Good News, Bad News Monday

Good news: Today is my (our) 24th wedding anniversary! Twenty four years of being married to my best friend, 24 years he has had to put up with me, 24 years that he has been making me laugh. 🙂

Bad news: I managed to put myself in the doghouse with WH this week, as he has spent untold hours color-correcting 450+ photos for this week’s Sneak Up. That’s what happens when we take a couple of weeks off from Sneaking new stuff up for you. 🙁

Good news: Lots of fun things going up sometime this week for your shopping pleasure.

Bad news: Lots of fun things going up sometime this week for your shopping pleasure. (And more next week.)

Good news: I did some knitting this weekend and have the second Noro sock almost done. I’ll post it when it’s done and washed.

DSC01494.JPGBad news: I tired out my knitting fingers with one of my other favorite Christmas presents. (My kids rolled their eyes when I asked for Guitar Heroes for Christmas.) Jari – are you practicing for our eventual re-match??

Good news: We were named “Pusher of the Year” in these awards. How fun is that?

Bad news: The list also contained a lot of fun blogs and resources that I have had to add to my “must read” and “must check out” list. For my spare time.

DSC01497.JPGGood news: I found these cute cupcakes while shopping this weekend. Don’t they look good enough to eat? They’re in my kitchen window, along with some other fun things for the season.

Bad news: Looking at them every day makes me want to eat cupcakes.

DSC01496.JPGGood news: I’ve managed to set aside my spinning momentarily, while I figure out how to make the tension right with a Woolee Winder.

Bad news: We have such fun roving in-house that it’s making me nuts not to be spinning.

Sheri itwasaVentisizedLattedaytoday-somuchtodoFPS.Howaboutyou?


  1. Happy Anniversary! Please tell WH how much we all appreciate his very hard work. He’s our hero!

    Good News: School Started! I will soon have more free time again and can read blogs and still get some knitting done. I hope.

    Bad News: I’m not off the holiday and gift craziness carousel for another couple of weeks since the kid and my Mum both have birthdays this month. So the more free time thing isn’t happening yet.

    Good News: I only have one outstanding holiday gift to finish knitting.

    Bad News: I think I’m going to have to rip everything I have knit for it thus far and start over on larger needles.

    Good News: Someone asked for a hand knit from me the other day. I’m quite pleased.

    Bad News: You’re out of the yarn I need for it.

    Good News: It might be in the upcoming Sneak Up so if I haunt the shop I might be able to get it.

    Bad News: If I haunt the shop, I’ll spend less time knitting.

  2. Still laughing. First off, happy anniversary, marriage is a hard thing to do and I applaud you and your wbf (wed best friend). Good on ya!

    good news: Half a day off
    bad news: Lunch at Bandana’s BBQ and the HOT light was on at Krispy Kreme.

    good news: time to fix the sweater off on a bad foot
    bad news: not a lot of time to knit it once I get it jump started

    good news: 70 freakin’ degrees today
    bad news: the piper is gonna charge handsomely

  3. Congratulations!…and Happy Anniversary to you and your DH.

    The good news around here is that we have power (and that means heat & ability to cook!) after being without for 48 hours. I know…that’s nothing to what many have to endure, and we were lucky to have family here in town who, luckily, DID have power.

    The bad news is that we had to throw out everything in our refrigerator and freezer – well maybe we didn’t have to, but my philosophy (having had salmonella once!) is better safe than sorry – so we’re starting with an almost pristine frig!

    The good news is that I placed an on-line order to replenish same; it will be delivered by Safeway tomorrow. Gotta love on-line ordering and delivery to the kitchen! And all for $4.95 extra!

    Again, Sheri…happy anniversary!


  4. Happy Anniversary Sheri and DH!

    My dh and I will be married 24 years in July, gee where does the time go???????????

    I can’t wait to see what’s new and spend a little $$$$$$$$$$$$$ or maybe alot?! LOL..

    Have a Great week!

  5. We got Guitar Hero 3 for Christmas too! I gave my husband such hell for buying it and then I got addicted. Before break was over we both beat the easy level. Medium is so much harder! 🙂

  6. Happy anniversary Sheri and DH!

    Good news: My New Year’s yarn order came, quick as ever!

    Bad news: There’s more to it than just buying lovely yarn to get great socks.

    I like knitting socks as much as anyone, don’t get me wrong! But wouldn’t it be great sometimes if the sock faeries did some of the work while we were off working or sleeping, or something? It would be kind of cool to wake up to surprize socks in the morning.

  7. Good news: I finally completed a set of quilted travel bags for my girlfriend in PA and got them in the mail today. They’d been in progress since .. October? Making a quilted duffel bag (like the Vera Bradley small duffel) isn’t easy when you have to work up your own pattern!
    Bad news: She won’t get them until Thursday, so I don’t know how well she’ll like them until then!

    Good news: I’m getting along really well with an on-again-off again male “friend”.
    Bad news: I want more from it than he does.

    Good news: Sock #2 of my CTH Forest Path socks is half done.
    Bad news: The colorway is sold out, and I don’t think they regularly stock it. I want more!!!

    Good news: No tornadoes here in Rolla .. yet.
    Bad news: I just spent the last 30 minutes in the basement, and I will probably get to spend more time there tonight.

  8. Happy Anniversary to you Sheri (and WH too!) 24 years is an awesome accomplishment 🙂

    I’m wondering about the Zoe/Gracie/mouse story ??

  9. Happy Anniversary!!!!
    Good News- I have placed my order for new yarn.
    Bad News Now I have to wait!
    Good News-It was 70 degrees here in rural KY
    Bad News- bad weather and possible storms tomorrow

  10. Happy Anniversary Sheri and WH! And if it makes him feel any better about color-correcting 450+ photos, we all appreciate it when we’re squinting at the monitor trying to decide which color is exactly right—he’s the best!

    Pushing yarn is one thing, but showing those cupcakes may be going over the line. Real or not, they look very, very good!

  11. Good News: We haven’t had to call the plumber in 3 days
    Bad News: We had to call him twice in the previous 7 days.
    Good News: Finished my friend Rose’s Christmas scarf
    Bad News: Still haven’t finished the one for my hubby
    Good News: The unfinished scarf for hubby is yummy soft alpaca and a pleasure to knit.
    More Good News: Now that I have gotten rid of those pesky holiday gifts, I can finally start clearing out some of those UFOs and knit for myself
    Bad News: I have an awful lot of UFOs that got pushed to the back burner during the Christmas knitting madness.
    Good news: Finishing UFOs means that I can start new knitting projects
    Bad News: Need new yarn for said knitting projects
    Good News: We will be getting a tax refund soon.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  12. Happy belated anniversary!
    Good news: Fling deposit paid
    Bad news: It’s not April yet
    Good news: Sneak-up had some non-yarn items
    Bad news: I’m still on a yarn diet unless it’s Wollmeise

    My cat and dog are both mousers. The cat catches them and the dog barks at them (she’s part terrier). Fortunately I don’t have mice very often.

  13. Happy Anniversary to you and WH! My husband doesn’t like it when I say he’s funny, but that’s one of the reasons I love him and married him – I need the funny sometimes!

  14. Happy, happy!!!

    I completely understand the Guitar Hero injuries – we bought II for the kids for Christmas, and I am probably playing it more than they are – and yes, my knitting fingers are complaining something fierce…

  15. Guitar hero- 1, 2 and 3… and as we got a Wii for Christmas… we now have Wiitar 😉 Hero too….

    But I stink. Can’t do it at all.. I knit the men around here play…. not a bad deal;)

  16. You need to get more of the Romi earrings!! And could I please have the address to your shop…..I finally have my brother’s cd ready to send to you. Thanks! And my last order was all for my sister’s birthday. She was THRILLED with the stuff. You’re amazing.

  17. Good News: I bought teeny tiny cute 1/2 cup size Ben&Jerry’s ice creams on sale.
    Bad News: This means my kids will eat 3 bites and leave the rest to melt.
    Good News: I have my first FO of the year!
    Bad News: I haven’t knit on anything since.
    Good News: That’s because I was too busy having fun with old friends this weekend.

    I think I like the idea of ending on a note of good news. My youngest had his very first RAK yesterday as well, it was adorable. He hugged a little girl (about his size) at the doctor’s office. He was a little enthusiastic though, and they toppled over. Still ever so adorable. 🙂

  18. You’re almost done with the second noro sock plus all other things you do! You are magical! Happy Anniversary. I understand that #24 is the sock anniversary 🙂

  19. DUDE! and MORE good news! YOU’RE IN VOGUE KNITTING!!!!!!!!!!
    That SO rocks, man. *sniff* I’m so proud *snif*.
    Now that you’ll be even way famous-er…whatcha gonna do next? 🙂

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