things around.

  17. So glad you could get your hair done. Isn’t that the pits, when you can’t get there. Talk about bad hair days. Ugh….. Yes, Spritely Goods is a great yarn. How can you improve your web site, it’s perfect now. Glad you had a good day Monday, you deserved it.

  18. Ahhh, a new haircut does wonders, doesn’t it!
    Any chance the loopy travel mugs will be back in the future? (I missed out on those while we were on vacation – teaches me to leave town, eh??)
    ; )

    ps. Love the noro socks!

  19. I received my latest order and I am thrilled. Thanks so much for lovely yarn and fiber. Plus I received my Loopy Groupie stuff and love it all. I am a FAN of Loopy Ewe.


  20. Missed you on Monday, too (and it’s not a holiday over here, so I was totally confused!) but you certainly deserved some time off. You’re not the only one who occasionally has to frog some lace, either! The Noro socks look very nice, and I will sure be looking forward to the next Sneak Up (even though I’ve promised to be restrained…)

  21. I got the Vintage Namaste bag in rust for my birthday at the beginning of the month, and I am absolutely in love with it. It has almost become a piece of furniture in my dorm, its displayed so proudly! I’m not sure how you feel about orange, but i do have to add that Namaste’s “rust” color is the most gorgeous shade of coppery, red-orange I’ve ever seen!

    And the Noro socks are amazing! I really cannot wait to try that yarn!

  22. Your Noro socks look fantastic! I’m proud of you for knitting the mate!!

    I can’t wait to play with the Noro sock yarn I have in my stash. With as many socks I’ve knit, I haven’t truly done one with a short row heel, knitting top down. Like you, I wouldn’t want to disrupt the color flow of the Noro sock yarn with a heel flap. What short row instructions do you use that you like?? I suppose I could always go back to a toe-up short row heel pattern and just try working it the other way.

  23. Oh my gosh, the Noro socks are so gorgeous! 🙂

    Wanted to tell you that my mom loved her various loopy yarn socks so much, she bought me sock yarn for Christmas!! From you of course. 😉 I’ve already knitted up 1 of 3 pairs’ worth. It’s extra fun because she picked the colors so I know she’ll like them!

  24. Too cute how “Loopy” is looking down on Stephanie making sure she’s behaving herself in the Loopy Room. 🙂

  25. I am lucky enough to have Stephanie in our weekly knitting group here in Arizona, where her yarn is a huge hit. One member has decided not to knit with anything else. I agree with the comment about the Peppercorn Blend colorway…I made some gloves out of it and it is gorgeous. Also, I am so jealous she got to see TLE’s brick and mortar. Wow!

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