Ten Stages of a Knitter

1. “You know, I think it would be fun to learn how to knit a scarf to wear this winter. How hard can it be?”

2. “Isn’t my scarf great? I want to knit another.”

3. “Purling? Oh, no. I just do the regular knit stitch. I don’t want to try purling or anything complicated.”

4. Sigh. “I have 25 scarves and now I’m bored. How many scarves does one person need?”

4a. “I need to find another hobby.” Some people – the people-who-tried-knitting-briefly – choose to exit here.


4b. “Maybe I ought to learn to purl.” (The True Knitters continue on.)

5. “Socks? On those little toothpick needles? Are you kidding me? Absolutely not.”

6. “Socks! I love knitting socks. And aren’t they wonderful to wear? I need a bunch.”

7. “Stash? Oh, I just buy one project ahead, so that I know I’m going to use it. I don’t believe in the stash concept.”

8. “Stash! Everyone has stash. You never know what you’ll want to knit next. Of course I have a container full of stash.”

9. “I have more yarn than I can ever knit in a lifetime. Maybe I better stop finding more.”

10. “Yes, I have a lot of yarn and it’s always fun finding more. I’m a Yarn Collector and Knitter!” 🙂

Sheri I’mtotallya#10howaboutyou?


  1. I’m between a 7 and 8. I have a stash but I don’t like buying ahead in case I find a yarn that would be better suited to a project. I wouldn’t call myself a yarn collector. Now if you had a number for pattern collector, I would be off the charts!

  2. I admit nothing. I am a 0. I’ve never even smelled yarn. No interest at all. Whatever could you be thinking posting a list like this? Are there really people who :::gasp::: collect yarn?

    Nope. Not me.

  3. Between a 7 and an 8, but only because I bought a bunch of sock yarn for Christmas projects before realizing it wasn’t going to make sense to make socks for everyone I know! (duh.) I collect yarn with my eyes; enjoying it when I see it and looking forward to buying something wonderful when I’m ready to use it. Too practical to collect anything, really…..but I sure enjoy what I have, and look forward to having more time to use it all!!!

  4. The immortal line from “Spinal Tap” goes:

    “This one goes to 11.”

    Followed by a line from”Guys and Dolls”:

    “…and I am told it is a worldwide sickness!”

  5. 6. “Socks! I love knitting socks. And aren’t they wonderful to wear? I need a bunch.”

    Now you realize that to love to knit socks you MUST have a ready and waiting supply of yarn at the ready….you know, just in case one wants to begin a pair of new socks in the middle of the night…never mind the 10 onesies that are just hanging around waiting for a mate…hmm so perhaps, just perhaps mind you, that might make me a 10…..let’s see…3 bookcases full of sock yarn and a 4th bookcase waiting to be put together. I just have to get someone over here to help me move the double bed out of this room so that I have ROOM for the next bookcase….sigh…yep, it’s an addition.

  6. Hello, my name is Martha and I am a yarn-a-holic. I have gone past the 10 steps and may be at a 15 step area.

    Thanks you for all your help in allowing me to add to my stash.

    Sheri, I love your blogs they are so entertaining and truthful.

  7. I’m a 10… I did tell my husband that if anything should happen to me before the kids reach college, I’m sure I’ve got enough in my stash to help pay for at least one year of tuition!

  8. I spent the weekend at Kitchener with a bunch of 10s. It was interesting to see how people broke their “not buying unless I have a project in mind”, “not buying in this color”, “no more sock/sweater/shrug/novelty/ category yarn”. None of the ladies had ever knit with Smooshy. Can you imagine? There was oodles of it there and Fleece Artist too, but I decided to wait and buy mine from a certain sheep with red socks. ; )

  9. Needles down…I’m a 10+. I’m beyond holding it all in 8 large plastic bins. That said, so when is that next Sneak Up? ;o)

  10. I still consider myself a beginning, albeit an adventurous beginner but I never really went overboard on the scarf thing. I think I’ve knitted maybe 3 or 4 scarves in total. If I’m going to do any flat knitting, I like something with a little more zip to it.

    I’m a #10 but with shades of guilt. I haven’t quite embraced my #10-ness 🙂

  11. I’m definitely a #10. I even convinced my sister to give me her old cedar chest to store my yarns in because I was afraid of moths. Oh, and there’s plenty of space in there for more yarn!!!!

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