You stalled the Mail Truck!

DSC01499.JPGWell that was a fun Sneak Up! Look what happened. You all filled this truck so full with your Sneak Up boxes that it stalled and had to be towed. Holy cow! Well – I don’t know for sure that it was totally our fault. It IS true that the truck was overflowing with our boxes yesterday, and it IS true that it stalled and had to be towed – see the tow truck in front of it? – but I’m not sure we’re to blame. Surely not. On post Sneak Up days like this, the wonderful post office sends an early truck and a late truck for us. Isn’t that nice? This was the early truck yesterday. I’ve never seen a mail truck being towed before. You all continue to amaze and amuse the post office here. (Knitters – a force to be reckoned with.)

It’s time to welcome new Loopy Groupies again! You make “Loopy Groupie” status when you get your 6th order package from us. We love welcoming new Loopies to the bunch, and are happy to have all of these new members: Stephanie in MD, RaeDean in WA, Amy in D.C., Alison in UT, Christina in GA, Marion in Ontario, Keitha in CA, Heather in PA, Scott in WA, Raymond in CA, Linda in NV, Gina in OK, Olivia in GA, Jan in VA, Trina in AZ, Sarah in CO, Rosario in WA, Molly in CT, Catherine in the UK, Donna in NJ, Jennifer in NY, Michele in FL, Barbara in WA, Jenna in PA, Jennifer in PA, Carol in NJ, Susan in VA, Katie in TX, Amy in PA, Penny in TN, Sara in ME, Amy in PA, Mary in NH, Katie in TX, MaryAnn in NY, Lindy in Australia, Yuki in Japan, Joan in MN, Karen in MD, Joanne in PA, Courtney in PA, Sally in ME, Linda in IL, Joy in CA, Jennifer in TX, Heidi in CA, Ann in SC, Judy in MN, Chrissy in MA, Megan in VA, Terrie in IL, Michelle in IL, Janelle in TX, Rachel in TX, Joann in WI, Collette in TX, Tricia in NC, Adrienne in IL, Brenda in CT, Beth in IL, Christie in OH, Jill in CO, Megan in ME, Carla in NY, Kim in PA, Amy in AZ, Donna in SC, Kim in TN, Donna in WA, Toni in IN, Sarah in IL, Chris in NJ, Katherine in OK, Jo in TX, Sandra in GA, Lisa in TX, Stephania in OR, Bronwyn in MT, Cathy in MO, Angie in IL, Elaine in VA, Beverly in NV, Kristin in CT, Erica in WA, Karin in PA, Yvonne in MI, Chris in British Columbia, Ann in NY, Jill in UT, Erin in TN, Sarah in MO, Jaimi in ME, Cathy in OR, Terry in MI, Danielle in CO, Amy in MN, Robin in OH, Sonya in MI, Karin in PA, Jill in CA, Helena in NJ, Margaret in the UK, Cindy in VA, Karen in IA, Judy in FL, Melanie in PA, Alexis in OR, Jean in WI, Melanie in CT, Laura in CA, Mary in CA, Amanda in TN, Anica in CO, Kati in NY, Kristin in VA, Justine in FL, Patty in RI, Susan in WY, Elizabeth in VA, Karen in WA, Brenda in VA, Kim in CA, Vivian in MN, Jennifer in TN, Leslie in CA, Christine in FL, Micki in TX, Margo in WI, Lynn in VA, Emily in ME, Jun in Japan, Candace in Calgary, Fabienne in Germany, Mariana in GA, Laurel in OR, Loretta in OH, Kathy in PA, Michelle in IL, Pamela in MA, Meredith in MA, Crystal in NC, Roberta in CO, Trisha in Alberta, Dottie in NE, Kay in OH, Shelby in MD, Heather in SD, Sharon in CA, Kathy in MD, Mary Jane in IN, Sophia in NY, Joy in MO, Mary in OH, Elysbeth in MO, Cassandra in OH, Marsha in CO, Liz in MA, Sara in ME, Lindsay in MD, Karen in NJ, Kirsty in Ontario, Christine in MN, Lisa in MA, Susan in VA, Renee in MN, Blythe in IA, Brittany in CT, Adelle in NY, Vanessa in CA, Danielle in MI, Marisol in NY, Erin in AZ, Jean in D.C., Kimberly in NC, Fern in OH, Erica in TX, Angela in MD, Deb in GA, Antoinette in IA, Jennifer in NC, Kate in AZ, Andrea in OH, Charles in NC, Martha in WI, Kathlene in IA, Kathryn in TX, Andrea in OH, Kathy in NIL, Claire in Ontario, Tiffany in Ontario, Ruth in FL, Ann in AZ, Jaya in NY, Alexis in CA, Kelley in NY, Jo Ann in VA, Donna in Australia, Jody in MA, Pamela in MA, Jessica in GA, Jane in the UK, Jennifer in IL, Bonnie in MN, Sue in the UK, Jennifer in MO, Tara in KY, Deane in VA, Maja in NV, Hayley in the England, Annette in NE and Marna in OH. (And of course if we have messed up and missed you on this list since the last time I blogged it, please email me so that we can get you on the next one!)

So many of you have been emailing and calling about the 2008 Sock Club and we’re glad that you’re excited about it! Current members – you should have received an email today, offering you the chance to renew. New members – there are plenty of new spots. But not yet! Signups will be next Monday and Tuesday. There’s a special email address that we have set up to take those spot requests, which I’ll put on the website in Monday morning’s blog post. We’ll email you a confirmation email by Wednesday of next week. We’re really looking forward to this year’s Sock Club and I’ll give you all of the details next Monday (including some hints as to what you might see in the coming year.)

Sheri funstuffherefornextweek’sSneakUp,too.Maybewecanstallthepostaltruckagain. 🙂


  1. I have a hard time thinking that truck was big enough to start with! Maybe the driver was just tired from loading it and wanted to take a break 😉

    Looking forward to hearing about the sock club!

  2. I, too, am looking forward to the sock club – I just sent my email to the special address requesting to be signed up since I’m on a little break from work – trying to see if I can make it another hour here!! And, I am definitely going to be stalking TLE for next week’s sneak-up – I may be super, super busy at work : ( but I’d like to participate in this one! I’ll have to catch the Dream in Color sock yarn next time its restocked. : )

    And, may you and WH have a wonderful evening celebrating your anniversary! I seem to recall that you mentioned the celebration would be tonight! : )

  3. Wow. Just wow.

    And wait a minute… if the post office knows what days sneak ups will be so they can schedule a second truck, then I need to get to baking some cookies or buying some Starbucks gift cards to bribe the postmaster to tell me as soon as s/he knows!

    Or I need to move to St Louis and get a job at the post office *bwah ha ha*

  4. I am looking forward to joining your sock club. So much so that I am hoping to give a membership as a gift to a wonderful knitting friend of mine.

    The postal employees are such hard working and reliable folks. I think they need to receive a RAK. I will have to think of something.

  5. Haha!! Nice one. I had the ice cream truck break down in front of my house once when I was a kid. Dream come true right??? Lol.

  6. OMG! That is too funny about the truck. I can’t wait to get my Loopy Mug! I am getting so antsy about next week’s sneak-up and Sock Club sign-ups.

  7. I think the Post Office needs to send you a bigger truck!! I’m sure that little truck was too bogged down with Loopy Loot to move. Wow….that’s a lot of new Loopy Groupies! Congratulations.

  8. Wollmeise and the sock club sign up in the same week…it sounds like it’s going to be pretty wild at Loopy Central! Hope you have gallons of lattes ready for everyone.

  9. Neither wind, nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow or Loopy Packages shall deter the post office. That is just too funny about the mail truck. Just think, they had to unload and load those packages into another truck again. I’m sure there was some “muttering” going on between mailmen. But seriously, bless their hearts. I hope my package comes tomorrow! I’m anxious to fondle the Casbah.

    YAY – I actually found my name in the new Loopy Groupie list! I’m honored. Wow, that’s an impressive list. I’m sure it’s growing every day too. You and the Loopy Elves should be very proud of the business you’ve nutured.

  10. Sheri, What happened ? I did not get the update for the sneak up……I usually can’t wait to see all the new yarns available…hillis

  11. Wow, look at all those new Groupies! And I am one of them.
    Loopy Ewe is the best-there is a reason you have all these devotees.

  12. Wow – I’m excited about the sock club, and would like to participate. Monday is a busy day! 🙁 Hope I don’t miss it! I personally had some “blame” in that truck stalling, and I’m so excited to get my next order! 🙂
    Happy Anniversary too! 🙂

  13. LOL But we don’t want the trucks to keep stalling I know I don’t want my yarn fix to be delayed any : ) That is nice of them to make two runs after a sneak up though.

    Congrats to all the new Groupies!!!!!

  14. If ever there was reason to “heist” a postal truck… heh. Just kidding, big brother! Are we sure that tow truck wasn’t being driven by some hard-core knitter, posing as a help?!

    Yay for me, makin’ Loopy Groupie status!

  15. That’s a lot of new groupies! No wonder the truck couldn’t handle it all.
    I’m excited to hear about the sock club, too. I love receiving my sock club package and now there will be even more of them in the next year! Yay! I definitely need to increase my sock yarn stash. I learned on the Loopy Ewe page on Ravelry that some people have over 200 skeins of sock yarn. So I counted how many I have and I’m embarrassed to say that I have only 15 stashed! I made 34 pairs of socks last year, though, as well as other things (mittens, hats) with sock yarn, so that explains where some of it went.

  16. I’m so glad to finally be a Loopy Groupie! Thanks for mentioning me, Sheri!

    As for the sock club, I’m excited about that!

  17. Wow, that’s a lot of Groupies! And I’m about to pee my pants laughing at the mail truck. Explain that one to the boss! I mean, I can see a bazillion boxes of ROCKS breaking it, but not yarn. It’s so light. And soft. And fluffy. *swoons momentarily at the thought of yarny goodness coming in the mail*

    I’m really glad no one can see inside my head when I get home and find a package from Loopy. I’m secretly doing this little song and dance with the word “Loopy” over and over again. And then there’s the unwrapping, the sniffing* and licking* of the yarn and the eating of the tissue paper.* It’s fun for the entire family!

    And I really don’t want to count how much sock yarn I have. It would scare me.

    *cats only

  18. Congratulations to the new Groupies!

    I couldn’t count all my sock yarn, either. There’s way too much. But I still look forward to the Sneak Ups!

  19. Poor mail truck!! I never diss the US Mail. In our rural area, the mail peoples have to use their personal vehicles (they do get reimbursed for gas), drive through some horrible wintery conditions, and they always leave packages in my garage. They get a big star from me!

  20. Oohhh, sock club. Sheri, I might as well have my entire paycheck direct-deposited to you! You’ve got me hook, line and sinker.

    Sounds like they need to upgrade to a bigger truck!

  21. Wow – stalling a mail truck. I think we should start a little “we love the Loopy PO” fund so that Sherri and the elves can present the office with a bunch of Starbucks $10 cards. Sure, they are just doing their jobs – but it certainly sounds like they are doing the job with good humor and great service!
    As far as the sock club goes, maybe I will do that since I didn’t get lucky enough to get into the retreat. Is this a pay-in-advance type club, or is their a monthly billing option?

  22. Oh goody, goody… I’ve added another post it to the “frame” around my monitor at work so I can sign up for the sock club right away.

  23. As a retired Postmaster, I’ve had to have way too many mail trucks towed back to the PO. The batteries and ignitions wear out quickly with all that stop and go driving. I’m glad this one got towed since it had my DiC Smooshy on it! Wow, can’t wait to sign up for the sock club!

  24. That is hysterical. I know we have come close to crippling the Ewe with our chum-fests, but this is the first time we have gotten the best of the USPS. Wow, we’re good.

  25. Now that is seriously Funny!!!! Esp some of the comments related to the USPS truck 🙂 Maybe one of these days I can participate in a sneak up! *Dreams of the day when I can not only afford to buy the yarn for myself (me, not for someone elses soks…) and participate in the Loopy Sock Club

  26. At work today I noticed a tow truck going by with a mailtruck on the back..I had to laugh. Wonder what weighed that truck down? Thank you so much for my order. I love the DIC color in lunar zazzle!! & the louet..can’t wait to start knitting!!!


    I am sooooo excited… I barely missed the sign up last time and have been quietly stalking the blog to see the announcement….


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