It bugs me.

DSC01513.JPGIt’s probably a given that in a week that contained a Wollmeise-fest and Sock Club notices would be a rather tough week for all. An “It bugs me” post seemed appropriate today, given the mood of things around here, and we haven’t done one in awhile. (Gracie’s list of what bugs her? When people interrupt a nap to take her photo.)

So here are the things that are bugging me today:

1. Sock club limitations. I hate telling people no. (I have referred to that before – remember the Spring Fling?) I think we have figured out a way to take double our numbers for next years club, so I hope those of you who didn’t get in this year will come back. We really want to make spots for you.

2. My ipod. Well, not the ipod, specifically, but I am tired of the songs on there and want new ones. I know you all gave me bunches of great music suggestions awhile back, but it’s just a matter of downloading all of that new music. Which I haven’t done yet. So I keep listening to the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. FPS.

3. Website slowness during a particularly busy Sneak Up. But the good news is that we have found a great new (very large) server and will be upgrading to that sometime next week. You shouldn’t notice any slowness during Sneak Ups any more, no matter how many of you are shopping at once. (Ahem – at least that’s the plan.) No Sneak Up next week so that we can switch over and get things running. The next one will be sometime the week of the 28th.

4. Haircuts. And highlights. I haven’t had time to get my haircut or have highlights done lately. Consequently, today is a very bad hair day. I’m glad you can’t see me. I wish I looked just fine with long, straight, one-color hair. But I kinda think I look like a dog that way. (One of those afghan hounds, you know?)

5. Dust. Why is it so relentless about wanting to cover all of the surfaces in my house all the time? What’s up with that?

6. Sugar and vegetables. Why is it that vegetables are “good” for you and sugar is “bad” for you? Why can’t it work so that everyone must have 3 servings of dessert a day, and vegetables are only allowed on occasion? Someone messed that up.

7. Political ads and commercials. It has barely started and I’m already tired of listening to them and seeing them. And it’s only gonna get worse. I wonder if any of the candidates knit? (Somehow I think not. But it’d be good for a few of them…..)

8. 24 hour days. I’d really prefer 36 hour days. Just sayin’.

I have more, but I’ll stop there for today. So to end on a positive note, it’s time for Q4 voting! Please head over to the Q4 Photo Gallery and then email me (sheriATtheloopyeweDOTcom) your vote for favorite project from last quarter. We will award Loopy Gift Certificates to one person randomly selected and one person who wins the “blog readers favorite” award. I’ll announce the winner next Friday!

(And I’d love to hear what bugs you today – but I already know about the not enough Wollmeise and not enough Sock Club spots ……..) 🙂

Sheri oneofourindiedyersisvisitingLoopytoday-I’llputherpictureonMonday’sblog!


  1. Hi everyone!

    It bugs me that I let this week’s yarn disappointments get me down. No more!

    I love Terri’s idea about starting her own sock club. So I’ll propose one here. I’d like to start an informal sock club with just five members (including me.) We can figure out the rules once we have the players in place. The first four people to e-mail me and say they want to join my sock club will be admitted. I work fulltime, so I can’t commit to coordinating more than this small group. Interested? Please e-mail me at: Thanks!

  2. Please, please, Ladies stop the negative comments about not getting into the Spring Fling, The Sock Club or not getting your favorite yarn.
    Two years ago, the Loopyewe didn’t even exist. It was a dream that has now become REALITY. And we have a fun place to shop.
    Sheri and the LYE elves work long hours to provide beautiful yarn selections, and great service in delivering a beautifully wrapped package to our homes
    Sheri, you are doing a fantastic job and I salute you..

  3. It bugs me that I can’t knit all the time.
    It bugs me that I had to come home from Kanuga knitting retreat
    It bugs me that I have no local knitting group–yeah, yeah, I’m working on it.
    It bugs me that it bugs Sheri that she had to say “no” to me.

  4. I just can”t resist adding an other comment. Barbara, I couldn’t agree more with you. These comments are depressing me. Imagine how
    Sheri feels. Stop the negative comments. Most of you probably have never worked in retail and let me tell you nowhere online or in a brick and mortar store will you find anyone more fair and caring then Sheri. She does her best and it shows. It is not the end of the world to miss something. Ladies get some perspective.

  5. Not much bugging me except most people’s three day weekends off become my 4 day weekends on… in the ER…
    Also, I , too, am bugged by people feeling they have some claim over your life if yarn runs out or spots fill up. Knitting is supposed to be fun, I know my knitting life has become even more so since “meeting” Sheri and Loopy…

  6. What bugs me today is that, although my whole family is off for MLK Day, including me, I am going to have to go in to work this afternoon. I work at a college, and it is check-in day for the spring semester. The residence life staff reports to me, and will be in full force. They are very dependable, and it is not because of them I need to go in. Financial services needs to be available as well to verify payments, etc, and they are not happy and have been vocal about it. I need to be there to keep feathers unruffled. I’ll take my NORO socks and get lots done, and I will protect my staff. Guess that’s what MLK would do too. So I’m not so much annoyed at going in as I am at pettiness. We do what we have to do – I just wish there was less complaining in the world. In the meantime, I LOVE that NORO yarn!!!!

  7. Bothers:
    –Folks who grump at Sheri for what is NOT HER FAULT! There are only so many skeins of sock yarn and places in a sock club at any given time. Chill…
    –Folks who come into the apartment complex laundry room on the busiest day of the week (Sun) and then take up *five* washers at once. I felt so bad for the poor gal who came in not three minutes later and discovered there were none available.
    –I lack the manual dexterity to trim my cat’s claws, and don’t want to fight him into his carrier and drive to heck and beyond for the only place ’round here which will trim cat nails.

    –Sheri and the Loopy Elves who give so much to make so many people happy. And their order-to-out the door time? Phenomenally quick!
    –The sun is shining outside my window.
    — I have not yet botched the start of my “Fenna” shawl (Myrna Stahman’s top-down Faroese construction rocks!) and I’m using up stash yarn.
    — Maybe tomorrow, I’ll become an *official* Loopy Groupie!

  8. It bugs me that a lot of people are in such a hurry for everything. I know we are a hurry, fast, now country but holy cow!! When did everybody think they were owed something if every little thing doesn’t go their way? I am talking mainly about the service industry. I hear a bunch of…I deserve some compensation because I had to wait for my food or will I get a discount because of this inconvenience and I need to talk to your manager. YIKES! I am truly blessed to touch lives thru this industry but I had so much empathy for the postal workers/ups/fedex employees, etc. during the holidays!!! HAPPY MONDAY give someone a big thank-you in the service industry!

  9. What bugs me?

    1) Getting a ticket for running a stop sign that I am convinced I didn’t run. ( 🙁 ) Subsequently, havinbg to spend stash money to stay out of jail. I wonder if they’ll take a barter in sock yarn???

    2) Never quite being sure whether garbage day will be delayed or not after a holiday. (I swear all the neighbors sit in the houses looking out the window waiting for SOMEONE to make the first curb-move.

    3) along the ipod lines…. I love my ipod… it’s the HEADPHONES I have issues with….. ipod standards- not standard to my ears. They hurt. Bose in- ears- 100.00 worth of fall out of your ears and short out garbage… Shure EC2’s? Nice, but fall out too. Doesn’t anybody make a tiny pair that will sound great- fit in my purse/knit bag AND stay in without causing stretchmarks to my ear canal (because they’re too big)or falling out???????

    TMI- just for fun: after 3 kids- my ear canals are about the only stretch mark free zone- I’m rather proud of them…..and will not sacrifice, even for my ipod.

  10. I was dissappointed about not getting into the sock club, but I was a little relieved as well. I’ve joined two sock clubs for this year so far, and I’m a little worried about keeping up!!

    You’ll be getting an email when spots open up again. I’m going to keep trying until I get in!!!

    Thanks for all you do!

  11. Take some time for yourself Sheri.

    1. It bugs me that in a few short months my youngest will be graduating from High School and staying in CA while I am moving to Ohio. (Both of my kids will live on the west coast) I don’t understand the people that say they can’t wait until their kids move out. I like mine and want them to be close. Such is life.

    2. Moving for the 14th time. Maybe this will be the last (I am very hopeful)

    3. My boss. I just love being called into his office to stand and wait while he ruminates over what he wants to discuss. On some occassions this is no shorter than 10 minutes before he gets to it and I am expected not to speak and disturb his thought process. Yikes, he makes me nuts. Job change is one good thing about moving. Although I have left some good bosses too.

    Hang in there Sheri. It is your business and you can’t please everyone so run it how you want it. We will still be here.

  12. What bugs me is that there is not enough time to knit everying that I want to do right now, and so I keep putting aside what I want to knit for me to take care of everyone else.

    What bugs me is that my mom is back in the hospital, after only being out 20 days and I have to run around making sure all of the doctors talk to one another and play nice.

  13. what bugs me is that i need to work in order to afford things like yarn, and of course… electricity and all those other things.

    i’ve had a three day weekend spent with my wonderful guy and some sock knitting and tomorrow it’s back to the grind!

  14. I have two at the moment, a knitting and a non knitting related complaint:

    It really bugs me when I lose the working DPN to a sock that is almost finished. and I mean toe and heel, less than a day to an FO kind of almost finished.

    I am also bugged by ignorance (which is my bigger, more philosophical “it bugs me” for the day).

  15. It bugs me that one can’t knit while on vicodin (well, one can, but the results tend to be a bit wonky – ask me how I know this? 🙂 )

    It bugs me that the weatherman calls for snow and it’s still not snowing!

    It bugs me that I had to return to work today after a 5 day weekend (2 snow days, 2 weekend days, 1 holiday)

    And it really bugs me that I am almost out of chocolate in my office!

  16. Does your cat investigate the out-going packages? I received an order from you over the weekend, and my little Yorkie wouldn’t leave the box alone, even after I took the kisses out. It was kind of cute—she doesn’t get out much, and I think that’s the closest she’s been to a cat in quite a while.

  17. Did Gracie see the Yarn Harlot’s post on Saturday? Gracie seems to have an excellent tail for tub swishing herself 😉

    Hope you’re feeling ok Sheri (there is a wicked – and long-lasting – flu bug going around); missed a Monday post from you 🙂

  18. On the good surprises — your Noro sock yarn makes a beautiful, springy fabric! Highly recommend to all Loopy Ewers.

  19. What bugged me. No invite to the Sock Club. Did I get over it. Yes. There is always next year.
    What bugged me today: Our car is officially dead. I hope I can get over that as quickly as I did not getting into the Club.

    Take care. Looking forward to the day I can get Wollmeise and knit with it in my new car!

  20. What bugs me is looking at my NEW Loopy Ewe travel mug all day on my desk and thinking that I shouldn’t be working – I SHOULD BE HOME KNITTING!

  21. Hi Sheri,

    As for your #6 thing that bugs you about vegetables….don’t you know that chocolate is a vegetable? It comes from beans! And doctors recommend at least five servings of vegetables a day =)

  22. My Perfect Knitting Room

    Hi Sheri,

    My perfect knitting room is something I dream about often. My fiance and I currently live in a “cozy” one-bedroom condo, but once I’m finished with school and we can afford to buy a house, I’m very excited about setting up my own knitting room. For some reason, I really love the blocking phase of knitting. However, having a huge table or old mattress would take up a lot of space, so I’ve been contemplating a “Murphy Blocking Board.” You know those “Murphy Beds” that fold out of the wall in tiny New York apartments? Why not have a blocking board that you can fold in and out of the wall whenever it’s time to block?

    Other necessities in my perfect knitting room are a window so I can watch the snow fall (I live in Edmonton, where it’s Winter for about seven months of the year), and a mahogany table with a wing-back chair so I can sit and stare at patterns and spread out all my yarn.

    A tea kettle and tea stash are also on the “must have” list, along with a portable Ipod speaker system so I could listen to the Beatles while I knit.

    Your knitting room looks amazing, by the way! I love the colour of the walls.

    One thing’s for sure – when I finally have my knitting room it will be full of Loopy Ewe yarn.


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