The Thick and Thin of it

DSC01386.JPGI’ve been spinning. Now, I distinctly remember (and of course he emailed quickly to remind me) advising another Loopy friend, James, NOT to get into spinning because it would take away from his knitting time. On the one hand, that is partially true. But have you ever had an evening of time where your eyes and brain were too tired to knit, even though you wanted to? I think that spinning is an excellent solution to this. It’s very relaxing and zen-like. I’m showing you my first two completed “spins”. (What do you call it when you’re done spinning up a roving? DSC01384.JPGDoes it just graduate to being called “yarn” then?) The first one was the chocolate/mint color, and the second one was the yellow/blue color. I know that it’s common to put a dime in there so that you can get the scale of the yarn, but frankly, I’d rather you not know. It’s still thick. But I’m working on it. (Ohh, am I working on it.) I haven’t washed these to set the twist, yet. Right now they look like a big nest for my gourds on the mantle. I have ordered a LOT of roving over the past two weeks, trying to find just the right roving indie dyers for The Loopy Ewe. (And there has been some success so far!) I’ll keep spinning so that I can keep trying them out. (It’s a tough job, checking out all of these rovings. It’s almost as hard as checking out new yarn lines. sigh.)

I have had such fun reading all of your great music selections. (The contest is open until this Friday, so add your musical thoughts if you’re so inclined.) You all give wonderful input on things. I remember reading through all of the books that you have loved and adding a whole bunch of them to my ‘must read’ list. Now I have a ‘must listen to’ list, too. And remember all of the great knitting tips you gave me in another contest? And the wonderful things to love about Fall tips? Well, you’re just a fount of valuable information. I have more interesting monthly blog contests up my sleeve for 2008, and I know you all will step up to the plate. 🙂

DSC01388.JPGWe started filling the two bird feeders outside our family room window again. We usually keep them filled from mid-November until sometime in March. This is Gracie’s first “season” with bird feeders, and guess what she did for an hour yesterday? Sat right there on the back of the chair and watched the birds. (Both on the feeders and in the bush, which is right next to the feeders.) We have a pair of cardinals that we call Fred and Ethel. They have been feeding at our bird feeders for about five or six years now. I’m always so happy to have them back. Plus lots of cute little chickadees and finches, as well as common variety sparrows. We like them all.

Another thing that makes me happy? College Guy comes home tomorrow. Yay!!!

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