The Thick and Thin of it

DSC01386.JPGI’ve been spinning. Now, I distinctly remember (and of course he emailed quickly to remind me) advising another Loopy friend, James, NOT to get into spinning because it would take away from his knitting time. On the one hand, that is partially true. But have you ever had an evening of time where your eyes and brain were too tired to knit, even though you wanted to? I think that spinning is an excellent solution to this. It’s very relaxing and zen-like. I’m showing you my first two completed “spins”. (What do you call it when you’re done spinning up a roving? DSC01384.JPGDoes it just graduate to being called “yarn” then?) The first one was the chocolate/mint color, and the second one was the yellow/blue color. I know that it’s common to put a dime in there so that you can get the scale of the yarn, but frankly, I’d rather you not know. It’s still thick. But I’m working on it. (Ohh, am I working on it.) I haven’t washed these to set the twist, yet. Right now they look like a big nest for my gourds on the mantle. I have ordered a LOT of roving over the past two weeks, trying to find just the right roving indie dyers for The Loopy Ewe. (And there has been some success so far!) I’ll keep spinning so that I can keep trying them out. (It’s a tough job, checking out all of these rovings. It’s almost as hard as checking out new yarn lines. sigh.)

I have had such fun reading all of your great music selections. (The contest is open until this Friday, so add your musical thoughts if you’re so inclined.) You all give wonderful input on things. I remember reading through all of the books that you have loved and adding a whole bunch of them to my ‘must read’ list. Now I have a ‘must listen to’ list, too. And remember all of the great knitting tips you gave me in another contest? And the wonderful things to love about Fall tips? Well, you’re just a fount of valuable information. I have more interesting monthly blog contests up my sleeve for 2008, and I know you all will step up to the plate. 🙂

DSC01388.JPGWe started filling the two bird feeders outside our family room window again. We usually keep them filled from mid-November until sometime in March. This is Gracie’s first “season” with bird feeders, and guess what she did for an hour yesterday? Sat right there on the back of the chair and watched the birds. (Both on the feeders and in the bush, which is right next to the feeders.) We have a pair of cardinals that we call Fred and Ethel. They have been feeding at our bird feeders for about five or six years now. I’m always so happy to have them back. Plus lots of cute little chickadees and finches, as well as common variety sparrows. We like them all.

Another thing that makes me happy? College Guy comes home tomorrow. Yay!!!

Sheri lotsofyarngoingupinnextweek’sSneakUp-I’llgiveyoualistonWednesday!


  1. Gracie has an amazing tail! So lush! My kitties watch the bird show every day. Maybe you can take a picture of the cardinals? We don’t have those here and I’d love to see pictures of live ones!

    Your spinning is coming along great!

  2. Wow! I’ve never seen a tail like that on a cat! I hope you don’t confuse it with a length of roving during one of your spinning frenzies!
    Your first skeins are beautiful! Remember what we told you about first skeins! They are treasures!

  3. Sheri I will gladly test all the new yarns for you so you can find the perfect rovings for the loopy room : )
    We used to put the birdfeeders with suction cups on the patio window and my kids, when they were toddlers, would love to sit and watch them. No cats here with the allergies, but we would love to get one.

  4. Congratulations on your first skein of yarn. Keep on practicing – your skill level will change dramatically in the first 6-12 months so spin spin spin to get high on on that learning curve.

  5. I had to do a double take at Gracie’s tail…so amazing! Your first skeins look so nice.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Kristi

  6. Wow the yarn looks lucious! I just may have to take up spinning. What kind of wheel do you have…

    Love Gracie, we had cats, but ds and his new wife took them to live w/ them in Cincinnati, that way, ds has a part of home with him…

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I agree that it’s definitely yarn, and it looks great. You’re doing really well!

    Love the photo of Gracie and her beautiful tail!

  8. The yarn looks gorgeous – it’s gorgeous because it’s handspun. And maybe you can break away a bit from the spinning over the holiday – College Guy might wonder why you’re not paying attention to him 🙂 Have a great holiday.

  9. Those are great looking first yarns! Really. And if you need any help test-driving those rovings, I’m sure you have plenty of customers who would be more than willing to lend a hand. 🙂

  10. Looks like great first time yarn to me. I applaud you. Hope you have a lots of good luck. Wow Loopy rovings,awsome. Have fun. Hugs

  11. Very pretty! It’s those yarns with multicolored plies from multicolored rovings that really make me want to learn to spin….

    (And my happy of the day: I got the payment from my medical flexplan much faster than I expected. I may actually be able to buy yarn next sneakup!!!!)

  12. Wonderful! Those first skeins are so beautiful!!! I am still spinning with my drop spindle and my spindolyn… I sold the lady bug I’ve had my eye on to a co-worker today. Some day I will get one! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the list!

  13. spinning thick yarn can be a good thing– i can only spin these ridiculously thin singles that turn into THIN fingering weight when i ply three strands together, and it’s not because i’m a great spinner– i evidently came pre-programmed that way. i’d LOVE to spin thicker yarn!!! i’ll keep trying to spin thicker, you keep trying to spin thinner, and i’ll meet you in DK-land.


  14. I’m with all the others on Gracie’s tail … WOW … her tail is long. It’s so nice of you to provide entertainment for the kitties & feed the birds, too. I can imagine how special it must feel when Fred & Ethel return each year.

    Your spinning looks great!

  15. Mmm…. new yarn. I will have money next week. I will, I think, be able to break the yarn diet, just a little. Maybe. *crosses fingers*

    Any hints?

  16. I hope Gracie grows into her tail. Must be the same for puppies too – my 6 mo. old collie mix’s body is finally looking in more proportion to his long legs. They’re just too cute – why can’t they stay that way?
    It’s nice to hear how you’ve been progressing in your new hobby of spinning. I envy you – it all seems so complicated! I’m just getting the jist of the terminology from all the posts. I guess I never realized what all went into finished product of a skein of yarn.
    A little late on the Christmas music post, but I really like Trans Siberian Orchestra during the holidays – it’s a bit different from the usual Christmas songs and I can really see you and your Elves packing orders to it 🙂
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  17. Any Yarn Love coming soon? 🙂
    Not that I need any more yarn…Just rec’d the two colors of Skinny Duet from you today and yummy doesn’t even describe it!
    Many thanks!

  18. So far I’m not into spinning. Had some fun trying out a friends wheel but it’s just not something I feell in love with. Too bad as there is soooooo much gorgeous roving out there.

    Enjoy time with College Guy!

  19. OMG look at the tail on that kitty!! Was Gracie’s tail puffed up because she was excited by the birds? When Pumpkin gets excited his tail looks like a big bushy squirrel or a fox – it get HUGE! It makes me laugh so hard I sometimes am too hysterical to find out what’s got him all bothered!

  20. Your handspun looks fabulous!

    So spinning is for those nights when you’d like to knit but your brain and eyes just won’t do it? Have you any idea how many of my nights are like that? Oh dear, I think I just took the first step down a slippery slope…bring on the roving!

  21. You’re yarns look great! The more you spin, the better you’ll get and by the looks of it, it’s not going to take you very long! I finally spun my first usable yarn and it’s exciting. 🙂

  22. Holy big tail catman! Is that the cat’s tail hanging down the chair? That thing is huge! I’m surprised it doesn’t pull the kitty over from the size of it! Wow…

  23. I inquired at the LYS about the next spinning class. Yep, I seriously thinking about trying my hand. I’m hoping I won’t like it…but…I have a feeling I will.

    Just from looking at other pictures of Gracie, I had no idea she was sporting such a plume. She should be very proud of her tail (wink, wink).

  24. Beautiful job! Keep those first skeins, because someday after you’ve been spinning thin for a while, you’ll want to spin thicker, and you’ll go back and look at these and wonder how you spun them like that! Really, they are gorgeous. I am worried, though, with the addition of roving to the Loopy Ewe… this could be a serious financial issue for me!!!!

  25. Oh Sheri! Sometimes it scares me to think about how much money I spent at the Loopy Ewe this past year – I found you sometime last fall and have been sending you my paycheck most months ever since! And if you add roving…sigh, I better take out a loan. I got my spinning wheel for Christmas last year and while my fiber stash doesn’t come close to my yarn stash yet, you might be changing that this upcoming year!

  26. Enjoy your spinning time!! I agree with you, sometimes I just want to play with my yarn, and not *think*…

    LOVE Gracie’s tail!

    Hugs, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  27. OMG!!! Gracie is what Hubby would call “Squirrel Tailed Kitty” Her tail looks like my grandma’s cats (she has 2 of them) tails! Both of our girlies have short tails. Glad to hear Loopy Ewe will be carrying roving, may I suggest Alpaca Direct, they have some lovely Alpaca and Alpaca Merino roving and they offer wholesale prices for shop owners! I am lookin to start spinning and will be researching wheels here pretty soon and hopefully taking some classes! You are such an enabler, LOL.

  28. That’s quite a tail on Gracie- looks like it would rival, if not best, Lucy’s!

    Back when I had a place with a yard, my cat Magpie would be out the back door first thing in the morning and park herself directly under the bird feeder. The birds were too smart for her and she never caught any, But she was so hopeful and patient.

  29. We don’t have bird feeders, but the North side of the house is really thick with big and small trees and lots of undergrowth. Paddy loves to sit on the back of one of the chairs in the spring and terrorize the baby squirrels. It’s really rather amusing. You can almost hear his little mind snickering and saying, “Suckers!” while the baby squirrels freeze when they see him. Then one of the squirrel parents must explain that there’s a window there, because all of a sudden they just ignore him.

  30. I just bought my second wheel a couple of weeks ago- you are right, the knitting has lapsed, but that’s okay. I’m so excited that you will be selling roving. There goes the credit card balance!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy college son ( my college daughter is home and we are having so much fun!)

  31. Ahh, Sheri. Remember back in August when the kids went back to college and we were counting the days until Thanksgiving break? It seemed like so long, but they’ve flown by and Thanksgiving is here. Don’t ya just love it?! Enjoy your time with your family and have a wonderful holiday.

  32. Have you heard Jim Brickman before? He’s very mellow and you will probably recognize some of his songs. Alison Krauss (and the Union Station) is also a great folk singer if you like that kind of music. Nice yarn you spun, by the way!

  33. Love the pic of Gracie…aren’t cats a great joy! We have a particular pair of cardinals who reside in the back yard named Rhett and Scarlett (we’re in the South)…doesn’t take much to entertain us – cats and birds!

  34. Very nice spinning…I am afraid to try for fear of adding another thing into my already limited time! Since I am reading this post on Tuesday, your College Guy is home or on his way. Mine just arived an hour ago. I couldn’t wait…it’s so good to have him here. I have to try to finish a second sock this weekend so that I can wrap them and he can bring them to his roommate to take home for Christmas. His roommate wanted “hugs for his feet” too. Can’t say no to someone who gives you a hug and asks like that!

  35. You’re amazing, Sheri! What gorgeous yarn (I would definitely call it yarn). Now just knit it up and you’ll have achieved that goal you were speaking of. Can’t wait to see the roving at The Loopy Ewe; sorry you’re saddled with the task of testing it all out, though. Oh well…..
    You’ve reminded me that I need to put the seed into our birdfeeder, too. Also your mention of the cardinals reminded me that we had a pair that lived in the hedge behind our house every winter. Now we’ve moved we will miss them.
    Hope you’re enjoying spending time with College Guy again.

  36. I have to ask this. Is that Gracie’s tail hanging down the chair?
    I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Have you ever tried any of The Knittery’s 2 ply lace weight yarn? It is 50% silk and 50% merino. I ordered some from the knittery and it is absolutely luscious!!!

  37. That yarn looks yummy! I have to stop reading the spining-related blogs, because everytime I see and hear about you spinning, and about the roving you will be getting for TLE, I want to start to spin!!! AAAAAAAACKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t have time, I don’t have money, and I really don’t need another hobby. You’re an enabler, you know that?! I know, it’s just a matter of time before I cross over to the dark side…


    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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