Dear Spinner Pushers

Dear Spinning Pushers (aka: Wendy, L-B, Alice and Julie),
I feel it is necessary to write and tell you that I do not appreciate being introduced to spinning last weekend at Graves Mountain. I have very consciously resisted learning to spin for the following reasons:

1. I do not have time for another activity.
2. I do not have money for another activity.
3. I do not have space for roving stash.
4. I do not feel a need to make my own yarn.
5. I am perfectly content with knitting.

Since learning to spin last weekend (and you all know that I am totally pretending that I “learned” -we all know how much farther I need to progress to really make that statement true), I have done the following things:

1. Bought a drop spindle. (Despite the fact that I didn’t even particularly care for the spindle method. Somehow the beauty of drop spindles caught my eye.)
2. Bought roving. (Oh, not one. But several. FPS.)
3. Read a bunch of stuff about wheels, trying to figure out which one I need. (“need”)
4. Contemplated carrying roving at The Loopy Ewe. (Not that we have the shelf space for it.)
5. Had this conversation with my mom and husband:

Mom: “Have you thought of anything on your Christmas list?”
Sheri: “No, not really. I’ll have to think about it.”
Mom: “How about some money to put towards a spinning wheel?”
Sheri: “Oh, I’ll have one before then.”
Wonder Husband: “Ha! Of course there is no waiting on something like that when she gets it in her head.” (Yes, as a matter of fact we HAVE been married for over 20 years – why do you ask?)

So, you see, Spinning Pushers, you have pulled me into something completely against my will, which obviously is not good for me, and obviously has taken a serious hold on me. I should never have made the trip. I should never have watched you all spin and contemplated the peace and serenity of it all. I should never have picked up that roving and spindle. Now look at the mess I’m in. Sigh.

Sincerely,Sheri IknowyouwillblamemeandsayIwantedtolearn,


  1. I will totally volunteer to keep the Loopy Ewe’s Roving at my house… since you don’t have shelf space and all. (But yes please carry roving!!)

    And totally get a Lendrum! (Mine is awesome and has been seeing much more action than my needles).

  2. Myers House has beginning and intermediate spinning classes to help enable you in your new addiction, and you can try out a few wheels up there too!

    I’d recommend the Jenkins Turkish spindles too, Spunky Eclectic has them, as does Crown Mountain Farms (both excellent sources of spinning fibre). And you have to try spinning a silk hankie, they’re easy and you get enough to knit a small lacy scarf…

  3. ah, i see you have pushers in your life, too. i have several, in person and online. they keep talking about spinning and wheels and blah blah.

    i agree with ALL the reasons you listed above for NOT needing to spin. i haven’t budged.

    i hear once you DO budge, it’s all over!

  4. Two words: Bosworth Spindles ( I think). And as for roving, I have been too shy for A YEAR to suggest that you carry it. I am glad someone dragged you kicking and screaming into spinning – I mean, piqued your interest. I have *ahem* 5 wheels and an Indian book charkha, and a house full of fiber. It is a wonder that I had time to order Dream in Color for a sweater this week.

  5. I resisted as well, knowing I would become equally obsessed once I learned. But, when offered several FREE alpaca fleeces, I succumbed. Just let it go…. not worth stressing yourself when you know the inevitable has occurred. You won’t regret it, I don’t!

  6. You know, carrying roving at Loopy Ewe isn’t a half bad idea – talk about another way to support indie dyers, not to mention, Fleece Artist has some awesome stuff!

    If you’re going the wheel route, my best advice to you is buy something good – invest the extra dollars in a lendrum or a nice ashford – the louet wheels are inexpensive, but the lendrum offers a lot of flexibility, in terms of weights and ratios.

  7. Oh, and a hint for storing your stash of roving… space bags! You just suck the air out and they take up much less space. When you release the valve, it puffs right back up to its original fluffy state. There! Now you won’t have storage problems. Looking forward to seeing roving on TLE soon!

  8. Well, Sheri, as some of the other posters have pointed out, you *do* have all that space in your house that TLE vacated, and nature abhors a vacuum! It’ll get filled up with something, so why not make it something good?! (Warning: In my SnB group, I’ve gotten my wrists slapped for being an enabler. Usually it’s about sock yarn. I’m not a spinner & have no plans to start – or even to try! I couldn’t handle another addiction right now!)

  9. ROFL welcome to the dark side MWAHAHAHAHA When the bug hits you it hits. I know. I started out with a Kromski and now have a Rose. I never in the world would have thought I would be spinning let alone own two wheels. LOL and hubby, was just like yours, once it is in my head too late. LOL.

    If I can help out at all with any ?s don’t hesitate to ask. I look forward to the day you carry roving. OMG I think I better hide the CC now, Loopy Ewe is dangerous enough without it. LOLOL.


  10. You know, in some ways I think I’m lucky I don’t personally know any spinners. It keeps me out of this very situation that you’re in!

    OK, I do know one, but she’s in Michigan.

  11. Welcome! Spinning your own yarn is a wonderful thing. I love spinning on my Majacraft Rose as well as my handmade spindles. The thing that I don’t do is “Plan my Spinning”. I have enough guilt over unfinshed and dreamed of knitting. My Spinning is for Me. I do it when I want to and I spin what I want to. That way I can keep it as relaxing as it can be. I spin the yarn and let it tell me what it wants to be. For example, I had some wonderful lavendar mohair singles that REFUSED to be a triangular shawl, so I listed closely and now it is a open and airy rectangular stole with the pattern made up as I went along!
    Just enjoy and let spinning take you where it will. KC

  12. See? This, THIS, is why I am never ever going to ever hang out with anyone who spins. I already look longingly at drop spindles online. I need no further pushing to the edge. Look what happens! 🙂

  13. tsk tsk tsk… [shakes head pitifully]

    Guess the rest of us will just have to take all that ready-made yarn off your hands, then. Dang. Hate to do that to you, but mustn’t let it go to waste, you know.

  14. So they brought you over to the dark side…well, enjoy! As for me, I’m still keeping up the resistance though I know it’s futile. I’m trying to hold off the spinning urge until retirement. I figure that is when I’ll have the time, maybe. Until then, I have a mountain of stash, half of which is sock yarn – thank you TLE – to conquer!

    Okay , here’s the plan…you distract everyone with your new fluffy, pretty roving inventory while I grab up some Wollmeise since I haven’t been able to yet!! K? Thx.

  15. YES…..can’t wait for the pretty spaced dyed rovings to show up on your sneak-ups! I’ve been spinning for 30 years….only had 2 wheels, an Ashford traditional that I had for years and then traded up to a Lendrum….the best, versatile wheel in my opinion. Love it….welcome to the fold!

  16. I very recently got “pushed” into spinning too! My wheel arrived last week (a Luet s10)… and wow is it addictive. Those spinning pushers (mine were my sister in Maryland & a friend in West Virg.) are worse than crack dealers… I can barely pull myself away from the thing!

    I TOTALLY think you should start carrying roving & other spinning contraband.

  17. I have also recently been bit by the spinning bug. I was in a dyeing workshop at my LYS, and we were in the downstairs area where they keep the wheels and roving, and, well, there was no hope for me. They had Fleece Artist roving. It really wasn’t fair. And, I have also been wheel shopping – spun my first yarn on a wheel last Thursday at the LYS. Trying to figure out where the wheel will fit in my house.

    Whatever you do, don’t visit the Thomas Golding website. The drop spindles and wheels are amazingly beautiful. I bought a spindle that spins forever and looks pretty too. I couldn’t help myself. It’s madness, really.

  18. Ask the Spinning Pushers which wheel they prefer. I’m sure they are just waiting for you to ask. Besides, spinning is just way too much fun. In the end, if I dye then spin, it takes longer to do a sweater which in the end saves A DOLLAR! And, that is just ONE $ but it’s more bucks for sock yarn.

  19. Ohmygosh, if you start selling roving at TLE, it would be seriously bad for my wallet!! Glad you’ve joined us in the spinning ranks. =)

  20. Oh, your post was so funny, and I loved Janice’s post. Boy has she got your number. Good luck because I know you will do this. You have so many supporters it’s just awsome. Have fun, I am not listing to any of you. Hugs

  21. I’ve been trying to hold me tongue from asking but I see I don’t have to. Stocking Roving would totally rock! I am still learning to spin on my wheel I didn’t take to the spindle thing, I still want to try. OOOhhh maybe you can stock some spindles too I see some great ones on Etsy.

    I managed to lug a wheel from the states to Jamaica. I didn’t want to deal with shipping it here and dealing with customs at the same time, so I stuffed it in a suitcase on my annual visit to my family in Flordia in May. It was a Kiwi so it wasn’t all that heavy, but I never want to do that again, although I’ve been wanting an Ashford Traveller and a loom lately. I’ve been heard to be chanting I don’t need it…you don’t need to weave either…you have no time….

  22. it is the spinning action…it hypnotizes you. I looked at a drop spindling demo at Rhinebeck to distract myself from yarn buying and found myself with a spindle and a pile of roving! And now I’m looking into spinning classes and reading about wheels!

  23. Too funny Sheri. I love sitting with a spinner and knitting. The methodic whoosh whoosh is so soothing. Enjoy!

    I think roving would sell for all the reasons listed before me. Heck you can even get it in some discount stores now.

  24. I was there. There was no arm-twisting. There was a definite atmosphere of spinning lust!

    I agree with Janice’s #3—-Loopy House has LOTS of space now! But if that isn’t enough , buy a folding wheel and, heck, you don’t need space for the roving. Stuff all your duvets with roving —- what you save on nighttime heating bills will more than pay for your new passion!

    L-B (ducking and running for cover under a roving-filled duvet!)

  25. and, it reminds me of an old song by the Spencer Davis Group. It goes something like this: “Gimme some Roving, Gimme some Roving, gimme gimme some Roving everyday”! Stock up Miss Sheri!

  26. Right on!!! Lendrum…roving…Lendrum…roving…Lendrum…roving….

    Lou, how the heck have you not caved to L-B??? She’s the master 🙂 (Ducking and running for cover, hoping I don’t run head-on into you know who!)

  27. I could gift you with the $$ early so that you can start shopping for a wheel……
    We wouldn’t want to disappoint WH now, would we????????

  28. HELLO THERE – -is that wollmeise on the shelf ? – I coulden’t stop drooling – do we really have to wait – what if the box is lost or stolen , its possible – any thought to get it up sooner – don’t have any yet so can’t wait

    pat j

  29. Same mess as the rest of us! Haa, haaa …. that’s why we’re pushers!!

    Seriously, try wheels, try wheels, try wheels. You’ll get opinions on them all. But until you actually sit down and use it, you won’t know “your” wheel! I had done my research before I went to a spinning and dyeing workshop last year at the John C. Campbell Folk School. I knew what I wanted. And totally did NOT like what I wanted once I was actually sitting in front of it and spinning. I ended up with an Ashford Traveler and I love it. And I know folks who absolutely love the wheel I thought I wanted. Try them on!!

  30. I agree with martha tha Ashford makes a great basic wheel at a reasonable cost…of course, being able to purchase wholesale helps! And YES! There will be another beautiful reproduction wheel in your life one day….and weaving and dying and who knows? Maybe you’ll even go to a sheep ranch for a weekend of lambing or shearing….fiber does funny things to my brain. There’s fiber stash, and then there’s 6 spindles, 2 wheels, 3 looms, an antique weasel, niddy noddies, nostepindes….sigh…it just goes on and on……..for fiber, I love my shepherdess in Idaho….if you get the serious bug, you can reserve one of her yummy yummy fleeces for February shearing! LOL

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