A Very Random List of Threes

DSC01358.JPGThree things I like about our new Loopy Central:

1. Both cats like it here and are happy to come often. (Never both at a time. I don’t want to push my luck. It’s still kind of something we don’t want to advertise too much.) And Gracie is settling down a bit. I know she looks sweet and innocent in this photo but she still has her moments.
2. Coffee tastes better out of a red coffeepot, and food tastes better out of a red microwave. Strange as that may seem, it’s totally true. I can’t explain it.
3. Red couches. While I can’t see having red couches in my house (but ok, maybe in the basement rec room), they are totally perfect for Loopy Central.

Three vegetables that I don’t like:

1. Lima beans
2. Beets
3. Creamed Corn
(This random “three things” entry has nothing to do with anything. But I really don’t like those vegetables.)

DSC01363.JPGThree yarns that I’m anxious to put up for you:

1. The Wollmeise Lace. This is so pretty and just as addicting as Wollmeise Sock Yarn. Unfortunately we’re still waiting for the rest of our order. I have a feeling that someone in the post office realized what was in there and hijacked it. Not that anyone in the post office would do that. (Oh, come on – if they were a knitter?)
2. Sknitches kettle-dyed semi-solids in some wonderful colors. They arrived today, so we’ll see how the photo schedule holds up for inclusion in next week’s Sneak Up. I love knitting with semi-solids because they show pattern and stitch definition so well.
3. Colinette Jitterbug, which also arrived this week. This yarn base is wonderful and the colors are gorgeous. We have all of the colors on order, and about half have arrived. We’ll put these up next week and the rest when they come in. Have you heard that some of us with larger feet might need more yardage than is available in one skein? (317 yds. in one skein). We’ll also be letting you buy half skeins, because that’s what I need myself. πŸ™‚

Three things that aren’t getting done at my house:

1. Laundry (and it doesn’t help that I don’t like doing it.)
2. Knitting (but I’m going to change that this weekend. I have MUCH on my “want to knit” list and it doesn’t get done by itself, FPS.)
3. Raking leaves. (Do you know that if you wait for enough windy days all of the leaves blow into the neighbor’s yard then you have a mess on your hands and it takes twice as long to rake them up?

Three people who came to shop Loopy Central in person today (and all are Loopy Groupies):

1. Lisa from Illinois, who showed me a new yarn we need to look into.
2. Dr. Jackie, who brought me cute sheep slippers.
3. Arlene, who spent a couple of days helping us move in last month because she’s so nice.

DSC01361.JPGThree things that made me happy this week:

1. I discovered Bite-Sized Mint Three Muskateers bars. They taste like a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie. I put the bowl out by our order wrapping area so that I wouldn’t eat them all.
2. Zappos – can you beat their customer service? I ordered shoes last night at 5:30 pm and they were delivered this afternoon at 3 pm. How DO they do that? They’re amazing.
3. I just got the cutest new thing in the mail today that we need to carry here at The Loopy Ewe. I’ll keep you posted on that one!

Three things that I’m going to do this weekend:

1. Not laundry.
2. Not leaf raking.
3. Knitting and drinking peppermint lattes. How’s that for being irresponsible?

How about you? What are you doing or not doing this weekend?

Sheri Zoeissittinginthewindowwatchingthepostmanloadupallofyourordersfromtoday


  1. Oh how wonderful that you can bring Zoe and Gracie to visit. They are so wonderful. I hate those 3 veggies too. Yuk! Three things I will not be doing this weekend, raking leaves, cleaning house, going out. Will be doing just one thing
    …you guessed it, knitting. Hugs

  2. Creamed corn?! bleck! ::shutter:: Think of me while you’re all cozied up and knitting… I’ll be pulling a double. One shift at WEBS then off to the 911 center. At least there will be yarn groping in the day and knitting in the night! πŸ™‚

  3. I will be watching the BIG football game here in NC. NC State and UNC are playing tomorrow at noon. GO WOLFPACK.

    Things that I will BE doing this wekend\

    Watch NC State beat the nasty Tarheels
    Sleep past 4:45 am
    Work on my socks

  4. I was this close to making a zappos buy yesterday. I may cave and get some Timberland boots yet. πŸ˜‰

    I have a four day weekend and I’m not doing anything I don’t want to! I’m am going to crafty day at Jacki and Travis’s tomorrow. I’m so excited!

  5. Seriously?! You listed three of my favorite veggies! I’m not doing laundry here either, although I think I’m out of clean jeans, so that might change. I’m not happy to be home from the beach, especially since I’ve found the perfect “real” yarn shop. I am going to spend less time online and more time knitting, in a desperate attempt to finish the Jaywalkers by Sunday night for my mother inlaw’s birthday. (I’m just into the heel on #1.)

  6. Doing this weekend:
    1. knitting
    2. making a zappos order (you’re right, they are amazing)
    3. picking up the Cub scout popcorn order

    Not doing:
    1. not buying any bags of mint three muskateers because I would eat them all
    2. not raking any leaves
    3. not feeling guilty for casting on another sock even though I have 3 half-finished projects sitting around

  7. Your veggie list brought back memories. I have an Aunt Jane who used to make me eat creamed lima beans when I visited! Oh, and I’d like to add brussel sprouts to the list.

    3 things I’m not doing this weekend…
    1. Going to a football game (our season is over)!
    2. Scrubbing my kitchen floor (I have child labor for that).
    3. Watching a new Saturday Night Live. πŸ™

  8. Off topic….. Just wondering if you ever got the OK from Cookie about the baby Monkey socks? I’d love to make some. Your’s came out great! πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  9. This weekend…

    1. working in the ER.
    2. playing music at a wedding and at a dinner theater.
    3. whining that I don’t have enough time to knit!

    Great seeing you today and Loopy Central. Glad you liked the slippers!

  10. Off topic…several friends had asked to see some of my Loopy Ewe stash/socks, so we got together and I showed them the beautiful yarn. One of them went home with my brand new Yarn Nerd I received today. She is a great friend and absolutely loved the colorway so I traded with her for a couple lorna’s laces shepherd sock yarn she had. They all LOVED the yarns! It was fun for them to be able to actually feel how yummy they are. I wish I had a better camera. I finished one of my new Sheepaints socks and would love for you to see how cute it turned out. It’s the Garden Stone???
    Back to topic…This weekend I work all day Sat. but will probably knit the rest of the weekend (lots of Christmas presents still to go).

  11. Three equally random things:
    1. When I clicked on your blog tonight there was a voluble chorus of “Awwwwwww”‘s in the room as my four daughters and I saw Gracie’s picture. She’s adorable!
    2. I totally agree about the creamed corn. It’s got to be one of the worst things humankind has done to an otherwise perfectly good food. I used to have to eat at our neighbour’s house quite frequently as a child and they always seemed to serve creamed corn. It still gives me the creeps.
    3. This weekend I’m hoping to find time to finish the second of a pair of fair isle mittens for my daughter, and to spin some of the moorit shetland fleece I purchased today. I find it really easy to spin because it has a very long staple length. Thanks to your recent spinning discussions, I went back to my wheel and figured out why the wheel and I haven’t been getting along lately: the bobbin I was using is defective. I’ve switched it and now we’re back to being friends.

  12. I thought for sure I’d see ‘Order a spinning wheel’ on the things that you were going to do this weekend!!

    Three things I’ll be doing this weekend
    1. Look for a new used car for my daughter since her car was totaled by a deer last weekend.
    2. Knit (I think I’ll cast on my first sweater!)
    3. Watch lots of football on Sunday (while I knit…)

    Three things I’m not going to do:
    1. Cook
    2. Clean
    3. Laundry

  13. I’m not raking leaves. Husband did that, put them out in the street. Streetsweeper came by & took them all away. Won’t eat the Musketeers. I love all the vegies you listed, so send them my way. Am waiting for the Wollmeise, patiently. I blocked my Cozy Shawl. Will work on my husband’s West Virginia socks!! That’s it for now

  14. I’m beginning to think that you are a Wollmeise tease. πŸ˜‰
    On the other hand…if I can figure out who the postal worker is, do you think a bribe would help?

  15. 1. Will Do Laundry In Exchange For Sock Yarn
    2. Keep forgetting to email to suggest that you carry Sock Reinforcing Yarn. I personally don’t bother, but my mom and aunt swear by it and always have me keeping an eye out for places that stock the stuff.
    3. Haven’t tried Zappos yet. Can’t decide if that’s a good idea for me or not.

    Happy Weekend! I’m going to try to Eat my way through Pittsburgh and not have to spend the next two months at the gym 8 days/week

  16. Awww…Gracie is so CUTE!! Glad the girls are getting to spend a little time at Loopy headquarters…Oh, and you HAD to mention those mint musketeers…now I have to go out and find some!

    What I will be doing this weekend?
    1. Work, as usual…lots to catch up on
    2. Knit – I started yet another pair of socks…this time for my SIL…I am using Bunny Hop in the fall herbs colorway which I have had in my stash since it first came out and now I have to have to order some Merino 5 in that same color…I love it!
    3. Sleep!

    What I won’t be doing this weekend…
    1. Watching my favorite sports…the seasons are over…boohoo!
    2. Leaving the house…at least if I can help it!
    3. Laundry…got that done earlier in the week!

    Have a great weekend – Hope you get lots of knitting done!

  17. With you on the lima beans and creamed corn, I do however like pickled beets.
    So looking forward to the Wollmeise sock yarn to come
    3 things I will be doing this weekend. I will be finishing this baby blanket that I have come to dislike … a lot!!
    I will finish 1 pair of socks
    And probably start another one
    What I don’t want to do, but probably will anyway is: do laundry, clean and cook and go to the grocery. I really hate going to the grocery. I will have to have a few lattes in all that .
    Have a great weekend and Happy Knitting!!!!

  18. Oh god, Lima Beans, blech. When we lived with the in-laws I learned thats the veggie MIL likes to make with ever freaking meal. But I do love beets on a nice salad, yummers. πŸ˜‰

    This weekend I plan to rest as much as possible. I’ve been sick since the day after Halloween, it’s killin’ me!

  19. Oooooh. Pretty. I’ve given up on getting some Wollmeise from your store. It’s like, somehow, the Knitting Goddess knows when I’m not around and decides that then is when it should go up on the site. It knows. Very devious.

    That being said, I will be working this weekend. And then going to the coffee house and working on things I don’t get paid for. And then working some more.

  20. Those are three vegetables I can’t stand, either. Thank God the Italians haven’t caught on to creamed corn yet. (To be honest, they’re kinda slow to catch on to corn at all, except for popcorn.)

    I absolutely must get a red microwave now.

  21. I don’t like ANY vegetables really…carrots only uncooked, and corn only on the cob…oh and potatoes. That’s it. Those are the 3 I like lol.

    Mmmmm Wollmeise…

    I love zapppos, and the ease of return is awesome.

  22. Oh I’m with you on those veggies too. I’m a veggie lover but those are three that I just can’t stomach. πŸ™‚
    I love Zappos. We got a pair of snow boots for the kiddo there…..super excellent customer service.

    I’m going to try (and I stress try) to get the rest of the boxes in my house unpacked. I’m also going to finish up my Christmas shopping….I’m an over achiever. πŸ˜‰

  23. I’m knitting 8″ squares to make blankets for folks that lost homes in the San Diego Fire Storms. I’m one of MANY knitters that are donating time/materials for this. If you want to join us, check out the official site at http://sandiegowildfireblankets.blogspot.com. I’ve got a link on my blog, too.

    It’s inspiring to see how many people are already knee deep in the work that they’re doing for charity knitting. What a great community!

    If I were really smart, I’d spend the weekend practicing joining 8″ squares. πŸ˜‰

  24. Lots of knitting. πŸ™‚

    (And watching my son, who decided to have unexpected breathing problems at 2:30 this morning. He’s fine, but I’m an anxious Mom.)

  25. 3 things I’m doing :

    1.Going to see “Romeo & Juliet” at the local high school. Our friends’ daughter is the ever beautiful Juliet.
    2. Housework – cleaning frig, oven and cabinets.
    3. Knitting on felted clogs.

    I’m a veggie lover except for the creeamed corn. Well, I don’t like okra either. I love spinach and red bell peppers!

  26. 3 things i’m doing this weekend:
    1-i knit a sock with reinforcing yarn in the heel, then totally forgot to use it on the second sock. so i SHOULD be ripping back a heel, but in order to avoid that, i

    2-resumed knitting an irish hiking scarf i started way early this year, then realized why i stopped knitting it in the 1st place-the yarn is a tangled mess.

    (wish i was an octopus so i could knit on all the projects i want to do at once)
    so i’ll probably knit a little on several projects and not accomplish much, but, tomorrow i am

    3-going with a friend to the fabulous food show in cleveland to see Alton Brown and Duff.

  27. Three things I am doing:
    1) blocking my fair isle sweater. It’s my first fair isle project.
    2) working on socks for my son in Bowling Green State Univ.
    colors….brown & orange.
    3) looking for mint 3 muskateer bars.

    Things I don’t want to do but have to:
    laundry, cook, and clean

    What I wish I could do:
    Visit Loopy Central πŸ™‚

  28. Oh my goodness these comments are great!

    Personally, I love lima beans and creamed corn (not mixed together) and beets if they are pickled, but then again I’ve always been a vegetable weirdo. One thing I’m not big on is stewed tomatoes. Or okra.

    Three things I am NOT doing this weekend:
    1. Working. I did far too much last week, and will be doing far too much this next week. I need this three-day weekend!
    2. Getting up before dawn. Putting your clocks back and being a teacher just does not mix.
    3. Using any red appliances. I wish I could, but all of mine are boring white (with mysterious stains all over them).

    Three things I AM doing this weekend:
    1. Working on my sister’s Christmas present (Interlacements’ English Garden, using the Ridged Squares pattern– it’s all a bit bright and bold and busy, but we all need a pair of socks like this, don’t we?)
    2. Playing with the cats and the rabbits, because with all the work I’ve had lately I haven’t had the time to snuggle with them!
    3. Cleaning and winterproofing my house. Gaaaaaaaaaah.

  29. It sounds like the new place is becoming really homey. My husband & I registered for lots of red stuff when we got married (thanks to Target). We’ve got red silicone bakeware & spatulas, red dishtowels, a red strainer, toaster and teapot, and my favorite – a red Kitchen Aid mixer. It makes the kitchen so bright and cheerful.

    Oh, and not to tempt you…but I saw that Target has those individual bottles of Starbucks Frappachino drinks in a new flavor – Dark Chocolate Peppermint Mocha!!! I think it’s a limited time flavor for the holidays, so hurry :^)

  30. Yay for you on the relaxing. Think of it this way, a time of lattes and relaxing and knitting makes you better for your customers. You do not WANT to chill but know that it is necessary for your client base. Not to do so would be irresponsible! πŸ™‚

    We have red leather couches at the studio—– love ’em, I hear you! They are a must have!

  31. Three things I AM doing this weekend:
    1. Making up time at the office (yuck, but have to)
    2. Laundry (yuck,but have to)
    3. Knitting my secret project (at least I’ll spend more time on that than office or laundry)

    Three things I won’t eat:
    1. Meat
    2. Meat by-products like broth and lard
    3. Sauerkraut

  32. Sheri, what a great idea to offer Jitterbug in half-skeins! It’s my favorite sock yarn (I already have about 80% of the colors in my stash), and I can usually get a pair out of one skein if they’re not too heavily textured or too long. However, sometimes it gets real close! I’m willing to spend $30 on a pair of socks, but $40 is pushing the limit. As always, you go a step above in providing service to your customers. It’s why we all love you so much and keep swamping you with every sneakup!

  33. I’m with you on the lima beans; the other 2 I can take or leave. Don’t like brussels sprouts, though, at all!

    This weekend… Not raking (although I might go & buy a rake for my teenage daughter to use), probably will do laundry (gotta do it every so often!), grocery shopping, catch-up on sleep, drink one or more PSL’s, & knitting of course – non-sock projects fo holiday gifts & work on my sock so it doesn’t feel neglected! And a new LYS is having their grand opening today (Sat.) so I’ll probably go there, too. Three-day weekend, YAY!

    I agree about Zappos, too. Quick shpg, & great for hard-to-find sizes; big, wide feet here! So I think it’s a *great* idea about selling those 1/2 skeins of Colinette Jitterbug. I had pretty much decided that I’d never get to try it out unless I was willing to settle for making no-show socks with it, but this is much better!

    Love the Gracie pic, & glad they get to hang out w/you in the shop!

  34. THree things I’m doing this weekend:

    1) watching Carolina beat the Wolfpack!!!
    2) knitting my mystery socks in Dream in color in lipstick lava
    3) going on a first date!

    Btw, I knit my dad pair of socks with the Colinette Jitterbug (Thujas) and I still had some yarn left over. That brown color flecked with gold, blues, and reds is gorgeous. They turned out very well, despite the fact that they were my very first pair of socks (I had a couple of singles before – hee!) I can try to post a picture for you when you get the colinett up if you like.

  35. Gracie is just too cute! I’m glad both she and Zoe are able to sneak in and visit… Look forward to checking out the Jitterbug. I already have a few skeins of it – and I am so lucky – I have small feet and have no worries about yardage, but its great you are creating options for those who do have yardage concerns.

    3 things I AM doing:
    1. Catching up on the bonus features on Lost Season 1 &2 DVDs so I can return DVDs to friends – hope they don’t charge late fees, lol.
    2. Working on my neglected Chevron scarf
    3. Hopefully finishing at least 1 second sock

    3 things I am NOT doing:
    1. Going to the KSU-Nebraska watch party my Capital Area Alumni Club is sponsoring. Go Wildcats!!
    2. Laundry – fortunately, I have a large wardrobe
    3. Must avoid Gingerbread Lattes – I’ve had too many already this week! Yum!!

    Have a wonderful weekend. : )

  36. So glad Zoe and Grace can come visit…I thought they might have to move to my house! Right now I should be packing to leave for Vermont but I needed to check and see if you had a blog entry. NOW, I must get a bag of those candies for the trip. Speaking of candy … have you tried the new flavors of Hershey Kisses? Hot chocolate, New York cheesecake and Toffee Chip! Yummy…if you can’t find them, let me know. I live within 2 hours of Hershey so we sometimes get flavors other people don’t. Can’t wait for the sneak up…of course my computer is going on vacation with me! Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  37. 3 things I plan to do this weekend:
    1. not rake leaves–have gotten rid of all turf on my postage stamp yard in favor of perennials so just like to let the leaves fall where they may when they come down–good mulch.
    2. laundry, just got washing machine fixed and need to catch up
    3. last but not least knitknitknitknit! while consuming massive amounts of chai.

    BTW, Sherri–do you make your own peppermint lattes? If so, would you mind sharing the recipe (if you already have, sorry if I have missed it). Have a good weekend!
    ps: have you had creamed corn the way southern grandmothers used to make it, simmered in an iron skillet for hours in a hot july kitchen? If not, perhaps you’ve not tasted the real thing, full of cream and lots of love! And have you had big purple-speckled limas? Also a whole different experience. πŸ™‚

  38. Things I am doing for sure:

    1. Having lunch with a friend who is getting a divorce–as in they decided 2 days ago this was the thing to do. Been there myself and have pledged to let her know if she is being insane.
    2. Having a birthday/sleepover/X-Files marathon tonight with some different friends. Craig (the birthday boy) is getting his Bears colored fingerless mitts, that I actually finished EARLY…as in wasn’t up all last night panicking and washing and blocking and sticking them in front of a fan to dry. They were done Monday. πŸ™‚ And did you know that Lorna’s Laces has a Go Bears colorway??? They had it at my LYS. Someday he’s getting Bears socks.
    3. Ignoring the laundry until Monday.

    Three things I’m not doing:

    1. Sticking to the diet.
    2. Watching KSU kill Nebraska. My Huskers BLOW this year.
    3. Cleaning the house.

    Three things I wish I was doing:

    1. Sleeping.
    2. Finishing anything knitted that is for ME.
    3. Sleeping some more.

    Three things I am trying not to obsess about:

    1. That I’ll be 44 in 9 days.
    2. That that makes 2 holidays in a week that are the first ones without my mom.
    3. Yarn. Although this one is a lost cause.

    Three things I’m thankful for:
    1. Knitting/yarn/yarn shops/Loopy/knitters
    2. People I love who love me back, and every second that I’ve been lucky enough to have with them
    3. Being employed…because the alternative blows more than my Huskers. πŸ™‚

    Three things I’m not eating:
    1. Bell peppers
    2. Winter squash
    3. Tofu

    Three things I wish I could find in my mess:
    1. My niddy-noddy and the fifth size 7 bamboo dpn
    2. My winter boots
    3. My camera

    Three things I hope I remember:
    1. To bring my Knit Notes for Socks book tonight so I can write down everyone’s measurements.
    2. My toothbrush and deodorant for the sleepover tonight. πŸ™‚
    3. Where the heck I put those 3 things above that I can’t find.

    Hope you have a great weekend!!! I need to go find my toothbrush….

  39. Three Things I”m Doing This Weekend:

    Reading the second book in the Twilight Series
    Knitting a scarf and some socks
    Cheering on my friend’s daughter at her cheerleading competition. If they win, they’re going to Disney World! (No, seriously, they are!)

    Three Things I’m Not Doing
    Letting the First Day Jitters get to me (I start my new job Monday)
    Arguing with my downstairs neighbor that her smoking make MY apartment smell
    Starting my holiday shopping

  40. not sweeping the front drive of acorns, not cleaning (myDDHisgoingtocleanMondaysinceHEgetsthefederalholidayandIdon’t.) but I WILL be knitting, and blogging. = )…

  41. I will be in my recliner, recouping from a fall on Monday.
    I will be watching some funny movies, because after having my foot up for the past week, I have been feeling down.
    I will be having a brownie and low fat vanilla yogurt for dessert. Maybe two brownies!
    I will be shopping for a pair of shoes that I can stick my big fat swollen foot into. Probably Zappos, since I need something STAT!

    Sorry, that is four things… I guess I just can’t follow the rules. πŸ˜‰

  42. Three things I will be doing this weekend:

    1) Resting up in an attempt to finish getting over my latest sinus infection.

    2) Spinning because it’s restful and I have a whole lot of white romney I need to spin up.

    3) Starting some new projects because I finally got a new ball-winder.

    Three things I won’t be doing this weekend:

    1) Anything requiring more effort than climbing the stairs since I still have to rest a moment when I do that.

    2) Baking. And I’m bummed about that because we’re out of treats. Only I’m still sick enough that it’s not a good idea.

    3) Feeling guilty for not doing stuff around the house. Well, not so sure I can pull this last one off. But I’ll try.

  43. This weekend I will not –
    1. Do housework
    2. Sucumb to the “startitis” bug which seems to be tailing me mercilessly. I already have 4 projects on the go and they are the ones I’m happy to talk about.
    3.Buy more yarn ….. almost need to have a lie down after writing that. I have a great stash…..yes I do……. maybe.

  44. Three things I’m doing:

    1. Freeing up my #2 Addi Lace Turbos by finishing my Maggie socks (Zen String Serendipity Sport from the old Loopy Room).
    2. Freeing up my #7 Turbos by finishing a summer shell that should have been done months ago (I know, I know…).
    3. Grilling pork tenderloin for dinner.

    Three things I’m not doing:

    1. Freeing up my #8 Turbos, the ones I REALLY need, so I can start a sweater for HSH. (Only so much I can accomplish, all in all.)
    2. Housework. And I’m drowning in clutter. AHHHHH!
    3. Bills. Yet. Maybe later. Before I get in trouble.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled email.

  45. Three things I’m doing this weekend:

    1. Hospice volunteering
    2. Knitting a second sock
    3. Watching a good movie — at home!

    Three things I’m not doing:

    1. Organizing my piles of “stuff” (maybe NEXT weekend?)
    2. Sailing (the boat has been pulled for the winter — sigh)
    3. Shopping for Christmas

    I must confess, I like beets — hot or cold — and creamed corn. Lima beans are ok, but my husband won’t touch them, so I haven’t had them in years. In fact, I like just about everything except brains (ugh) and buttermilk.

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