Ten Stages of a Knitter

1. “You know, I think it would be fun to learn how to knit a scarf to wear this winter. How hard can it be?”

2. “Isn’t my scarf great? I want to knit another.”

3. “Purling? Oh, no. I just do the regular knit stitch. I don’t want to try purling or anything complicated.”

4. Sigh. “I have 25 scarves and now I’m bored. How many scarves does one person need?”

4a. “I need to find another hobby.” Some people – the people-who-tried-knitting-briefly – choose to exit here.


4b. “Maybe I ought to learn to purl.” (The True Knitters continue on.)

5. “Socks? On those little toothpick needles? Are you kidding me? Absolutely not.”

6. “Socks! I love knitting socks. And aren’t they wonderful to wear? I need a bunch.”

7. “Stash? Oh, I just buy one project ahead, so that I know I’m going to use it. I don’t believe in the stash concept.”

8. “Stash! Everyone has stash. You never know what you’ll want to knit next. Of course I have a container full of stash.”

9. “I have more yarn than I can ever knit in a lifetime. Maybe I better stop finding more.”

10. “Yes, I have a lot of yarn and it’s always fun finding more. I’m a Yarn Collector and Knitter!” 🙂

Sheri I’mtotallya#10howaboutyou?


  1. I was going to say I’m getting close to a 10, but after thinking about it a minute, I am right there with you at 10. Definitely a yarn collector!

  2. How funny. I am so very nuch a 10. My friend Julie was talking to a common acquaintance the other day and I overheard her say ” yeah Patty has been building her stash and that is so bad for my checkbook” and then she laughed. This is because she is a nurse and is busy all day in the ER at the hospital, but I work in an office and am on the computer all day so when I see something new at your shop we both try it. I did try buying only for myself and she just complained about me not caring enough about her to pick her up the things I thought she would like… So goes friendship. In the meantime I shop for both of us and I am having fun and she is patiently schooling me on the fine art of socks. I am on my third pair! Thanks for your blogging efforts. you crack me up.

  3. I’m definitely a 10! However, I do still have that little voice inside my head that is a 9 and it won’t go away completely… What is up with that?!

    Have a fabulous weekend! : )

  4. Totally a 10!! Always a new color or fiber to entice me! Now I need a new coffee table
    with drawers to hide everything when someone comes over(the armoire and closets
    are full).

  5. I am with Janice, I tink I am an 11 too. I start to get a little twitchy if I finish too many projects and no new yarn has entered the house to replace it.

  6. I think #11 is ” I love yarn so much.. I think I’ll learn to spin so that I can make my own yarn and justify buying fiber”.. which leads to having wheels, spindles, and a fiber stash as well. I never liked knitting socks until I learned toe up and magic loop.. now I’m converted (and addicted) to sock knitting and sock yarns.

  7. Yes I’m with you Janice. I was bad before I found the Loopy but now Oh. What can I say! Sheri loves to see us as bad as she is. But yarn collector sounds better then uncontrolable stash. Hugs

  8. Hmmm, definitely a #8. And it’s only been a year and 9 months for me. If I continue this habit the rest of my life, I’ll have 20,000 skeins of yarn when I die.

  9. How about 11 – “I am a yarnaholic, a yarn enabler, utterly and joyfully enmeshed with my craft, have no plan of “overcoming” my compulsion which others around me seem to think is a “problem” and plan to acquire enough stash to force the building of a second oversized 2 car garage. But this time with shelves, floor to ceiling, and a bin system for sorting it all by weight and color.”

  10. You summed up my last 19 years exactly! Step 1 lasted 2 whole years, but I finally managed to move on. Step 4b involved lengthy experimentation with sweaters and lace. I finally discovered socks a year and a half ago and with your cheerful assistance, I have achieved Step 10!

  11. I’m an unabashed 10! It’s not just the yarn–it’s the patterns I clip and size or print and save, the magazines, the books….the needles…the fun accessories. And oh the yarn. Then of course there’s my fabric stash, my other pattern stash, my trim stash…I recently went through all of my stuff and it almost…almost made me feel a little guilty! I think of all the great Hawaii vacations I could have taken with the money I’ve spent–but then again, the joy of thinking about making all of these wonderful projects, running fingers through the luscious yarn, dreaming about potential finished projects….and it’s all worth it, right?!

  12. Okay, here’s a good lesson–look at whatyou’ve typed before you submit. I had originally planned to say…in january, I was probably only at a 7 or 8 despite years of knitting…things have ramped up this year–as the brain has obviously ramped down! Smile.

  13. I am a 10 for sure. Once in awhile I think I have enough of a stash. Then I go to knit socks and never have what I feel like knitting. instead pf saying “cookies cookies” I yell “yarn Yarn YARN!”

  14. Hmmm does it count as stash if your best friend gives you closet space so your DH doesn’t complain? DOn’t you have to actually see it for it to count???

  15. Oh totally a 10. My stash has reached the size where I am now lying about its size to other household members and trying to get to the mail before anyone else in case more comes.

  16. I’m not really sure where I land on this. Let’s consider this. First, for simplicity’s sake, let’s only consider the sock yarn, since that is the bulk of the stash. I also have considerable (but not immense) lace yarn stash and a couple of sweaters worth of yarn about. But then we get into the realm of complicated mathematics. Let’s keep it basic – socks only.

    In my stash, I have enough yarn for, approximately, 75 pairs of socks. That’s… a lot of sock. Right? Of course. No one can argue that they really need 75 pairs of socks. Centipedes don’t need 75 pairs of socks. However!

    I do not knit socks for the socks. I mean, I like socks. Most people like socks, but I wear Birkenstocks everywhere. Even in the snow. I don’t wear them with socks, because that is silly. I also don’t wear handknit socks to work, because… let’s just not talk about what happens to the socks that go with me to work. It might scare the yarn. So, I personally only need socks for wearing at home, around the house, when my feet are cold.

    Which means we have now established that the 75 pairs of socks are not for me. So, suddenly, the sheer volume of actual socks is irrelevant. I can knit 1000s of socks without fear of sock excess, because they are not going to be my socks. Which brings us back to the yarn.

    I can knit, given my busy schedule, about three pairs of socks a month, provided I knit nothing else. (Ha! That’s funny.) That means I can knit 36 pairs of socks in a year. This also don’t count vacations where my knitting time increases rapidly. We’ll add another 4 to compensate and make it an even 40. 40 pairs of socks a year.

    This means, even though I have enough yarn for 75 socks. A whopping 7500 ounces, an unbelievable 30,000 (ish) yards of yarn…. I don’t even have enough yarn to last me for the next two years. Which is not long at all.

    Obviously, I must stockpile more, in case I find myself financially unable to buy yarn for an extended length of time. Think of it as disaster preparedness. I am not collecting yarn. I am preparing for the possibility of a yarn drought, so that in the event of famine, I am not bored.


  17. I’m a 10, and I don’t dare put it all on Ravelry. I really should destash. And every time I vow to go on a yarn diet, some new yarn comes along and ruins it. It’s a good thing yarn has no calories.

  18. I am probably only an 8.5 right now. It all fits into four containers. I think two of those containers have nothing or pretty much sock yarn. I love sock yarn Woo Hoo. But I am thinking about the wheel so I can learn to spin. LOL

  19. I’m a definite 8, with some symptoms of 9 & 10! My non-sock stash is well under control, probably at a 7-level. But it’s my new sock habit that’s pushing me further up the scale, and at an ever-increasing rate! Gotta love that sock yarn!

  20. Does #11 possibly include “not only do I buy things that come off sheep, I have a ton of sheep themed stuff and I think my backyard could totally house an alpaca. Right? Yeah!!! Alpaca! Or I’ll just move to the countryside and get me some proper sheep!”

  21. Oh thank you, thank you! No one has ever before referred to me as a “Perfect 10”! Just like in the movie (remember “10”?), with strains of Ravel’s Bolero playing in the background! I knew my day would come when I would finally find out that I really am a 10!

    I shall now go and braid my hair in tiny little rows…

  22. P.S. The sad (?) thing is that I passed #9 about 30 years ago! (Little did my grandmother know when she taught me to knit at age 4….)

  23. yeah,buddy! I’m totally a ten and I can sympathize with every stage leading up to 10. I have you and Wendy to blame for my going-on-obscene yarn collection, especially sock yarn, although I have more mohair than ought to be legal and no idea what I want to do with it since scarves have gone by the wayside and I have single balls of various colors.

  24. Oh Sheri, I’m most definitely a 10…and I got there in about 4-1/2 years. Probably quicker really, I only started knitting less than five years ago; started teaching knitting about 3 years ago and became a Loopy Groupie about a month ago. That in itself says I’m a 10! That, and maybe the yarn trailing me all around the house…the constant buying of yarn storage units (that means anything into which one can insert one or more skeins of yarn…), needles and stitch markers in every room and every purse…. And I LOVE IT!

  25. Based on your scale of 1-10, I’m about a 15. I passed 10 long, long ago! What I do find interesting is that all I want to knit anymore is socks. I left all my Alice Starmore fair isle projects in the dust. Unlike obsessive buying of other items like clothes or shoes, I never regret a single yarn purchase. I love it all!

  26. this is sooo funny because i was just taking stash assessment (mentally of course!) and i am at #9, moving on to #10 as soon as i can hide most of my stash from my husband! the funny thing is that sock yarn is not supposed to count as stash, but i find i’m almost buying sock yarn exclusively, so my stash has become a sock yarn stash. it’s gotten to the point where i’m wondering who to will my sock yarn to, and have decided i must teach my daughters how to knit….maybe my son too – he wants to be a doctor, and knitting may be good therapy for his dexterity if he becomes a surgeon – wait, or is that cross stitching that’s good?

  27. I’m a 9 AND a 10. Does that make me a 19?? I have so much sock yarn that I doubt I’ll live long enough to use it ;). However, I have good intentions each and every time I buy another hank. I do believe the road to you-know-where is paved with those good intentions. I’m currently waitin’ on that there Wollmeise. I tell myself that’ll do it. It will be enough then. (cough cough)..until something else fabulous comes along. Ok…I admit it..I’m a yarn freak. lol!

  28. I’m sad to say I’m only at 8, but that’s because enlarging the stash any further involves cleaning out a closet to store said stash, and right now, it just doesn’t seem worth it!

  29. My second project after a Harry Potter scarf was a pair of socks. Jump right in; yep, that’s me! And I didn’t knit another scarf for a few years.

  30. Oh, you are just too funny!! Is that what all those lovely yarn fumes do?

    What about when you take out your yarn and just hold and sniff and pet. And then when you take out all your fun accesories and play with them… And then when you take out your patterns and books and match it with your yarn….then you go to sleep and dream about knitting and yarn and shopping for yarn

    Not sayin’ I do that… you know… I can only imagine what people do with their stash…

    I don’t do *any* of that….

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