Almonds, Evaporated Milk, and a CONTEST!

DSC01519.JPGI’ve been on a cleaning kick this week, and I have discovered some alarming things. Remember my problem with frozen chicken br**sts? (Why the stars? I don’t want to be attached to a google-search for that word…..) I have shared with you that I keep buying bags of chicken, because I’m always sure that we’re “out” at home. Well, apparently that’s not all I tend to buy without reason. This week I attacked the pantry and guess what? I found 4 cans of evaporated milk. First of all, I can’t remember the last time I used evaporated milk. And secondly, the only thing I think I use it for is mashed potatoes and fudge, neither of which has been made in this house for a long time. So – weird. The next thing I discovered “en masse” was almonds. Seven bags of them, all unopened. At least I had the good sense to buy different types. There were whole almonds, there were slivered almonds, and there were sliced almonds. I’m good. I think that I had intended to make a few batches of this incredible recipe and couldn’t remember what kind of almonds it called for. But I know that I didn’t buy these packages all at once – they accumulated. I know this because they were all in different spots in the pantry. FPS.

Just so you don’t think my problem is limited to food, I also cleaned out my closet this week. (I took Monday off – remember? I got a LOT done.) I actually sorted my shirts by color (I know. Too much.) and guess what I found out? I have a problem with white shirts. You wouldn’t believe how many white shirts are in my closet. Now in my defense, this is a completely different situation than four cans of evaporated milk. None of these shirts are exactly alike. There are different fabrics, different necklines, different sleeve lengths, and different styles. But still. I don’t think that on the days that I’m going to wear a white shirt, I need to have that many choices to face in the morning. FPS.

So, here is where the contest comes in. I want to know that I am not alone in this lunacy. Surely there are some of you out there who have an overabundance of something in your freezer/fridge/pantry/closet, that you never intended to have in abundance. Please tell me I’m not alone in this. And yarn doesn’t count because there is no recognized word in a knitter’s language that translates to “excess” or “overabundance”. Fortunately. Leave your answer in the comments section, and I will draw a name next Friday, February 1st, for the winner. What does the winner get? A skein of Wollmeise Sock Yarn. 🙂 I thought that would be a good way to start out our monthly blog contests for 2008. And for those of you who don’t have this little problem? You can still enter the contest. Just leave a comment and say, “I don’t seem to have that problem.” and consider yourself entered. I will try to contain my jealousy.

Speaking of contest winners, thank you to everyone who cast votes for the Q4 Challenge this week! There were actually several entries that ran neck and neck with a lot of votes, but the one that got the most votes was the Anemoi-Inspired Mittens, done by Nicole. So Nicole gets the Knitters Choice Award – a $25 Loopy Gift Certificate. And the randomly drawn winner from all of the entries was the Monkey Socks by Karen! Karen also gets a $25 Loopy Gift Certificate. It’s always so fun to see the different interpretations you all come up with for the Quarterly Knitting Challenges. You still have over 2 months left to participate in the Q1-08 – I hope you’ll join us!

Monday we will start a new, regular blog feature called The Loopy Limelight! We have so many fun and interesting people who have become part of the Loopy Family (and that includes all of you) and I thought it would be nice to introduce you to some of them. Monday, I will introduce you to a longtime friend of mine, who has a wonderful recipe (it contains chocolate – yum!) that she is going to share. We’re looking forward to sharing many more people with you in the weeks and months to come, usually on Mondays. We hope this brings some fun recipes and tips and inspiration for all of you.

Sheri anyonehaveanygoodrecipesthatusealmonds,chickenbr**stsand/orevaporatedmilk??


  1. This is so funny, because my husband and I were just going through our cupboard of baking supplies the other day and marveling at how many bags of flour we have! Bread machine flour, whole wheat flour, and at least three bags of opened all-purpose with varying amounts left! This does not count the canister of flour that we have out on the shelf with the sugar! I think it is a case of being in the aisle at the grocery store and convincing ourselves that we don’t have any at home!

  2. I have a lot of unread paperbacks. I don’t have much time to read these days, maybe 3/4 pages before I fall asleep but if I go shoppig I have to buy a book. I currently have 7 waiting on my bedside table & have promised myself that I will not buy another book until I have read 2 of them. We will not speak about the 2 large shelves off unread books downstairs in the dining room.

  3. At the moment, I have a lot of soap. Soap and rice, usually. But these are also two things that are devastating to run out of– my mom told me growing up that there are two things for which there are no substitute: toilet paper and ketchup. If you run out, that is just too bad… 🙂

  4. Boots. I have more pairs of boots, especially black boots, than I’ll ever wear. Tall and stompy, sleek with heels, short and kittenish…the list goes on. But I love them all! I count them like yarn, what women doesn’t need a dozen pairs of gorgeous black boots to make her feel gorgeous!

  5. Taco Seasoning packages. Ya’ know those little envelopes? I found two in my spice cupboard. I had several tucked on different shelves in my pantry and then found two in my “cheese drawer” in the fridge. Oddly enough, I can never find when any when I need it. I think they must hide when they hear me cooking. Perhaps they have an fear of Mexicn food.

  6. I have a problem with kidney beans. Now the only time I even use them is when I make my pseudo-taco salad, which is vegetarian friendly. I can never EVER remember if I have a can at home when I’m at the grocery store so I’m always pick up a can or 4. Oh, I also have 4 jars of ground cinnamon. I honestly don’t remember buying that many.

  7. I wouldn’t mind the chicken but it is dillweed and cumin that is stacked up in my pantry. Apparently every time I go to the natural foods store I assume I need more. I actually run out of parsley more regularly. I guess chili and dip are on the menu this week. jane

  8. I discovered that I had 5 jars of marachino cherries (with stems) probably for a recipe I used to make at Christmas. (BUT haven’t made in about 12 years!!)

  9. Clothes that don’t fit anymore from my pre-kid days. Can’t throw them out since I’m not giving up on wearing them again. Hopefully they’ll still be in style.

  10. I seem to have a problem with Pajamas. I had so many that I just gave away a garbage bag full and I still have to use two drawers. And I can never get rid of craft stuff. Oh yes, we can not forget the 4 unopened bags of powdered sugar.

  11. I have a problem with books – I have ended up with duplicates because I have too many book shelves and piles of books – I also collect fabric, rooster, lambs, monkeys, tons of yarn and fiber

  12. I don’t seem to have that problem, but it could be because I live in my sister’s house, and she does the shopping!

  13. My problem is with bags. My husband calls me the bag lady it’s so bad. I have Vera Bradley tote bags in all the different styles and sizes. I have a couple LL Bean cancas totes in different sizes. I also have 4 different baby bags. Of course I have my Loopy Groupie tote. I also love to get nice paper shopping bags when I shop so that I can keep them. The smaller ones are the perfect size to keep knitting projects inside. There you have it…I am addicted to bags!!


  14. Notebooks. I have dozens of them. When they go on sale in the fall, I stock up. I can never resist a new notebook.

  15. I have a problem with black T-shirts. I can never have too many – and they do fade. I would probably have a similar problem with white T-shirts but I stain them too quickly.

  16. Ha! Me too! What is it with almonds?? So I have a funny story. With every child that goes to college…and comes home, we inherit a refridgerator. A small one true but we have 3 in our kitchen…none empty. My son likes clean fridges and when he moved back with us over the summer he went on a mission to clean up mom’s act. It was quite a comedy show! First he found all the almonds and told me that one bag would do and discarded the opened ones. The part that had me in tears (of laughter) was when he discovered 5 opened jars of fudge topping. He looked me in the eye and said tell me these reproduce on their own when the light goes out! Then he tossed them out professing that he was SURE that their cousins lived in the larger fridge. Sure enough one large jar and three small ones. Me and 3 mini me’s. I guess the jig is up. He has my number and I’m not allowed to buy chocolate fudge, pickles or almonds. Now what would you make with that combo??

  17. I seem to have a weird over-abundance of toothpaste. =) Tom’s of Maine to be exact. Right now I have about 5 unopened boxes. Just to be “on the safe side”.

  18. I definitely have this problem! At any given time, I am likely to have at least 6 bottles of mustard, at least 3 of which will be open in the fridge. My DH always thinks we are out of mustard if he can’t find it right away, so he is constantly opening new ones or writing it on the shopping list. So that one’s his fault, I always tell him.

    I also have about 4 bottles of dried basil, 6 extra boxes of spaghetti and 3 boxes of Cheerios, because when I’m at the store I can’t remember if we need these thingss or not and I always figure it’s safer to buy it and save it for later. It’s just a bit embarrassing when I get my haul home and realize that even my overflow shelves in the garage are overflowing with these items! Oh well.

  19. I have an overabundance of tomato paste. Everytime we buy the fixins for chili, we buy another can of tomato paste. We must have 15 of those little cans stuffed into the pantry! I can totally relate to your almonds! If the almonds have gone stale, there’s always the squirrels you can give them to.

  20. I keep catnip in the freezer. Every time we get a new toy that comes with a pouch of catnip, into the freezer it goes. I looked the other night and I have about five packages in there right now. I guess I should start sharing that with the cats huh?

  21. My walking closet was getting so stuffed that I was getting afraid to open the door. My life was very busy then, but I had a sneaking suspicion that I was running out of toilet paper.

    After actually taking stuff out of the closet and cleaning and tossing, I found 6 big 12 packs of toilet paper that had been purchased and just shoved to the back as I shoved more stuff in front of it.

  22. I do have a serious problem…it’s oatmeal. I love it. Can’t live without it. I don’t tell anyone but I have tons of it in my kitchen cabinet, rolled oats, steel cut oats. And in my freezer, frozn steel cut oats. I just found it at Trader Joe’s and I’m hooked. there are 13 boxes (2 per box) in my freezer right now…
    Problem…I’d say.

  23. I seem to have a Chocolate Chip stash (15 bags in all) – when or when will I use that many.

    I also seem to collect butter and pudding – afraid I’m going to run out.

  24. Boy, do I belong to your club. My kitchen cabinets and closet confirm it. I have three pair of identical black pants! I get to the store, see an item, and think, “I wonder if we are out of that? Better get some.” Bags of sugar, jars of peanut butter, poultry seasoning and cream of mushroom soup! Give me a recipe for that and wear black pants when you come to dinner.

    An excess of yarn? What a weird concept.

  25. Well, I have a ridiculous amount of shoes, but I don’t think that counts because I wear them all! The one strange thing that I do have stockpiled is sticky notes! I use them to mark pages for homework, pictures for design inspiration, recipes in cookbooks, etc, and I can never find a pad when I need one. So, every time I see them on sale , I buy more, apparently assuming that when I have them tucked away in every corner of the house, I might be able to find some when I need them. Unfortunatley, I now come across magazines or books with the tags in them, and wonder just what it was on the page that I marked that I liked well enough to mark!!

  26. i have lots of “collections” and just tossed outdated cocktail sauce?! anyone for shrimp cocktail!!
    i have 2 recipes and want extra brownie points because i can use 2 ingredients at the same time!!! coconut brownies…prepare brownie mix and bake just to set about 15 min. sprinkle with chocolate chips, sweetened coconut, condensed milk! and then sprinkle with almonds of choice (i use whatever is on hand, blanched slivered or just slivered). continue to bake until browned on top. email if you want more specifics. holiday toffee…1 cup butter, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup blanched slivered almonds in a saucepan stiring until toffee brown color (very scientific! stir CONSTANTLY) butter may separate but keep on trucking over med hi heat. spread onto cookie sheet and thin out. top with 1 cup semi sweet chips and spread when melted. refrigerate until cooled, break into small pieces and package into holiday gifts. i gave this inside mugs with garter cozie for teachers!
    did i mention PICK ME!

  27. depends on what’s on sale…i just threw out cocktail sauce outdated…shrimp cocktail anyone? 2 recipes and one uses both sweetend consensed milk and almonds…cocomut almond brownies and the other holiday toffee…i’ll email you with them…brownie points please…i NEVER win anything!!
    have a great weekend!

  28. Oh yes! Scotch tape. I guess I am always afraid of running out. I find it tucked into drawers all over the house. As for the evap. milk, you can always use it in cream soups, macs and cheese, or pudding. But yes, it’s best in fudge!

  29. I feel SOOOO much better that there is another frozen chicken breast hoarder in the world!!! I have a small freezer that is pretty much filled with chicken breasts…..I’m like you …..I always think I am out for some reason!!! LOL!!! The other staple is flour…..I have every kind of flour and I seldom bake!!!!

    GREAT idea for a contest.

  30. This happens to me all the time with canned soup, I go to the store and always think I should pick some up, the other day I found 11 cans, in 3 different cabinets. The good things is that I do get around to eating the soup and I have a bunch of different flavors. The bad news is I don’t have any room of another thing else since I have very very very limited cabinet space.

  31. I tend to be an intentional stock piler. The dozen white shirts I have are mostly duplicates of two shirts, plus a few cloth variations on a dressier one I buy in various fabrics. My ‘uniform’ usually includes a white shirt and sweater, so I go through a lot of white shirts.

    People don’t sort their closet by color?

    My main area of unitended accumulation actually is knitting needles. I knit sweaters in one piece, so often have multiple needles going at once. And I buy tools ahead rather than for a specific project. This doesn’t explain why this week I found I had 17 size 3 needles and only five size 7, but not two 7s in the material I wanted to use to knit in the round with two needles.

  32. At work i get accussed of buying too much baking powder! At home i decided recently to start eating popcorn for snacks after a long time of not eating it. i noticed the other day that i have 3 or so bags of popcorn (the bulk unpopped kind) enuff to serve hundreds, and that when i placed an order for sorghum flour for my bakery business and opened the box i had ordered a pound of multi color popcorn to try, forgetting how much i had at home. i don’t even have a popper or micro wave so i have to pop it stove top in a pot! 3rd thing would probably have to be sock yarn! i have a lot but it doesn’t go bad like food does! For a while i bought every shade of koigu that came to my lys. I guess i should start a movie theater…..
    off to eat some popcorn…..

  33. Cans of chicken soup. I don’t even particularly like canned chicken soup. That and I always buy granola bars and nobody really wants them. But in the store I must think, “oh, granola bars, yes, I will get those for the kids…” and in they go. And there they sit.

  34. Hops, that is what I have an overabundance of in my freezer. My husband is a homebrewer and loves searching for the perfect combinations for flavor. Our is so full of them that we can’t actually put food in there. He buys more every time we visit Seattle, so we have duplicates and triplicates of some varieties.

  35. Well, I was going to attach photos but it was just too embarrassing.

    Panties. Everytime I see my underwear on sale, I buy all they have in my size in black, because I’m sure I don’t have enough at home. I could go at least 3 months without doing the wash. Did not take photos.

    But I took photos of the pantry and freezers where you could just pick out any of several overstocked, underused items.

    And oh, by the way, I have the frozen chicken problem, too. One day I’m going to cook up all that chicken.

  36. Cake mix. I don’t eat it. I don’t like it. I don’t know anyone who likes it. BUT, my local supermarket chain does a 10 or $10 and I get them “just incase” . Of course, I would still have to go and get the forsting IF I DID want to use them…. I wonder how long they stay good for. >:( The REALLY stupid part of it all is I WOULD NEVER make an instant cake for anyone I cared enough about to actually make a cake. DUH!

  37. Okay, I have a problem with jello. Boxes and boxes of jello. I find them throughout my pantry and have been collecting them since college. We don’t seem to make them much, except when the kids are sick. But somehow I keep buying more. And the weird part is they are all mostly rasberry and strawberry. Like we won’t eat anything that isn’t red. I bet I have more than 20 boxes, or I did before I started looking at the expiration dates on some of them. You don’t even want to know. I am proud to say though that I went grocery shopping today and did not buy a single box of jello! Yay!

  38. My kids laughingly refer to it as Y2K creamed corn. Yes back when the world was suppose to end-my husband thought it was a wise idea to put away some food stocks. Somehow we ended up with about 10 cans of creamed corn. It’s still in the basement.minus the 2 cans that developed a bulge and 1 can that actually sprung a leak!

  39. OK, I’ve thought and thought but… nothing. I buy stuff when I’ve run out or worn out. Yarn being the one exception but you said that doesn’t count.

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