Good News, Bad News Monday

Good news: Today is my (our) 24th wedding anniversary! Twenty four years of being married to my best friend, 24 years he has had to put up with me, 24 years that he has been making me laugh. 🙂

Bad news: I managed to put myself in the doghouse with WH this week, as he has spent untold hours color-correcting 450+ photos for this week’s Sneak Up. That’s what happens when we take a couple of weeks off from Sneaking new stuff up for you. 🙁

Good news: Lots of fun things going up sometime this week for your shopping pleasure.

Bad news: Lots of fun things going up sometime this week for your shopping pleasure. (And more next week.)

Good news: I did some knitting this weekend and have the second Noro sock almost done. I’ll post it when it’s done and washed.

DSC01494.JPGBad news: I tired out my knitting fingers with one of my other favorite Christmas presents. (My kids rolled their eyes when I asked for Guitar Heroes for Christmas.) Jari – are you practicing for our eventual re-match??

Good news: We were named “Pusher of the Year” in these awards. How fun is that?

Bad news: The list also contained a lot of fun blogs and resources that I have had to add to my “must read” and “must check out” list. For my spare time.

DSC01497.JPGGood news: I found these cute cupcakes while shopping this weekend. Don’t they look good enough to eat? They’re in my kitchen window, along with some other fun things for the season.

Bad news: Looking at them every day makes me want to eat cupcakes.

DSC01496.JPGGood news: I’ve managed to set aside my spinning momentarily, while I figure out how to make the tension right with a Woolee Winder.

Bad news: We have such fun roving in-house that it’s making me nuts not to be spinning.

Sheri itwasaVentisizedLattedaytoday-somuchtodoFPS.Howaboutyou?


  1. Good news: First finished object done for 2008!
    Bad news: It was not a sock.
    Good news: Starting a new job.
    Bad news: Leaving old friends at old job.
    Good news: Exercising more lately.
    Bad news: This takes away knitting time.

    Love your blog entries lately – love all the decorating tips you give as well as the yarny goodness! 🙂 Have a great week!

  2. Happy Anniversary Sheri and WH!!! I hope you are able to carve out some quality time together – the sneak up can wait, FPS! : )

    I am finally back to work and have a ton of things to do, but after all morning organzing (without the help of a SB latte), I’m ready to start at my list of “to do’s” one by one… I feel a little less stressed now…

  3. Happy Anniversary! My wonderful husband and I will celebrate our 25th in October. Isn’t it amazing how the time flies when it is spent with the right person?! Love your cupcakes.

  4. Good news: finished pair of socks for BF for her Christmas gift.
    Bad news: Now I want to take spinning lessons.

    Good news: No worries about drought in the mountains this summer.
    Bad news: 36+ inches of snow this weekend-shoveling for 2 days straight.

    Good news: It is no longer 20 degrees or more below zero.
    Bad news: It is still snowing!

    Can’t wait for the sneakup-Happy Anniversary!!

  5. Good news: I’m going to Sweden!
    Bad news: Have to take a big qualifying exam first… tomorrow.
    Good news: When I’m done, I’ll be able to start knitting again!
    Bad news: I can’t take all of my yarn with me to Sweden.
    Good news: They have other, new, different, Scandinavian yarn in Sweden!
    Bad news: How will I get my Swedish stash back to the US?
    Good news: I wont need to cause I can knit it all up while I’m there and when I get back there’s the Loopy Ewe!

  6. Happy Anniversary Sheri & WH! Hope you are taking time out today to celebrate. Our 26th anniversary is tomorrow. The cupcakes look yummy…good enough to eat. And I also stopped for Starbucks this morning – Venti too.

  7. Happy Anniversary! Isn’t it wonderful to be married to your best friend?

    Really looking forward to this Sneak-Up…lots of gotta haves on my list this time!

  8. Good news: As per one of my New Year’s resolutions, I took a ballet class on Saturday for the first time in four years, and it was wonderful!
    Bad news: It hurts to walk up and down the stairs, because it’s been four years since I took a ballet class…

    Happy Anniversary!

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary! I’m staring down the barrel at 19 years, so I know that 24 years is worth a grand celebration.

    And if it helps, please tell WH that there is NO PLACE better than the Loopy Ewe for viewing the BEST photos of yarn. When I’m having a stressful moment, I just pop into Loopy and stare at yarn until I feel better. Sometimes I feel like I should send Loopy a co-pay for the therapeutic benefit. ; )

  10. Good news: It is warm today currently 49, falling from overnight high of 52. And our house is quite high, compared to down the street or much of the rest of our town. I feel better when it is not too cold.

    Bad news: It is melting our snow too quickly. Top that off with the fact that we had a thunderstorm this noon! And, tomorrow, we are supposed to get 1 to 2 inches of rain. Sigh! There will be flooding in some areas. And, we are supposed to cool off and get more snow later this week. I wish the weather would just make up its mind!

    Congratulations on your 24th anniversary! I hope you do something fun to celebrate! Our 35th anniversary was December 30th. 🙂

  11. Good News: I’ve worked out eight times in the last week and a half.
    Bad News: CUPCAKES?!? What kinda help is that?!??!?!

    Good News: The cupcakes really are cute.
    Bad News: They’re still cupcakes.

    Good News: Almost finished my first-ever-for-myself socks.
    Bad News: Finishing the socks means going on to the next item on the list: the abandoned for various reasons Fair Isle sweater…eek…not looking forward to steeks.

    Good News: Happy Anniversary!!
    Bad News: Our 25th is in August and I can’t figure out what to do for it!

    Have a great day; tell WH thanks for the help with everything!

  12. My brother got married on the exact same day as you Sheri. They are celebrating 24 years this year too. Hard to believe. Congratulations

    Good News–Working on some Lorna’s Laces Socks
    Bad News–They are ticking me off.

    Good News–I might actually get that wheel soon.
    Bad News–Waiting ticks me off

    Good News–A Sneak Up
    Bad News–Yarn Diet can’t buy yarn ticks me off.

  13. I am on a very strict yarn diet. We are now ULTRA-BUDGETY. So you hush! Pusher!!! (Must…avoid…sneakup…)

    Good news: OH MY GOSH they’re putting in a freestanding Starbucks in Clermont! See, right now, our only Starbucks is in the Target, which opens at 8:00, when I’m already well out of town on my way to work. This new one will be open early enough for me to pick up a morning cuppa! AND it’s on the right side of the road! (I have a weird thing against making unnecessary left turns.) AND it has a drive-through! (See, the one in downtown Orlando that I could also go to is a bit out-of-the-way, has no drive-thru, and requires me to enter a parking structure and walk a block…not much of a deterent, but it helps sway me away most days.)

    Bad news: Uh, they’re putting in a right-side drive-thru freestanding early-opening Starbucks on my way to work. (See also: ultra-budgety.)

  14. Congratulations on your anniversary! Isn’t it wonderful to be with someone who is your bestfriend! My husband and I just had our 26th! We are grateful that we have each other!

    And….450 photo’s? I am totally scared! I might overspend this week!!! Groan….

  15. Happy Anniversary! 450 photos, oh boy is this going to be a big sneak up. I may be looking for some roving. 🙂

    I’m soooooo in need of a trip to Starbucks today.

  16. Congrats, Sheri & WH, on 24 years!! Hope you get to spend some time together today! And please thank WH for us for the pics! But 450?!?! I’m shaking in my shoes! I think JenLa got it right, naming you Pusher of the Year. Personally, I’d say Enabler, but it’s all good! …Sipping my Venti Sumatra while awaiting the sneak-up….

  17. Happy anniversary! 🙂

    But you have broken my heart with mention of such an awesome sneak-up, for I am on a yarn diet and cannot partake. 🙁 But I will oogle the photos anyway, what with all the slaving that’s been done over them!

  18. Happy Anniversary!! And oh boy.. Guitar Hero 3.. I gave that to my son for Christmas and I can’t put it down!!! It’s seriously cutting into my knitting time!!!

  19. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    It is good news that Zoe is a mouser, unless, of course, she leaves presents on your pillow. Then it’s just kind of ooogie.

    Good news: I haven’t missed the sneak up.
    Bad news: There hasn’t been a sneak up yet.
    Good news: I’ve finished one mitten for a friend, and will do up the second one tonight.
    Bad news: I still have 4 pair of socks, a jacket and a top on the needles.

    How are those cupcakes made? Are they ceramic, candles, resin??? They look so real!

  20. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for not telling me about the mouse incident till after you got back home… 🙂

  21. Happy Anniversary to you both! Hubby and I are going on 4 years and it FEELS like 24 sometimes lol…

    Guitar Hero 3 has been extremely popular. I work at Best Buy and this one guy comes in I swear every day and plays for hours…

    Good News: It’s pretty and snowing outside.
    Bad News: The roads are pretty cruddy b/c of that.

    Good News: I have the rest of the day to stay in and knit!
    Bad News: I have to fit cleaning in there somewhere…

  22. Happy Anniversary to you ane WH. I bet you aren’t really in the dog house.

    Guitar Hero LOL my daughter came home from a friends house last week declaring she is a Guitar Hero superstar and we must have this.

    Good news : I am busy finishing us second socks, making singletons into pairs.
    Bad News: I have an uncontrolable desire to cast on with some new yarn…. I must be strong.

    Bad News: Still battling this blasted virus
    Good News: The kids have not caught it and are ready : ) to go back to school healthy and rested.

    If I wasn’t too lazy to go out and get a Starbucks today , it would definitely be a Venti day. Too bad they don’t deliver …. or maybe that is a good thing.

    Congrats on the “award” and Happy Anniversary!!!

  23. Good News….Happy Anniversary to you and WH
    Good News… Hubby and I will be Married 3yrs the 29th!

    Bad news…I have no money for Sneak UP 🙁
    Good news…I have no money for Sneak Up
    Good News…Charlie IS a Mouser
    Bad news…She DOES Leave us presents wherever she desires usually in one of our walking paths

  24. Happy Anniversary to you and WH! Next year is definitely a biggie for you! How funny about the Guitar Hero…we just got it for E for his birthday and since today was his last day off from break he stayed up to about 2am playing. Unfortunately the wireless guitar player that goes along with it wasn’t compatible with III (lies from the staff at the store that ignore the box, the guitar is compatible with versions other than I & II). I know you are having fun with it…I was just watching and listening to E and had a blast!

  25. My kids got Guitar Hero for Christmas with 2 guitars from their aunts & uncles. Isn’t it a blast!! We played all day Christmas day but our own x-box broke right before Christmas. We almost rushed out to buy a whole new one but decided on patience and DH ordered the parts to hopefull fix the old one. Afterall, I need money for the sneak-up!

  26. Happy anniversary and congratulations on the wonderful relationship which you have nurtured over the last 24 years!
    Good news: you are having a Sneak Up soon.
    Bad news: my internet connection has been unreliable over the last few days(something wrong with the external line which needs to be repaired) and I’m crossing my fingers that it will work when the Sneak Up appears.
    Good news: I got in quite a bit of knitting time on a sweater I’m knitting for my husband this weekend.
    Bad news: I worked on it so much that I’m having spasms of pain in none of my fingers.
    Good news: it doesn’t hurt to knit socks, so I’ll get a break from the sweater and get to work on something smaller for a bit.
    Have a great anniversary, Sheri and thanks to WH for all his work on the photos.

  27. Happy anniversary!!!

    Good news: School starts tomorrow! I get to go back to work!
    Bad news: The pile of boring stuff that I’ll have to grind through to get to the interesting stuff…well, I’ll probably spend the rest of this week asking myself “why do I like this job again?”

    Good news: I’m up to the heel space on my sister’s socks.
    Bad news: Since she likes her socks on the long side, I’m going to have to buy one more skein of yarn.
    Really bad news: It’s out of stock at TLE.
    Mitigating news: I have until mid-February to finish, so it may come back in by then. (And it’s one that I _can_ get elsewhere if I have to.)

    Good news: I’m almost finished with my first pair of Regia Bamboo socks. They seem to fit really well, and the yarn feels nice, at least before being washed/abused ;-).
    Good news: That means I’ll soon be able to start another pair of socks.
    Bad news: I’m still buying sock yarn faster than I can knit it.
    Bad news: I’m buying other yarn faster than I can knit it too.

  28. Happy Anniversary WH and Sheri! May you have many, many more wonderful years!

    Good News: We had rain!! Happy Dance!

    Bad News: We have ants. Maybe I can kill them doing the Happy Dance?

  29. Happy Anniversary!

    .. 450 pics color corrected… what a sweet anniversary gift;) Wow.

    Good news- the yarn you just got in and are posting soon? We’ll buy it. That’s for sure- 😉 7 Profitable business makes the WH happy happy I’m sure. 😉

    Bad news… the yarn you are posting? Hmmmm it will soon need to be packed too—hope those loopy eleves are well rested;)

    ducks and runs from computer before packing stress sets in…

    my post for today is about a candle/knitting related incident- however- no loopy yarn was ruined in this incident;) just the crappy stuff…. and the carpet and the wall, and the longaberger…..

  30. Happy Anniversary! And you are definitely an enabler. [So, I’m young enough to be your daughter, you could just you know, adopt me into the Loopy Household. I wouldn’t mind being a Loopy slave, er, elf. ;)]

  31. happy anniversary, Sheri and WH! What an achievement.

    450 photos – be still my heart! There goes my loopy credit, and then some!

    Can’t wait. Yes, you are a pusher but you’re so nice about it we don’t mind! Heck, you make us ask for more!

  32. Happy Anniversary! I hope my DH and I are together that long and more.

    I need Zoe!! We have a mouse in the attic and though we have 3 cats, one thinks he’s a mouser, bit hasn’t caught the mouse yet, and the other 2 cats are too lazy to care.

    Not sure I should be looking at the Sneak Up — my yarn diet of 2008 lasted 4 days. DH isn’t happy with me. But of course Wollmeise sock yarn won’t count since I’ve been trying to get some since 2007 and I have Loopy Credit. That wil be in the Sneak Up after this one, right? I’m in trouble…

  33. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! That in and of itself is good news! 😀

    And I love those cupcakes! They had some squeaky dog toys that looked like cupcakes at Target yesterday. They, too, would make decent decorations (though probably not as cute as yours).

    Good news: Back to full work weeks, which is really good news when you are paid hourly.
    Bad news: Less knitting time.

    Good news: It’s still kind of quiet at work, so I might get some knitting time out of that.
    Bad news: I can’t bring my knitting chair or my cat to work to help with the knitting.

    Good news: The Christmas tree made it out to the curb in time for today’s garbage pick up.
    Bad news: Paddy O’Cat doesn’t understand that there will be another one next year, and so he is very depressed.

    Good news: I cast on for a pair of socks (Dancing Tulips) for myself, figuring that if I knit 2 or 3 rounds per day/night (right before bed), I might have them finished by the fall.
    Bad news: Still not quite done with the Christmas knitting, and I have new baby knitting that I’m now behind on. 🙁 Yes, the startitis got the better of me. Again.

    Good news: I actually had time last week to get some of my stuff updated on Ravelry.
    Bad news: I have way more to put up there. It’s rather frightening….

    Good news: Paddy, my cat, is also a mouser. 😎
    Bad news: Well, half-way, anyhow. He’s got the stalk and catch part down, it’s the kill and eat part he doesn’t understand. 😉

  34. Good News: I got a nice gift card as a Christmas gift to the Loopy Ewe
    Bad News: Even with that I have a feeling I will be buying more!

    Good News: For a brief shining moment this afternoon, both my kids were napping at the same time.
    Bad News: It didn’t last that long.

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!

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