A Very Random List of Threes

DSC01358.JPGThree things I like about our new Loopy Central:

1. Both cats like it here and are happy to come often. (Never both at a time. I don’t want to push my luck. It’s still kind of something we don’t want to advertise too much.) And Gracie is settling down a bit. I know she looks sweet and innocent in this photo but she still has her moments.
2. Coffee tastes better out of a red coffeepot, and food tastes better out of a red microwave. Strange as that may seem, it’s totally true. I can’t explain it.
3. Red couches. While I can’t see having red couches in my house (but ok, maybe in the basement rec room), they are totally perfect for Loopy Central.

Three vegetables that I don’t like:

1. Lima beans
2. Beets
3. Creamed Corn
(This random “three things” entry has nothing to do with anything. But I really don’t like those vegetables.)

DSC01363.JPGThree yarns that I’m anxious to put up for you:

1. The Wollmeise Lace. This is so pretty and just as addicting as Wollmeise Sock Yarn. Unfortunately we’re still waiting for the rest of our order. I have a feeling that someone in the post office realized what was in there and hijacked it. Not that anyone in the post office would do that. (Oh, come on – if they were a knitter?)
2. Sknitches kettle-dyed semi-solids in some wonderful colors. They arrived today, so we’ll see how the photo schedule holds up for inclusion in next week’s Sneak Up. I love knitting with semi-solids because they show pattern and stitch definition so well.
3. Colinette Jitterbug, which also arrived this week. This yarn base is wonderful and the colors are gorgeous. We have all of the colors on order, and about half have arrived. We’ll put these up next week and the rest when they come in. Have you heard that some of us with larger feet might need more yardage than is available in one skein? (317 yds. in one skein). We’ll also be letting you buy half skeins, because that’s what I need myself. πŸ™‚

Three things that aren’t getting done at my house:

1. Laundry (and it doesn’t help that I don’t like doing it.)
2. Knitting (but I’m going to change that this weekend. I have MUCH on my “want to knit” list and it doesn’t get done by itself, FPS.)
3. Raking leaves. (Do you know that if you wait for enough windy days all of the leaves blow into the neighbor’s yard then you have a mess on your hands and it takes twice as long to rake them up?

Three people who came to shop Loopy Central in person today (and all are Loopy Groupies):

1. Lisa from Illinois, who showed me a new yarn we need to look into.
2. Dr. Jackie, who brought me cute sheep slippers.
3. Arlene, who spent a couple of days helping us move in last month because she’s so nice.

DSC01361.JPGThree things that made me happy this week:

1. I discovered Bite-Sized Mint Three Muskateers bars. They taste like a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie. I put the bowl out by our order wrapping area so that I wouldn’t eat them all.
2. Zappos – can you beat their customer service? I ordered shoes last night at 5:30 pm and they were delivered this afternoon at 3 pm. How DO they do that? They’re amazing.
3. I just got the cutest new thing in the mail today that we need to carry here at The Loopy Ewe. I’ll keep you posted on that one!

Three things that I’m going to do this weekend:

1. Not laundry.
2. Not leaf raking.
3. Knitting and drinking peppermint lattes. How’s that for being irresponsible?

How about you? What are you doing or not doing this weekend?

Sheri Zoeissittinginthewindowwatchingthepostmanloadupallofyourordersfromtoday


  1. Caught you mid sneakup! I can’t go on your site. How exciting πŸ™‚ p.s. 8p sat eastern time, in case anyone reads this

  2. I love Zappos! They are the best on customer service and I love how fast they arrive too!! Well I like all veggies except maybe turnip greens. πŸ™‚ I am doing laundry and took apart my drier to clean all the fuzzies out!! You know those yearly chores. I am knitting too!! Don’t work too hard!!
    Kitties always have their moments and the cuter they look the worse they can be. Like ” I am so cute you can’t be upset with me.” Gracie looks to be a sweety!!!

  3. Hi Sheri,

    Glad you’re enjoying your new shop…and I’ll agree that food might taste better out of red!!!

    I can go along with two of your three vegetables, but love sweet and sour beets or sliced pickled beets…

    I finished the Wendy’s Frog Warts socks from the Wollmeise…a pleasure to knit with…and I’m now enjoying knitting toes-up socks on 2 circulars. I’ve developed a bit of “knitter’s thumb” – my hand therapist says it’s arthritis and ordered a splint/glove for me. It helps, but is a pain to use! Velcro snags yarn!!!

    My three things this weekend are:

    – Grandson Max’s water polo game today – lost to Jesuit High School in Sac-Joaquin quarter finals – 6-3. Jesuit boys are about twice the size of our varsity – perhaps mostly juniors and seniors – while our team is made up of Freshmen and Sophomores primarily. Give ’em another year or two…and they’re gonna be more than competitive.
    – Granddaughter Chelsea ran cross-country at the NCAA Western Regionals today – as a freshman, she was pleased with her performance even though she came in 34th, 1st for Cal Bears though!
    – Going to Berkeley Rep Theatre tomorrow…
    – And ordered on-line for a grocery delivery from Safeway for the first time…What fun! My husband is delirious! (as he always does the marketing!)

    What I’m not doing: Cleaning the refrigerator! I’ve Huck Finned my husband into doing it in the morning before the groceries arrive.

    Happy Weekend!

  4. I love the wishlist! Yay. Now maybe I can keep myself from buying til AFTER the kids’ holiday purchases are complete (although maybe that isn’t what you wanted to hear?). DOING THIS WEEKEND: too many school responsiblities, feeling achy from yet another stupid car accident, making pumpkin squares and applesauce, and KNITTING. NOT DOING THIS WEEKEND: cleaning anything. πŸ™‚

  5. 3 things I’m doing this weekend
    -reading “Anansi Boys” by Neil Gaiman
    -watching the movie “300”-YIKES!
    -working on a Monkey sock using Interlacements Tiny Toes

    3 things I’m not doing this weekend
    -making curtains
    -buying more candy corn to eat

    3 things I want to do
    -go on a walk with dog and WH
    -pet my cats
    -finish raking leaves-yeah, I WANT to do this-sick, huh?

  6. I love that all the stuff at Loopy Central is red! it’s my favorite color!

    3 Things I MUST do, but don’t really want to…
    1. study for class
    2. catch up on some paperwork/email in the office
    3. housework

  7. Well I do agree about the “LIMA BEANS”, can’t stand them! BUT………. Creamed corn and Beets are ok in my book!

    Three things I’m not doing;
    *Raking Leaves (that is dh job)
    *cleaning (Nope)
    *cooking (dh is off for the weekend, so he is in charge of meals)

    Three things I did this weekend;
    *put up my table top tree
    *knit, knit, and knit

    Hope you enjoy your knitting time..

    P.S. What are Peppermint Lattes? Sounds delic!

  8. Ooooh, PLEASE tell me you’re getting the Vatican Pie Jitterbug, and that it’ll be available in half-hanks as well.

    Three things I’m doing:
    Avoiding grading
    Trying to recover from a respiratory bug

    Three things I’d rather be doing:
    Eating fine dark chocolate
    Knitting while being hand-fed fine dark chocolate by Nathan Fillion

  9. Three veggies that I can’t stand;
    1. Brussel sprouts
    2. Lima beans (but I do like many other beans)
    3. Mustard greens (but I love spinach)
    (4. I’m not fond of broccoli or cauliflower, unless they have a yummy cheese sauce with them.)
    (5. Canned cream of corn can be made tolerable if you dress it up in a casserole with other stuff in it.)

    I have not been able to do much knitting done of late, although I did work on my chevron scarf last night. I have been having serious computer hard drive problems off and on since late September. I lost all of my info (oops, I hadn’t backed it up in a little over a year), so I got to play data recovery. I was successful with recovering most of my data the first time, but some of the applications had to be reloaded from their disks. I did not get my updated data recovered the second time, because it went down too far, too fast. The hard drive has been replaced twice in 10 days, now.

    I got my computer back on Friday, finally. I decided to run it all weekend, without bothering to reload my data, etc, to see if my computer had problems this time around. So far, so good. But, I still have the enormous task of reloading my data from my October 10th data recovery. And, I have a number of applications that I have to reload from their original disks. I might be able to get some knitting done during that ginormous task, at least I hope I can. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I just wanted to use my experiences to warn all of you to make sure that your backups are full and current. (Data recovery is not for the feint of heart, and if you had a disk head crash, there is nothing you can recover at all.) We tell our computer club members that all hard drives will fail: it is just a matter of when. And, if you have important data, like business data, tax data, genealogy stuff, etc, you should have multiple backups, with a recent backup stored at a different site (like your office if your computer is at home, or vice versa, or a friend’s place, or something).

  10. I guess this is the three things I did this weekend.

    1. I finished knitting a baby blanket.
    2. Cleaned up after two sick children. Hope that wasn’t TMI.
    3. Watched the weeks worth of General Hospital. (my guilty pleasure)

  11. This (past) weekend – because I am running a full three days behind myself.

    Three things I did:
    1. I went to the BEST booksale and got $800 worth of books for $80 (I did blog about it!)
    2. Spent a great Saturday with my kids!
    3. Laid in bed on Sunday and took a 2 hour nap (oh, and finished Maggie’s socks too!)

    Three things I did not do:
    1. Laundry (although I should have, because I think the dirty clothes are about to revolt and take over the house.
    2. Work (okay, I did, but only while laying in bed and only for a couple of hours).
    3. Worry about how dirty the house is.

    Oh, and I too love those little 3 Musketeer Mint minis, although they are nearly impossible to find around here.

  12. Yay! i am so glad that you are getting Jitterbug yarns. I found this yarn in Montreal…the last stop on my 26 day road trip back to Baltimore…and I LOVE it! They give a free sock pattern with it as well!

    Again, I am enjoying all the yarn from the Loopy Ewe, and I have been knitting socks and fingerless gloves like crazy. Therefore, here are the 3 THINGS I DID NOT DO this weekend:

    1. Work on my proposal for my doctoral thesis.
    2. Give my apartment a much-needed vacuuming
    3. Move from my couch for nearly 6 hours (not quite) on Saturday…I was determined to finish the pair of socks I was knitting!

  13. I just recently discovered the Loopy Ewe and I love it! I’m not a knitter. I’m a crocheter, but do want to try to learn to knit one day (for the hundredth time). Not to say that I don’t love to crochet. I do. The yarn is so dreamy and beyond anything I have used so far. I have just recently moved past working with cheap yarns, which is suitable for baby items, but not crazy about the feel of it. I’m kinda weary of purchasing such lovely yarn. It’s like when fall in love with a dress but have no idea where you would ever wear it because its so beautiful.

    No LYS. Reading the posts and seeing the pics makes me wish you were down the street. I worked out this whole scenario where I would come in all excited and interesting and you’d say to yourself, “she is so excited and interesting, I must give her a job” and everyone lives happily ever after. Anywho…

  14. There are *mint* three musketeers bars?? *swoon*

    My parents are on their way out to Kansas City to visit family and I started to tell them that they could stop at this great place in St. Louis to get a few skeins of yarn for me. My mom only groaned… I can’t imagine why. *lol*

  15. I feel I must say I am a firm believer that doing laundry on weekends is very bad for your well being and I think there might just be a law against it somewhere.

    On another note-as a spinningpusher myself-let me be the first to let you know that I, as one of your yarn suppliers, (and a good friend of L-B, Wendy and Alice) …also dye roving in my uncommon colorways…in wool and washable merino…let me know!

  16. I’m a little late too because I went out of town so my list is 3 things I did this weekend:

    1. Went to WEBS and bought lots of gorgeous yarn
    2. Got my copy of The knitter’s Book of Yarn signed by the fabulous author, Clara Parkes
    3. Had a blast with about 99 other knitters at the Knitter’s Review Retreat! WOO HOO!

    And bought more yarn at the retreat’s market place.

    So this weekend I’ll be doing laundry, etc. and getting back to my real life.

  17. Well, I spent my weekend recovering from the Cold from H*LL that wouldn’t go away. It’s finally breaking up, but it’s been a long haul. So, I knit two tams and designed a third hat which I keep changing in my mind and have started and ripped out twice because I keep changing my mind on what the best beginning will be. Of course, my mother is not happy because I’ve done all this (it’s Christmas knitting, after all) but I haven’t started her new tam to go with her new coat. Soon….

    As for your three veggies you hate, if we’re ever at a dinner where they’re serving those, sit at the same table as me. They are among my favorites (ok, so there really ISN’T a veggie that isn’t on my favorites list) and I will eat them for you. My cousins do this all the time. They’re all very picky, and I wind up eating a lot of veggies and passing them the stuff they like so they don’t starve. Works out well, since no one notices. πŸ™‚

    Oh, and I also got about 8 loads of laundry done this weekend. Sounds like a lot, until I explain that it hasn’t been done in several weeks and there are untold quantities more down in that there basement. Not sure how we accumulate so much, but there you have it. πŸ˜›

  18. I noticed that my cakes, cookies, bars, etc. taste MUCH better with my Red Kitchenaid mixmaster I got for Christmas last year – not to mention it looks great in the kitchen!

    The weekend is over and I did get the laundry done last Friday before leaving for Minneapolis for a family get-together. Of course, I took knitting along and completed a front and 1/2 of a cardigan for myself and also another bowl for felting.

    Looking forward to the next Sneak Up to see what new yarn I can add to my Stash!

  19. Cool for zappos- let me tell you, I had a similar experience with drugstore.com. Granted, I got the 2day shipping on it because it was meds I needed but it got there THE NEXT DAY. I ordered at like 8pm- I died.

  20. Just wanted to leave a little love for the Colinette half-skeins. Me and my big ole 10’s appreciate it. πŸ™‚ I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I can’t wait ’till Christmas…. maybe there will be a Loopy Ewe in the stocking for me (and how appropriate would that be?!)

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